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The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the table is set for the kick off to another amazing Gathering of the Juggalos as day 1 starts off the first broadcast of The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show Live from the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos via Facebook Live on WOLFPAC.TV, and Psychopathic TV and WolfpacTV Facebook channels! Between the music, the sexy as hell Girls of WOLFPAC dancers, the CRUNK Energy drink flowing, the tent full of juggalos, the kicked back vibe being applied by the use of PieceMaker Gear, and the start of the Bare-Knuckle Boxing championships day one was certainly off the hook to say the least! Make sure you check it out and each day broadcast! Also make sure you Like @Psychopathic TV, Wolfpactv and pages for more fresh videos to come! #Wolfpac #GOTJ20 #GOTJ #BlazeYourOwnTrail #crunkenergy #PsyTelevision #girlsofwolfpac #WolfpacTV

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

Tune in for The Juggalo Show tonight at 8pm EST for the latest news, and the premiere of our biggest Demo Jams contest yet!




Fearless Fred Fury must've been unleashed in our radio room, but we are working on these techincal issues! The show will go on one way or another! Much love!


Juggalos! Due to technical issues, the show will start at 8:30 EST!

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

The brand new single off of Fearless Fred Fury is now available for the masses!

Only 5 more weeks until Fred is unleashed. 5 more weeks until the world sees red. 5 more weeks until we all #FITEBACK

Pre-order your bundle now at


Whattap Ninjas!! Can you believe we gather NEXT week??? 🤯


Sorry fam. Standby. We are running a little late!! So we’re gonna start at 8:30 eastern standard time!!

Grab a snack. Kick back. Roll something up. Pour a drink in a cup.

We will be with you soon!!

Special episode TONIGHT!!!

Special episode TONIGHT!!!

Boom. 17 new artists added to the Gathering!!!!!!!!

Boom. 17 new artists added to the Gathering!!!!!!!!

In honor of f**kin Friday, we just gonna drop 17 NEW artists for Whoopstock, on top of an already EPIC array of musical madness! Presenting the official Whoopstock flyer, with FULL musical lineup! With seventeen new acts: King ISO! Zug Izland! Muthaf**kin Clownvis Presley! DJ Paul's Solo Set! Myzery! LSP! A.X.E.! Motown Rage! MC Lars! Dirty Machine! The Dirtball! Kissing Candice! Menace 2 Sobriety! Mike Busey & The Busey Beauties! Dandy Punk! Native World! Wolfpac! The timeline is dropping this weekend, with mad more flavor and surprises still to come! This lineup is UNREAL ninjas! The Gathering of the Juggalos is on, 19 years strong! #Whoopstock


About to go live!!

The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show - May 10th, 2018

Back like that case of chlamydia you got from that hooker that one time it’s a brand new live @Wolfpac Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show streaming directly to anywhere and anything that has Facebook Live and what a jam packed show this was! From a fast food taste test by Maddog O'Doyle of Sonic's new Bacon Melt Sonic Signature Slinger, a horrifying horror review by Buddha McKeone of Gamechanger Film's "The Invitation" and a shocking serial killer profile by @Daddy Long Legs of the driver of the murder mobile himself, that’s right none other than William Devin Howell and even two brand new segments "Prison Tips with Hype" where the WOLFPAC OG masked man Hype will teach you prison 101 and the all new independent wrestling news segment "At The Mat" were our homey Mal Havock this episode is busting out the sides with freshness! Less not forget the studio discussions of pop culture, new movies, new TV shows from the good, the bad, and the suspect with the conversation totally fueled on RedRum & CRUNK Energy drink you don’t want to miss a nanosecond!

The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show - January 25th, 2018

The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show - January 25th, 2018
Watch as we set the internet video airwaves a blaze on for a mind-bottling episode of The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show! We got it all, horror movie reviews featuring "The Other Side of the Door", serial killer profile examining Philadelphia’s own Gary Heidnik, a fast food showdown taste testing Popeye's Ghost Pepper Wings and all sorts of other flavor the likes that will crack open your brainpan and microwave your mind no doubt turning you into a superhero! So check it now now because you are not going to want to miss a single second!

PreShow Jugglaos March live from DC!

Due to Verizon’s sh*tty HD broadcasting restrictions (IE throttling the stream back due to large sudden bandwidth usage) we were not able to broadcast Psychopathic TV's coverage of the Jugglaos March live from DC. We were however able to record it live to our hard drives and we will be "streaming" it via our Psychopathic TV's Facebook as well as uploading it to our Ustream ASAP! We were able to broadcast the live 30 minute preshow however live from DC with interviews of DJ Carlito and Kevin Gill which we linked below for your enjoyment and the rest will be coming soon so stay tuned to Psychopathic TV!


Detroit, MI


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