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Lux Heartthrone - Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms by:... | FacebookEarth Moon Magazine - Earthwormsby: Wish FireSaint G...

Lux Heartthrone - Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms by:... | Facebook

Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms

by: Wish Fire

Saint Gothic

Art Fashion Style Inspo
Bubble gods & goddesses
Water Saints
Earth Devils & Saints


Don’t let anybody make u feel ur cultural identity, sexual orientation, profession isn’t real lol it’s a tale so ancient-

Used 2 b considered women weren’t real people 2





I’m so obsessed
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
Earthworms can be found in almost every part of the world unless it is permanently frozen.
There is a reported classification system of them.
Including over 1,800 species!
Earthworm is an herbivore, meaning they eat mostly plant matter.
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
Having both male & female body parts, they can be best described as a tube shape.
Typically, they are brown, grey, red, pink or orange in color!
Usually, they stay underground- but will seek water when they sense the rain.
In folklore, they are named "nightcrawlers."
Earthworms, kings of the undergrounds
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
Amazing part of the Earthworm's anatomy- is the ability to regenerate it's own body!
However, this varies from each one to the next, depending on many factors- including the damage and extent of harm.
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
A wormhole is a hypothetical structure connecting disparate points in spacetime and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.
"Wormholes are consistent with the general theory of relativity, but whether wormholes actually exist remains to be seen. Many scientists postulate that wormholes are merely projections of a fourth spatial dimension, analogous to how a two-dimensional (2D) being could experience only part of a three-dimensional (3D) object.
Theoretically, a wormhole might connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years, or short distances such as a few meters, or different points in time, or even different universes."
(such as a tunnel would)
Einstein- King of wormholes & equations

I repeat:
I can see so many people trying it. Just don’t reply to their tweets etc.
Fairytales Saints & Angels
Decorating your eyes with stars & skies
Reading butterflies

Würzburg Residence. Germany
The Lambton Worm
North-East England
United Kingdom.
River Wear
"The story revolves around John Lambton, an heir of the Lambton Estate, County Durham (in ceremonial Tyne and Wear), and his battle with a giant worm (dragon) that had been terrorizing the local villages."
John Lambton misses church to go fishing instead
At the end of the long time, he finally pulls out an odd creature.
A worm with several looks-
resembling an eel, snake, salamander, dragon or fish serpent of some sort.
Without explanation,
John declares that he has "catched [caught] the devil" and decides to dispose of his catch by discarding it down a nearby well."
Eventually, the worm grows extremely large and the well becomes poisonous.
(years & years later on)
The villagers start to notice livestock going missing
Eventually, the worm has outgrown & emerged from the well and coiled itself around a local hill.
Variations of the stories associate the hill with Worm Hill, in Fatfield.
Accordingly, the worm itself is so large it wraps around the hill seven times completely.
It becomes so hungry that it begins eating nearby children and smaller animals.
The next step on it's path of destruction begins-
Lambton Castle,
Castle of the worms
where the Lord (John Lambton's aged father) resides
Sedating the creature becomes a daily ritual of offering-
milk of nine good cows – twenty gallons, or a filled trough each time.
They cannot kill the worm because it fixes its own body when attacked.
It uproots trees by coiling its tail around them
devastating the plant life and landscape.
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
Video Link List
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
After seven years
John Lambton returns from the Crusades
to find his father's estates almost destitute.
He decides to fight it- but first seeks the guidance of a wise woman or witch near Durham.
She tells him to cover his armor in spearheads and fight the worm in the River Wear, where it now spends its days wrapped around a great rock.
But the witch goes on to tell John that after killing this, he must then sacrifice the first living thing he sees- or else his family will be cursed for nine generations and will not die in their beds.
John Lambton then fights it by the river.
The worm tries to crush him, wrapping him in its coils, but it cuts itself on his armor's spikes; the pieces of the worm fall into the river, and are washed away before they can recover.
Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms
The Lambton curse.

by Daniele Kaehr

NEWS: It's official, NASA says July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth
Unfortunately, his father is so excited upon it's death he forgets to release the hound to be the target for the energy release instead of the family and rushes out to congratulate his son.
This puts him in the path of the enchantment, resulting in darkness clouding in the family for generations, still thought to this day.
1st generation: Robert Lambton, drowned at Newrig.

2nd: Sir William Lambton, a Colonel of Foot, killed at Marston Moor.

3rd: William Lambton, died in battle at Wakefield.

9th: Henry Lambton, died in his carriage crossing Lambton Bridge on 26 June 1761.

Earth Moon Magazine - Earthworms

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Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

Wish Fire

Saint Gothic
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

In our folklore, the devil is the personification of evil. The one who wields the characteristics of this fabled creature is said to be in the form of a being which has hooves, horns & a tail. This imagery perhaps was inspired by the dragon itself, or a snake- which has a similar comparison. The horns represent the Earthly stature of goats and demons- while the hooves stand for the primal and animalistic trail he takes. This symbology was established primarily in the Middle Ages.

Satan is historically known as the serpent who convinced Eve, Adam's companion (1st man & woman) to eat the forbidden fruit; thus, Satan has often been depicted as a serpent. Going further in time, the elaborations of accounts become more detailed and haunting. To this day, there is a story to be told by everyone of a similar encounter with some kind of scary factor of his truths.
Religions around the globe have a being like “the Devil”, where each one has its descriptions on what this spirit may possibly look like.

Sometimes he is found carrying a trident. Many times, he is red or black, surrounded in flames to symbolize his downfall from the ethereal Heaven in light to this mortal short lasting illusive basic flame. The devil encompasses tales of loss, tragedy & superstition. This creature is so widely feared that people will devote their whole lifespans in order to avoid the wrath completely. Some believe the devil has the abilities to wreak havoc over every mortal- as ordered by God!

Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

The tail can symbolize many things
Fortune (heads or tails on coins)
Fate (your karma being awakened in a fire)
Sacrifice (blood & human crime in the flesh.)

The devil's tail, the serpents wick
The woven thread of time ever lasting
The king of flames, fire & choices
Dominion in Earth & Hell
Fallen angel

Rope goddesses
Star light angels
Nessa B. remix
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail
The Devil, the god of mischief
Sphinx Queens

Love it


How much fiercer would it be if the werecat twins were Sphinx cats
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

U have to be the animal zodiac, so u can get urself a tail and use it

Only the devil has a tail, not U
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

Seeing u tonite… it’s a bad idea right?
Devil Priestesses & Saints
Olivia Rodrigo- Goddess of Tales
Shooting Star Angelic
Diamonds, meteors & fireworks
bad idea right? is out everywhere!!!! I had such a fun time making this song with dan nigro in nyc last year. we wrote the chorus as a joke but we loved it so much we made it into a full fledged song lol! I had a ball making the music video with my friends petra collins madison hu Tate McRae iris apatow and I’m so happy it’s out in the world. u can listen and watch now!!!!!
Music Video Queen
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail

Flight of the Valkyries
The Devil- Keeper of Secrets & Sin

Welcome, students, to your Locker Courtyard!
Here you can take a break, swap your text books, wash your hands after touching all of those desks all day... (yuck) or grab a snack and a drink before your next class!
It's the ideal space to hang out with friends while you prepare for your next class, or maybe even study together to prepare for that test you tooootallyyyyy forgot to get ready for last night...
No matter what you need, you'll probably find it in your locker! Just don't... fall into any traps on the way to class.
Locker Courtyard is out now for everyone! Enjoy
Fairytale Design Gods & Goddesses
Earth Moon Magazine - The Devil's Tail
Devil & Fairytale Goddesses


2023.10.18(wed) Release

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Standard Edition Priestesses & Priests
Gods of Eternity & Space
Love & Life

All the Diamond Certified Hip-Hop albums in the US.

The Eminem Show - 12M

The Marshall Mathers LP - 11M

Speakbo### - 11M

Life After Death - 11M

All Eyez on Me - 10M

2pac's Greatest Hits - 10M

Licensed to Ill - 10M

Curtain Call: The Hits - 10M
Music Angelic Love Style
Madison Nation

Attention fans !!!

Please use the for any tweets related to the upcoming single in this way we can get it trending

Reply to this tweet with the

If you were underwhelmed by the last night, rest assured you’ll get a good show in August of 2126 when Swift-Tuttle returns. Eat your vegetables!🍎

Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Greenby: Wish FireSaint GothicEarth Green GoddessWaterlily Blue Queen(my fav colors)"At The ...

Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green

by: Wish Fire

Saint Gothic
Earth Green Goddess

Waterlily Blue Queen
(my fav colors)

"At The Fountain"
{1880} By ~ Henri-Pierre Picou
Fountain Eyes
Water gods
Sea Angels
Salt & Ice blessing
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green
For this planet when we get to a distance we see clouds, stars, blue & green.
This is due to the large mass of the surface of Earth being primarily composed of water & rock, soil, sand- etc...
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green
Still in our senses we envision water as blue- even though it tends to vary & the healthiest parts of the planet are green & luscious.

Climate Change
Ice cream priest
Earth Angel
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green
Trippie Redd

I'm mad at me w/

Wind w/

1 or 2? Album in less than 24hrs i just wanna thank god for all the blessings and many more to come Amen! I feel like u already know this but comment 555 !!!!
Light angels
Music kings
Gods of time
God of the number 5
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green
The colors of the planet can indicate their health status.
Even if it is only made of gases, it will provide a certain glow.
A large part of this is due to the way the Earth absorbs light & reflects it too.
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green
Taylor Swift- goddess of blue
goddess of green

being in the forest.
Earth Moon Magazine- Blue & Green

goddess of 6's
(Need for balance)
charm, health, oneness, empathy
one of the scariest gifts to ask God for is discernment, because you’ll start seeing things you don’t want to, start seeing people for who they are, and the blinders fall off, and it’s painful.
Sun Queen
Love & Beauty Goddess
Time King
Keeper of Knowledge
Goth princess
Rose Goddess
Angelica Rose

Goth Barbie
Uranus appears to have a blue-green color in the sky.
best of swift


The new BLUE folklore dress during August
(Wind Angel)
Gods of the Universe
& Goddesses
The blue color is predominant due to our climate- neither too hot or cold!
The more wet or humid it is- the greener the planets- it's all due to moisture.
Our inner core is around the same temperature as the sun!
Earth's atmosphere is 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent other ingredients—the perfect balance to breathe and live in.
According to radiometric dating estimation and other evidence, Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago.

Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping StonesBy Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka St. Ana aka Wish Fire aka Saint GothicHalo Paranormal ...

Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka St. Ana aka Wish Fire aka Saint Gothic
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Steppingstone goddess
Night Angel
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
A stepping stone is a metaphor for getting your start on a spiritual, professional or likewise journey.
The first steps are often the hardest to take emotionally, mentally or physically- on any new path.
A steppingstone can be an object, person, or guide who helps you to reach your goals, an opportunity or something similar.
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
Goddess of diamonds
rocks, rare Earth & time
Music princess
Queen of love
pop culture idol
Priestess of light & Art
Angel of night & the unknown
Where do all the diamonds go? LIVE
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
It would be really amazing if we didn't need help to achieve our dreams in any sense of the word- but, there is no reason to dismiss the beauty in everything newfound along the way.
Steppingstones are known as the earliest means of crossing inland bodies of water devised by humans.
Of course, humankind is vastly inspired by tales of myth, legend & folklore.
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
A stone typically represents strength & power!
Kings and Queens often wear fancy crowns, inlaid with them to represent their timeless eternal source & prestige.
Although, many royal titles are promised- it is the person who lays the path with them for future generations ahead.
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones

goddess of stonework
priestess of stone architecture
Classic beauty.
Courtyard in Budapest, Hungary
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
Of course, now we use them to create entire buildings, temples & homes!
Our roads are paved not with gold, like in Heaven's fantasy- but, with many cobble and pebble properties!

Aug 8
by Colley Whisson
Painters, artists & masons
Irish Architecture & Design
Irish church architecture first introduced stone as the primary building material in their designs.
It became a very popular source of material to use, especially in the tenth century.
Danu (Anu, or Dana, in Celtic religion)
Earth-mother goddess
Honored under various names from eastern Europe to Ireland.
Stone body gods & goddesses
Lorde Updates

Lorde in custom Prada
The Rock
Body God
Liquids Priest
King of Earthly treasures
Earth Angel
Earth energy in the body is represented by consistency, foundation & powerful slow movements & signs.

St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
Many castles are built with stone!
The 11th century was a very popular era for them!
As well as Medieval times!
Castles are private fortified residences for military & royal useage.
Although they are made of stone, they are still prone to catching fire!

The Art Nouveau "Kőrössy Villa" from 1899 in Budapest, Hungary. Built as his family home by Hungarian architect Kálmán Albert Körössy (1869-1955).
Photo: Korossyszalon
Earth Moon Magazine - Stepping Stones
List of Irish mythological figures!
"In one history of Celtic mythology, Maine mac Darthacht was the son of Perdition, or night. Maine Mac Darthacht had a cloak fastened by eight stones called Maini. It fell into the lap of his brother Fergus Fairge, the Ocean god, father of Lugaid, who as the god of the summer solstice slew Cuchulainn the sun-god after his left thigh had been weakened. Hence the brooch of the eight (stones) belonging to the son of night is the Irish equivalent of the Welsh Wyth-nos."
Earth Blessings

Earth Moon Magazine - Rock Peopleby: Wish FireSaint GothicAurora Drapery MJ

Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People

by: Wish Fire

Saint Gothic

Aurora Drapery MJ gown

Modern bedroom.

this kitchen aquarium is so beautiful

The Great Orion Nebula above a Mountain in Switzerland

wavy sea air
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People
I used to have a pet rock before, and I really think it was alive. He had eyes and a smile too!
Some people believe that statues can come to live, specifically hand-carved ones- as well as famous monuments and buildings.
Lots of our gravestones, churches and mausoleums are built from this hard and solid material, easily accessible to our civilizations & mankind forever- due to our location on planet Earth.
According to shared information, The planet's crust is made up of various types of rocks.
About 65% of this by volume is igneous rocks.
The rest is metamorphic, as well as limestone & sand.




(of rock) having solidified from lava or magma.
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People
In a sense, the stone is living and gives birth to not only physical manifestations of Earth properties, but ariy, emotional & thoughtful too.
Falling stars have different compositions- meteorites, asteroids & cosmic formations of the universe.
An asteroid is a minor planet—one that is neither a true planet nor a comet instead.
Usually a mixture of rock, metals and other elements. Some may even contain water, however- they are quite rare.
Asteroid goddesses

ethereal liquid gowns

A secret passage
goddess of secrets
tunnels of dreams & flowers, ivy- diamonds
Latest in space

NEWS- NASA's James Webb telescope has spotted a giant 'question mark' object in deep space.
What is it?
Stonehenge: A Mysterious Monument
Salisbury Plain
Wiltshire, England
3000-1520 BC
prehistoric stone circle monument, cemetery, and archaeological site
connecting horizontal lintel stones
Blessings on the solstices
Celestial connections between
Heaven & Earth
The Queen of Stars is in the North
Sirius, beautiful goddess
We are all light beings, reflecting universal energies
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People

Milky Way Nights by rspacePorn.
Milkyway goddess

tiki torches
former presidents
Mt Rushmore
is haunted.
I been there before.
The stones are made of granite.
It seems like people are watching you from everywhere-
but, nobody's there.
(you are alone).
We are not alone...
more exists
than this/
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People
Abraham Lincoln
The first public memorial to United States President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C., was a statue by Lot Flannery.
District of Columbia City Hall in 1868
3 years after Lincoln's assassination.
2301 E Lake Shore Dr, Springfield, IL 62712
Designed by internationally -known landscape architect Jens Jensen.
Visiting Lincoln's burial site and the breathtaking memorial.
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People
the First Dynasty: Mastaba 3808
Attributed to the reign of Pharaoh Anedjib- with inscriptions, and other archaeological remains.
The name for a pyramid in Egyptian is myr
-written with symbol 𓉴 (O24 in the Gardner Sign List).

The observable universe!
pyramid structures
Ancient masonry structures
118 identified

"Orpheus", by Pierre Amédée Marcel-
Beronneau (1869 - 1937)
Earth Moon Magazine - Rock People

The oldest known pyramid in Egypt was built 2630 B.C. at Saqqara
4 the third dynasty’s King Djoser. Known as the Step Pyramid...
A typical translation of myr is given as 'High Place'.
Burial monuments
The shape of Egyptian pyramids is linked by the primordial mound, from which the Egyptians believed the earth was created.
The shape is representative of descending solar rays. Pyramids were smoothed with polished, highly reflective white limestone-in order to achieve a luminescence mirroring the cosmos.
Psyche by Alexandre Cabanel (1881)
Goddess of the soul
butterfly wings
metamorphous Queen
metamorphous - of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks).
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A complete rainbow! Photo taken at 30,000 feet altitude by pilot Lloyd J Ferraro. A full rainbow is actually a complete circle, but from the ground we see only part of it. From an airplane, and in the right conditions we can see this incredible display... God's rainbow is a never-ending promise!



Laguna Boulevard
Elk Grove, CA


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❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿
by Wish Fire

A.K.A Saint Gothic

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿


❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

Now, I have never myself been a target of racism, due to my genetic makeup, but I have been targeted for associating with diverse religions among certain communities in Sacramento.

The most notable form of misappropriation in 2022 in California IS witchcraft- no, I am not stating this because of authentic religions like Voodoo, but I am stating this about Wetches (unpleasent hags).

Thirdly, its just to help raise awareness in my community, to spread love & harmony & not a means to attack or target anyone.

With that said, let me share my genetic makeup, my experiences & my opinions and research again.

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

My last name is a Scottish origin, also widespread in Ireland.

I have been raised by mostly European people, in my classes I have read all the European's history books myself.

I went to a High School in Montana, all mostly Irish people.

I was raised in this area, of course, in California, where my family settled among the gold rush days, from various locations (Germany, Russia, Ireland, etc.)

My grandmother dedicated her whole life to researching her genetics, she payed several researchers her whole life to composite a book (which I dreamed to deliver to the Mormons, years ago, before her death & my aquisition of the book.)

My last name Stinson is for the Christian Martyrs who started to spread Christianity, against the ignorance and misappropriation of the 1400's.

It literally translates to mean, "Halo, crown."

Each groups of people I descended from started migrating from these places through to San Francisco & the current areas I'm in.

The town Auburn, which I was born in was named for the gold miners, (after Auburn, NY)

So, they were hunting for spiritual & physical gold. (truth).(light.)

(Heaven, not Earth.)

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

Because this is the way to dispel the physical greediness of our mortality! Is to counter the material greed with the spiritual wealth's of the soul, instead.

Twitter Placeholder

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿
Twitter Placeholder

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

I am (by blood & spiritual)

50 north west europe england 50

19 percent europe german 19

12 percent eastern europe russian 12

6 wales 6

4 ireland 4

3 Scotland 3

2 The Balkans 2

2 baltics 2

1 sweden 1

1 european jewish 1

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

By all means, if you love History, occult or the paranormal there is no shame in appreciating other cultures,

but, where it get's racist is the taking and misappropriation of symbols.

Be aware. For example, I love Egyptology & (also feel I was, in a past life Egypt.) but, it will confuse people in community if all your association is another's culture. (this is family stuff.)

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

We are all just subconsciously raised in America to share, but it can cause oppression for certain groups that are not as widespread.

The groups of people you don't read about as heroes in History, etc.

❁Flower ✿ Love ❀Magazine ✿ Racism in 2022 ✿

2022 Love is Knowledge

Spread awareness

refresh page