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Timeline photos

Timeline photos

We have someone special we'd like you to meet, #BroncosCountry. 😉

Tune in today at 2:03️⃣pm MT to hear from GM George Paton, Coach Hackett & a special guest.



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Still refusing in-person practice?
Can't get the live broadcast of today's game. The link goes to a continuous loop that doesn't go live.😟
Hey guys, you keep announcing the wrong score for the Chiefs Broncos game... it’s 0-6. Stop giving the Chiefs an extra point!!!
Please bring back Dave and Rick at 4pm! Your show has gone way downhill since they went to mornings. Big mouth Big Al isn’t cutting it.
My son made a homemade radio receiver and picked up your station. Our house of 6 kids all listened to the Broncos game through his receiver on your station.
All the do is plug commercials on the post game Broco react show with Mike Rice
Never thought I'd get to see the Three Stooges Live and in color ... But here they are - with Shemp, Larry and Moe replaced with John, Vance and Paxton.Think I'll go trim my toenails.
I quit watching NFL,but the radio was on.More than once I heard "Osweiler hit the receiver in the hands...." Incomplete. Considering all possibilities,my hunch is political sandbagging for a job opportunity for a certain washout unemployed QB. I can't believe they are actually that bad.
Not watching the Broncos today because nothing has really changed and I'm still pi**ed off. To announce that, "Hey we are going to stand this week" just tells me that you know you acted stupidly. Kaepernick started it, but he doesn't have the copyright on kneeling. Players kneel for everything now including what the president says. President Trump called the kneelers SOB's so when the Broncos kneeled they put themselves into that category. The players and the management of the NFL are being played by the liberal media and politicians. It's not about injustice, it's about an agenda that started with the Obama regime and the players are caught up in the narrative perpetrated the hatred of the left.
Here is some blow back from the NFL players revolt. I will no longer listen to any 850KOA radio, the Bronco Network. If the NFL players are the voice of the down trodden then why do they not use their riches in Chicago, Cleveland or Philadelphia? Because it is not about the poor black communities voice. It is about progressive liberals tearing down white man's institutions. Since money talks, I am going to walk. I will no longer patronize any institution or corporation that supports the Denver Broncos or the NFL.
I am extremely disappointed in those Broncos players, as well as the Broncos leaders and Broncos organization, as well as the NFL, in allowing or in the actual refusal to stand for the National Anthem and refusal to salute the flag of the United States of America. Saluting the flag is about respect, honor, and pride. It is bigger than any individual, matters more than words, and stands for the freedoms and rights that these players claim they believe in. The saying is that actions speak louder than words--they can't have it both ways. If they don't respect the rights this country gives them, they (and all of us) will lose those rights. They have options: protest and kneel after the Anthem, protest at halftime, protest at the end of the game. A bit of advice: use your head for something more than a helmet rack! Respectfully yours, Wendy P.S.: I am the daughter of an 89 year old ex-VFW Commander who was a Korean War veteran (and I'm a niece of many), a cousin of a Vietnam veteran, an aunt of a an Iraq War veteran, and a neighbor to many who currently have sons serving in the Marine Corp and Rangers. I thank them for their service and their fight to protect our country.
A native and bleed orange. KOA should be where to go when you listen to the game in your car. Darn, Rick is so bad. Dave has always given good info. Is the color man supposed to have a semblance if the game or even the Broncos? All Rick says "what you said Dave." "Like you said Dave." Colorman, what are the routes? Post, skinny post. What are the coverage? KOA coverage C-