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Texas Central Productions Affordable recording and production services for Solo Artists and Small Bands. Pete and Angie Thompson established Texas Central Productions to provide music recording and production services at affordable rates in a relaxed setting.

With over 40 years as an international recording and performing artist, Pete has the experience and talent you need to make your project the best it can be. Demos, singles, and full album releases are welcome. Do you need a track for your next project but don't live in Texas? Not a problem, we'll get it done over the internet. We can also provide an A-list of internationally acclaimed talent for you to choose from. Texas Central Productions is a one stop shop providing recording, mixing, mastering, CD cover design, help with submitting your project for pressing and distribution, and web design services. Get in contact with the artists that have recorded here, visit Pete's website www.scottpaulone.us, then message us to schedule a visit to the studio.

Operating as usual


I feel really sad for the many thousands of musicans around the world losing out heavily with the pandemic.Our business is totally revolved around people en mass,and meeting and greeting those people have now radically changed the way we will have to operate in a new world.Gone are the days of genuine hugs and close contact greetings when we meet fans and friends.It'll be strange for me as I'm a hugger too...fist bumps just don't do it for me I'm afraid...Shaking hands can get you all sorts of trouble as well,let alone colds n flu's,cause we never know where any strangers been before a meeting....One way has shown to be pretty expedient is the live broadcast from bands via streaming.I have watched 2 this last week and it was fine ..Once the sound has been well sorted it can still be a great experience for fans.So there's a start....The huge crowd gatherings could be a thing of the past till this is all over but I feel a ways off yet before that starts happening in the future.The music business is on its knees right now,as are many thousands of other business's while we all struggle to stay afloat ,soI hope that some good can come from all this and making changes as the climates allow.
Stay safe......Look after ya loved ones, and yourselves,Be ware of whats around you, say healthy..
All the very best from us here at the little house on the prairie.TCP...


Were looking forward to Donnie Pendleton and Randy Reiz coming in for a songwriting session tonight at TCP..Mark Wilson soon in also to finish off an album project soon and I believe write/record more songs as well.I am 7 songs into my next project as well so steaming along here.All the best n stay safe out there peoples .


To all the persons that bought my new record this past week,a very big thank you and to let you know that those who bought one or a few? They're on their way to you all now..Many thanks.......


Since I've been on the other side of the board. so to speak, and have now had many years of producing and recording other artistes, including my own works,I have some friends that just does not know how the process works,and I don't blame them ,as many are not in this music world with me,so I am going to try to shed some light on the amount of work it takes to produce a song from scratch...from a germ of an idea to fully realized work that people listen too...So hang on to ya hats those that might wanna take this ride,and this is just my side of the story,,I'm sure there are thousands like me too.
Firstly...the chord sequence which is hammered into shape trying out all sorts of commutations till it feels right and flows from start to finish.Sometimes this can happen quickly or take a lot of time ,depending how you feel with it or where you want it to go.Now then ,if you have a band that can record all at the same time your in luck...If not , your on your own piling the bass,gtrs, drums, solos, arrangements,vocals harmonies etc etc onto the tracks.to try n paint a picture of what you want to hear in your head till it satisfies you,in my case,months of re arranging,cutting new tracks till the performance is good with you,and starts to sound and feel just so....
It's never finished till its finished and you can go down a rabbit hole many many times and can get into a cycle of being too fussy,cause remember when you play it to some one for the first time they are never going to realise this is months of angst,long days producing this little track of yours ,and having played it over n over again till it reaches that point you can actually show it to some one .I have many friends and peers I send the songs too for critique.good or bad so it can be analysed from afar to set you back onto the right rack.
Then suddenly.its finished
Now it needs mixing so all the tracks sit well with each other,and the sounds all work together...this is also along process....but then comes the Eureka moment......it sounds like a record and all those nit picking moments suddenly work and finally now you can listen to the whole performances as a whole.Let me tell you ...It's all worth it..and those months of work fall into a cool little 4.0 minute song ,that has now a life of its own,and you can walk away from it and move onto the next idea you might have.
It's so rewarding,and the sense of achievement?
Is massive, along with the feeling of knowing once its released ..its there for life,so now, with the advent of all the outlet platforms,word of mouth,and the like.you know that someones out there that might like it .. buy it.. or just get some pleasure listening,you have achieved some thing good no matter how small it might be in this world.its there for ever.
What a legacy.!!!!After 3 albums released now and a fourth on the way ,If im given more time,I'm looking forward to the next few months sitting in a darkened room trying to improve all the time as a musician/writer/producer/and sending some joy some where...........Now where did i put my wife???..lol.All the best n thanks for reading my musings...

We did it .!!!..Hard copies available from Mid August 2020. Enjoy the previews - listen on headphones please. If possibl...
Far from the Delta

We did it .!!!..Hard copies available from Mid August 2020. Enjoy the previews - listen on headphones please. If possible and drop me a comment also thanks everyone

I Should Have Known Better (remastered)

Re-recorded at TCStudio this past week, please have a listen and leave comments on YouTube and subscribe. Thanks!

Featuring Charles Crews, Rachel Tishara Stacy, Julie Bonk, Charlie Stephens , Jeff Jacobs, and Pete Thompson Musician, Producer, Teacher .

Shout out to Steve Satterwhite for all his work and help on Open Window on which this tune originally appeared.

Originally released on Pete Thompson's "Open Window" in 2012. Remastered today with new vocals and drums with an overall upgrade of the soundscape. Piano: Ju...


Wade Johnson in de house today with suave gtr player Rodney Bollinger working up a demo and had some fun too and war stories also


Mark Wilson in the house tomorrow..remixes and then tech stuff.....ruff mixed Rachel Stacys track for backing vocals in 2 weeks time re cut bass n drums also..Have a great weekend folks..............


A very productive day with Mark Wilson.Just when were finishing up,were going over the very early tracks and they are just not of the others standard so we're re-recording vocals on 2 of them and couple of gtrs here n there ..All good just not the right approach at the end of the day...So maybe a couple more sessions till were finished But a good day none the less...


Ok. New years post comin up! The boyz from Arkansas,will be here 1st week of February,and I am in the process of cleaning their tracks as we speak,and reviewing input with a good focus see what comes out the other end.Mark Wilsons been in tweeking things on his tracks also.Brand new headfone cables arrived this week s we can throw away the old ,intermittent problems causing embarresment there some times.New mic cables also,and a brand new mic as a xmas present from the Rook.lovely surprise too!!!!Hes got a new toy to play thru also.So were in good shape .....and my new songs are in top ten at reverb nation too so thanks for listening out there .My new record is finished !!!


The few days away from the studio room,allowed me some time to go back over my new record I am happy so say finally.I dug out an irish jig/rock track.I wrote fr my first album and really liked what i heard .So I finished it and its kick ass now!!! Glad I went looking....It's Gaelic...stompin,.. Sea shantyish and real fun to listen too ..JIG A JIG...!!!!


Been in editing keyboard s today and ruff mixes for some approval on
Monday when MW is back in doing vocals n mixes with me ..I then have to record a drum track for my new song in the course of being produced here, then we will shut down for the Xmas period..ts been a good finish fr this year which started off quite badly last January,and had us thinking we were going under,But we bundled on and it came good for us once more and with so many studios going bust these past years.I guess with so many bedroom studios now it was bound to happen.Remember .mine is but a tad bigger here and my own private rooms, I let out t decent songwriters,if they're recommended to me .So we're very lucky to still be here and we appreciate it greatly.....Upward n Onward...xx


Some times ya just cant sleep.!! Tonight ,I've edited live drums played bass track repair,did 2 electric gtr tracks and closed shop at 11pm.....That's a wow evening in my book.all on my own time .Just needed to get it done for a client to be sure that the next sessions are only mix sessions.OK just a few vocals to do but its mix time very soon ......Love my job very much ...


I've just left the studio after mixing 2 tracks off the Mark Wilson Sophomore record with a mixed bag of styles I must say...Today's tracks ,I arranged the string section and added pizzicato violins,flutes and cellos along with the voices and hence the happy feeling when I mixed it all worked out fine and a surprise also as the sounds were nice also..We're gettin there !! Xmas soon .. tree went up today ...studio will be closed for business from the 23rd Dec to 27th Dec..
Mark Lawrence was in for a few hours,re twiddling a couple of mixes also this week.Now there's a bunch of songs that's different and eclectic ..


Mixing again today.Mark Wilson project near to completion after 6 months of sessions here at TCP..Looking forward to the mixes coming good now !! Been a good end to the year so far,and expecting the Arkansas Boys to be back around the 8th of January I'm told ..Bring it!!!!


A personal message to all that have used my studio services these past years.A huge thank you to you all for stepping in to my humble rooms,and being creative and also allowing me to mentor many of you in the art of music making,as many of you are first timers and its been great !We started Texas Central for my own recording and inspirational meanderings way back in 2009 when My band of pirates n cohorts.GROOVE SHAMEN,was in it's infancy,rehearsing and recording here in the live room for many months.Sadly never got to play anywhere, mainly through lethargy from club owners n agents.deaths and other gremlins,but we did record some great tracks and they live on ...So to spin forward to 2019 and find ourselves still recording bands ,solo artistes and all n sundry.with passion,more knowledge than in 2007 thankfully and getting better results than ever,,We look forward to whomever wishes to come n record here,with the same level of friendliness and commitment in the future..Too many to thank here ,but its been a trip,and its been because of you all I'm still here doing it.We thank you all so very much ,Have a great Holiday season and Happy Xmas to you all


This is a comment from a musician that works here some times .Thanks Matt.indeed,
Pete is awesome! One of the most knowledgeable and talented producer / engineer I have ever met. He does absolutely incredible work. And a great musician as well.


It was great to receive a message from clients today saying what great sessions we provided them with ,and how it was a huge learning curve for them,working with myself and super tech at the helm,and how quickly and polished it all was musically..They liked the drum tracks I gave them to so that's a bonus here as well..They will be back soon !!


Session finished today around 6 ..Files all cleaned up and packed into hard drives thanks to a diligent tech tidy person and lovely all round wife..Client very happy also ,and coming back for more in January which pleases us very much . Rolling on again .Thank you dear BUDDY WHITTINGTON for playing some great guitar,once again and for the Arkansas Boyz for takin the trip and showing us some love Now to finish Mr Wilsons record.


Two more songs today with Miss Angie at the helm,after a few long days in the room,I needed to walk away from todays session to clear my head..Mark Wilson in today laying foundation tracks for me to play over later ......Another couple of really nice tunes from him....He's a very cool songwriter and enjoying the process with him again ....


Funny business this recording lark.If you dont keep listening to other artistes and studios they use...you can get left behind in ya own little world.Take drum sounds for instance! I'm always changing snares sounds, tuning for different songs,change Eq's etc etc and still you cant achieve some thing you might have heard on the radio that day n thought damn how do they do that? Then you realise you have a home studio with limitations. size of room,inexpensive mics and limited scope.So the job becomes a bit harder cause your fighting the big boys all the time .But....We don't do so bad here.....We have decent monitors/playback and our tea is world class ..so there you have it ..you cant have it all ,and what we offer is all that we have and Its got to be said."With small budgets we can do wonders here"...Were always open to discuss what budgets you might have and can work around? and I've said it before come n have a coffee ok?


Had a good day reviewing 14 songs and cleaning up tracks in readiness for the final batch of over dubs on Mark Wilson's first record,and being pleasantly surprised ,and pleased ,as to some of the musical meanderings of my incredibly jumbled brain waves,and song sets I've been presented with.So all is well and the client very happy....Vocals tomorrow !! Keys weds...then mixing...yay!


A great session today with Mark Wilson vocals and Rodney Pyeatt on guitar duties getting 6 songs completed A roaster indeed,but when ya gt the calibre of myself n Pyeatt on the game its cooking !!! Nearing completion of the batch of 14 songs and soon mixing time after a short break ...Well done fellas.

I had a nice few moments last night when I looked back  and listened to a Nick Tittle album I had recorded with him 5 or...
Screaming for Candy Art [Explicit]

I had a nice few moments last night when I looked back and listened to a Nick Tittle album I had recorded with him 5 or 6 years ago now ,and was pleasantly surprised with the sounds and the vibe of the record and was very pleased to hear it working as a whole once again.It was a very intimate record due to the performances of Nick, and it bought back some very cool memories of the recording process together.Here was a young man steppin out side his box,creating and experiencing his first time in the studio,with a seasoned pro,and delivering ,well to me, some spine chilling moments,and performances.This wasnt just straight ahead heads down rockin,this was cerebral song crafting at its best and worldly also..
"Screaming for candy art "is the record Go give it a listen...

Thanks Nick it was real nice to go back there again .

Screaming for Candy Art [Explicit]


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We have been open for business a few years now,and all are repeat clients,with over 30 cds recorded/produced here , a record were really proud of at TCP...We want to see n hear new songs from all sorts of artistes maybe just setting out in the business of making music.so give us a call on f/book.or drop a line on this page .. we would also like to take the time to wish all our friends /clients and fellow musicians a Happy xmas..

See you soon


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I just spent a wonderful morning with my very good friend Pete "Tommo" Thompson at Texas Central Productions here in Fort Worth listening to his latest works and marveling at his talent as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, singer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer. To all of my musician buddies in DFW, if you are looking for a great studio and recording engineer with a fantastic ear and a remarkable musical sensibility I highly recommend that you reach out to him. In a short five song demo that Pete did for us a few years ago, he made me sound better than I ever thought I could......