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Fish Out Of Water The Fish Out Of Water Show Saturday's from 2pm-5pm Playing some of the BEST in classic & current Progressive Rock!
The Fish Out Of Water Show is now part of The Rock Hard Radio Network!! On the air bi~weekly on Saturday Afternoons 2:00pm to 5:00pm est,USA (7-10pm,UK) Playing some of the BEST in classic & current Progressive Rock. Requests,Comments & Suggestions are always welcome! Contact Email ~ [email protected]

Some much needed humor...Stay safe out there my friends...

Some much needed humor...
Stay safe out there my friends...

Jerrod J-rod Sullivan

Jerrod J-rod Sullivan

The 4 Korners 🇮🇩 🥁⚡️
#ItsAllGod #The4Korners #JrodSullivan #Drummer #Music #Musician #Drums

Church of Hed

Good stuff👍🏼

New studio camera means experiments. Expect regular videos tracking in-studio activities.

The Professor has passed away...R.I.P. Neil Peart

The Professor has passed away...
R.I.P. Neil Peart

Transatlantic Baby!!! 🎼👍🏼

Transatlantic Baby!!! 🎼👍🏼

Is It Really Happening? 🚀
Morse, Portnoy, Trewavas, Stolt - Varnhem, Sweden - September 24th 2019

New IQ album coming soon!!

New IQ album coming soon!!

NJProghouse Progressive Music Series

Today is a big day for our friend Jim,keep him in your heart!!

Please keep Jim in your thoughts and prayers today as he has bypass surgery scheduled for 11am. This will be the beginning to a road of healing and better health! ❤️

NJProghouse Progressive Music Series

Fantastic news!

Hello folks, Amy here. I wanted to share the latest regarding Jim (Sharon has been quite busy and would like to post to Facebook more often, but the busy nature of her days don’t always allow for that).

Alan and I were at the hospital this afternoon. Jim is doing very well. He was sitting up and getting around the room a bit. Talkative and in good spirits. The next step is transfer to rehab, which is scheduled for tomorrow. The facility is just minutes from their home, which is very convenient for Sharon and Jacob. It was wonderful to see him, his smile, laugh, warmth. He wanted us to let you know that he loves and appreciates all of the support and good wishes. Think good thoughts as he begins this next phase of his recovery!

More new music!

More new music!

Roine Stolt, known as the guitarist, singer, writer and at times band leader of the groups The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, AGENTS OF MERCY, Kaipa DC, as well as from his work with prog icon Jon Anderson and the new super-group The Sea Within, is releasing a new album on the 23rd November 2018. Under the moniker ROINE STOLT’S THE FLOWER KING, ’Manifesto Of An Alchemist’ offers 10 songs and almost 70 minutes of playing time celebrating the style Roine is most revered for: progressive rock, richly orchestrated with all the trademark elements from four decades of the genre.

Roine comments: “Unlike many later albums, where recordings have continued over months, this new album has been a fairly quick and effective affair - we started tracking in Holland at the beginning of July and mix was done by mid-August! The songs are written in a very ‘unorthodox’ way - some melodic content and some riffs are ideas that have been circulating for years - some may even be from before the first TFK album - they just hadn’t found a home in any of the bands/albums I did in the last 15 years yet.”

‘Manifesto Of An Alchemist’ is a celebration of all the styles that have been part of the colourful, daring and dynamic songwriting and arrangements that Roine masters like no other, yet also offers a more immediate, more hands on approach. “Like that first TFK album, I’m the main lead vocalist here again - it works as these lyrics are important to me and resonate with my view of the world. A lot of the guitar work is actually my spontaneous ‘demo’ guitars” and that goes for much of the synth work, too. I didn’t want to ‘process’ ideas too much as there is much power in the initial creation - I wanted to keep it that way.”

The album features a host of other musicians, including long-time collaborators Jonas Reingold, Hasse Froberg & Michael Stolt, as well as fellow The Sea Within member Marco Minnemann, Max Lorentz, Zach Kamins, Rob Townsend & Nad Sylvan.

‘Manifesto Of An Alchemist’ features stunning artwork from Shaun Beyond (, and will arrive as a limited edition CD digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP + CD & as digital download. You can find the full track-listing below:
1. Rainsong
2. Lost America
3. Ze Pawns
4. High Road
5. Rio Grande
6. Next To A Hurricane
7. The Alchemist
8. Baby Angels
9. Six Thirty Wake-Up
10. The Spell Of Money

The Laser's Edge Group

The Laser's Edge Group

We want to draw your attention to our preorder campaign for the upcoming releases on Inside Out Music. Haken, Fates Warning, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Devin Townsend, and The Sea Within. Its all in our weekly update. Are you signed up? Visit

Very sad news,he was very kind,extremely talented and a friend of The Fish out of Water Show...Rest In Peace Henry,you w...

Very sad news,he was very kind,extremely talented and a friend of The Fish out of Water Show...
Rest In Peace Henry,you will be missed.....

On March 5, Henry Tarnecky unexpectedly passed away in his home. We are devastated and deeply saddened to report this.

If you knew Henry in any way, or were a musical fan of his, please feel free to comment in any way you can. This is in honor and in memory of him.

The Sea Within


BAND : Tom Brislin - Roine Stolt - Jonas Reingold - Marco Minnemann - Casey McPherson - Daniel Gildenlöw & Friends.


RIP Hansi Cross



Introducing SONS OF APOLLO


APOLLO: The ancient Greek and Roman God of music and poetry.
SONS OF APOLLO: The new supergroup featuring members of Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Guns ‘N Roses, and Journey.

For the past few months, rumors have been circulating about a new secret project including former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian. Now, the time has come to make the grand and highly anticipated introduction to their new band, SONS OF APOLLO.

Reuniting to form SONS OF APOLLO, Portnoy and Sherinian have joined forces with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force). Their debut album, PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY, will be released October 20 on InsideOutMusic/Sony Music. An album teaser can be seen on InsideOutMusic’s official YouTube page here:

PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY was produced by the dynamic production duo of Portnoy and Sherinian, also affectionately known as “The Del Fuvio Brothers,” which is the nickname given to them over 20 years ago during their time together in Dream Theater.

SONS OF APOLLO got together very organically, as Portnoy explains: “Derek and I reunited shortly after I left Dream Theater in 2010 and we put together an all-instrumental touring band with he and I, Billy Sheehan, and Tony MacAlpine. That was my first time working with Derek since the ‘90s when he was in Dream Theater and it was just great to be working with him again. Ever since that tour, which was really just a one-off live thing, he has been nudging me to start a real, original, full-time band. The timing just had never been right, because I had too many other things on my plate. Long story short, the time was finally right to take the bait and put together a band.”

“Mike and I work at a relentless pace in the studio,” continues Sherinian. “The music is modern, but we have an old school soul. What is unique about SONS OF APOLLO is that we have true rock n’ roll swagger along with the virtuosity-- a lethal combination!”

But what to call the next great supergroup? “Derek was mainly the one behind the name,” says Portnoy. “I have a list that I keep on my phone of about a hundred different band names, which I constantly have to refer to every time I have a new band every year (laughs). So, I pulled up the list and Apollo was one of the names on the list. It was a word that both of us really liked. We started fiddling with different variations of the word. One of the original band names we were working with was Apollo Creed, the character from the ‘Rocky’ movies, but after lots of different discussions on different variations, Derek suggested SONS OF APOLLO and it seemed to stick. Apollo is the God of Music so with that in mind it seemed like a fitting name.”

Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian and Billy Sheehan previously toured together in 2012 and 2013 as PSMS (along with guitarist Tony MacAlpine), playing all instrumental versions from each of their previously recorded music. SONS OF APOLLO is the next logical progression by adding a vocalist and creating all-original material. The band incorporates the progressive style and individual technical prowess that Portnoy & Sherinian shared together in Dream Theater combined with the swagger and groove of Van Halen, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

“I have known Mike and Derek for a long time, so when they came to me with Sons of Apollo, I jumped on this straight away,” says Thomas Waber, Label Manager/A&R International of InsideOutMusic. “However, the album they ended up recording exceeded my already high expectations by a long mile! We couldn’t be happier about it!”

SONS OF APOLLO will hit the road in 2018 for their first worldwide tour.

“This is a real band,” Portnoy declares. “This is going to pick up for me and Billy where The Winery Dogs left off, in terms of this being the next logical full-time thing for us. I’m not saying The Winery Dogs have broken up, because we haven’t, we’re just on a break. SONS OF APOLLO is absolutely going to be a full-time band and we plan on touring all over the world all throughout 2018 and, honestly, it is the priority for all five of us.”

Sherinian agrees, “We will go on a worldwide crusade in 2018 to bring SONS OF APOLLO to as many people as possible. Apollo was the God of Music, and we are his mighty offspring!”







'Farewell to Childhood Live in Europe 2015-16'

The final farewell performances of the seminal Marillion album 'Misplaced Childhood' by Fish on the 30th anniversary of it's release. Taken from shows on the hugely successful and acclaimed tour.

2 CD's and a DVD in a hardback book case with 96 pages of photos ,artwork designed by Mark Wilkinson and 9000 words of sleeve notes by Fish.

Recorded live at the Progresja Music Zone, Warsaw Poland November 9th 2015 except "Market Square Heroes" recorded Stuttgart, Longhorn November 23rd 2015

DVD - full show filmed and recorded live at the C Club, Columbiahalle , Berlin 5th November 2015 , same set list as CD's

16.9 ratio/ stereo language english NTSC (O) all regions

All audio Mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm

Fish - vocals Robin Boult Guitars, John Beck Keyboards,
Steve Vantsis Bass, Gavin Griffiths drums

CD 1
1 Pipeline 9.41
2 Feast of Consequences 4.41
3 Long Cold Day 7.46
4 Family Business 5.53
5 The Perception of Johnny Punter 12.12

Misplaced Childhood

1 Pseudo Silk Kimono 2.39
2 Kayleigh 4.18
3 Lavender 2.37
4 Bitter Suite 8.26
5 Heart of Lothian 5.26
6 Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) 1.47
7 Lords of the Backstage 2.19
8 Blind Curve 14.04
9 Childhoods End? 4.43
10 White Feather 5.33
11 Market Square Heroes 6.52
12 The Company 5.26

Free T shirt offer (while stocks last) when you buy this with any of the new remasters or 'Moveable Feast' live CD. Details available on the website

Here's a little ProgStock info
ProgStock Festival

Here's a little ProgStock info

Hi Everyone! Thank you for joining us here on the new ProgStock Festival page. Our kickoff announcement on House of Prog radio was certainly exciting for all of us. We announced that a new three-day festival, ProgStock, will take place October 13-15 in New Jersey. All of the bands are on board already and they were also announced on the radio and in the latest video posted to this page.

If you tuned into our special broadcast on House of Prog radio, many artists appeared in cameo style alongside us on the airwaves. If you missed the House of Prog radio show, fear not. The Prog Doctor has an on-demand re-stream link here:

Moving forward, we'll share content here and on other social-digital outlets including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. We encourage you to follow us on all of these channels. :-). The website, as you'd imagine, will eventually become the primary repository for detailed festival information.

A key date for everyone to mark down is Friday, March 17, 2017, which is St. Patrick's day. This will be the launch date for ProgStock's PledgeMusic campaign.

Very simply, we'll be offering 'boarding groups' for sale beginning on March 17. Akin to the order in which passengers fill an aircraft, 'Boarding Group #1' will get to select their seats first, followed by 'Boarding Group #2' and so on. A tiered pricing schedule applies for each boarding class. As a ProgStock passenger in any of the boarding classes, it will be to your advantage to invest as early as possible, so Friday, March 17 is an important date.

As ProgStock's plans develop, please stay in touch with us by bookmarking and "favoriting" us on your computer and mobile devices. Where we have answers, we'll certainly respond with as much detail as possible. There are a few particulars that are still forthcoming, including which specific performance venue will win our hearts. While this may raise an eyebrow, the truth is that there are plenty of places in New Jersey where we could host this festival, but we want to select the one that best fits everyone's needs. If you plan to fly to us, we do recommend Newark International Airport. Please stay tuned for more information and we thank you for your patience.

Again, thank you for considering your presence as a passenger at ProgStock. We will do our best to keep you in the loop with developments and, once we are clear for boarding, our goal is to have all of the information in place for you to make your important decisions.

The Watch

The Watch

The Watch proudly presents the new studio album "SEVEN" through Pick Up Records with the guest Mr Steve Hackett

Available on digipack CD and Vinyl soon !

Another tragic loss...RIP John Wetton..... We Thank You For Your Service....

Another tragic loss...
RIP John Wetton.....
We Thank You For Your Service....

The loss of another legend...RIP Greg Lake and Thank You For Your Service.....😪😪

The loss of another legend...
RIP Greg Lake and Thank You For Your Service.....

2016 Needs To Stop It Already...RIP Roye... Thank You For Your Service...
NEKTAR’s Roye Albrighton Has Passed Away

2016 Needs To Stop It Already...
RIP Roye...
Thank You For Your Service...

One of the most underrated prog artists, Roye Albrighton, a mastermind of NEKTAR, has passed away peacefully, aged 67. Maybe it was because his band found their initial base in Germany, rather than in the U.K., such Albrighton-devised classics as "A Tab In The Ocean" and "Remember The Future" didn’t...


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El tubo elástico new album. Hope you like it