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Thank you for your support! Tips can be sent through PayPal: [email protected] You can use my photos for personal or publications, I just ask that credit is given under photo for business publications. The ONLY TIME I will have an ISSUE, is if you put your name on my photo & say you took the picture or Edit photos without agreed permission. I will cut you. My name is Kati. I live in Eugene. Northwest Pacific Wonderland. I like taking photos. I never know what I'm going to get. So far, most of its been pretty good. To be honest, I surprise myself most of the time. Which is fun. I tend to get pretty giddy over photography. Any questions? Ask! About Me & My Photos: I'm an 80's kid. Original PC Gamer Girl. Paintball Player. Music Connoisseur. Movie Buff. All of who I am as a person is reflected into my photos. I edit each photo from the heart. I don't have just one "style". But Gaming & Movies have changed how I view the world. Surreal & Over Saturated. Just how I like it. All Rights Reserved. All content is under Copyright.

Bloody Sunday (Full Video)

Bloody Sunday was an amazing event.
“Not rental friendly” 🔥🔥🔥

(NSFW) Bloody Sunday is uncapped/30bps woodsball game. A day where we didn’t have to grow the sport for others. No holding back, balls to the wall paintball....

We lost a baller. You will be missed Aaron. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help. You mat...

We lost a baller. You will be missed Aaron. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help. You matter.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Flail Records

Beggars Canyon have been signed to Flail Records!! Both of these groups have been big supporters of our local paintball scene.

Make sure to show some love! Live music & Paintball have been a lot of fun! Congrats on this accomplishment!

Welcome Beggars Canyon to the Flail Family!!!! Killer tunes and some of the best human beings around


For SG53, should we have at camp


Somehow I forgot to share this story over here. SuperGame 52 (largest west coast Paintball event) was amazing!

For the last couple years, I’ve hired a band & had a shindig at my camp. This year, we brought out Beggars Canyon! A group of insanely talented people.

One of my friends got the wild idea to have them play in the back of a moving trailer. I made some calls & the idea was a go.

Beggars Canyon played their entire set in the back of the trailer, THEN went back to camp to play the entire set all over again. F*cking troopers!! I was and am still in awe of their love & dedication to their music.

I couldn’t let the video opportunity pass me by. I hung off the back of a tailgate filming the band as we went around SG campgrounds. This was one of the videos I made of them performing live. One shot.


Full HD Video:


We’ll be back to Paintball this fall. During the summer, it’s all about those live shows. The Shaky Harlots were live at The Wow Hall in Eugene Oregon. They f*cking killed it! Make sure to check out their page. 🔥🖤



It’s been 9 months since a new video. Dec 9th I’ll be out filming new footage at The Swamp!
Here is a mini recap of 2018.


I recently saw Magic Sword live and it blew my mind apart. It’s the music I needed to jump start my creativity again.

Jan/Feb I’m heading back to The Swamp to make some long over due videos. Would love to see you out there! (Give Magic Sword a like 😬)

Which epic game at The Swamp you’re going?

Possum Kingdom (Paintball)

Sunday Funday 🖤
Some of the best days are rec days.
Field: The Swamp (S&F Paintball)

Lots of teams out practicing for SuperGame this weekend. Good competition and great day of Paintball. Field: The Swamp (S&F Paintball) Oregon

Prodigy Paintball

New YouTube video from yesterday’s game! Make sure to subscribed to catch newest videos! This is a very heavily edit video. But if you’re a die hard baller, you’ll know what you’re looking at, lol.

Had a great time at The Swamp today. Even though it was windy and rainy, somehow the gameplay & people make it a killer day. Always a pleasure going to S&F P...


A little recap of yesterday’s game out at The Swamp (S&F Paintball Field). Was great hanging out with everyone! 🖤🔥 Make sure to watch in HD!

NorthWest Paintball (Ep.3)

Yesterday was awesome out at The Swamp (S&F Paintball Field)! The games are great, but it’s the people that keep me coming back. ❤️ I’ve been documenting our scenario/rec community in a YouTube series. This is episode 3. Yay for the new stabilizer...makes a world of difference. Make sure to watch in HD!

Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”
Big Boi “All Night”
Stranger Things “Kids”
Pantera “Cemertary Gates”

Another great day of paintball at The Swamp (S&F Paintball) in Oregon. Thank you everyone for great action on the field.

The Hidden Hedgehog

Collaborating with other paintball artist is my fave. Shoutout to The Hidden Hedgehog for using one of my pics for this awesome time lapse edit! Happy New Year!


No party for me. so i decided to do some cool artwork to past the time.
Have a good new year!.

Photography: Deadly Couture Photography


Omen aka De'Atley aka My Husband.
Player highlight reel.
At The Swamp (S&F Paintball)


"Operation: Open House"
I haven't seen these guys at the field before, but they put in some great work. Location: The Swamp (S&F Paintball), Lebanon Oregon.

Edited footage from FB Live. Make sure to watch in HD.

Civil War 2017

Great event like always! Same day video! See everyone at the next event!

Another year in the books at The Swamp (S&F Paintball/Oregon) for the Civil War. Always a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for a great day! Music: Foo Fighters...


"Tuck & Roll"
The Swamp (S&F Paintball/Oregon)


"The Bomb Game"
At The Swamp yesterday in Oregon.

(Edited from FB Live video)


I'm working on "mini clips". This is from yesterday at The Swamp in Oregon.


"Hold my gun"

Deadly Couture Photography

Deadly Couture Photography

Deadly Couture Photography

Deadly Couture Photography


My collaboration with The Hidden Hedgehog made it onto his YouTube channel. A few more goodies were added. I always love working with other creatives. The possibilities are endless. 💯🙌❤️

Everywhere i look i see things differently, everything has a story, everything has a meaning. look beyond the surface and see what things truly are, or what ...

memoirs 1

Deathelement taking hits like a boss. Huge shout out to my media people out there who are stubborn & do what's needed to get the great footage. 🙏❤️

During my California trip I had the pleasure of meeting other creatives in the paintball community. I see a collective of people hungry to push their craft. People like The Hidden Hedgehog, Vincent Salazar & PbPanda. Go follow these people & watch the story of paintball unfold.

It's been really great getting to collaborate with The Hidden Hedgehog. Hard work & dedication can make amazing stuff ha...

It's been really great getting to collaborate with The Hidden Hedgehog. Hard work & dedication can make amazing stuff happen. 🙏❤️

Photo: Deadly Couture Photography

Deadly Couture Photography's cover photo

Deadly Couture Photography's cover photo

The Hidden Hedgehog

The first picture on this page is of an old rusted GMC truck. The Hidden Hedgehog hit the nail on the head with this video. ❤️🙏 Thank you so much for collaborating with me on such an amazing project.


These are the things that go through my mind when i see photos and videos of props people put on there paintball sites. Am i the only one that thinks these sorts of things??

Please share and also post up pics of props used at your local site as i would love to see pics of the weird and wonderful things used at your local field.... I've seen cars worth up to £8000 just dead and rusted on the field.

Photography: Deadly Couture Photography

Range rover bunker here:


Eugene, OR


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If I send you a picture of my jersey could you check through your raw footage fro the civil war pb game for any footage of my phantom and me?