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Banana Island Films
Banana Island Films

Banana Island Films

Banana Island Films is a boutique Denver based film crew with strong marketing backgrounds, a passion for active lifestyle imagery & documentary filmmaking.

XJW | Coming Out of the Jehovah's Witness Religion

"XJW | Coming Out of the Jehovah's Witnesses."

We've released the official teaser for the documentary series.

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XJW film and music creatives have come together to capture the unique exit experiences of former members from around the world. Their stories focus on presen...

Barber-Nichols & Virgin Orbit: Partners In Success

Stack Media has released another mini-doc this time about small satellite spacecraft development and a business relationship between Barber-Nichols and Virgin Orbit.

Big thanks to for being fantastic to work with and to our music composer for creating unique tunes once again.


Living Land Laos | preserving culture

Here's a glimpse of Living Land Laos, an ecological project, we took the opportunity to shoot in Luang Prabang, Laos. If you know of any other worthwhile projects please let us know.

Saile Nog Xavier Rojas Living Land Farm, Luang Prabang, Laos

Laut Lee, director of Living Land Laos in Luang Prabang, took us on a tour of their permaculture traditional farm and showed us the way their culture is band...


This time last year 3 climbers spent a week at a little known cliff outside of Vang Vieng, Laos exploring pristine sport routes, bleeding from torn fingers, breaking off holds, cleaning the cob webs with our bodies and hair and goofing around in the wild strip of jungle called Nah Pa Daeng (Pa Daeng Cliff).

In this video Xavier Rojas sends Dreamcatcher
Saile Nog Belays
I film

Wild Ribbon

An exceptional couple reunite in a far off land along the filthy banks of the red river in a still wild part of Hanoi between banana island and wedding park for a few romantic moments. This Poetry in Motion - Signal Flair winning short film is set to a contrasting soundtrack by Meterspecialist artists, Eric Elvendahl and Cindy Ivy

Poem by Xavier Rojas and written for Arrow Zoe Amelia

This film won 1st place in the touring poetry short film competition run by Signal Flair in Bangkok called, Seen By Scene. The poem was filmed in Luang Praba...

Check out Banana Island TV's new music video release of Hanoi indie rock legends, Ngọt. The track, Không Làm Gì, (means,...

Check out Banana Island TV's new music video release of Hanoi indie rock legends, Ngọt. The track, Không Làm Gì, (means, "Do Nothing") is off of their latest album.

Try to catch them live at their next show.

The album and video were recorded at Rec Room in Hanoi Creative City Hanoi, Vietnam.

Kỉ niệm ngày nước ta trở thành một nước indie, mừng ngày quay lại năm học, đây là video bài Không làm gì.

Cảm ơn Rec Room và Banana Island TV đã hợp tác cùng Ngọt làm video này!

Zing Mp3:

Marco Selvaggio - HANOI - Live at Rec Room

Music Video we created for Hang drummer Marco Selvaggio.

Marco Selvaggio "The Hang Drummer" performs "HANOI" Performed and recorded live by Marco Selvaggio at REC ROOM and the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. Filmed and ... is promoting our music video.
MXM is promoting our music video.

Our thanks to Unite Asia & FIRST and LAST Records! Split a lip.

Karstaway documentary

Karstaway is a skilled internship placement program based in China.

They asked me to create a promo in documentary style to show the real work they are doing and to help find the right kind of skilled interns for their programs. They really do important work. The world needs more groups like them.

They place foreign and Chinese interns with over 20 very different organizations spread across China to work together and communicate effectively to create real measurable progress and advance the organizations important work.

A short documentary highlighting Karstaway, an intership program based in China. Karstaway places skilled interns from all over the world with NGOs and Chine...

Bright Connection Spotlight is a skilled internship placement program based in China. They asked me to create a promo in documentary style to show the real work they are doing and to help find the right kind of skilled interns for their programs. They really do important work. The world needs more groups like them.

This short focuses on The Bright Connection, an orgazanization based in Sanya, Hainan, China.

A short documentary highlighting the partnership with Karstaway and The Bright Connection, a center for children with autism and cerebral palsy, in Sanya, Ha...

Nah Pa Daeng 1st 7a

We climbed for 5 straight days in an amazingly beautiful village near Vang Vieng, Laos called, "Pa Daeng." As a novice climber with only 2 months of sport climbing under my belt my experienced crew, Saile Nog and Xavier Rojas pushed me to project a route 3 levels harder than I had ever climbed before without falling. It took 4 trys and lots of tips from them to send this intense 7A crack climb on pristine limestone. The location was amazing and we ended up with some really beautiful days there. Music by Eric Elvendahl.

At the beautiful and underrated Nah Pa Daeng wall outside of Vang Vieng, Laos, Scott sends his first 7a in proper fashion.

Silent Climb - Laos

Our first climbing film we made in Laos shows off our friend Xavier Rojas projecting and then sending a route which includes an impressive dynamic move. Most climbing films are carried by some electronic music but since we were living in the jungle we decided to capture the ambiance of the location by collecting the wild sounds of nature and the common sounds of sport climbing to emphasize this dramatic climb.

This video was a fun experiment making a climbing edit without music, just using the sounds of the surroundings. Xavier Rojas sessions and sends Dan's Dyno (...

Highline in Laos

Some friends from our social community in Boulder Colorado threw out an idea that was too good to pass up. We decided to take a 3 month trip through south east Asia to rock climb, adventure and film our experiences. Here is the 1st film we made together showing off our friend Richard Seisl high line across the mouth of an amazing cave we were living near in Thakhek Laos at a famous climbing area called, Green Climbers Home. Music by Eric Elvendahl.

Richard Seisl, highline master, in the mouth of a cave at Green Climbers Home in Thakhek, of the best!

EnvironMETALism - Composting

Taking smart ideas and making them more METAL! Starring Matt Pfire. Music by Eric Elvendahl

Making Compost: Step 1 - Shred your food scraps with a garbage disposal and throw it into your compost. Shredding scraps increases surface area for fast comp...

Tour Documentary Reel

Noi Pictures in Hanoi hired me to follow an Herbalife corporate tour through beautiful Tam Coc national park near Ninh Binh, Vietnam. A group of religious Jews from England and USA came through south east Asia on a lavish 5 star kosher food and cultural tour to some of the most iconic south east asian locations and asked me to document the trip for them. Here is a compilation of those two tour videos.

Music by Eric Elvendahl.

These tours were shot in Tam Coc and Ha Long Vietnam and Siem Reap at Angkor Wat.

Cu Chi Garment factory Reel

Old Navy and Gap utilize a Korean run clothing factory near Saigon in Cu Chi, Vietnam. They needed some footage to use internally to show off their modern, high-tech and safe facilities. Here is a sample reel from that documentary.

Music by Eric Elvendahl

This is a film reel showing the state of the art Korean technology and safety standards in a modern clothing factory. The clothes made here are Gap, Nike and...


Work Room Four Packexim Building, Tower 1, Floor 24, No 49, Lane 15 An Duong Vuong Street, Tay Ho
Denver, CO


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