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Websites include,,, and among others.

Websites include,,, and among others.


Detroit, MI


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I have a card scam to report.... I opened up a kroger 123 rewards prepaid card... My card was approved mailed to my home I activated it and gave the direct deposit info to my employer. When this past friday came I opened my paycheck to see my money had already went direct deposit. So I checked my card to see this... O.OO BALANCE. So I immediately freaked out. Its a holiday weekend so my payroll dept had left. I contacted the card company who told me.. I had to verify my address my accounts load limit has been set to 0.00 until I did so. Thru out the course of Friday and Saturday I placed 14 calls to this cards reps. And sent 7 faxes. Kept being told once my address was confirmed by fax my money would load all the reps and supervisors told me they could see my money hanging out there to load. So TODAY I finally got someone to get a floor supv to pull my fax update my account which btw the problem was I needed to verify my ID. Not MY ADDRESS. So after calling to confirm my fax was recieved I was told yes it was everything was verified my limit was raised and for me to check my card after 7pm because my direct deposit would be credited after that. At 11pm tonight it still wasnt there I called in got a supervisor who told me point blank I have been lied to by all the reps and supervisors and floor personal that my direct deposit was returned to my employer. I would have to go to them for my money... When I asked questions he was vague about the answers claimed the previous 14 calls I had placed I was lied to.... SO we are a low income family with 2 small children no food in our home no formula for my son no family to turn to. And I a 459.00 paycheck I cant access. Not to mention we are in the middle of moving.. I cant pay for the utilities to switched or pay my landlord as promised yesterday. We are facing eviction from our current home due to me being unemployed for 4mo to care for our special needs child... I am sitting at my job crying as I type this. I feel I have been scammed by these people and their only answer was write a nasty letter and mail it for the corporate to see??? I have done some research an I am not the only person US BANK/KROGER 123 REWARDS CARD has done this to. Is there anyway we can get this on the news???? I dont want another family to face what I have and their hands to be at the mercy of these scammers.
Please help this family does not Deserve this
Doesn't anyone check the news feed before it's put on screen? Weather "continues though fathers dad" wow.