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Bushwick Studio Full service Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Studio. One of the finest selections of microphones in the country, and a full service Mastering Studio, with state of the art tools.

Operating as usual




Finished mixing Eric Silverman's record last night. Back to Bess McCrary's today.


Back to mixing today after taking a break to master at Kessler Mastering for Peter Bradley Adams. Mixing for Silvertone.


Just finished tuning the piano. Getting ready to track some vocals with my main U47 - The Zeus Mic. Original PVC M7 capsule from 1952. Nothing sounds this good and on the right singer, there can be only one. In the house today is Melissa Cross - vocal coach to the stars, and Liz Asaro Biggar, working on her next record, which I will be mixing and mastering at Kessler Mastering.


Been tracking and mixing like mad. Have the pleasure of now working with/for Ken Rockwood, owner of Rockwood Music Hall. Ken has brought some incredible talent through here and I've been able to shine as a result.

One record thats been in the works for a long time inches closer to completion, a few unexpected records are taking shape. Its going to be a very, very busy month ahead. :)


I have the honor of having recorded and mixed a bonus track on the new Kat Edmonson Music record, an honor in any weather, but particularly so since the record was produced and engineered by Mr. Al Schmitt. If you like "old school music check it out. . . ;) It was a TON of fun!!


Mixing mixing mixing mixing. . . . . . Eating some cashews. Mixing mixing mixing.


Mastered The Essex yesterday. Today through Sunday, Mike Judah is tracking d'wayne. Sounding Tight friends. . .


Maintenance day at the studio... Repaired a DBX160VU; putting new faders in the console; trying to solve a funky V72; sussing out an intermittently noisy U67; need to make two new microphone cables for C-60 microphones...

These days crop up every now and then, and feels a wee bit like doing taxes. Long night ahead. . .


Great Gospel session in the studio yesterday with Gary Coach. Today Aly Viny comin in for some vocal OD's...

Lunch time for Michael Gomez & Crew. . .

Lunch time for Michael Gomez & Crew. . .


Mixing almost done for THE ESSEX. Its sounding like a ballsy Chicago recording from the 60's. Dry, punchy, and in your face. Will be mastering off my 1/2" ATR.

Then back to Robert Cantwell's record and preproduction for @Nimesh Ghandi.

Cheers folks. Enjoy the weather for those of us lashed to the indoors...

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


Been busy and not updating much lately.

Mixing The Essex's 3 song disc that we tracked here, and which I will be mastering. This is one of those records that it seems is benefitting from printing to the ATR. Really happy with how this is sounding. Then back to mixing Robert Cantwell's record, also sounding original and involving.

About to do some ADR with a call-in producer, and in-studio talent.

In other news: the mechanicals are ready to go up to finish the current live room readjustment. Automotive winches were welded to plates to hoist the 2nd EMT plate reverb above the first one to utilize the space more efficiently.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


Spent 11 hours yesterday in the control room with earplugs and headphones on listening to pink noise and moving speakers around the room. Investigating new speaker placement and so far I like it. Currently Mastering for Johnny Arco.

I think I am liking the new monitor positioning better. . . All hail praise upon Kleinn & Hummel o 500c's!

Duntech Sovereigns. Incredible speakers.

Duntech Sovereigns. Incredible speakers.


Duntech Sovereigns are in!!!!! Wow, they are heavy! Need to do some wiring and placement but I am excited!


Bushwick Studio is taking delivery of Duntech Sovereigns on Monday. Actually, I am going to drive an hour and a half and go pick them up. They are going to live in the live room for an unequaled listening experience, whether you are cuttin vox to tracks already laid down or just listening to playback. I am working on hosting occasional listening series to some of your favorite records, so you can hear the magic as you have never heard it before. Will keep everyone apprised. . . . . .


I am looking to rent the studio out for the month of December for the cost to keep the doors open only. If you are or someone you know wants to make a record, this is a pretty great opportunity. There are full sleeping quarters available and a full kitchen, and one of the finest mic cabinets around. Send a message if you think you'd like to make use of some of the time its available. About $300 a day, give or take.


There are going to be some super deals available for people at Bushwick later this year. Specifics to follow. Anyone looking for a very cheap, month long lockout around Thanksgiving, check in.

Tales from Bushwick Studio: Tracking guitars, players main amp goes down (needs it), pull down oscilloscope and multi-me...

Tales from Bushwick Studio: Tracking guitars, players main amp goes down (needs it), pull down oscilloscope and multi-meter, open the amp up, diagnose wonky output transformer, order it overnight, hope to get it today (it was late when this went down), replace, re-tube, cut more guitars. . . . .Not your normal recording studio.


Studio Promo: Bushwick studio is $550 a day for Engineers in the month of June and July. $650 a day for musicians/bands.

Thanks Dave Cook.

Thanks Dave Cook.


Anyone with any old photos they'd like to share, please send em along. I'd love to see some old session we did!

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


From time to time I will offer specials on tracking, mixing & mastering. . .keep your eyes peeled!!!


Just started a page!


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