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Save the date for a mega event coming to Atlanta on June 30th co organized by SwarGanga.


We are happy to announce that the server migrations are complete and the website as well as audio is working now!


We are aware that the audio files on our website have not been working and we are in the process of migrating our servers to a private server so that we can continue to provide the quality of service our members deserve. Thank you for your patience.

Our youngest student batch singing Sa Re Ga Ma.

Our youngest student batch singing Sa Re Ga Ma.

SwarGanga School of Music is now enrolling for **** Vocal, Tabla and Instrumental Classes. **** Located in Duluth GA****...

SwarGanga School of Music is now enrolling for

**** Vocal, Tabla and Instrumental Classes.
**** Located in Duluth GA
**** Learn from the most experienced teachers.
**** Certifications Available.
**** Systematic Curriculum

Contact us at 1-844-SWARGAN or [email protected]

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SwarGanga site is now back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are working on a major rehaul of the site and soon will have a newer version of the website available for our users!


Guys, we are aware that our site is down at the moment. We are working on restoring the site to a brand new server and will update everyone once thats done.


Friends, we need some help. If you are in the field of music and looking for a 9-5 job, please email us at [email protected]. This is a salaried job and we need someone in Mumbai (Thane Preferred). This job will involve responding to emails, answering phone calls and managing the SwarGanga platform as a whole.


“A musician must lift up the souls of the listeners, and take them towards space.” – Nikhil Banerjee


“There are thousands of ragas, and they are all connected with different times of the day, like sunrise or night or sunset. It is all based on 72 of what we call ‘mela’ or scales. And we have principally nine moods, ranging from peacefulness to praying, or the feeling of emptiness you get by sitting by the ocean.” – Ravi Shankar

Hello Folks, we are currently enrolling students for classes both in our Atlanta school as well as online. If you are in...

Hello Folks, we are currently enrolling students for classes both in our Atlanta school as well as online. If you are interested please call us or email us!


“Don’t let anyone hold your pen if you are writing your story.” – Shivkumar Sharma


“Music is the only thing that you can share with a million people and you don’t lose, you gain. It helps you to get energy and to live long, because when your soul is very happy then you don’t want to die.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“Our sages developed music from time immemorial to take shelter in one’s true self.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“Music is like a river or stream that has come down to us through time, bringing nurture to man’s soul. From the past masters, this music flowed to my father and through him to me. I want to keep this stream flowing. I don’t want it to die. It must spread all over the world.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“Music helps you understand the deeper musings of the mind. Listening to music can help a person to a better understanding of his inner drives. This, in turn, gives him the confidence to follow the path in life dictated by his heart.” – Hariprasad Chaurasia


“I try to give my music the spiritual quality, very deep in the soul, which does something even if you are not realizing it or analyzing it – that’s the duty of the music.” – Ravi Shankar


“First of all, I choose a raga that gives me musical satisfaction. When I choose that raga, then I welcome and invite the raga. To do that I have to meditate on the raga to understand its structure. When I get the structure then I can enjoy playing it. When I play a few beautiful notes, the spirit of the raga feels happy and comes and blesses me. Then the real music comes.” – Hariprasad Chaurasia


“If you practice for ten years, you may begin to please yourself, after twenty years, you may become a performer and please the audience, after 30 years you may please even your guru, but you must practice for many more years before you finally become a true artist- then you may please even God.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“Singing instrumental music is most important because while you play an instrument, you are singing through the instrument… actually, you are singing inside.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“There is no essential difference between classical and popular music. Music is music. I want to communicate with the listener who finds Indian classical music remote.” – Amjad Ali Khan


“Real music is not for wealth, not for honors, or even the joys of the mind… but as a path for realization and salvation.” – Ali Akbar Khan


“Music is my love. And because it is my love, music has become my religion.” – Hariprasad Chaurasia


“’Ravi’ means ‘sun.’ It’s a Sanksrit original word. And ‘Shankar’ is another name of Shiva, one of the holy trinity god that we worship.” – Ravi Shankar


“The flute is the symbol of spiritual call, the call of divine love.” – Haripasad Chaurasia


“Though music transcends language, culture, and time, and though notes are the same, Indian music is unique because it is evolved, sophisticated, and melodies are defined.” – Dayananda Saraswati


SwarGanga is looking for employees. You must have a music background and very basic expertise in using computers! Its not a IT job. We are looking for content producers and researchers. This could also be a great Masters or PhD project for someone! Please email us as [email protected].


“Many people have the idea that classical music has no powers of expression. This is because generally our musicians are more interested in technical virtuosity. But emotion is the very soul of our music. In fact our music has the power to express the subtlest nuances of feeling.” – Bade Ghulam Ali Khan


“If in every home one child was taught Hindustani classical music, this country would never have been partitioned.” – Bade Ghulam Ali Khan


“One single raga can be performed for two hours, three hours.” – Ravi Shankar


7980 St Marlo Fairway Drive
Duluth, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm


(678) 421-4216


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it has been very long time now, are you going to do it really.
The website is not opening today. It gives an error that the website is incorrectly configured.
The living legend Pandit Jasraj performing during Heart Notes, Pandit Jasraj Live Concert, Chetan Bhagat Keynote.

It was truly an honor to be part of such a great event.

Heartfulness Meditation Atlanta The Heartfulness Way SwarGanga SpotLife Asia
Heart Notes, Pandit Jasraj Live Concert, Chetan Bhagat Keynote. An evening filled with Heart Touching dialogue with Chetan Bhagat, an introduction into Heart Notes by Joshua Po***ck and the Melodious Heart Warming tunes by Pandit Jasraj, Shashank Subramanyam.

***ck Heartfulness Meditation Atlanta The Heartfulness Way SwarGanga SpotLife Asia
Join SpotLife Asia and enjoy an evening filled with inspirational thoughts and soulful melodies to warm your heart and mind.

Heart Notes, Pandit Jasraj Live Concert, Chetan Bhagat Keynote on June 30th at Infinite Energy Center.

Pandit Jasraj Chetan Bhagat Heartfulness Meditation Atlanta SwarGanga
Music | Meditation | Inspirational Speaker

Heartfulness Meditation Atlanta and SwarGanga are coming together to organize a unique euphoric musical event featuring
An inspirational keynote by Chetan Bhagat – renowned Author and Speaker
Soul stirring music by The Legendary Pandit Jasraj and
Grammy nominated flutist – Shashank Subramanyam

Book launch of #1 Bestseller book - "The Heartfulness Way" including book signing by Co-Author Joshua Po***ck
An evening of Carnatic and Hindustani Music.
An evening of Carnatic and Hindustani Music.

तुमच्या "रागांवर आधारित मराठी गाणी" ह्या यादीत "उदास का तू" ह्या गाण्याची नोंदणी राग देश आणि राग तिलक कामोद ह्या दोनीही रागांच्या खाली केली गेलेली आहे. ह्यावर जरा प्रकाश टाकलं का? त्या गाण्यात हे दोनीही राग आढळतात, कि तुमच्याकडून चूक झालीये? माझे शास्त्रीय संगीताचे ज्ञान नगण्य असल्यामुळे मला हा प्रश्न पडलाय.

i don't know what's happening with your organisation;i've renewed my subscription a few day ago and still i cannot get access;i ve already had the same problem last time and there was a delay of 2 month before i could use it and you didnt extend the date from the moment i could use it.i feel there is a lack of professionalism ;it s not a free website so i d expect it d work better and specially when i send a message that i d get an answer!
Michel betouret
Music is the only language in the Earth that can connect any human being from any place or country with the Nature itself, it's the language of the whole world, nature or any living being.
Great site and database! Never had the opportunity to learn music when I was younger but I enjoy reading and learning even the theoretical part of music. I am always keen to know the raga of every song I listen to.Thanks SwarGanga.

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