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Miwa Gemini

Miwa Gemini

This is my weekly livestream. Thank you for tuning in !

King Killer Studios's cover photo

King Killer Studios's cover photo

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock

LEGO illustration by @retro__chip

Pushing Black

Pushing Black

Ray Charles took a deep sigh before breaking it down for Bob Costas, after he asked him about Elvis. #RayCharles explained that the only reason Elvis was considered so great was because he was white and took what Black people were doing. When Nat King Cole was having women swoon over his looks and talent, that was a problem for racist America. So, they got a white boy, Elvis, and put him front and center with Black songs and Black dance moves in a genre created by Black people. White people have always stolen our intellectual property and culture, a strong habit they’ve had since the time of slavery. There is an unfathomable amount of wealth created by Black people through inventions, recipes (Jack Daniels), business ideas, and musical creations that is now in white hands. When you add to that our aesthetic, style, and culture that has been stolen and then monetized the numbers soar higher. White people have always loved and wanted everything about us while hating us and working to oppress us. We need to work to own and monetize every invention that arises from our people.

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Weird History

Weird History

20 Rare And Candid Photos Of Our Favorite Celebrities Hanging Out –



Oh, no! RIP 😞
The Roots Rapper Malik B. Dead at 47

Oh, no! RIP 😞

“May he be remembered for his devotion to Islam, his loving brotherhood, and his innovation as one of the most gifted MCs of all time,” Questlove and Black Thought say

Too good

Too good

Kaki King

Kaki King invented this, it’s really cool, we’re buying some

Getting all bendy! Pick up your passerelle through the link in bio or

This Friday 7/10 2 pm livestream on YouTube and 10 pm livestream on Facebook.

Karen & The Sorrows

Karen & The Sorrows

Thanks for tuning in for Porch Pride: A Bluegrass Pride Queer-antine Festival and watching me play, friends! Bluegrass Pride is proud to support LGBTQ+ roots musicians in bluegrass, old-time, string band music, and beyond. Support all the artists performing this weekend here! Suggested donation is $10, but any amount helps:

Your gift makes Bluegrass Pride possible! Donate NOW and support LGBTQ+ folks who love and make bluegrass—like many of the folks playing Porch Pride today! Watch more sets, get more info, and donate:


We’re back open y’all!

King Killer Studios

King Killer Studios

We’re going to keep our yappers shut tomorrow for #blackouttuesday but we wanted to first mirror Fender’s sentiments. St...

We’re going to keep our yappers shut tomorrow for #blackouttuesday but we wanted to first mirror Fender’s sentiments. Stay safe and love one another. We’re all we’ve got.

The Vault of the Atomic Space Age

The Vault of the Atomic Space Age

I guess May the Fourth is cool, but Brubeck Day is cooler

I guess May the Fourth is cool, but Brubeck Day is cooler

5/4 is Dave #BrubeckDay! 🎉🎶

What’s your favorite Brubeck album?


How are your home rigs looking? Post a pic of what you’re working with in the comments!

Evans Drumheads

Evans Drumheads

D’Addario’s engineering team has found a way to transform Evans G2 drumheads into protective face shields for medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to be in production by April 27th and to quickly ramp up to a capacity of 100,000 face shields per week.

We plan to manufacture these shields as long as they’re needed in NY or anywhere around the globe. We’ve watched the incredible efforts of our healthcare and essential services workers all across the world with great admiration. While we cannot match the immeasurable efforts of these selfless heroes, we feel an immense responsibility to do our part in overcoming this crisis.

We called this Project Excelsior after the New York State Motto, which means “Ever Upward” because it captured the extraordinary determination and can-do spirit of our small team of engineers and product designers. It also typifies our music company’s current credo during the crisis: #WeWillPlayOn.

Manny Schewitz

Manny Schewitz


Let’s see those bandcamp links, everybody!


Thinking about starting a remote podcast with King Killer members & friends as guests to hear about how they’re dealing & keep their projects in streams/merch sales/etc. to help fight stagnation. Any interest in this?

Let us know. kingkillerinfo at gmail.

Tell Congress to include displaced entertainment workers in relief package
Tell Congress to include displaced entertainment workers in relief package

Tell Congress to include displaced entertainment workers in relief package

As social distancing measures are enacted and productions are cancelled across all sectors of the entertainment industry, the COVID-19 situation has become so dire for entertainment workers that it requires decisive action from the federal government. Entertainment gig workers who expected to work f...

Well, this is pretty cool. No better way to self-quarantine that with a free Model D on your phone!

Well, this is pretty cool. No better way to self-quarantine that with a free Model D on your phone!




Fire on 2nd Ave by 6th St

Casino Pascal

Casino Pascal TUESDAY. Get some rock on you.

See ya Tuesday
112 ave A
We hit at 10pm


69 2nd Ave
Brooklyn, NY

General information

We know. You’re tired of your rehearsal space: the tiny room, the paper-thin walls, the shady attitude thrown at you from the other bands in the hallway, the foul bathroom, no heat in the winter or A/C in the summer… The list goes on and on. We’ll bet you’re also sick of having to practice only on certain days where it’s virtually impossible to get all of your band-mates together and get anything significant accomplished. We’re here to help. King Killer Studios is a brand new rehearsal and arts facility located conveniently in Gowanus, Brooklyn, directly between the M/R trains at 4th Ave and the F/G trains at Smith/9th St. We offer tons of amenities: Oversized rooms with ample sound reinforcement; high ceilings that afford you tons of in-room storage options; central heat and A/C in every room; a client lobby with stereo, TV/DVD player, and free WiFi; a roll-down garage for safely loading and unloading equipment; a lift for bringing your gear straight up to your room, a stage for showcases and other events, a vending machine with snacks, brews, and guitar strings… Our list goes on and on, as well. Our goal is a space that doesn’t just end when practice does. We encourage our tenants to interact and collaborate, so we can eventually achieve more of a communally creative atmosphere than other studios tend to offer. We’re not hippies or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with you if you are — well, maybe a bit less pachouli, okay?), but we created this place because we’ve been in many different spaces, and always felt like we could do better. We know you’ve felt it, too, so you should come join us. We’re looking for serious bands, artists, photographers, and other creative types to take on the master leases in our spaces. Obviously, we encourage the sharing of your space with others. Our rates are affordable, because we understand the economic hardships a lot of us are facing. If you think you’re interested, send us a message or give us a call. We're open 24/7, so someone will get back to you soon.


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I remember when the dude was walking around taking photos for what could be this article - it was the day of the "F**K CANCER" Benefit for Eddie Mac. Dude from the times was walking the beat snapping photos and saying sh*t. Around that time they were having that weird block party by the Bell House on 7th or something. I feel like there's gonna be bullsh*t an "Art Downtown" development down here. I say bullsh*t, but really it's awesome. I'm talking 6th S. Austin style, venues and resturants and sh*t. possible I guess?
Guyz it me king killer
Room K has 2 rare open slots in our lockout available immediately: Saturdays 6-10 & Sundays 6-10. DM to inquire about upgrading with the cools in K.
Save the date! 5/12/18
Hey bands at Kind big Killer! I was booking a show at Lucky 13 Saloon, but it fell through. So, there is an open date Saturday March 3rd, and I hate to waste a Saturday there. If three or four of you bands want to throw a ticket together, please PM me.
Hello people of king killer. Any 7-string guitar weirdos here? I have a pack of 7-string D'Addario electric guitars. I don't play 7-string. Anyone want them lmk.
It's gonna be my birthday party, y'all better come by!