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Suggest that parents set rules for unsupervised time at home. For instance, who may visit if they aren’t home?


Food, families, fun! Whether you make your event an ice cream social, a hot dog roast, or a chili barbecue, food will attract your families and make them feel a part of their school community.


Many parents don’t know how to help their child with higher-level subjects. Bolster their confidence through workshops to show them how they can help at home.


In person meetings can be difficult to attend. So make participation easy! Who says you have to be in the same room? Consider starting an online discussion group of parents and/or students who have read the same book.


A Parent Resource Center is welcoming to parents. Make sure yours is stocked with helpful information.


Remind parents to praise their child for making good choices and that children are never too old to hear, “I love you!”


Make all of your parents feel welcome by developing events for ethnic groups. This should also extend to any of your special programs like computer classes and support groups.


Teachers can build meaningful relationships with parents and keep them informed by making phone calls during the year about projects, special assignments, family nights and more.


You can help the parents of your students by providing them with tips for assessing all of the indicators of progress.


The beginning of school is a perfect time to evaluate your current parent handbook. Is it effective in meeting your goals?


Middle and high school parents often report that they miss personal communications with teachers. Make sure your school makes efforts to engage parents this year. Parent engagement = greater student achievement.


Remind parents to talk with their child about the risks associated with drinking and drug use.


Schedule your open house for new families during the week before the start of school.


"Firm, fair and consistent" is the best discipline. Remind parents to explain consequences and apply them when warranted.


Ask current parents and students to help plan and staff a back-to-school event.


Keep your computer in an area where you can see what sites your teen visits. Be aware if your teen spends too much time alone on the Internet.


Don’t wait for later in the Fall to welcome new students and their families. Create a welcome packet now!


Look for opportunities to get conversations started: dinnertime, in the car, doing chores, watching TV together.


A late-summer event planned just for students transferring to your school can be a great way to help them feel at home — and ease those first-day jitters.


Students who learn to abide by the rules at home behave well in school.


Develop a public service announcement about the importance of regular physical activity in managing stress.


It’s not too soon to begin planning to ensure that you get off to a good start for the next school year.


Involve students. Many may have strong ideas about the kinds of parent involvement they would find most helpful.


Reach out. Target a group of parents you haven’t reached this year. Try to develop strategies for next school year.


Plan a community health night where the focus is on stress reduction through games and physical activity.


Team up with parents each year to beautify school grounds—and, at the same time, boost school spirit and pride.


One of the best things schools can do is encourage parents to spend more time with their children. One result might be more events that involve the entire family.


Achievement tends to decline for students who spend more than 15 hours working at paid jobs during the school year.


Stay in touch with the teacher. Don’t hesitate to relay questions, comments and advice regarding your child’s progress.

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Introduce biographies so students learn about important historical figures. Other nonfiction can give students knowledge about the universe.


Suggest that students think about a routine that could get them started on homework faster and set up a place where they always study.


Practice makes perfect. The time is spent most effectively when students have a chance to practice a skill they have already learned.


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Building problem-solving skills gives your child a real lifeline Parents who rescue their children at the first sign of trouble are sending them a message: "You can't do it without me." Their children never learn how to handle situations themselves. They may not even believe they can. As long as your child is safe, let him try to solve a problem on his own. If he gets stuck, ask him what else he thinks he could try. Help him think through his options, and then let him decide what to do.
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