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Is making/recording some new music your way to pass the time while you're stuck inside for the foreseeable future?
To help everyone stay creative and motivated, I'm offering 30% off every master started before April 1. Send your songs, tell your friends, and name your album "Social Distancing" because that's a pretty awesome album title.


First couple months in 2020 have flown by - thanks in part to working on lots of cool records.

Misery Signals, The Surfrajettes, Field Medic, The Jagaloons, The Volcanics, LOS FRENETICOS, Sad Hair Day, Bathroom Community, Jack M. Senff, Spineapples, Magnificent Birds of Prey, Home Astronomy, Toothless, Sweater Puppies, Lucy, The Hi-Risers, The Manakooras, Sadgasm, ore., Lame Dude, WALK INTO SUNSET, Slowey & The Boats, Continuum, Little Ghost, The Poms, Plato Zorba, Hybridforms, Earn This LIHC, and a variety of others. Thanks, everybody!


As we wrap up 2019, amazingly Azimuth's 14th year, here's some of the excellent projects that have come through in recent weeks:

Highbeams, Museum Mouth, Bloodshot BILL, An Honest Mistake, Suntitle, Telyscopes, Polyphozia 怕繁杂, Run Colt Run, Caffiends, Jared Knapik, 310AM, Black Flamingos, Gallatin Hall, She Cried Raven, Dream Attack, Televisionaries, Wasting Moonlight, The Hi-Risers, Top Bloke, Sprawl, Undercliff, Junta Mossy, This Way to the Egress, Humans Etcetera, Bone Church, Sportscourt, Danger Club, Perennial, Christo Renel, Farseer, Olde Dogs, TV's NORM, Slowey & The Boats, Soviet Dolls, Chris Skel Music, Deadsong, Steel Grave, Andy's Room, Suarloca, Hangtown, and many more. Thanks to everyone for sending me your albums!


What's been up over the last couple months this summer? Plenty of great bands, as usual....

A chiptunes project for the new In Flames record, Handguns, The Volcanics, Unturned, Overthinker, Downhaul, Patrick Andy, The Carousers, Donny Burns & the 3rd Degree, The Run Up, Anoint the Sick, Battle of Heart & Mind, Mona Bay, Mons La Hire, Bad Looks, The Unsinkable, Radium Scouts, Heptagon, Autumn Revival, steve., toobin, Defecting Grey, Cast In Blood, State of Suffering, Soul Meets Body, Televisionaries, Cool Grandma, Boy Muscle, The Lucid Night, Drop Party, Ugly Blondes, and more!


I've missed a couple months of updates, so here's a whole lot of great stuff that came through Azimuth since late April!

Telyscopes, The Young Hearts, Subtleties, LOS FRENETICOS, Frat Boy Hedonists - FBH, This Way to the Egress, Talk Me Off, Bofolk Ballico, The Greasy Gills, Nothing Wrong, This Glass Embrace, All In Moment, Kill Wealthy Dowager, Lo Mejor De Mi, Moonlight Desires, Quirewood: The Musical Film, Tulipe Noire, Downhaul, Obtuse, floral patterns., Brandish, Grasser, and a variety of others!


What's been up this spring so far? Plenty of awesome bands, that's what!
Elvis Depressedly, Dry Kill Logic, The Delstroyers, Surfer Joe, Lost Dog, This Way to the Egress, Hot Dad Calendar, Singing Lungs, My Living Ghost, Gooseflesh, caverns, Sunroom, Luke Seymoup, Little Ghost, STOKA, Mona Bay, Rain of Salvation, The Tumbleweed Jumpers, Destination Dimension, DURR, and quite a few more!


February was about as busy as it's ever been at Azimuth, so thanks to all and keep the albums coming! Here's a quick recap of some projects from the past month:

Comrades LP for Facedown Records, Bloodshot BILL, Museum Mouth, Sons of Butcher, The Sonoras, Field Medic, Adam Reid and the In-Betweens, Postrich Bear, Mister Zambesi, The Stewart Dolly, Ready Now, This Way to the Egress, Ink Bomb, BLACKTHORNE, Yawn Mower, The Jagaloons, On Love and Sublimation, Con Etiquette, DOCtAKH, Hot Prowlers, KOLOS, Bone Church, Voices in Vain, and a number of others for whom I have no FB links.


It's been an interesting start to the year, including vinyl projects for Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 7M3 (Seven Mary Three), and Tan Mom from The Howard Stern Show. Other recent work includes Hot Mulligan, Telyscopes, Atom Driver, Modern Day Astronaut, Foxymoron, This Way to the Egress, Home Astronomy, Tourist Activities, Thundermug, False Priest, The Greasy Gills, Cyperna, Tovarish, Honeygold, and more.


New projects update! This fall has included:
Subtleties, Telyscopes, Cooli Blaze, Belrose, Lyons, Magnificent Birds of Prey, King Slender, Lake Pleasant, Con Etiquette, Yung Pacemaker, This Way to the Egress, Ugly Blondes, Crimson Nights, Brother Valiant, Soul Meets Body, Quiet Fear, Aqualads, Summer Legs, and a whole bunch more.


New records for the past couple of months, you ask? Why certainly...

The Volcanics, Lulufin The Woo Hoo, Foxymoron, DRAW THE LINE, Little Ghost, Marstodontes, Dry Kill Logic, The Dutch Rudders, Mons La Hire, DAM FINO, Fortunato, Øff Guard, Sleepology, Roseblood, The Hot Cousins, Frat Boy Hedonists, Singing Lungs, State of Suffering, and a few dozen others for whom I have no Facebook links right now.

Thanks to all these great bands, and keep sending awesome records for the fall!


Summer projects update!
Excellent bands and artists coming through the Azimuth shop lately have included: Ghost Key, Bangladeafy, Black Flamingos, Nightjar, Lyons, Ronx, Piece of Mind, Soviet Dolls, The Primitive Finks, The Handsome Scoundrels, Blight House, Jenny & Sky, The Surfrajettes, Tudors, Steel Grave, Voices in Vain, Les Agamemnonz, Typecaste, Bad Vibes, Ribbonhead, glaskaca, Thrashboard, Winter Forever, Cast In Blood, and plenty more.

I'm scheduling a bit of time off in August, so if you've got any upcoming mixes you were thinking of sending into Azimuth in the near future, hit me up ASAP to discuss timing, as I always try to squeeze in everybody's deadlines wherever possible.

The Writer's Crypt Episode 1 - Ryan White "Funeral"

So what's been up the last couple of months? A ton of albums and a ton of great bands!

An upcoming comp for Hopeless Records, albums for An Honest Mistake, Holy Pinto, The Stone Eye, No Idea, Downtrodder, Skinny is Green, Telyscopes, Tonya Harding, Roger Capone e Os Planárias, Stray Dog Saviours, Foxymoron, South and The Lowlands, Sally Draper, Causeway, Forest Friends, Silenus and many others.

I've also been working on a cool video series with Silver Bullet Studios - the first of which can be seen at

"Funeral" written and performed by Ryan White Recorded live, produced and mixed by Chris Teti and Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios Mastered by Bill Hende...


Recent projects!
Church Tongue, Museum Mouth, Settler, Body Origami, Break The Gallows, King of Summer, Mood Lights, Couple Skate, Mount Defiance, Nematode, Matt Murphy, Starving Arts, Pleasure Beach, There You Are, The Dutch Rudders, A6, Underground Communique Records, Matt Godkin, Frankie & The Pool Boys, Falsos Palíndromos, Crystal Sword, JD Wright, Everyday Evils, and more. Also, by my count, we passed by the 100 album mark for collaborations between Azimuth and the most excellent Silver Bullet Studios!


What's been new since December, you ask? A lot of awesome bands, of course!

American Pleasure Club, Con Etiquette, Cheap Kites, The Mistakes, Wild Spells, Darklands, The Wet Bandits, Burrows, Thanatology, Lampwikk, Soviet Dolls, Sunsaker, Japan For, Shawn Mocey, Jukai, Blithe Field, Cool American, Leo Moon, Nate Cross, and Slow & Steady, to name a few.


New projects for the last 5 weeks or so include these excellent bands & artists: Hot Mulligan, Autumn Kid, Understanding Eris, Treaty of Paris, Fortunato, Among The Missing, The Stonewall Vessels, Not As Planned, CICUTA, Promise of Redemption, Drunken Palms, Emergency Protocol, Ugly, COPSUCKER, Labour Day Weekend, Brotherless, Corey Stroffolino, Slowey & The Boats, and 15 or 20 others for whom I have no FB tag links. Thanks as always for everyone who is keeping me busy!


Keeping busy through October with a lot of great bands, including:
Coma Cinema, Coming Down, Hammer Switch, Why a fox, War For The Crown, ther, Stillwells, OneLevelLower, Rule Them All, Ultra City, Johanna Field Music, Backdrop Falls, Nate Cross, Minerva, Leo Moon, Maddie's Changed, Sun God, True Body, and more!


What's been new at Azimuth lately? Glad you asked...

Masters for The Stone Eye, Corre Diablo, Plato Zorba, Glass Wave, Hollow Earth, Brian Rothenbeck & the Adventuring Party, Slow Reader, Foxtrot, PRO TEENS, Grass Stains, Haunted Like Human, Backswing, Cooli Blaze, Ink Bomb, Wicked Bears, The Surfrajettes, Lunar Abandon, Servant, No Brainer, Dais, Late Nights, Backswing, Cold Shoulder, Johnny B and the Big Bad, and more!

Thanks, as always, to Silver Bullet Studios for quite a few of these recent awesome projects!

First off, check out this awesome article from, featuring a pair of tips from yours truly:https://audios...
121 Mastering Tips from the Experts - Free Guide from AudioSkills

First off, check out this awesome article from, featuring a pair of tips from yours truly:

Secondly... my goodness have I had a lot of records come through in the 5 or 6 weeks since my last update! So here's a brief and incomplete rundown of some of the excellent bands who've been sending stuff my way this summer:
Black River Union
Save Ends
Swing Batter Swing
Safe Hands
Modern Day Astronaut
Flower Blasé
Smacked Youth
The Hearsay
Cook Bag
Ms. America
Living Tradition
And many more for whom I do not have FB tags....


Very happy to be hiding in a basement studio when it's 90-something outside! Here are some bands whose records have come through lately: Four Year Strong, Wilson and the Castaways, King of Summer, The Handsome Scoundrels, Moon-Scene, The Stewart Dolly, ADVORSA, Birdluck, Copneconic, Early Humans, The Human Fly, and more!


Plenty to report on over the last month here - Body Origami, Trotfox, This Way to the Egress, Young, Planetary, Our Moms Drove Us Here, The Stone Eye, Settler, DMP, and Atonement CT to name a few! Things usually pick up in June before summer tours, so send me your records because I like working on them.

Over the last 5 weeks, quite a bit of cool stuff's come through the shop, including Bayside, Neck Deep, Hot Mulligan, Th...
Music For Everyone, by Collective Confusion Records, Sub City Records

Over the last 5 weeks, quite a bit of cool stuff's come through the shop, including Bayside, Neck Deep, Hot Mulligan, The Young Hearts, Jukai, Among The Missing, American Ice Age, Sons of Butcher, Krosis, PRAY TO KEEP, Rough Spring, and Banda Canil.
Also a super awesome comp from Hopeless Records featuring bands like Anti Flag, Dead Heavens, Taking Back Sunday, Modern Chemistry, Chris Farren, and many more. Check it out at

27 track album


Hey all! February was quite busy, with over 30 records coming through. I don't have FB links for everybody, but it included Stepbrothers, Museum Mouth, King Trio, Summer Legs, A Sentry at Arms, The Stone Eye, All My Teenage Feelings, Weathered, Dead Swords and many more.

Also, good news: not that my turnaround time was ever an issue before, but I'm actually going to be available to get into the studio right away even more than I ever was before. So keep sending me stuff, I enjoy working!


What's new at Azimuth? Well, I've been busy enough to forget to post a FB update for 8 or 9 months, so there's that...
2016 saw almost 300 records come through the shop, and I'll be hitting my 2,500th album mastered at some point this year. Thanks as always to the awesome bands who keep me going!


New April masters!
- American Television "Reaction"
- Poor Lily "Dirt on Everyone"
- Ribbonhead "Racing to the Bottom"
- Blood Orphans "Slow/Die Horizontal"
- Associations EP
- Moros "Acid Roach"
- Owain s/t
- Rock 'N' Roll Suicides EP
- Telescopes as Time Machines EP
- Singles for This Way to the Egress, Mason, Jonathan Hunsucker, and Kurt Andrew
- Josh Warren Music "Always & Forever"
- Euriah "Passenger"
- Dogwood Tales EP
- Braun EP
- BOOSEGUMPS "On The Way To Meet You"
- New The Danger O's album
- There You Are EP
- Throwing Darts full length
- Two Cities EP
- WolfCloak, Dumal, Windfaerer split
- Poachers EP
- EP for Lost Coast
- Life is Short "Everything Never Intended"
- Call It Arson 2 song EP


Forgetting to post in February makes for a rather large mid-March update!

- An Honest Mistake "We're Alright"
- Museum Mouth "You Oughta Know"
- New material for Until We Are Ghosts
- Creek "Thirteen Hundred"
- Singles for Not As Planned, Black River Union, Backdrop Falls, Jack Samson, Splittree, and George Grady
- Three releases for Mon Freres Amigos
- Utility Monster EP
- Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties 7"
- Army Of Three "Heartcore"
- Lobby Boys "Changes"
- Weathered "Deceiver"
- King Dizzle LP
- Cities Under Seas "Ondine's Curse"
- 9:18 "Animals"
- Tundra Kids "Expectations"
- Aimsir EP
- Post War "Television EP"
- Daniel William Daidone "Shapeless Things"
- Dividers "Clockwork"
- Boy Rex "The Bloodmonths"
- Impromptu "The Mice Aren't the Only Thing Keeping Me Awake At Night"
- Ruzka "Wild Wasteland"
- The Black Sox Scandal "In Search of Brighter Skies"
- Falling Over "Clean"
- Raised As Wolves EP
- Lindberg & Family "Late"
- Brevity "No More Birthdays"
- Why a fox "Modern Patriots EP"
- And those facebook will not allow me to tag for some reason: EPs for Graver and Mouth, and an LP for Dav Abrams


Here's what's been up since around Christmas, or thereabouts:
- Our Lady "Lure"
- New Museum Mouth material!
- loving yourself means everything "forever"
- Split tracks for Stay at Home, Dad
- Wear Me Out s/t
- 2 tracks for Speirs
- The Panoramic & Stab You in the Head albums from Silver Bullet Studios
- A new EP for Broken Circles Records
- Hot Mulligan "Big Casino"
- Joy Cyr "I See Happiness"
- Picture Ann "Wolves I Knew"
- Jay Forbes "Only Time Will Tell"
- xHendrix "I"
- Singles for Hayden Marks, Cooli Blaze, and False Prophet
- Down Trodder s/t EP
- Emergency Protocol & Chris Taranto records from Exeter Recordings
- Kenny Darms - "Country Days, Country Nights"


A quick recap of 2015, my 10th year in business with Azimuth:
Over 300 records and more than 1,700 songs came through the shop this year, including my 2,000th overall album since I started (which was a Bad Dream EP for Broken Circles Records, in case you were wondering). 10 years and 2,000 albums are awesome milestones - thanks to everyone for helping me get there!

(Another milestone on the way - I'm nearing 150 collaborations with Exeter Recordings, which is crazy!)

I've also worked on a whole lot of really cool records this year, and I think my Azimuth project of the year for 2015 is a tie between Dividers and Black River Union (the latter came through Greg @ Silver Bullet Studios).


New projects update for December!
- RANGES - "If I Were The Devil"
- Cat Be Damned EP
- The Twirpentines - Hollow vinyl master
- New singles for Kiska, diet, DJ Rokkgod, The Brigantines, Daisy Diaz, JET, Dividers, and The Personalities
- No Sleep Records holiday comp
- DEA Horns EP
- Vibrating Universe LP
- Monopole "Worst Scene From Your Favorite Movie"
- Nothing in Between EP from Silver Bullet Studios
- Weller 2-song EP
- "Charlie and Doyle" film audio


Thanksgiving vacation starts soon, but I'll be back in the studio on Sunday. In the meantime, here's what's come through recently:
- An Honest Mistake "All I Want For Christmas"
- Customaries "Songs of Freedom and Regret"
- Split tracks for The Handsome Scoundrels
- Mayfair "The Ability To Dream"
- EPs for No Parole, SickWalt, and Meet Us Later, all from Exeter Recordings
- Body Origami "Thermal Blue"
- Aural Burrows LP
- Decay The Savage "Crystal Black"
- Old Misery "The Blend"
- Single for Safe Hands
- Wild Trees "Overshadowed"
- RISE "Final Resting"
- Andrew Siegel EP
- Leaving "Growing Apart"
- Like-Minded s/t


New records coming through Azimuth this fall, you ask?
- The Wonder Years / Motion City Soundtrack split (actually came through at the end of summer, but official announcement was in Oct.)
- New stuff from Silver Bullet Studios: Art Of The Enemy, Black River Union
- Battle Lines "Primal"
- Broken Circles Records BCR 054 split
- Bedpan Fight "Nacho Thunder"
- Singles for Flesh May Fail, Cooli Blaze, Ni'Andre, Chris Farren, and Splittree
- The Sky We Scrape "Obsolete"
- Monterrey IN. "I'm To Blame"
- Demos for Oklahoma Car Crash and Good Times
- Empire Coast "School Ghoul/Mom Jeans"
- Cult of Crime "Bavarian Knives"
- 2 tracks for Inner 5 from Exeter Recordings
- SpaceGun "Lunar Blasting Rock EP"
- Every Moving Color EP
- The Chambrays "Ilk"
- Milkmen s/t LP
- New LPs for Picture Ann & Vas Vigoda
- Short Fuse s/t
- Ribbonhead "Animals"
- Stephen Lee "West of Twenty-Three"
- Ownlife "F**k This (I'm Dying)"
- Terrorist FL discography (can't seem to tag them, so
- Helcaraxë "Earth's Last Picture"


Here's what I've been working on for much of this month:
- Highbeams "Everything Aside"
- Jagged Visions "Black Sun Zenith"
- Lilac Daze s/t
- Crawl Space LP
- BartThrupp "MMXV"
- Drew Thomson "Just Beyond The Bedroom Door" for No Sleep Records
- Brandon Glovich LP & Bodega Satellite "Suerte" - both from Exeter Recordings
- In Bruges EP
- Burrows "Mar"
- Singles for The Royal Twenties and Sunburster
- Solo LP for Jared Hart of The Scandals
- Separated "Force Fed Misery"
- New Ruin s/t EP
- Greener "Sorry/Smoke Smell"


Ewing, NJ


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