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Social media advertising is here to stay! You have a small business and haven't bought into the Social Media craze? Guess What? Silence is no longer an option. People are online talking about you right now. If you don't engage in the conversation, you risk losing your customers. Managing multiple social media sites can be daunting for the small business owner. So before you start your new page, adding followers, adding content, photos, videos, etc. let SOCIAL CLUB MEDIA INC do all the work for you so that you can continue to do the daily running of your business. We will manage your daily content, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YOutube, manage your tweets in real time, and manage your statistics. Let us photograph your business, send out press releases and most of all, do all the social media work to grow your business. We offer low cost prices and packages for your small business. not like many of the multi budget big social media companies out there. We know you are struggling to keep your business going, we want to help it grow for you. We also offer packages including website design by our professional website creators. Why not email us at [email protected], call us 718 564 9930 or send us a message on Facebook.


Thank you BERT the FACEPAINTER for signing up with Social Club Media Bklyn for a full year! A wonderful Brooklyn based facepainter and professional balloon twister for children/adult parties and events happening in and around Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx neighborhood. Follow him on Facebook at BERT the FACEPAINTER!


What does Social Club Media actually do?
. We keep current with the rules; and understand what to post, when to post and how often to post. When done correctly, status updates are more than random posts and funny cartoons, they are carefully crafted content that not only gets seen and shared by friends of the page, but also helps companies improve their search engine rank, leading viewers to the company’s website – where the actual selling takes place.


Social Club Media is a Brooklyn based small biz company. We can help to promote your small biz because we know you just dont have the time and knowledge for social media. But we do!! and we are here for you!! Just email us at [email protected] or send us a message right here on Facebook. We work within your budget so dont be afraid to ask about our prices. We are growing and growing thanks to all the small biz who appreciate what we do!


Have you heard this one?
"I have to breakup with you. We've connected on so many platforms—Facebook and Twitter—but I just don't feel Linkedin."
The funny bone can be a fickle thing. Writing jokes is hard work. But if you have a gift for humor, your marketing campaigns will be better.

It's probably time to call Social Club Media Bklyn today.

It's probably time to call Social Club Media Bklyn today.


Every business is expected to be active on social media as part of a successful marketing strategy. But a small business owner can’t expect to be an expert in everything, and that includes optimizing social media. Even if an entrepreneur has the knowledge and skill to expertly navigate professional social networking, maintaining multiple social media accounts can be extremely time consuming. Order out, and try a Social Media Manager for your small business.


Dont have time to promote your business the way it should be? Why not give us try. For only 3 months, we will offer you our Premium Pkg for 30% off if you sign up before the end of May 2015. Email us at [email protected] or send us a message right here on Facebook! We will respond within 24 hours.


Thank you to AROUND THE CORNER vintage boutique located at 362 Vanderbilt Avenue for signing up for your second year in a row with Social Club Media today for all of your social media promotions.


Thank you to ALL STAR HARDWARE AND LOCKSMITH located at 284 Flatbush Avenue for signing up today with Social Club Media Bklyn for all of your social media promotions.


Small business? Need help in promoting your business? What are you waiting for? This is the time to get motivated and improve your business reach before the summer months. Contact us for our low price information.


Now is the time to start thinking about the summer months and how you can increase your visibility using social media. Contact us and find out how. We offer low fees to small businesses. Give us a trial for 3 months and get a special offer.


Want to create a page for your small business and dont know how to do it? Need to get the word out about your business, want to let them know about sales and specials, soup of the day? We are the ones to call. We can help you set up a professional Facebook profile, create a logo and add content every day to your Instagram and Twitter account too! Try us. email us at: [email protected] or sent a message right here.


Are you often unsure of the value-add that a social media dashboard can provide? And don’t know how much is reasonable to spend. Luckily, Social Club Media Bklyn includes a free trial so you can start measuring and monitoring immediately. Keep in mind, however, that building up your social media presence and seeing results can take time, so don’t give up if you haven’t seen the arrows move in just 30 days. Give us a try.


Congratulations to Brooklyn Art Space for signing up with Social Club Media Bklyn today.

Get more out of Social Media for your small business. We can help you.

Get more out of Social Media for your small business. We can help you.


Social Club Media Bklyn is offering a discount for the next week only. Join today and receive up to 20% off the first 3 months for your business. Email us at [email protected] or message us right here. We offer the lowest prices in the NY area.


Want to create a Facebook contest for your small business. You can use one of the many Facebook plug-ins to do this. We can help you create ads and plug-ins. Give us a try.


Let me know what type of business you have and I can send you our quotes within 24 hours. Email us at [email protected] or INBOX me above.


Did you know that by Adapting content specifically for each social network yields more clicks and leads. For example, in an A/B test, I found that tweets an image optimized for the platform yielded 55% more leads than tweets with just a link. Adapting and creating content for each specific network is critical to driving results. Let me know if Social Club Media is your low cost social media manager.


Social Club Media is now accepting small businesses on a sliding fee scale with no contracts. Why not give us a try for 3 to 6 months and see results. Don't you think its about time you started promoting your small business? Let us do all the work for you. Email us at: [email protected] or message us here.


If you have a small business and join Social Club Media Bklyn now, you will receive a 30% discount on your first billing. Give us a try. We can create logos, page, small business Twitter accounts, monthly reports and new facebook Likes. Ask about our fees, just send us a message.


and Social Club Media is back and better than ever. Need to expand your business? Let us know. Our prices are better than any you will find.


Thank you to MORNING STAR STATIONARY for signing up with SOCIAL CLUB MEDIA. An online DIY stationary shop in Lodi, NJ.


Like if you have a small business and you are hanging around your shop just waiting for a customer!


Social Club Media has a MOVE INTO SPRING special. Sign up your business with us during May, June and July and pay on $200 per month. We will create your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. Promote your small business every day and present a report to you each month. Inbox us fir more details. Or email at [email protected]. Let us help you grow your business.


Read about what our new client has to say about Social Club Media Brooklyn.


Sharon of Social Club Media is helping me promote my new cafe in the Rockaways that will be opening up this summer on the beach. She has been doing a wonderful job getting our name out to the crowds and has been successful in getting us write up in some of the Brooklyn papers too!
I highly recommend Social Club Media for all your social media needs


Did you hear what Thea Delaney has to has to say about Social Club Media? Read it here. and thank you Roberta's for signing up with us. We appreciate your business.

Is it hard for you to get LIKES on on a post for your business page? Find out why.
Engaging Content Ideas | Social Media Today

Is it hard for you to get LIKES on on a post for your business page? Find out why.

Finding content to post on social media platforms can be incredibly challenging. While it may be easy to know what your friends will like on you personal page when you post, it is much more difficult to know what your target audience will like on your business page.

If you are a small business, get to know how social media can increase your sales and promote your business like never b...
9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014

If you are a small business, get to know how social media can increase your sales and promote your business like never before. There are many new changes to help you. Let Social Club Media Brooklyn help. INbOX US. or email at: [email protected]

We asked nine successful entrepreneurs how they are planning on altering their social media marketing strategies in the next six months.


The roughly 1.3 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) in North America generate a gobstopping $5.5 trillion in annual revenue. And according to a new study conducted by LinkedIn, social media is increasingly becoming the vital axis upon which this community turns.
How are you growing your business? Let us show you how. Social Club Media Brooklyn is your one stop personal social media manager for your small business.

We're Sorry | Social Media Today
We're Sorry | Social Media Today

We're Sorry | Social Media Today

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Did you know that you could reach between 2000 - 5,000 people each week with just a little over 400 LIKES? Its true, and I can show you how.
Sign up with Social Club Media Brooklyn.


According to the LinkedIn survey, nearly half of small businesses use social media to learn, either from their own peers, experts, or partners.
Let Social Club Media Brooklyn help your small business grow! Email us at [email protected] or INBOX US RIGHT HERE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE .

Are you surprised to hear this?

Are you surprised to hear this?

Are you surprised to hear that #women rule the #SocialMedia roost? Check out this men vs. women infographic for all the stats:


Social Media should not cost your small start up business as much as traditional advertising, and if you do it yourself, it won't cost a dime, but it will cost you time. Depending on how much your time is worth, it may be wise to hire someone who can do the work for you. Social Club Media Bklyn can help you. Let us do the work for you so you can concentrate on your business.


Quality + Trust + Authenticity = Social Club Media Brooklyn


#Facebook's market share in China is almost zero, and Twitter is blocked there, too. But the country has 591 million internet users, and 91% of those users have #SocialMedia accounts.
#true #whatsupChina?


“If someone comes and offers you social media services for your small business, get them to demonstrate to your satisfaction that their approach fits your business and your priorities." - Sharon Davidson, Founder Social Club Media Brooklyn


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. As a small business owner, it's more important than ever to ensure your marketing strategy includes some social media activities. Social media platforms offer some fresh ways to connect with your current and potential customers, build your online presence, and also help you develop long-lasting relationships with industry professionals, associates, and future contacts. I provide personal social media management for small businesses so that you can take care of the running of your business without worries.


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