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Hey everyone, Dominic Enyart here. I know the majority of us are shocked by Roe being overturned. A lot of people (mysel...
The Fall of Roe | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly |

Hey everyone, Dominic Enyart here. I know the majority of us are shocked by Roe being overturned. A lot of people (myself included!) have been curious about what Bob's take would’ve been. And while I can’t claim to be a Bob Enyart, I did take a stab at it on today’s show; which I *think* would have earned his seal of approval. :) If you want to be the judge, check out today’s show, “The Fall of Roe | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.

Jun 28, 2022 Playtime: 36:22 Discuss: Download Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, Roe has fallen. We’re taking a look at the morality of the supreme court decision. We’re also going back to an article by American Right to Life which debunks the notion that abortion is a “stat...

LIVE STREAM - Join us for Bob's memorial service this Saturday Oct 2nd, 2021 at Applewood Baptist Church. Doors open at ...
Bob Enyart Memorial Service Saturday October 2nd, 2021.

LIVE STREAM - Join us for Bob's memorial service this Saturday Oct 2nd, 2021 at Applewood Baptist Church. Doors open at 9:00am. If you can't make it, the service will be live streamed on YouTube. Please share and make sure to set a reminder!

A service celebrating the life of Robert Enyart.Service starts at 9:30amWelcome/Prayer - Dr. Biff GoreExpression of Love:Brian Enyart Sr.Josiah EnyartZachary...


Pastor Bob Enyart, Known for His Unwavering Pro-Life Work, Daily Radio Show, and Christian Ministry Has Gone To Be With the Lord at the Age of 62


ARVADA, Colorado, September 14, 2021 – Following a week of caring for his wife Cheryl’s COVID-19 symptoms, Bob Enyart checked into Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado on August 28, 2021. While in the hospital, his condition declined and he was eventually moved to the ICU with pneumonia on September 1. Despite the efforts of the hospital staff, his health continued to deteriorate and he eventually died on Sunday, September 12 at 3:00 p.m.

Pastor Bob became a follower of Jesus in his youth and his most enduring legacy will be those he led to Christ.

Teaching the truth of God’s Word was Bob’s foremost dedication. As pastor of Denver Bible Church, he would sometimes say, “If I could ask God any question and receive a response, I’d ask, ‘which of my teachings are wrong?’” He loved to study and debate theology. To Bob, ascertaining truth was paramount.

He garnered nationwide recognition with his television show “Bob Enyart Live,” which ran from 1994 until 1999. Though his program later shifted to radio, Bob’s unique style and extraordinary message remained the same. He tirelessly shared the message that this generation is dying in sin and needs the Savior, abortion is murder, and that people should flee government schools, abandon immorality, abhor what is evil, and love one another.

Over the years, Bob was often asked to participate on other programs including Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, where he jumped at the opportunity to mock Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Flynt and others to their faces.

He was a tireless worker, and despite the importance of his work, would often drop everything at a moment’s notice to help someone in need.

Still, his proudest achievement was that of his role as husband and father. He is survived by his wife Cheryl, their seven sons, three daughters-in-law, seven grandchildren, his mother, two brothers, one sister, and countless nieces, nephews, and extended family. He was surrounded by his loved ones who fought his illness with him until the very end.


Update: Bob and Cheryl Enyart are being treated in hospital for severe Covid 19 conditions. They love you guys and are praying for you and hope that you will pray for them and their seven wonderful sons and extended family. Before heading in, Bob reminded us, "God is good, all the time."

BEL friend Alan Bunning of the Center for New Testament Restoration assembled all the known manuscripts of the New Testa...

BEL friend Alan Bunning of the Center for New Testament Restoration assembled all the known manuscripts of the New Testament up to 400 AD! They're transcribed and made available for your perusal online! CNTR software collates the handwritten documents into a text which was consulted by Tyndale House for it's Greek New Testament! See

Colorado 2021 Abolition Speaker Dom Enyart
Colorado 2021 Abolition Speaker Dom Enyart

Colorado 2021 Abolition Speaker Dom Enyart

Dominic Enyart delivers the address at the Colorado 2021 March for Abolition. Resisting the covid, this was the nation's only in-person march marking the ann...


I Chronicles 16:34
Oh give thanks to the Lord , for He is good! His mercy endures forever.


Matthew 11:28-30 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”


He who has knowledge spares his words,
And a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.
Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace;
When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.
Proverbs 17:27-28


Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.


Psalms 36:5
Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.  TONIGHT! 7 p.m. CENTRAL!Red Sea Miracle Pt 2!
Live Online Event - The Red Sea Miracle II TONIGHT! 7 p.m. CENTRAL!
Red Sea Miracle Pt 2!

The Red Sea Miracle II will continue the investigation looking for the sea crossing sites, as Tim explores how the water was miraculously parted. He will follow Exodus explorers on their quest for the remains of Pharaoh's army on the seafloor. Hearing from Scientists, Egyptologists, and Bible Schola...

Pastor Bob Enyart's message continues Will Duffy's guest sermon last week. In "The Purpose of Jesus' Earthly Ministry" W...
'Sell all you have!' False teaching: Quarantine #8

Pastor Bob Enyart's message continues Will Duffy's guest sermon last week. In "The Purpose of Jesus' Earthly Ministry" Will demonstrated that God sent Jesus specifically to the Jews. Today Pastor Bob lists strongly emphasized commands to Israel in both the Old and New Testaments showing it would be a false teaching to claim that we believers today must obey these commands. For we are not of Israel's Kingdom but we are members of the Body of Christ. Sell all that you have and give the money to the poor! Don't plan where you will stay or what money you will need or what food you will eat! Circumcise your male child on his eighth day for this is an everlasting covenant!

Incidentally, when Bob described Moses as one betrayed by his brothers who would become the deliverer, he was conflating Ex. 2:14 when a Hebrew accused Moses of murder with Joseph who truly was betrayed by his brothers, with each then becoming a deliverer and therefore a type of Christ.

Pastor Bob Enyart's messages continues Will Duffy's guest sermon last week. In "The Purpose of Jesus' Earthly Ministry" Will demonstrated that God sent Jesus...

Millions of mentally ill paranoid conspiracy-hungry Christians: As a red-blooded Christian myself, I can see that everyw...

Millions of mentally ill paranoid conspiracy-hungry Christians: As a red-blooded Christian myself, I can see that everywhere, countless conservative Christians are paranoid. Is that you? Need to hear another conspiracy just to get you through the day? Well, don't fear! The cure is now here! First, just listen to today's program. (Click the Play button above.) And then read the rest of this show summary, and after that, consider our other BEL conspiracy resources:

Will Duffy as DBC's guest speaker presents the most important Bible passages for understanding why Jesus avoided Gentile...
Duffy in the Pulpit: The Purpose of Jesus' Earthly Minstry

Will Duffy as DBC's guest speaker presents the most important Bible passages for understanding why Jesus avoided Gentiles, generally and explicitly, for the three years before His crucifixion. This Quarantine #7 semon surfaces out of the Denver Bible Church archives from five years ago...

Will Duffy as DBC's guest speaker presents the most important Bible passages for understanding why Jesus avoided Gentiles, generally and explicitly, for the ...

Bob Enyart preaches and shows a cellular animation to an empty church. See how we know it's not a bioweapon. And, will m...
DBC Molecular Sermon on COVID-19 3/29

Bob Enyart preaches and shows a cellular animation to an empty church. See how we know it's not a bioweapon. And, will molecular biologists beat this thing? Check this out!

How can a coronavirus get into a cell? And, see how we know it's not a bioweapon. Denver Bible Church shows so much in a mere 3-minute animation of a human c...

Pastor Bob preaches to an empty church! Hello DBC! We miss you guys! Praying that you are safe and ...
Denver Bible Church Coronavirus Sermon 3/22/20

Pastor Bob preaches to an empty church! Hello DBC! We miss you guys! Praying that you are safe and well! Virtual church is unusual for many of us, but.... well, here goes!

Bob Enyart preaches to an empty church.


Today, a conservative is a Republican trying to save a social program started by a liberal.


Let's be honest, Lebron is the real victim.


Judge rightly. (Not some guy's name)


If the church in the past couldn't handle meat but only milk, today it's lactose intolerant.


Christians today try to be nicer than God.


To people who claim truth is unknowable... How do you know?


When you teach people, wrongly, that God heals those who believe, if they later lose faith, that's partly your fault.


Like evolving a vital organ, most major hurdles for evolution are extinction-level events.


In America, it's no longer a justice system; now it's just a system.


Denver, CO


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Why are Christians listening to this kind of media for 8 hours a day? This is an excellent observation made on the Living Waters / Way of the Master Podcast! This is precisely the reason I’ll be creating a podcast for my doctoral project! Hopefully we will upload the first episode sometime in the beginning of next year. Christians- please fill your mind with what is wholesome, pure, and wise.

Thank you Ray Comfort Mark Spence Emeal "E.Z." Zwayne Ken Ham Answers in Genesis Frank Turek Cross Examined Apologia Studios Bob Enyart Live Dominic Enyart Lee Strobel and all the other strong Christian leaders who are brave enough to preach the truth in love to a hostile lost and dying world.
I have written a piece in memory of Bob Enyart. Feel free to pass it along to his family, friends, and fans.
I would like to get a copy of the scripture chart mentioned in the audio of "The Plot" several times. Where can I download or purchase that chart, or do I have to get the manuscript he talks about? If I have to get the manuscript, where can I get that? Thank you!
How laughable you would defend movement...You have no credibility left:

The Hollywood press has done all it can to ignore the credible sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden, similar to how the mainstream press had to be dragged into its current “coverage.” The very same outlets, from Variety to The Hollywood Reporter, routinely cover political stories these days. It’s no longer outside their content wheelhouse.

These outlets spent years covering every molecule of Hollywood’s MeToo movement, from the celebrity-packed Women’s Marches to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle.

The latter showed a galaxy of stars demanding Kavanaugh be denied a seat on the Supreme Court due to the flimsiest charges imaginable from pro-abortion activist Christine Blasey-Ford.


“Believe all women,” Hollywood roared anyway. And Hollywood news outlets did everything they could to amplify those voices … without a hint of cynicism.

Naturally, these same reporters took a knee when Tara Reade, an ex-Biden staffer, accused the former Vice President of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Reade’s charges are backed up by a number of sources, including an episode of Larry King’s old CNN talk show, her brother and a neighbor.

Plus, Biden refuses to release his old Senate records, which Reade insists contain her formal complaint about his supposed lechery.

The Hypocrisy is off the charts.
Still good advise...
"Do right and............"
How dare you insult your audience's intelligence by claiming the movement was anything but a political mechanism to attack Trump, Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh. Far more credible charges are being made against Joe Biden and we hear nothing from the crowd or from you.

Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left Has A Lying Problem
The Federalist ^ | 11/29/2019 | Kylee Zempel

It’s been three years since I and many other Christians voted for Donald Trump, and I for one am done defending that decision. At long last, I’m finished explaining my values to people who are hell-bent on misconstruing them.

Among those people are the left’s media foot-soldiers, who insist Trump-voting Christians have a “branding problem.” They conclude that because we could elect a man like Trump and because the number of Christians in America is shrinking, the two must be inextricable, and the culture wars we now fight are decidedly “post-Christian.”

Ezra Klein says as much in his latest column at Vox, “The post-Christian culture wars.” It seems Klein largely understands why many Christians voted for Trump. He pens:

Whatever Trump’s moral failings, he’s a street fighter suited for an era of political combat. Christian conservatives believe — rightly or wrongly — that they’ve been held back by their sense of righteousness, grace, and gentility, with disastrous results. Trump operates without restraint. He is the enemy they believe the secular deserve, and perhaps unfortunately, the champion they need. Understanding this dynamic is crucial to understanding the psychology that attracts establishment Republicans to Trump, and convinces them that his offense is their best defense.”

Why Did Christians Vote for Trump?
Klein’s analysis isn’t far off in this regard. Trump’s good offense won him the 2016 election. But his “offense” on behalf of Christians, or a handful of our values, doesn’t make Trump himself “Christian.” Most of us evangelicals don’t think so, and neither do the secular progressives who deceptively broadcast Trump as the scarlet letter on the Christianity coat. Only for the minority of cult Trumpians who have elevated that allegiance above their Christian identity does this become a “branding problem.”

In 2,000-or-so words, Klein analyzes why voters, namely Christians, voted for Trump. He quotes extensively from Attorney General William Barr, and his evaluation is fairly accurate.

To Barr, the challenge of the 21st century rests predominantly on the fact that freedom preservation requires a religious people and adherence to Judeo-Christian values, which today’s left detests. The left, in turn, has propped up politics as its own religion. To them, “acceptable” policies are not only desirable but are ultimate and righteous ends.

Consequentialism is the progressive left’s religious credo. Thus the long-term, rule-of-law principles of the religious right are pitted against the left’s teleological ethics in what Barr calls the progressives’ “scorched earth, no-holds-barred war.”

The election of Trump, then, wasn’t a calculated move toward theocracy, but more an attempt by the religious right to halt the advancement of the left’s forgiveness-free religion before it becomes the official National Church of Progressivism, where we all must pay homage and perform penance. Some, including Klein, would qualify this calculation as Flight 93ism or laughably apocalyptic, but that’s only because nobody has yet forced him to wax another man’s ge****ls or offered his hypothetical 15-year-old daughter an abortion without his knowledge.

The Number of Christians in the U.S. Has Declined
But next, Klein examines the downward trajectory of Christianity in America, leading to his conclusion that the country is “post-Christian.” As evidence, he points to General Social Survey data, which showed the nones, or those with no religious affiliation, eclipsing the number of Catholics and evangelicals in 2018.

Additionally, he says according to estimates by Robert Jones, president of the Public Religion Research Institute, white Christians made up 54 percent of Americans at the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, and by the time he left office, that number had dropped to 43 percent. “This is largely because young Americans are less white, and less Christian, than older Americans,” Klein says. Most American seniors, nearly 70 percent, are white Christians, with only 29 percent of young adults falling into that category.

While I question the relevance of race in this religion analysis — in a graphic included in the article, the number of black Protestants remained relatively constant, for instance — once again, Klein is correct in some respect: The number of Christians in America has remarkably declined.

Klein Diagnoses a Branding Problem
But it is here that Klein and so many others in the media and the Never Trump movement go wildly off course. They conclude that Americans are abandoning Christianity because of Trump. And therefore, this decline in Christianity is evidence Christians have a “branding problem.”

Klein concludes that Christians’ support for Trump is ironic, stating:

Christian conservatives are likely hastening the future they most fear. In our conversation, Jones told me about a 2006 survey of 16- to 29-year-olds by the Barna Group, an evangelical polling firm, that asked 16- to 29-year-olds for their top three associations with present-day Christianity. Being ‘antigay’ was first, with 91 percent, followed by ‘judgmental,’ with 87 percent, and ‘hypocritical,’ with 85 percent. Christianity, the Barna Group concluded, has ‘a branding problem.’

What future exactly does Klein think Christians fear most? That America will fall short of theocracy? That the number of non-Christians will continue skyrocketing, leaving behind dwindling churches?

Being considered “judgmental” and “hypocritical” by people who hate your message sort of comes with the Christian message. It’s a big part of the “the world will hate you because it hated me first” message Jesus preached to his followers while he walked on this Earth.

Of course, Christians are sinners, so hypocrisy and judgment sometimes slip through in our words and actions as we war against our sins. But being misunderstood is part of the cost we’ve counted. It isn’t a branding problem. And weighing the pros and cons of a presumably unregenerate president who is also willing to defend some of the values we think are worth preserving isn’t hypocritical. It’s prudential.

As National Review editor Rich Lowry told Klein, “At the end of the day, we’re asked to either favor Trump or root for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden or Mayor Pete, who oppose us on basically everything. So it’s a pretty simple calculation.”

Klein further concludes that clinging ever tighter to the president won’t fix the branding problem he’s diagnosed, noting Trump’s low polling numbers among both Gen Zers and millennials. “If young people are abandoning Christianity because it seems intolerant, judgmental, and hypocritical — well, intolerant, judgmental, and hypocritical is the core of Trump’s personal brand,” Klein asserts.

We Didn’t Elect Trump for His Morals
Right here is where Klein’s analysis and that of others on the left ceases to be honest. Why do they keep pretending Trump voters elected him because of his superior morals? Why do they keep linking him with a religion he doesn’t seriously associate himself with?

According to Pew Research, in 2016, voters, including Republicans, considered Trump to be the “least religious” candidate. As I wrote in a recent column, “Trump doesn’t appeal to scripture to absolve his shame. He simply doesn’t have shame. And while objectively, that isn’t a good thing, it also doesn’t in itself harm the cause of Christ because it doesn’t associate itself with Him.”

If millennials and Gen Zers are abandoning Christianity — which they are — and attributing that religious exodus to Trump, that is evidence of them being unwilling and unable to think critically about him. Of course, it’s easier to reject Christianity and conservatism if you can tie it to an objectionable figure. People are always looking for convenient ways to reject what they don’t want to engage with.

On that note, the Never Trumpers can take a seat, too. This isn’t a defense of the man’s character. The Never Trump movement largely contributed to Klein’s so-called branding problem by smearing Trump for lacking a Christian ethic he never really had claim to.

If the religious right wanted a president who was overtly Christian, we would have elected Mike Pence. We didn’t elect Trump to lure millennials and Gen Zers to Christianity. We didn’t elect him for his doctrine or because we thought he would be the most tolerant or the most bipartisan.

We elected him because we wanted the option to send our kids to religious schools that uphold the values we believe, because we wanted to see our grandchildren compete in fair athletic competitions, because we didn’t want to see small businesses exploited and Twitter-destroyed by transgender religious bigots.

Trump is the man for that job. He’s no saint. But no milquetoast Mitt Romney was going to get it done. Trump’s is precisely the “personal brand” we needed, personal life aside.

Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist.

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