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Heaven at Once There could be numerous meanings. What immediately comes to my mind is this. When one reaches a poin Self improvement Books, Audio, Video. Web publishing.

Prisoner and Justice advocacy. Information and products that promotes and enables the experience of Heaven while you live.

Operating as usual


The Self accusing spirit is the manifestation of the Glory of God in Man


Words and concepts have frequencies.


Problems are, or can be blessings if perceived properly.


To get into oneness with God (Heaven) is to love the things that he loves. To care about the things that he cares about


We must learn to trust in Allah (God) Even before we pray to him. Trust has to be a prerequisite. Because if we don’t really trust him, our prayer is to a large degree, and empty ritual.




One of the impediments of being able to accurately understand the Minister from yesterday is to get past what you might have expected from him. Many were looking for the fiery delivery that he is mostly known for. This however,was a deeply analytical presentation of present day truth. A careful review will reveal one of the most timely and relevant speeches that he has given to date. Don't confuse his physical condition with the word he is carrying and delivering.The ministers work over the past 43 years has to a great degree been to help in the process of internalization of the teachings. I personally believe that the NOI are in much better shape than we were in 1975. We (NOI) are, however still growing. We (you, I and many others) are focusing too much, in my opinion of how he says it and not enough on WHAT he is saying. That will help us separate the icon from the Ideology and use What he said to progress as a people. Peace and blessings of understanding!


I see this turmoil going on and think of the song we used to sing in church. "Were you there when they crucified my lord?" Well, if you were there, how could you stand by and let such a thing happen? We are witnessing the constant crucifixion of Blacks by police. Jesus said, "even as you have done this unto the least of these, by brethren, you have also done it unto me."


Just saying the name of God or Jesus is not the same as invoking his spirit. Especially if you have limited or tainted knowledge of the above. It may make us feel better to call his name but the benefit generally ends there with a temporary good feeling. The religious leaders of this world have not taught us the true intention of God because they don’t seem to be entirely clear themselves. At least, they have not proven that they are clear to me. When you look at the religious organizations, they have very little effect on the people in general. They use the ignorance of the people to placate their lack of understanding of the true aims, and personality of God as it would be applied to the present day world situation.
If I invoke the name of God, my intention is tied to my understanding of the spirit, nature and intentions of God. This is what determines the power of my invocation. We must ask ourselves, what is the intention of God, and furthermore how much do I actually and ultimately know about Said spirit. It is simply not enough just to say the name but to have an idea of exactly what the name implies or means. Study, the Bible says, to show thyself approved, otherwise, we may just be invoking our emotions instead of the reality of God.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has articulated to us in a very clear fashion, the will of God and what he intends to do in this day and time. We are very blessed to have these teachings further explained to us by his wonderful servant, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. By introducing to us the science of Dianetics and Scientology, we are able to more closely see and understand the principles that underlie the will, aim and purpose of Almighty God.

8:46 - Dave Chappelle
8:46 - Dave Chappelle

8:46 - Dave Chappelle

From Dave: Normally I wouldn't show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand To find out more about how you can support the Equal Justice Initiative...


P Funk said "We need the Funk"
"I say we need the tech."


ARC contains the anatomy of the problem as well as the anatomy of the solution!


Lack of freedom is aberrative.
Lack of justice is aberrative.
Lack of equality is aberrative.


The SERIOUSNESS of LIES and FALSEHOOD is very much under rated in this world.

Ramadan Straightwire! Nothing like it!

Ramadan Straightwire! Nothing like it!

STW(Supreme Technology Workshop) weekly straight wire group auditing!

STW(Supreme Technology Workshop) weekly straight wire group auditing!


He that feareth not the Lord, is very aberrated!


Thoughts are things(matter)...
Mind over Matter... What say you?


Dianetics and Scientology is lessening the number of hiding places for those with hidden agendas!


Trials give some of the most complete and comprehensive education we can get.

How can a people become self determined without a thorough knowledge of self?

How can a people become self determined without a thorough knowledge of self?


The cumulative effect of chronically telling lies is confusion and stupidity...


Don’t let your ego run away with your sanity!


How can a people become self-determined without a thorough knowledge of self?


Let not the desire for attention become aberrative to thee...


How can a people become self-determined without a true knowledge of self?


Straightwire, with a good auditor is underrated...


"All cases can be broken with the application of ARC."...
"ARC heals all ills."..."to the end of this universe."...
"Every time you haven't any ARC, why, force has to be substituted one way or the other, doesn't it? You must substitute force, compulsion, fear, consequence and must always take away self-determinism." ..."
So, when ARC walks out, then hypnotic trance, duress and punishment walk in."..."In the absence of ARC, however, nothing is functional."..."If nothing will operate without good ARC, then I should think that the greatest effort would be expended to cultivate ARC.
But ARC adds up to understanding - it doesn't add up to force." ...
"The best therapy of any case is ARC." ...
L. Ron Hubbard lecture ARC of 5 August 1958 ,20th ACC


Clinging to the truth is like clinging to Allah!


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