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Super Hive Productions Home of Flesh Freak and The Sleaze King. More funny films yet to come.

We are a local, home grown, and up-and-coming production company.

Mission: We are quality inventors, thinkers and do-ers. Mike Barnard and Jerry Wilson are coming up with ideas to surprise, inspire, excite, shock and entertain you. Through the arts of cinematography, photography, music, acting and storytelling. This creative team consists of friends, supporters and welcomed donations, to achieve the realization of visions and dreams. "We know what's good."

In celebration of The Summer of Sleaze these Rare and Obscure shirts are on sale at the Super Hive Teespring store! Save...

In celebration of The Summer of Sleaze these Rare and Obscure shirts are on sale at the Super Hive Teespring store! Save 20% on all Super Hive Merch with Promo Code: SKRETURNS until September 1st 2019:
Thank you for watching!

Poetry Time ~ Turtles

Something different for your Monday

Ah yes just sit back at listen as I recite one of my original poem. This is what you want right? I hope you find it relaxing. My voice is available for all y...


The wait is over, here’s Pitch Man

Oh hi, I didn't see you there. This is Mikey Bee from Pitchman! A show where my friends randomly give me unknown objects for me to pitch. I think we did a pr...

Mikey Bee Fan Mail #1

You have questions, I have answers. Hope you enjoy.

Hey hey folks welcome to the first Fan Mail Video. You have questions and I have answers. In this video we discuss Backstreet Boys, Godzilla and so much more...


Well it's here! The second (more like first) Mikey Bee Monday video.

As The Bee Buzzes episode 1.
A funny little soap opera.

I had a great time making this and stayed up all night to edit it but it's great. Thanks to Gary and Christian for inspiring me and helping me make it.

Tune in next Monday for something different.


Mikey Bee Mondays are happening. They are of course every Monday and star Mikey Bee. But what you may not know is the verity of content coming your way. MBM will be spit into 6 parts. Skits, Reviews, Q&A, Vlogs, Interviews and Weird Random Videos.

With the help and inspiration from my friend Gary I hope to post a weekly video all throughout February and beyond. All content will be roughly 3-5 mins long, nothing crazy. I think you will enjoy the skits, they are very Super Hive.

Super Hive Store

Yo, start your year off right by checking out the Super Hive Store on teespring and get yourself some OFFICIAL Super Hive merch. Thanks for tuning in!

Teespring is the free and easy way to bring your ideas to life. Design your product, set a price, and start selling. Teespring handles the rest - production, shipping, and customer service - and you keep the profit!


Did you hear ? New videos coming every Mikey Bee Monday.

Yes folks I am back and with some encouragement I will be doing 4 simple and short videos this month. Please won’t you join me?


Good news. Uncle Frank videos are coming soon.


Mikey Bee update:

Still working on a big new web series. Still in pre-production but we have over 30 episodes written and ready to start shooting soon. Still need a title though. Keep you posted.


Big news everybody! Mikey Bee is working in collaboration with an another independent studio to bring you some exciting content. It will be a bit different but you will also see a strong Super Hive influence. More details as they arrive.

But what does this really mean? Well just like anything a person only has the 24 hours in the day and therefore must be wise on how he lives. What I'm trying to say is that this new project deserves a lot of my attention. It's funny because I started Story Time because I felt like I wasn't giving it my all recently, then this thing springs up. So what's the the future for Story Time? You will get one next week and perhaps the week after that. But maybe we have to transition to an every other week model but I still want to do it. It's just taking more time than I realized to do a Story Time.

Hope you stick with us to see what the future holds.

Story Time: Intro

You all caught this right? Story Time coming soon. Next week will be pretty special. Get ready for HP and we not talking the boy wizard here.

Uncle Mikey Bee tells you about a new series that will be coming out soon and running for about 6 weeks.


Burbank, CA


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