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Wrong Decade Studio is a small project studio in Brooklyn. Our goal is to create quality recordings for musicians on a budget. Able to multi-track record at our home base or on location, we are flexible and artist oriented. See the "services" option for more details.


Today's work is finalizing the mix for Chris McAllister! Then, onto mastering!

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Wrong Decade Productions's cover photo

Wrong Decade Productions's cover photo

Wrong Decade Productions

Wrong Decade Productions

Today, we track keyboards.

Today, we track keyboards.


Just sent off a final version of new theme music to the guys at Protagonist Podcast. Have a few more podcast-theme-comissions to work on.


Geek By Night...Calling BS...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minute...

Wrong Decade is apparently in the Podcast Production business now as well!


Saturday and Sunday are for tracking lead guitars on the new WarrenScottBand project...

This thing sounds fantastic so far.


Working on the latest episode of Geek By Night at the home studio today.


Spending the afternoon recording more guitars for the WarrenScottBand album


Finishing up the live mix of Craig Greenberg's Video Premiere party.


Working on a live mix for Craig Greenberg in between Geek By Night's continuing production and the WarrenScottBand recording sessions.


Back at it putting together the music and mix for this week's Geek By Night. Starting to get this down to a science.

Weekend spent tracking at Studio Del Diablo for tue WarrenScottBand album. Producing woodwinds, guitars, percussion, and...

Weekend spent tracking at Studio Del Diablo for tue WarrenScottBand album. Producing woodwinds, guitars, percussion, and one very stern glockenspiel


Another day composing/mixing for Geek By Night. Make sure to check it out if you enjoy a good audio/drama, a good story, or just Geek stuff!


Spending the day scoring and mixing for Geek By Night episode 3!

Wrong Decade has been enlisted to create the musical score for the new Audio Drama  "Geek By Night" (http://geekbynight....
The Official Tumblr for Geek By Night!

Wrong Decade has been enlisted to create the musical score for the new Audio Drama "Geek By Night" (http://geekbynight.tumblr.com). Spending today composing and recording for Episode 1.

In addition, WD is providing the final mix/master for the production as well!

Look for it online soon!

geekbynight Those Underdogs You Love Are Coming Back in Style… geekbynight:Hello everyone, Scott Carelli here with a bit of an announcement…In 2007 I created an audio drama called Geek By Night. It was about a group of geeky, pop culture savvy friends who end up with superpowers. But rather than bec…


I'm thankful for the ability to edit tracks in my PJ's at my parents house on Thanksgiving morning. Now, where's my pie?


Slide guitar tracking today with the fantastic Mike Bell!




Spent the evening producing a vocal session over at Studio Del Diablo.


Another day of #acoustic #tracking with for the WarrenScottBand record. We are *this* close to calling it a wrap on rhythm tracks!


Back to work today tracking #acousticguitar with Brandon Warren for the new WSB project.


Getting to track with a 60's Fender Jaguar reissue is like INSTANT BEACH BOYS.

Working on the #warrenscottband record


Spent last weekend starting the new WarrenScottBand record - the first full-length Wrong Decade Production!


The results we are getting at Studio Del Diablo are nothing short of mind-blowing. Lots of great projects in the pipe that you'll be hearing real soon!


Several days spent over at Studio Del Diablo recording, mixing, and mastering Pavelle tracks with Chris Kelly. Using #slatedigital plugins almost exclusively. If you haven't gotten them, GET THEM.

Pavelle - "I Don't Think So" Official Lyric Video

I recorded the vocals, edited, co-mixed, and mastered this song at my place, and at Studio Del Diablo. Go check it out!

(c) 2015 Pavelle Music ASCAP Download the single at Pavelle.bandcamp.com

I recorded the music for this KILLER show! Congrats "Clone" people!
— “Runaway Clone” selected for New York Musical...

I recorded the music for this KILLER show! Congrats "Clone" people!

“Runaway Clone” selected for New York Musical Theater Festival - I had a chance last summer to record the soundtrack for a new original musical by my friends Pam Eberhardt and Jonathan Brenner called...


Changed our name to "Wrong Decade Productions" since there's no longer a dedicated studio space. All large recording projects will now be tracked at Studio Del Diablo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We are still offering on-location services and mixing and mastering services. If you have an inquiries about booking time at Studio Del Diablo, please contact us at the above link.


This song was recorded mostly at Wrong Decade Studio, with assists by Chris Kelly and Dan Caruso. It's perhaps the song on my record that I'm most proud of. Please, give it a listen, and if you like it, consider buying my 4-song EP. Doing so entitles you to a copy of the physical full-length album later this year!


Gave myself a deadline for a project. Forcing me to really get my butt in gear. Very pleased with all of the results I'm getting.


Brooklyn, NY


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