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Zenisphere Films Zenisphere Media Zenisphere Films is a collaboration of talent pooled from professional careers spanning a plethora of creative mediums including game design, sound design, music production and performance, as well as the many facets of film making from production and acting to writing and direction.

Zenisphere Films delivers not only an incredibly well rounded and diverse palette of skills, but a passion filled focus on the project from many years of dedicated experience.


ADR is sounding terrific so far!


Voice work for The GRIMM is complete. Can't wait for everyone to hear Dana McLeod's incredible talent.


We have casted the voice The Grimm! Look forward to hearing the amazing work of Dana McLeod!


The first woman to audition for the mystery voice work for Hell Jackers was amazing. Wow! I was totally not expecting something this unique and textured.


Do we have any actresses who would like a voice over role on Hell Jackers?


Hell Jackers Chapter 2 is starting to feel more like a movie and I'm finally beginning to not feel so deathly afraid of it.

Positive progress is happening.


We're looking for more local Detroit area bands/artists to fill out the soundtrack to Hell Jackers. Rock, metal, punk, electronica, synthwave, orchestral, and experimental all welcome. Please send us a message here, or contact Jesse directly if you are connected with him.

You'll be joining an awesome collection of artists like RawDogs, Voyag3r, Buzzard, Paul Thomas Zito, Zelda and the Unibrows, Sender/Receiver, Caustic Frequency Generator, and Thoren, who are already included on the soundtrack!

If you or someone you know has completed music that you want to lend to the film, please connect with us or spread the word!


The rough cut of the entire remaining story of Hell Jackers is complete! And hot dayum is the ending good!


ADR for Rocky (played by Taylor Hines) is complete.


A lot more progress on Hell Jackers tonight. REALLY close to having a complete rough cut finished.


There is a feeling exclusive to the art of film making when you run into a logistical problem in the edit, which eludes you for weeks at a time, only to be resolved by a deep shower thought when you realize another take was done the day of the shoot that fixes the flow of the sequence, but you forgot it was attached to another take you shot for safety in case of the very issue that eludes you now.


Wow, the final act of Hell Jackers looks DAMN good!


(Extremely) rough cut of Hell Jackers Chapter 2 is complete. Totally unwatchable, but it's progress. Starting Chapter 3 tomorrow.


After a lot of thinking and just staring at my timeline and watching clips, I'm pretty sure I've figured out a way to significantly streamline the remaining story of Hell Jackers. I knew deep down somehow I could cleverly tighten up the plot flow in the later portion, but it eluded me for several months. I think I might have figured it out.


Starting to cut the strangest scene in Hell Jackers. In its incredibly rough and unwatchable format, there's a spark of something eerily intriguing. I have a feeling that while I'm going to adore this scene, it will divide others. There's a ton of exposition and it's a little experimental. There is a slight nightmarish, surreal vibe to it even if it's nowhere near done yet.


Filming the final insert for Hell Jackers today with our Rocky (Taylor Hines). More scary netherworld stuff.


Rough cut of the store scene from Hell Jackers Chapter 2 is complete.


Just a little bit more progress on Hell Jackers tonight. Very tired and getting a little dizzy now. Will call it a night. Got to be up super early for my wonderful day job. Yay!


Note to self: Be far more specific next time we shoot a film when labeling clips. FAR more.


Just a LITTLE more progress on Hell Jackers Chapter 2. Might try to squeeze in some work tonight if possible.

Hell Jackers Chapter I: The Unaccountable

Post production has commenced for the concluding chapters of Hell Jackers. While we're all awaiting the release of the final installments, take a look at where it started. There's no turning back now.

Over the course of one fateful night, comic nerd, Kevin Abner unwittingly reels his crush, Rocky, and best friend, Mario, into the seeds of a civil war betwe...


Thieves was received surprisingly well at the sci-fi festival in Australia, getting a lot of "woohoos and claps."

Now, if only Jesse would get off his ass and finish Hell Jackers, this could have been a more exciting update.


The rough cut of Hell Jackers: Part I is complete. Now onto sound and color.


The Hell Jackers full length trailer will be unveiled exclusively at themoviesleuth.com at 8pm tonight! That's 9 minutes from now! Keep your mice locked on the site!


For those lucky few who got an early peek at the new Hell Jackers trailer, there will be a nice surprise for you on Sunday night when it premiers. Be sure to watch again!


The new full length trailer for Hell Jackers releases Sunday night.


Is it new trailer time yet?


Sad news, everyone!

Hell Jackers will be delayed until 2015. Due to location/scheduling conflicts, production wrapped much later than expected. Having a production this huge get wrapped at all is a rarity for zero budget film makers.

We made it this far, and you can expect some sweet moves coming very soon!


Hell Jackers is a wrap. Stay tuned for new visual treats!



The Zenisphere Crew is gearing up for their next short film! We still need to cast two female roles-

LIZ- female (Looks 16-18) Younger sister of main character. Strong willed, independent. A voice of reason that keeps her older brother on track.

AUBREY- Female (Looks 16-18) Friend of LIZ.- Edgy. Total Party Girl. Has a "thing" for LIZ's older brother and is unabashed about it. Preferably dark brown/black hair.

We will be holding OPEN AUDITIONS on Wednesday, September 24th at Logan's Roadhouse on Hall Rd. (14235 Hall Rd
Shelby Charter Township, MI) from 9-10 PM.

Auditions are first come-first serve! Hope to see you there!


Is it 8 o'clock yet?


Tonight at 8! Find out where your kids are hiding their marijuana... and what parents can do about it.

Don't miss this Channel 7 exclusive.


On this day... something is happening...

Hell Jackers - "Game Day" teaser

Here it is! Your first look at Abraham from the forthcoming, Hell Jackers!

Our ancient friend, Abraham, breaks down the rules for the game of life and prepares for a typical day fighting evil. Hell Jackers is a short urban fantasy w...




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