Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t on Radio Free Brooklyn

Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t on Radio Free Brooklyn Dr. Lisa Levy S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) has been doing "therapy" since 2001. She interviews a range of interesting subjects and reveals their emotions.

About Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

Dr. Lisa really DOES give a sh*t. (Self-Proclaimed) has been performing psychotherapy on stage, on the street and in her studio/office since 2001, and she’s better than a lot of certified shrinks because psychoanalysis and therapy is not a job for her, it’s an obsession. In these sessions, her subjects will all be interviewed lying down which helps them free associate. Dr. Lisa will get to the essence of what makes people who they are and what their obstacles have been, and maybe help solve some issues along the way. She doesn’t screw around either, why waste time since she’s not making money on having people come back? About the Host

Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed)

Lisa Levy a.k.a. Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. has performed psychotherapy as a self-proclaimed psychotherapist since 2001. She performs on stage, on the street and has private patients in her office/studio. The New York Times has referred to her as a "Shrink with Stage Presence, if Not Certification." She has performed at such places as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Brooklyn Museum, Joe’s Pub, The Woolly Mammoth Theater. Over the years, Lisa has worked through issues with Amy Schumer, Michael Musto, Joe Gordon-Levitt and people just like you - and I mean all of you! Although Dr. Lisa has no formal training she has been in all sorts of therapy herself including group, couples, and individual. Lisa was also an in-patient on a study on depression at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC and was a subject in the initial Prozac trials. Lisa is also a visual artist and has exhibited funny psychologically based text work in Her visual art has been widely exhibited at many venues including White Columns, Artists Space, Printed Matter, The New Museum, The Bronx Museum, Schroeder and Romero, Auxiliary Projects and with ArtStar.com Recently, Lisa completed a psychological investigation of extraordinary people for a multi-media project at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. http://www.bam.org/visualart/2014/what-makes-you-so-special

Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed)‘s Website: www.lisalevyindustries.com
Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) on Twitter: @DrLisaLevySP
Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) on Instagram: drlisalevysp

Operating as usual

TODAY 2-3pm, ELECTION POSITIVITY - LISTEN HERE: http://radiofreebrooklyn.com/show/dr-lisa-gives-a-sh*t/ State Assembly W...
Emily Gallagher defeats longtime north Brooklyn Assembly incumbent Joe Lentol • Brooklyn Paper

TODAY 2-3pm, ELECTION POSITIVITY - LISTEN HERE: http://radiofreebrooklyn.com/show/dr-lisa-gives-a-sh*t/ State Assembly Woman, Emily Gallagher!!
A rebroadcast of a #drlisagivesash*t session with Emily as she campaigned for state assembly—she went on to win—beating a 47-year incumbent. #hope #optimism #peoplearegood https://www.brooklynpaper.com/emily-gallagher-defeats.../

Insurgent Greenpoint Assembly candidate Emily Gallagher bested longtime incumbent Joe Lentol on July 22.

Sean Spada - "Taking It Slow" — Look at my records!
Sean Spada - "Taking It Slow" — Look at my records!

Sean Spada - "Taking It Slow" — Look at my records!

Sean Spada has kept himself busy over the last few years, playing with local staples such as NO ICE , Deathrow Tull , the Bottom Dollars , Unkle Funkle , and Fiona Silver . He’s well known as a valuable contributor to all of these projects, but today, we’re thrilled to premiere his

Dr. Lisa Invades Your Quarantine Pt. 2
Dr. Lisa Invades Your Quarantine Pt. 2

Dr. Lisa Invades Your Quarantine Pt. 2

This week Dr. Lisa invades the headspace of artists/collaborators/married couple, Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw.


2019 was an AMAZING YEAR for Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t-Thank you to so many fabulous smart, entertaining and enlightening guests! Check the archives if you'd like to catch up—

DLG 179_1.3_Natalie White
DLG 180_1.0_Daniel Christmann
DLG 181_1.17_Jen Catron+Paul Outlaw
DLG182_1.24_Moreno Manolo
DLG183_1.31_Rosa Escandon
DLG184_2.7_Marina Granger
DLG185_2.14_Rolf Arne Leer
DLG186_2.21_Jim Tews
DLG187_2.28_Ken Johnson
DLG188_3.7_David Kramer
DLG189_3.14_Rebecca Major
DLG190_3.21_Alessandra Esposito
DLG191_3.28_Kelsey Caine
DLG192_4.4_Colin Radcliffe/Noah Becker
DLG193_4.18_Shona McAndrews and Stuart Lantry
DLG194_4.25_Giftshop w Gianluca Tramontana
DLG195_5.02_Jillian Steinhauer/Christopher Stout
DLG196_5.09_Abby Ehmann
DLG197_5.16 George Tanenbaum
DLG198_5.23_Rachel Music
DLG199_5.30_Emily Frembgen
DLG200_6.06_David Kramer
DLG1842_7.4_Loren Monk (repeat)
DLG201_7.11_Savannah Spirit
DLG202_7.19_Leah Schrager
DLG203_7.25_Margot Berwin
DLG204_8.1_Penny Arcade
DLG205_8.8_Jude Miqueli
DLG206_8.15_Mark O’Connell
DLG207_9.05_Ken Perlstein
DLG208_9.12_Martin Kramer
DLG209_9.9_Jessie Shaw
DLG210_9.16_Michele Balin
DLG211_10.3_Eryn Levine
DLG212_10.10_Gillain Visco
DLG213_10.17_John F. O’Donnell
DLG215_10.31_Godfrey Phillips
DLG218_11.14_Leslie Goshko
DLG217_11.21_Jacq The Stripper
DLG219_12.12_Indira Cesarine
DLG220_12.19_Sharilyn Neidhardt
DLG1819_12.26 _Jason Zinoman (repeat)

Psychotherapy LIVE! with Dr Lisa

Psychotherapy LIVE! with Dr Lisa

This is "Psychotherapy LIVE! with Dr Lisa" by Joe Nanashe on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mysite 1
Mysite 1

Mysite 1

I read with love, intuition, channeled information and the highest vibration. I love helping people feel good by passing along insights, direction and even messages from those who have crossed over.

Dr Lisa Gives a Sh*t - Radio Free Brooklyn
Dr Lisa Gives a Sh*t - Radio Free Brooklyn

Dr Lisa Gives a Sh*t - Radio Free Brooklyn

Coaxing people to more fully understand specifically what in their weird sh*t experiences led them to be the people they are today

Radio Free Brooklyn

Radio Free Brooklyn

Happy 2018! Come celebrate the new year with us and rock out to some awesome music. 2018's first RFB Presents: 1st Thursdays at The Well is this week, tickets are just $10. Join Castle Black, TinVulva & Judex as they take the stage this Thursday - Doors open at 8p.

And, catch Castle Black in their second interview for RFB on Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t on Radio Free Brooklyn this Thursday at 4p.

Listen to my session with Olouch Olgen THURS. Nov. 9, 2-3pm on #DrLisaGivesASh*t Find out how he started doing such an o...
This Dude and His Teddy Bear Invite You to Appear on His Podcast on Radio Free Brooklyn Next Week

Listen to my session with Olouch Olgen THURS. Nov. 9, 2-3pm on #DrLisaGivesASh*t
Find out how he started doing such an original show!http://bushwickdaily.com/bushwick/categories/arts-and-culture/5039-this-dude-and-his-teddy-bear-invite-you-to-appear-on-his-podcast-on-radio-free-brooklyn-next-week

A man who hosts a podcast with random strangers is airing his show on Radio Free Brooklyn next week.

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Warm regards and happy new year from everyone at Radio Free Brooklyn.



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