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I made the most YouTube-like YouTube video yet. CUPCAKES AND KITTENS. Literally the fuel that YouTube runs on.

It was my friend's birthday and she requested that, as a present, I throw a cupcake in the face of some of her family members. I also took the time to record...

Why Do They Kneel?

New week, new topic that I disagree with people on. ENJOY!

Today's episode asks the question "Why do the NFL players kneel?". After the controversial Nike ad, I decided to explain the origins of the protest and expla...

Is Addiction A Disease?

Is Addiction a Disease? That's the topic I covered in my first episode back on YouTube. The channel's been moved to a Brand Account, the logo's been updated and I've got every episode from now until Halloween planned out. Let's do this.

This is a question that I've found has been getting a lot of attention on social media these last few weeks. I thought I would give you my answer. Sourse Lin...

First Frame Returns

Oh yeah, that's right. I have a YouTube Channel. I guess I should upload a new episode every week.

Returning August 27th.

It has been a while, I know. I've been in Florida for the last six months and I've been working so much, I've barlely had time for myself and my creative out...

Road Trip! - VLOG

HEY! Look at that, my internet was on my side tonight!, Here's my newest upload; the most inappropriate road trip ever!

I moved to Florida. Instead of going quietly, I filmed bits of the trip so you can see what I look like when I'm sleep-deprived! If you liked the video, plea...


Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't uploaded in a while. If you haven't heard, I've moved to Florida and that's the main reason I've been absent on YouTube. Busy busy busy getting settled. BUT I did make a vlog in the car on the way down. I'll be uploading that ASAP although I've been having some issues with my internet's ability to upload data. (Florida is so uncivilized). Anyway, I hope to have it up tomorrow night. Thanks again!
-First Frame

Happy Halloween and First Frame's Halloween Sketch


Thanks to everyone who follows First Frame on Facebook and watches First Frame on YouTube!! In celebration of Halloween, please enjoy this "Halloween Sketch" that I made for one of my favorite holidays!

And a huge thanks to Laurissa Palmenta for helping out in the sketch!

It's Halloween! In honor of that, here's a little video I threw together for the holiday! If you liked the video, please leave a like to show your support an...

Most Incoherent Video Ever (Part 1)

I brought along by buddy Chris Barkasy to help me last week. What resulted was the most incoherent video I have ever made. Caution: Strong language and lame inside jokes.

It's been a while since I have uploaded a video. In return for everyone's patience, I have decided to reward you with the most ridiculous video of all time f...

On Fate

I know it's been a while since I posted on the page but here is a new video! While you're there, check out the channel as there are some videos I did not post to Facebook. Also make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications (Little bell on mobile and computer) to be notified in case I forget to post on Facebook again!

I'm very sorry for the recent laps in uploads, but I am working on a video that WILL be up on Friday. For now, I threw this together because its something th...

Hangin' with Ryan!!

Just posted another video with my buddy Rafæl Lahiff!!!

I was with my buddy Ryan and decided to make a video. We did not plan anything and this was the result. If you liked the video, please leave a like to show y...

6/14 Video

I know it has been a criminally long time since I have uploaded a video, but I found time today to put something together to let everyone know what's going on with First Frame. Thank you all for subscribing who have, and if you haven't... Maybe consider it... Please?.. I'm desperate for love. ENJOY!

I know it's been a while and I'm SOOOOO Sorry about that. Hopefully this video will shed light on where the channel will be going. If you liked the video, pl...

Thank You For 200,000,000 Subs! +Room Tour & Shoutout!

Thank you so much to one of my biggest supporters on YouTube, Levitical, for an amazing shout out!

Be sure to subscribe to him because he makes very thought provoking and entertaining videos and though he and I have fundamentally differing views on religion, I consider him a friend that deserves respect and support from everyone that enjoys intellectual and fun content.

I painted the ceiling, the walls, and all of the fixtures in my room. I also built or painted all of the furniture for my bedroom. I already owned the materi...

My Big Bang Theory

My last video for the week is all about a question I get asked by theists a lot. If you've ever wondered what happened before the big bang, these are my thoughts.

People often ask me if I think that the Big Bang, if it truly happened, is what I believe to be the true beginning of existence and how there could be no exi...

My Morning Brainstorming Routine

I had some camera troubles today so I wasn't able to shoot a full video. But I did manage to film what goes through my mind every morning. ENJOY!

I know this is a short video, but its better than nothing and explains how I feel sometimes. Enjoy! If you liked the video, please leave a like to show your ...


A little nostalgia! First Frame's very own Dan Albro wrote and had a supporting role in this Mafia-themed short film, "HIT", staring Tony Pertesis!

Ever wonder what people talk about in a diner? Find out in this short mob film, "HIT"... Starring Tony Pertesis, Dan Albro & Pete Tzavellas music credit Kevi...


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Fairfield, CT


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