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Operating as usual


Just mastered a super nice full length for Taylor Haskins, I think it was finished because of Covid-19. Taylor started this back in 2018 with David Cutler and Zach Danziger + Henry Hey & Nir Felder.

Mastered another cool single for Tatum Gale.

First time working with Mingus Murray. Mastered a cool single mixed by Tariq Khan with word that more is on the way.

I am lucky to have a studio in the city that has its own door and with no one else around. Keeps the exposure to a minimum while continuing to work.

I am feeling very positive that great news is just around the corner, with drugs that will help keep this virus from taking lives. Keep the spirits up folks!!

Taylor Haskins Henry Hey David Cutler Zach Danziger Nir Felder Tariq Khan Tatum Gale


Mastered a great EP by UK band Silvertongue, mixed by the Incredibly talented gent, Nic Hard.

Stacey Doherty Saxophonist Nic Hard



Mastered a fabulous record for the band "Fran Sancisco" that was produced by Ken Rockwood of Rockwood Music Hall fame. The record was recorded and mixed by Nic Hard and it captures the brothers Koren better than I've ever heard them.

Mastered a beautiful EP for Tatum Gale. Tatum is a fantastic songwriter and I hope he gets some attention for this record.

Mastered some more tunes for Rozhan Razman working from Malaysia. I love listening to music created in China and Malaysia and Rozhan is bringing deep creativity to it.

Shout out to Jonte Knif of Knif Audio fame. His latest Equalizer creation "Eksa" is a marvel.

Rockwood Music HallNic HardTatum GaleRozhan RazmanJonte KnifKnif AudioMYTEK

I'll am mastering this ridiculously awesome work. Vinyl nuts, order before they're gone.
Preorder Limited 180g Vinyl ft. Erykah Badu + D'Angelo

I'll am mastering this ridiculously awesome work. Vinyl nuts, order before they're gone.

Preorder SLINGBAUM ONE, sold exclusively here: Limited edition 180 gram one-time-only vinyl pressing + digital download ft. Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, FKA twigs, Oumou Sangaré, Nick Hakim, Damon Albarn, Bilal, Syd, Ahmad Jamal, Ron Carter, Questlove, Chris Dave, Justin Brown, Cory Henry, BIGYUKI, Mar...

I thought I would share the latest change at the studio. Yesterday I received from Finland, perhaps the finest work of J...

I thought I would share the latest change at the studio. Yesterday I received from Finland, perhaps the finest work of Jonte Knif - his latest Equalizer creation - Eksa. I’ve been involved with record making a long time and have used a great deal of hallowed equipment for such work, but I believe this is the finest equalizer that I have ever heard. It’s marvelous. The filters are also the most transparent filters I’ve heard to date. It’s a wonderful achievement in engineering. Thanks Jonte for the time and energy and making this one a little extra special. Very proud to have your creations in the racks.

And new tubes freshened the other kit up. ......Don’t forget to check your tube health boys and girls....


Horrendously behind updating the page here. Since the last update:

- I have started mastering music for the Chinese and Malaysian market. The band is Mad August, mixed by Rozhan Razman.

- I mastered music for Antiguan artist "Lyrical Reds".

- Joshua Grange (Sheryl Crow, KD Lang, etc) has been turning in outstanding work. I mastered a record for Kelly Hoppenjans, a single for Brandy Zdan, and another record for Amy Blaschke.

- Mastered a few cuts for Brent Birckhead.

- Mastered a record for Brandee Younger.

- Mastered some cuts for Peter Bradley Adams.

- Mastered some more singles for High Breed Music.

- Mastered another record for Taylor Haskins.

- Mastered an EP for Night On The Sun.

There is so much incredible music and talent in the above artists and producers, humbled to be working with them on their music.

Brent BirckheadBrandee A. YoungerPeter Bradley AdamsTariq KhanTaylor HaskinsNight on the SunKelly HoppenjansBrandy ZdanAmy BlaschkeRozhan RazmanMad AugustDuntech AudioPass LaboratoriesJonte KnifKnif AudioMytekGrado Labs




Just returned to NYC to master some super cool projects:

- A a crazy cool new record of Chris Bullock from Snarky Puppy. Great work from Nic Hard on this.
- Finishing the master of Amberly Chalberg's record. She's out of Boulder, CO...beautiful analog record came in on 1/4".
- Finishing up the master of an EP from a local rapper named Kala and The Lost Tribe.
- Mastering some cool material for local latino metal band. Jobo. You can find them on Spotify...talented musicians.

And left some things out that have been done pretty recently but I failed to mention:

- I mastered a kliller ep from Icelandic artist Mighty Bear.
- I mastered Chris Rob's new single "No Doubt" that he's now released.
- Mastered a new single for Peter Bradley Adams and Caitlin Canty's new group, Down Like Silver, tune is called Broken Coastline.
- Mastered a video for Jake Sherman that is coming out on August 23rd on
- Mastered a video for Farrah Boulet being released soon.
- Mastered a video for Radar Ellis that is out on Revive Music.
- Mastered a video for Karma Exchange, to be released soon.
- Mastered a video for Smithsonean, to be released soon.
- Mastered a video for Jamie Woods, to be released soon.
- Mastered a video for Marc Cary, to be released soon.
- Mastered a video for Theo Croker, to be released soon.

The video series that I am mastering the audio for is part of a new project coming from The Breeding Ground here in Brooklyn. Named 'The world's first recording lounge', some of the heaviest musicians roll through and play a set of music which gets recorded like a record and shot like a video and the music then gets released down the road. There is incredible stuff coming out of the sessions and its worth a further look if you like exploring for new music.

Chris BullockSnarky PuppyNic HardAmberly ChalbergThe Mountain House Recording StudioTodd AdelmanKala and The Lost TribeEdwin CamiloRozhan RazmanMighty BearChris RobPeter Bradley AdamsCaitlin CantyJake ShermanFarrah BouléThe Karma ExchangeJaime WoodsMarc CaryTheo CrokerTariq KhanThe Breeding Ground NYC - The World's First Recording LoungeMagnús Bjarni Gröndal

Just mastered a video for Louis Cato, now premiering on Revive Music. Recorded and mixed at the Breeding ground by Tariq...
Video Premiere: Louis Cato Shares Intimate Performance Of "Back And Forth" At The Breeding Ground NYC

Just mastered a video for Louis Cato, now premiering on Revive Music. Recorded and mixed at the Breeding ground by Tariq Khan. You can check it out here:

Louis Cato Revive Music Tariq Khan The Breeding Ground NYC - The World's First Recording Lounge

Captured live at The Breeding Ground NYC( the world's first recording lounge), the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter delivers an intimate performance in this new video series from HighBreedMusic.

Hi folks. Been a long minute. Tracking vocals here today. Nice to be back in my room...nice to be back in the US. :)

Hi folks. Been a long minute. Tracking vocals here today. Nice to be back in my room...nice to be back in the US. :)


This in from Misty Boyce on her killer record release:

• Nov. 10 - Can't Say Goodbye single retail release date

• Dec. 1 - Get Over You single retail release date

• Dec 8 - Goodbye July

• Jan. 26 - Get Lost single retail release date

• Feb. 16 - album release date

Produced by Joshua Grange & Lera Lynn

Misty Boyce Lera Lynn Joshua Grange


Been a minute since I checked in.

- I was in NYC to finish remixing Justin Tracy's new record and mastering it and then got the great news that its been submitted to the Grammy's in the world music category. Wishing Justin luck big luck. This is the second record he tracked in India, working with a very deep pool of talent there.

- Also I mastered a great new record for Taylor Haskins & Green Empire. Jazz with lap steel, and Vangelis like synths. I asked him to keep us updated on his release plans.

Justin Tracy Taylor Haskins Taylor Haskins with Green Empire @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 Recording Academy / GRAMMYs Daniel Sadownick Richard Hammond Gandhar Deshpande

Some shots of the studio at the moment

Some shots of the studio at the moment


Wayward update from Kessler Mastering...

A few records since last update to tell you about.

- Not sure how many of you are John Prine or JJ Cale fans, but I recently mastered a record for Isaac Alexander from Little Rock, AR. It was produced and engineered by Joe V. McMahan of Nashville. Listening to this record was like getting an incredible shot of the two artists mentioned above. Isaac is writing elevated material and has the right voice for it....just a great, great record. No release info.

- Just mastered a record for Misty Boyce. The record is really, really, really freaking great. It was Produced by Joshua Grange and Lera Lynn, engineered by Joshua and even after the work is all done, it's in my regular rotation to just listen to. Misty has a killer voice and it features the Joshua's guitar work and you can catch Josh on tour with Sheryl Crow and Lera Lynn. Don't know what the release plans are, maybe her page has more info.

More news to follow soon. :))

Best from Reykjavík, Iceland
Josh @ Kessler Mastering


Left the US temporarily in the beginning of November for Iceland. My lady and I had our second child here so we both took a little time off. Now sitting in Keflavik airport heading back to the states to master a couple of records for folks and tend to a few other audio tidbits I'm involved in.

Wanted to give a belated shout out for some records I did before I left that deserve some attention.

- Mastered a nice record for Cluttered Clarity. Its not every day I get to work with folks from Luxembourg. The material was dope and nice mixing my Rozhan Razman. Not sure what is happening with the band at the moment.

- Mastered a record for Parisa Mehdad. A local songwriting chanteuse, you can catch her around town. Another nice job by Rozhan Razman.

- Mastered some songs for Franky Fontaine, of Montreal. There is a reason why Montreal is so hip. There is deep music coming out of Montreal and Franky is part of the scene.

- I left out a nice record I mastered shortly before I left by Ben Hanna out of Boulder, CO. I think he is on tour now. Sorry Ben. Loved the record. :))


Been a minute since I updated. Here are some of the things that have come through since the last one:

- Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered an EP for artist Tim Cleary over the past year. Tracked at Thump Studios here in Brooklyn, and mixed up at Dreamland Recording Studio upstate. Its a beautiful organic sounding record. Tim has a haunting voice and he's an incredible lyricist. Congrats Tim....only took a year! :)) Details for release on his page...

- Mastered a killin full length for Ben Lorentzen from Norway. Record was engineered and co-produced by Rozhan Razman of Riro Muzik. Folks, these guys put a lot of work into the record and it has some really huge orchestral moments that support Ben's raspy vocals. Its powerful.
*Unbeknownst to me at the time, Kessler Mastering was selected based on shoot-outs with a grammy winning mastering house. Ben is working out the details with his label on the release date...more info if you head over to his page.

- Mastered some beautiful songs for Jamaican Artist Koro Fyah, produced by super talented Kabaka Pyramid. This guy tours more than just about anyone I know so not sure how he had time to work on this. Killin, beautiful Reggae... and everyone loves Reggae. )) Check out Koro's page for release info. Also Kabaka is (surprise!) headed back out on tour.

- Mastered a record for Todd Adelman and The Country Mile that I tracked at Mountain House Studio outside of Boulder, Co. This is a rich analog sounding record. Todd mixed this record and he did a beautiful job preserving the quality. If you want to know what incredible sounding analog sounds like, this is it. The record came in on 1/4" tape and was mastered straight off my ATR 100. Shout out to Chad Hailey who mixed the opener. Mixing off tape is more work but very rewarding. Nice!

- Mastered some songs for Bushwick local band "KCKS" and I am not sure what their story is but the music is very Franz Ferdinand (Did you know Franz Ferdinand's assassination was pretty much responsible for WW I?)

- Coming up this week: Mastering another record for master songsmith Peter Bradley Adams mixed by superman Lex Price - wondering if they're going to print this one through one of Blackbird's fairchild 670's like the last record. Juicy sweet.
Also starting in on a movie mix this week about the Syrian refugee crisis. ....lots going on.


Recently mastered a really lovely record for Ellen Starski produced by highly acclaimed Anne McCue. Terrific song writing and production!

Also just mastered a beautiful record for Rory Sullivan, produced by the super talented Justin Tracy, who's a monster songsmith and singer in his own right.

Did some single's work for DJ Daryll James, who heard the Chris Rob Masters and asked me to take over his mastering jobs.

Been very blessed with the projects that are coming through these days!!


If you are free tonight, I just mastered a record for Chris Rob and the record release is tonight.

Chris is just crazy talented, playing at times with Stevie Wonder, Talib Kweli, Anita Baker, Kanye West and so many more. Chris is just super talented and you should check out the release at Brooklyn Bowl tonight. It'll get you moving and give you something to think about.

Chris Rob at Brooklyn Bowl


Hello. Been a minute since an update...overdue filling you in on recent things at Kessler Mastering.

- Just mastered the new LP for Meiko. Produced by very talented Joshua Grange, its a wonderful record... super great songs and Meiko's wonderful voice. Check it out.

- Mastered an EP for the amazing singer / song writer Peter Bradley Adams - I love Peter's writing and singular voice....just stellar. I've been lucky to master a number of things for Peter and the sound quality of this doesn't let down....the mixes were run through a maintained Fairchild 670(!) and I have admit they sounded killer coming in. Co-Produced and mixed by a super talented fella... Lex Price.

- Mastered another track for the incredible Masayuki Bigyuki Hirano. It was a remix of a track from the record I mastered for him the end of last year. Big Yuki... a not-so-secret "secret weapon" for lots of famous music makers.

- Mastered a super heavy industrial record for Dave.i.d. This is the sound of harmonically sweet distortion....Crank it up and you feel like you're in a movie! :)

Feeling very lucky to collaborate with these incredibly talented and musical people. There is tremendous talent involved in each of these records.


Finishing up the digital portion of two records that wrapped at the studio before I left today at 35,000 feet. I'm on two hours of sleep. . .next stop Reykjavik. Big, big things happening on all fronts. Big things... :)) Very happy.


Mastering Brandee Younger's new record, recorded and mixed by Tariq Khan at HighBreedMusic. Smooooooooth!


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