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Kajun Eatz

Kajun Eatz

Finally we will open MONDAY JUNE 1st...y’all come check us out 7am-2pm...4pm TIL 8pm...101 Kentwood dr carencro,la

Csalaf - CSA Cajun Sports Association

Carencro Area Youth Sports Inc. (CAYSI), Scott Area Team Sports (SATS) South West Athletics (SWA) and Cajun Sports Association (CSA)
are all accepting registrations for the restart of the LPRD baseball/Softball season.
Those players living in the Southwest Lafayette Youth Sports Inc. (SLYSI) and Brown Park Athletics (BPA) zones may register in any of the other 4 associations provided
that association has room on their rosters.

Season starts June 15 and ends July 17th with no post season

CAYSI Online Registration
CAYSI Facebook

SWA Online Registration
SWA Facebook

SATS Baseball coordinator is Kevin Domingue at (337) 281-9075.
Softball coordinator is Kenny Alleman at (337) 316-0536.
4 year old and 5/6 year old coordinator is Blake Napolitano at (337) 349-3672.
SATS Facebook

CSA is still in the process of confirming numbers for teams , so before registering , please email one of the following email addresses
with which league and age group you are interested in.
[email protected] or

CSA Online registration
CSA Facebook

If you have any questions please feel free to call 291-8368, 291-8380 or 291-8375 or email me at [email protected]

Thank you ,

Bill Verret
Lafayette Parks and Recreation
Recreation Coordinator
[email protected]


Welcome to CSA. We are an all volunteer organization in Lafayette, Louisiana serving the Pius and Milton Districts of Lafayette dedicated to providing children with a quality environment to learn and enjoy the lessons of sports.

BBB Scam Alert: Want a COVID-19 test? There’s a scam for thatHow the Scam WorksYou receive a robocall or are directed to...
BBB Tips: 10 Steps to Avoid Scams

BBB Scam Alert: Want a COVID-19 test? There’s a scam for that
How the Scam Works
You receive a robocall or are directed to a website that looks like a clinic or medical supply company offering COVID-19 tests. These tests can allegedly identify if you’ve been infected with coronavirus – even if you’ve already recovered. Some even promise results in 10 minutes. To get a test, all you need to do is complete a form or, in other versions, enter your credit card details.
In some cases, the test involves an easy at-home testing kit. Other times, the tests are allegedly offered through a clinic. But in all versions, the person or website selling the test is short on details. They aren’t willing or able to provide any information about how the test works, where it is sourced, and what laboratory processes it.
Don’t fall for it! These tests are not US Food and Drug Administration approved and will not give accurate results. In fact, you may never even receive an actual test kit. Either way, scammers will have made off with your money and your personal information.
How to Avoid Fake Coronavirus Tests
• Want a test? Talk to your doctor. If you want an antibody test, reach out to your healthcare provider. They can help you figure out if the test will be covered by insurance and where to find a legitimate clinic. If you don't have a primary care physician, check out the official website of your local health department for more information on testing availability.
• Do research before buying. Scammers put pressure on people to buy or commit without giving them time to do further research. Before you agree to anything, do some investigating. Research any claims the company makes. Start with searching to see they are BBB Accredited, have good reviews, and if there are complaints or scam reports associated with their business name.
• Understand your options: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a detailed guide to testing for COVID-19. Understand the different tests available and what you need.
• Never share your personal information with strangers. Only make purchases and share your personal information with people and companies you know and trust.
For More Information
To learn more about scams related to the coronavirus and how to protect yourself, see To read up on some general tips for avoiding scams, visit
If you’ve been the victim of a coronavirus related scam, please report it on the Your report can help others to stay alert and avoid similar scams.

If you can just remember these TEN THINGS, you can avoid scams and help protect yourself and your family.

Carencro Eye Clinic

Carencro Eye Clinic



Sadly, we will not be welcoming our members to what would have been our 83rd Annual Meeting on June 6th, but public health must take top priority right now. Our next Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at the Cajundome in Lafayette.

Scholarship applicants should stay tuned to SLEMCO's website and page for important information about our 2020 scholarship drawing - which is most definitely NOT cancelled.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year. Stay safe and well.



While our 2020 Annual Meeting is cancelled, our 2020 Scholarship Drawing definitely IS NOT cancelled!!! All applicants who applied prior to the May 7th deadline will be placed in the drawing for 30 -- not twenty -- $2,000 scholarships to attend the university, college or trade school of their choice. SLEMCO has chosen to support our community during the Covid - 19 pandemic by investing in an additional 10 scholarship awards this year. These are mighty strange times, indeed, but we must continue educating our future leaders. We will hold the random drawing for the scholarships on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 9:30 am Live on our page.

#whateverittakes #nomeeting #morescholarships #gettingthroughthistogether



Stay well and we will see you next year. Scholarship applicants who qualified before the May 7th entry deadline can watch the scholarship drawing live on our page on Tuesday, June 2nd at 9:30 am. We will be awarding 30 college scholarships worth $2,000 each instead of twenty.

#whateverittakes #noannualmeeting #morescholarships

Ragin Cajun Athletics has sent us a link to an awesome page, which includes university veterans from WWII through today....

Ragin Cajun Athletics has sent us a link to an awesome page, which includes university veterans from WWII through today. Many of them are/were outstanding community leaders, like Carencro natives Dr. G.L. Coussan and Ray Melancon.

School News

School News

Scott Fire Department Showed Up for Residents During QuarantineScott-The Scott Fire Department went above and beyond to ...

Scott Fire Department Showed Up for Residents During Quarantine
Scott-The Scott Fire Department went above and beyond to make sure that children and the elderly had smiles on their face during the mandated stay-at-home order that was issued across the state of Louisiana.
The COVID-19 outbreak placed many restrictions on family celebrations, such as children’s birthday parties. The Scott Fire Department, along with Sparky the Fire Dog, rode in front of the homes of children with birthdays in the Scott city limits during April. Parents of kids 10 and under that requested a ride by on the Scott Fire Department’s website got one, and it left many smiles and memories for the birthday child.
Another grand gesture was on Easter morning, the Easter Bunny, along with Sparky the Fire Dog, rode through Scott neighborhoods with sirens, horns, and lights, bringing Easter joy for all. Families gathered on their front lawns and driveways to wave at the special neighborhood guests.
The Scott Fire Department also provided grocery pick-up services for citizens who were at high risk and unable to leave their homes. Scott Fire Chief, Chad Sonnier, stated, “As firefighters, we protect people. Minimizing the possibility of one of our high-risk citizens being exposed was the least we could do. We also are trying to bring some sort of normalcy to the children of our community in these difficult times.”
Pictured is The Scott Fire Department making a special girl feel special on her 6th birthday in April.

Seven Decades of Love, Faith, and Memories By Stacey JudiceCarencro-A Carencro couple has reached a very important miles...

Seven Decades of Love, Faith, and Memories By Stacey Judice
Carencro-A Carencro couple has reached a very important milestone. John Chapman and Doris Sonnier Chapman celebrated 70 years of marriage. The two were married in 1950 at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church. After WWII, John worked for Austin Shoe Stores out of Lake Charles. He was sent to the Lafayette location as a manager of the shoe store. Doris was working as a bookkeeper at Morgan and Lindsey in Downtown Lafayette. Their places of employment were close to each other.
John recalled, “I waited on her and told my colleagues after she left, ‘I’m going to marry that girl!’ I was able to find out where Doris worked and I walked over to Morgan and Lindsey and asked to speak to her. I asked her out for a date but she refused. I came back several times, and she finally agreed to go on a date. The first gift that I gave to her was a small bottle of perfume in the shape of a shoe. She still has it.”
After they were married, John ended up working for Lafayette Consolidated Government, and Doris became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of their children. The couple has three children and four grandchildren.
In the early 70’s, John spent almost a year in the VA hospital and they considered amputating his feet due to a time in WWII where his feet partially froze. The hospital tried a successful new technique. When John was in the VA hospital, Doris became a cafeteria worker for the Lafayette Parish School System and then the Cafeteria Manager at Evangeline Elementary.
When asked what is the secret to a long marriage, they said, “A strong faith and dedication to family are what make a lasting marriage.”
According to their daughter, Annette, faith has always been a part of their marriage.
She stated, “We learned the value of faith, family, friends, hard work, persistence, and being frugal so you can be generous. Dad almost died with spinal meningitis in WWII. Dad prayed for God to spare his life and promised God he’d do His will if he lived. He slowly improved in health, however, they were going to ship him back to the United States because he was so weak. One day, a Major came through the clinic and said that he needed every available man. John’s prayer then was to not be a hindrance to any of his buddies. So, dad went from the hospital clinic to D-Day, Omaha Beach. In an Army company, there are about 100 men. Dad was one of the 12 survivors. He continued to fight in the Battle of the Bulge and then to Germany. He was never injured. He continued to be a prayer warrior all his life. When he retired, he would go to church each day with a list of family and friends for whom he would pray. Mom was a part of the rosary group at St. Elizabeth Seton and a member of the St. Anne Society at St. Peter’s in Carencro. They encouraged us in our faith and supported our numerous church activities.”
Today, John and Doris live together at Evangeline Retirement Oaks Guest House in Carencro. John enjoys sitting outside and listening to the birds. He flew an American Flag at his home every day in honor of his friends lost in the war. His room at the nursing home is decorated in red, white, and blue to keep that tradition going. Doris spends her days crocheting and praying. They still enjoy time with their family. “Family and our grandchildren have always been some of our greatest joys,” said the Chapmans.
Congratulations John & Doris on 70 years of marriage from the Community Chronicles Team!!!

Moores Machine Shop

Moores Machine Shop

Introducing the Sanissential! In these trying times, Moores is making the new normal a little easier.

Carencro High School

Carencro High School

Introducing the 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Miss QueenLayne Elizabeth Miller has been selected as the 2020 Scott Boudin F...

Introducing the 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Miss Queen
Layne Elizabeth Miller has been selected as the 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Queen. She is a senior at Eunice High School. The city of Scott is no stranger to Layne. She held the title 2018 Scott Boudin Festival Teen Miss Boudin Queen and made a great ambassador for the city and the festival.
Layne commented on her favorite 2018 memory, saying, “That year the weather was a little rough for the festival. Immediately, I was shown the people in Scott loved boudin and were tough. The turnout was great, and that’s when my relationships with my boudin family started to grow.”
One thing that Layne is looking forward to the most this year is serving as royalty alongside a special teen, Lainnie Barras, who was named 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Teen Miss Queen. The two were both queens in 2018 for the Scott Boudin Festival and now will be once again traveling the state together promoting the festival.
For the new 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Queen, the boudin festival means unity in the community. She said, “During the festival weekend, the city greets everyone with open arms and makes them feel at home, whether they’re from near or far. As queens, we go around the state during the year bringing that same hospitality to others around the state.”
Layne’s question during the pageant was on what legacy she wanted to leave with the Scott Boudin Festival. However, everyone now realizes that she will have the opportunity to leave her legacy twice — once as Teen Miss and again as Miss Queen. She said, “At the pageant, I said the legacy I wanted to leave was being a role model for younger girls who look up to me. I always aspired to be like the festival queens as I watched them on social media when I was younger. Now, I have a chance to be that for someone else. As for having TWO legacies... I feel blessed! The legacy I left behind my first time as teen queen was simply traveling to promote our festival. I wanted to see Louisiana. Now, I want younger girls to watch me see Louisiana. Hopefully, I inspire younger girls to want to represent their favorite festivals and cities.”
Layne will be doing things a little different this year as the Scott Boudin Festival Queen. She will travel the state once everything is back to normal before her festival. The Scott Boudin Festival has been rescheduled from April 17, 18, & 19 to September 18, 19, & 20, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and CDC guidelines on limiting group gatherings this spring.
Congratulations to the 2020 Scott Boudin Festival Royalty: (The Pageant occured prior to the Stay-at-Home Mandate.)
Scott Boudin Festival Baby Miss Queen: Adalee Stelly, Scott Boudin Festival Toddler Miss Queen: Livie Kaye Babineaux, Scott Boudin Festival Tiny Miss Queen: Paisley Darlene Sonnier, Scott Boudin Festival Petite Miss Queen: Khole' Grace Badon, Scott Boudin Festival Little Miss Queen: Layla Faith Mulligan, Scott Boudin Festival Little Mr. King: Elliot Malcom Viator, Scott Boudin Festival Deb Miss Queen: Amelia Rae Close, Scott Boudin Festival Junior Miss Queen: Kiya Ashlynn Williamson, Scott Boudin Festival Teen Miss Queen: Lainnie Michelle Barras, Scott Boudin Festival Ms. Queen: Hallee Ma'Deline Walker, & Scott Boudin Festival Miss Queen: Layne Elizabeth Miller.

What a year it has been for Ashlyn Hanks of Judice, Louisiana.Ashlyn graduated last May after being homeschooled by her ...

What a year it has been for Ashlyn Hanks of Judice, Louisiana.
Ashlyn graduated last May after being homeschooled by her mother, Windy, all of her school years.
In 2017, Ashlyn was encouraged by her grandmother to compete for the Miss Scott competition hosted by the Scott Business Association.
“I had never competed in a pageant before and decided at the last minute to participate,” stated Ashlyn. “I loved every minute of being the 2017-2018 Miss Scott. The best thing about my reign was falling in love with the people of Scott.”
After giving up her title in 2018, Ashlyn focused on finishing her senior year. She even began her own business and also writing for this publication, Community Chronicles. Her videography business is known as Salt and Light Films. Ashlyn said, “I started making videos at a young age and through encouragement from family and friends; I started my business. Since then, I’ve worked with many clients and truly found something I love, which is documenting the events of a person’s life and even traveling to make commercials for a worldwide cheer organization.”
A few days before the pageant for the Scott Boudin Festival in 2019, Ashlyn decided to compete and won the title of 2019 Miss Scott Boudin Festival Queen.
She commented, “As a festival queen, you get the unique opportunity to travel the entire state of Louisiana every weekend. We get exclusive tours, VIP passes, and hands-on activities to help us learn about each festival in the most personal way. I used to be very shy and most might have thought of me as an introvert, but my shell has been cracked and I am thriving.”
Ashlyn proposed to the Scott Boudin Festival Board to make videos throughout her reign regarding Scott and other festivals that she visited throughout the state of Louisiana. “I wanted to give viewers an inside look at what we as queens do while promoting the festivals we represent. The feedback has been incredible and the public loves them! A week after receiving my title, I posted my first video as queen and it hit almost 20,000 views and reached over 30,000 people!”
The trip of a lifetime was presented to Ashlyn. She and her family traveled to Washington D.C. to represent the Scott Boudin Festival at the Mystick Krewe of Louisiana’s Mardi Gras Ball. Another memorable event took place in February as Ashlyn placed 2nd RUNNER UP and TOP 15 in the 2020 LAFF Queen's Pageant.
Shortly, Ashlyn will go to film school to further her skills for her own videography business and one day be on a grander scale in film. She knows that God will lead her every step of the way and her faith will always carry her through life.
She closed with these words. “Firstly, I’m thankful for my heavenly Father blessing me with this opportunity,” said Ashlyn. “God knew that I needed good, wholesome friendships that would fill me up with joy and laughter. And He certainly gave me those friendships with other festival queens, with the men and women who make up the Scott Boudin Festival Board, the Scott mayor, Jan-Scott Richard and his wife, Diana, and the many business owners and people who make Scott what it is in Acadiana. Last but not least, my family was always close, but after this year and traveling the state of Louisiana and beyond, we are closer and have made memories to last a lifetime.”
Front cover pictures by Kaptography by Kevin Ste Marie


Carencro, LA


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Mommy and Me is the perfect event to hang out with your little princess while building relationships with other families. Your little princess will learn how to become an early entrepreneur. By learning how to label a product, make a product and customize a product!!!! Please REGISTER ONLINE BY USING THE TICKET LINK The class will consist of the following: 1-Labeling a Chapstick or Lip gloss 1- Creating a Body Spray 1 -Customize Bath Crumbs. (Deconstructed bath bomb). Mommy Me and will have vendors on site so MOM's you can shop and mangle with the other ladies! Mommy and Me will be located at 1800 NE Evangeline Thwy Lafayette, La inside of the Northgate Mall. Time 12-3 PM
PLEASE SHARE!!! VERY IMPORTANT.....Good Morning everyone. I am in search of Agriculture teachers who are in need of gallons of paint for projects with their students. Or a representative for Habitat for Humanity Must load and pick up. Please do not contact me if you are a landlord or someone looking to make a profit off of this. Please contact Nina Guillory- DuPont at 337-580-4386 or via FB messenger. Asap. Once gone, its gone.
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When are y’all giving away the two tickets to the Nutcracker?
So excited to share!!! Won the wreath giveaway from Community Chronicles!! Looks awesome on my door!!
Had to share!! So excited I won the wreath from Community Chronicles!!! Hanging on my door!!😎😎😎
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