JHD Productions Ltd.

JHD Productions Ltd. Need a studio to shoot in? We've got you covered and at the best price you'll find anywhere! Again Broadcast Production studio. Fully equipped.

ATTENTION ! Nassau & Suffolk County small and medium businesses. Now that we are slowly recovering from the pandemic nig...

ATTENTION ! Nassau & Suffolk County small and medium businesses. Now that we are slowly recovering from the pandemic nightmare, it about time for things to get back to normal.. My Company, JHD Productions, has been serving the video professional needs of local businesses since 1979. No longer needed to travel to NYC in order to have a professional video presentation created for your product or service to run as a TV Commercial, A corporate promo, an instructional/educational video and featured on your company's website. JHD Productions can write, shoot and edit your Corporate video for a price that will have you coming back for more. We are a fully equipped Broadcast Production Company. Check out our website www.jhdproductionsltd.net and give me a call 631-595-2818 We specialize in broadcast quality video performed on a small budget...

JHD Productions is a full service Video Production Studio with over 40 years of experience in bringing your company's product and message to life.

Our new BayShore studio is beginning to book. Don't fear if you have a small production  budget. Haven't been in busines...

Our new BayShore studio is beginning to book. Don't fear if you have a small production budget. Haven't been in business for over 40 years by charging high budgets. Call 631-595-2818
Hugh C. Daly
JHD Productios

JHD Productions is a full service Video Production Studio with over 40 years of experience in bringing your company's product and message to life.


Our NEW compact studio is about a week before opening. Full green screen cycs. Drive on staging plus all the production gear. Need a FULL size studio with audience? We are now associated with Drake Media utilizing the giant WLIW studio in Melville. Weekly National TV program "Donna Drake show" filmed at this awesome studio facility. Call Hughie 631-595-2818. Studio photos forthcoming.

Completed course.

Completed course.


Fully equipped studio facility.Easy on the pocketbook. Give us a call when you next need a place to shoot. Also full green screen.




Now that the economy is getting better and Long Island companies are beginning to spend more on their business promotion, it totally amazes me that the still go into NYC for their production requirements when they can get the exact same technology right here on Long Island. I recently had the pleasure to produce a series of videos for a well known and established business owner who lives and maintains his warehouse right here on Long Island. He had been going into the city every few months to video highlight his products. Someone told him about my Deer Park studio facility and he decided to give us a try. Needless to say that he was overjoyed with the video, but even more important, he was able to get his video shot and edited at exactly 1/4 of the NYC prices. Here's hoping that shooting and editing of big and small local business take heed and realize how much $$ they can save by shooting their products and services right here.




Celebrating my 40th consecutive year in business. I was actually thinking of retiring..but no such luck. Business is back to booming and I'm feeling 25 years younger...Booking more Fire Dept. recruitment videos, a new repeating client plus more indie film producers calling on me for movie-making gear and asking me to be their D.P. Looks like the only way I will be able to leave JHD is to be carried out in a box...:)


Exciting new multi-camera studio or location filming offer. 3 Camera (SDI-HD) complete package incl. 4 Camera input Hi-Def switcher, Intercoms, Motorized slider, Teleprompter, full LED & FLURO low power/high output lighting units, full audio plus all cables, C-Stands, gels, black flags & diffusion silks.Use your own crew plus shoot in my studio or at location of your choice, Call Hugh Daly 631-595-2818 for totally unbelievable pricing sure to fit your budget.

JHD Studio and location shooting at awesome prices.  631-595-2818

JHD Studio and location shooting at awesome prices. 631-595-2818


Into the final Voice-Over and edit for 2 unique videos that highlight a new app for use by Doctors, Hospitals and independent surgical centers. The first 2 videos are for use by Opthalmology Physicians, Opthalmology centers and independent eye surgical centers and features an awesome new and safer way to assure patients who need cataract surgery, to have a 100% satisfactory surgery result.

Our Nationwide Press Release begins on Monday May 14th 2018.

Our Nationwide Press Release begins on Monday May 14th 2018.

OUR 2018 "Summer Sale" Flyer

OUR 2018 "Summer Sale" Flyer

Special summer deals for new videos for your company website !

Special summer deals for new videos for your company website !


2018 should be our best year. We completely redesigned our website (Thank You Brian M. Finn) and also republished our brochure in COLOR.


JHD Productions Ltd.'s cover photo


"Abe Lincoln" (Robert Broski) meets the moon creatures...Set building of White House front doors for Brian M. Finn's feature "Trip To The Moon" being shot at JHD's Deer Park NY Production studio facility.


New Toy News: Replacing my DJI VISION 2 Drone with the new Mavic Pro indoor/outdoor 4K Camera Drone....Also replacing remote control head on JHD's 25ft. Jib with a multi-axis 3 motor head that can do "Dutch Angles"
Also enjoying my DJI full size Ronin Gimbal and the unique Proline support rig. Love these "toys"


Thanks to all who follow my page. Getting through some medical hurdles at this time. Love to ALL Hughie


Another new "toy" added to our inventory of production tools. Aside from the NEW 25ft. motorized giant jib, we just added a "FLYCAM" unit. It is like a steadicam but without the need to balance the camera to precise levels, Uses strap-on backpack with NO heavy front chest plate or articulated metal arm. Uses spring balance to give a smooth view when moving. Will take some pics
next week so you can see it. Also have a newer Teleprompter from Prompter People Inc. Now looking to sell my original 12ft.(6ft./3ft.) motorized jib with rolling base, also my original Teleprompter which I'm selling with a laptop that works with the 17" diag.screen unit. Call me if interested. 631-595-2818


Anyone looking for a 3d modeler and sketch artist? Check out
www.colleendaly.net Yup, Shes a relative and an awfully talented one.


Running our Indie Film/Video Production special here at JHD.
2 or more shoot days for $500. per day includes Camera(s) up to three(3) full SDI-HD All lighting, full Audio, Jib, tracks, slider..All $500.00 day w/ your crew. Extras ($) Teleprompter, Set or Virtual set. Also rates for shooting on location with full complement of Fluro & LED low power/high output lighting rigs.


Sets built at JHD for indie films


Hey, anybody out there in FB land want to shoot their own TV Series.(multiple HD Cameras (4), hot switching, full low voltage lighting plus audio and full size Teleprompter... JHD is fully equipped to go "in studio" local at your location or anywhere (worldwide) Think it's gonna cost a fortune...think again...JHD hasn't been in business for the past 30+ years, serving our L.I. Community by charging NYC prices. Small budgets welcomed.
Use our crew or your own crew.... Call and let's talk 631-595-2818


Week of green screet shooting of Brian Finn's feature "Trip To The Moon" at our Deer Park studio facility.


All this week we are filming dramatic and action sequences on green screen for Brian Finn's" Trip To The Moon" Indie feature length movie. From Jan.10th thru Jan. 18th 15 hour shoot days. Love doing this stuff.




Working on a new portable production package aimed at Ad agencies and Communication Companies in tri-State area.


With all the new High Def. Video gear we are now TOTALLY multi-camera production PORTABLE and equipped to shoot anywhere WORLDWIDE.


Our Deer Park NY Production Studio


We are building a new WEBSITE and have slightly changed our Domain Name. We are now at jhdproductionsltd.net, The change is that we went from a .com site to a .net site.


Special low pricing for full music videos this summer...PROFESSIONAL Shooting & editing included for just under 2K Call for details JHD Productions 631-595-2818. Here is example shot & edited this past December all shot at JHD.

JHD Productions

10- 1 hour classes in video & film production by Hugh C. Daly President JHD Productions Ltd. Classes to be held at JHD's Deer Park Production Studio celebrating its 33rd year in business.
If participants own a camcorder, they are encouraged to bring it to the sessions (optional) Students will be able to have hands-on experience with the latest production tools available to the aspiring Independent filmmaker. Some topics covered:
*How to get the most from your camcorder
*High Definition Video-480 vs 720 vs1080 vs 2k,4k What does this mean for the starting filmmaker?
*Film vs Video Which works best and when?
*Camera formats: SD, HDV, HD, HD-SDI,
*Television formats : NTSC, PAL
*What is TIMECODE and why do I need it ?
*Audio: Wireless lavs,hard wired, Booms , mixers.
* Lighting on a small budget, 3 point set-ups, Fresnel units, LED units, Fluro units, Flags, Silks & grips.
*Dollies: Jibs, slider dollies & tracks (All in our studio)

CLASS SIZE LIMITED TO 20 attendees per session
Price: $60,00 individual session / or register for all 10 sessions for total of $500.00 per person. Terms for full session registration: $250.00 at initial registration and final $250.00 by 5th session.
CONTACT: JHD Productions Ltd. E-mail [email protected]
Web: www.jhdproductionsltd.net Phone: 631-595-2818
Start date to be announced
Call for more info..


62 S 2nd Street, Ste E
Deer Park, NY


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Our Story

Broadcast Production studio. Fully equipped. Located in Deer Park N.Y. this acclaimed production facility is about to celebrate it’s 40th year of continuous professional video services to the Long Island marketplace and the entire tri-state region.

Our 2100 sq.ft. Studio facility is designed for any and all types of production including extensive green screen capabilities. Our production gear package contains four(4) High Def.Cameras using P2 card technology, Scores of LED and fluro lighting rigs with color temp. control, A SEVEN jib on track wheels, A 24 ft. super jib with total remote control head, full size Teleprompter, 2 DJ Camera Slider units w/ motorized head mount, full size Ronin 3-axis Gimbal w/ body vest and 4th axis type spring unit. 24ft. portable metal tracks w/ “floating” tripod/camera dolly, Heavy Duty Skateboard Dolly w/ portable PVC track layout. Also a full array of grip gear. All gear listed is available for in-studio filming or at and desired remote location.

Rent the gear and use your own crew or we can supply you with our crew.

Looking to make a one shot video or produce a multi-camera series....We are equipped to do it all. Since we are totally independent and own all equipment, we can do fabulous pricing packages. For more details call : Hugh C. Daly - 631-595-2818 plus check out our website: www.jhdproductionsltd.net

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Western Suffolk facility. Great owner!