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The best social distancing video explanation

Betsy Price

Betsy Price

It was an honor to host the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf in Fort Worth and showcase the Fort Worth Fire Department Training Academy alongside Congresswoman Granger and Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis. Sec. Wolf announced changes to SAFER Grants that will allow for more firefighting organizations – including our own Fort Worth Fire Department – to take advantage of the program, which is crucial in helping fire departments in recruitment and retention.

“The Fort Worth Fire Department plays a critical role in the health and safety of our community and has been on the frontlines of our fight against COVID-19. The SAFER Grant has ensured our first responders have the resources necessary to best protect and serve all of Fort Worth.” – Mayor Betsy Price

YOKOSUKA, Japan (May 21, 2020) Chief Master-at-Arms Jessica Guzman, from Fort Worth, Texas, ensures nearby ships maintai...

YOKOSUKA, Japan (May 21, 2020) Chief Master-at-Arms Jessica Guzman, from Fort Worth, Texas, ensures nearby ships maintain a security perimeter around the Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Ronald Reagan, the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 5, provides a combat-ready force that protects and defends the collective maritime interests of its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Samantha Jetzer)

{we do not know what high school she attended, so if you know her family, please forward/share this message. SALUTE to our women and men in the military!}

Smokeys BBQ & Diner
Smokeys BBQ & Diner

Smokeys BBQ & Diner

We are the most reviews bbq joint west of I-35. Is there any chance us #eastsider can share this link and gain so many reviews we are the most reviewed bbq joint in the area. We think so! I challenge you to help us make this a reality. Please share and click on this posted link and ask others to please help us serve you all better. Love.

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Dr. Kent P. Scribner

Dr. Kent P. Scribner

Whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher, or a community member, we need to hear your voice as we decide how to move forward for the 2020-2021 school year. Please take a few minutes to give us your input at

Smokey's is open for take out and catering.

Smokey's is open for take out and catering.

Looking to promote our catering and group delivery service. Due to the current COVID concern we have received an increase in delivery orders and are looking to continue this service to everyone.

Call 817-451-8222 we would love to take your next order!

#catering #bbq #fortworth #texas #call #delivery

Its the time of year these bugs show up here. they are not good! in addition to the medical article is one by Texas A&M…...

Its the time of year these bugs show up here. they are not good! in addition to the medical article is one by Texas A&M…

“Kissing bugs” get their nickname from the bite marks they leave on the face. Typically found in Central and South America, the bugs can carry the parasite that transmits Chagas disease:

smokeys is open today.

smokeys is open today.

The harder the rain.. the harder we plan to celebrate today! There is no amount of rain going to keep us from flipping around the closed sign around. See you all here today! Special shout out to Jubes Smokehouse for helping us serve East Fort Worth people with quality smoked meats. Get out and enjoy some BBQ at your local joint!

#FortWorth #Texas #NationalBBQDay

Food distribution to families at four mobile pantry sites this Saturday
Food distribution to families at four mobile pantry sites this Saturday

Food distribution to families at four mobile pantry sites this Saturday

The Tarrant Area Food Bank is working with local partner organizations and Fort Worth ISD to provide boxes of food to families. Boxes of nonperishables will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

be prepared. this is the kind of storms I recommend UNPLUGGING your computers and modems, TVs & other electronics to pre...

be prepared.
this is the kind of storms I recommend UNPLUGGING your computers and modems, TVs & other electronics to prevent damage from lightning strikes/power surges.

that includes Power cord and any other "from the outside" connection like ethernet /HDMI / cable.

five minutes unplugging / replugging in tomorrow is a lot less expensive than replacing your computer or TV.

the iron ore in our base dirt seems to attract lightning.

customer had 2 TVs fried by power surges in last week's storm. she had to replace both of them.

The Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service are monitoring the potential for severe weather between 9PM-12AM tonight. The main threats of this system include heavy rain, strong winds (upwards of 60 mph gusts) and possible quarter size hail. Please make your preparations now to be weather ready. Have multiple ways to receive weather alerts and follow us for more details. Stay safe! ⛈

State Representative Nicole Collier

State Representative Nicole Collier

When it comes to food, many Texans will now be more protected thanks to the more than $1 billion provide for a pandemic food assistance program.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative, the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program supports families with children, through a one-time $285 benefit PER CHILD, to pay for groceries.

The P-EBT will be similarly used like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to receive food benefits but you don’t have to be a SNAP recipient to access this program.


March recipients of SNAP food benefits or who received free or reduced meals at schools, prior to school district shut downs, can get P-EBT benefits. Additionally, families with children in school before the COVID-19 campus closures, who qualified for free or reduced school meals, also are P-EBT eligible.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Education Agency are the state agencies that will oversee the P-EBT program.

Here is the breakdown of who can receive P-EBT benefits:

· Families with children ages 5-18 and who received March SNAP benefits when the schools originally closed, will AUTOMATICALLY get P-EBT benefits by May 22, 2020 on their Lone Star Card.

· Children in families who qualified for free or reduced meals for the 2019-2020 school year and who DID NOT get March SNAP benefits, MUST APPLY

· Children in families that received no-cost meals because they attended Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) or Provision II schools, MUST APPLY

School districts will be contacting CEP or Provision II families, with eligibility and application access information by May 31, 2020.

For those who are required to apply, the application process will be open from June 1-June 30, 2020, and applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Once applicants complete their applications, a new Texas P-EBT card will be sent to eligible families, by postal mail.

More information can be found here:


Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33) To Introduce Legislation to Bolster Broadband Access for Low Income, Minority Groups During Pandemic

Key Provisions from Legislation To Be Included in Sweeping Heroes Act Stimulus Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33) announced he will introduce legislation that will bolster access to broadband for low-income and minority individuals that are facing unprecedented challenges during the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Veasey-led legislation will provide free or low cost internet service to low-income individuals or those who have recently been laid off or furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Key provisions of the legislation are included in the Heroes Act—a bold and comprehensive coronavirus response bill that will meet the challenge this pandemic poses to our nation—this legislation will be voted on later this week.

“With work, school, and healthcare—not to mention basic communication between friends and families—now taking place primarily online, it is more important than ever that all Americans have access to a fast, reliable internet connection. The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the barriers that low-income and minority individuals already face when trying to access critically-needed broadband services,” said Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33). “I am proud to introduce this legislation that will help overcome these barriers by ensuring our nation’s broadband and wireless providers can provide this critically important service at no or low cost to individuals.”

The legislation will also provide devices such as laptop or desktop computers or tablets to eligible households to ensure these families have the devices they need to look for a job, complete online homework assignments, or receive telehealth service. For individuals already benefitting from the Lifeline program, the bill will require that service providers provide an unlimited number of minutes and amount of data to their current plans for the duration of the pandemic. Finally, it will provide funding to states to facilitate the linking of their SNAP databases with the FCC’s National Lifeline Verifier database, which will allow recipients of that program to automatically qualify for Lifeline.


Texas Launches SNAP Online Grocery Purchases Pilot

AUSTIN – The Texas Health and Human Services Commission today announced the launch of a statewide pilot program allowing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients to purchase groceries online at participating retailers for curbside pickup or delivery starting Wednesday.

“As we respond to this pandemic, the state of Texas is committed to helping SNAP recipients throughout the state access nutritious food for their families,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “I thank HHSC for launching this new program and for its continued work to help Texans in need while containing the spread of COVID-19.”

Starting Wednesday, May 13, SNAP recipients can visit participating retailer websites and use their Lone Star Card to purchase groceries for curbside pickup or delivery. Currently, participating retailers in Texas are Walmart and Amazon.

“This innovative initiative helps provide healthy food to Texas families who need it the most during this challenging time,” said HHS Access and Eligibility Deputy Executive Commissioner Wayne Salter. “We’re committed to reducing food insecurity for at-risk Texans.”

SNAP funds may only be used for grocery purchases. Other associated charges such as delivery or convenience fees may not be paid for with SNAP benefits. SNAP recipients do not need to make any changes or updates to their account to use this new benefit and only need their PIN to complete transactions.

This expedited launch is the latest in the COVID-19 response for SNAP recipients in Texas, which includes recipients having their renewal requirements temporarily waived and receiving the maximum eligible allotment by household. SNAP recipients will see the maximum allotment amount on their Lone Star Card by May 15 and do not need to take any further action to receive additional benefits.

About SNAP

This program provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of families in need, so they can purchase healthy food and move toward self-sufficiency. In Texas, SNAP benefits are put onto the Lone Star Card (EBT card), which can be used just like a credit card at any store that accepts SNAP. Texas Health and Human Services administers the federal program throughout the state. More information about SNAP benefits is available here.


Fort Worth ISD Board Approves Sale of Inefficient And Underused Properties

At the regularly scheduled Fort Worth ISD Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, trustees approved the first sales of surplus property identified after a year-and-a-half-long strategic study of inefficient and underused District facilities.

The three properties will net a total $11,514,180 and include:

· The Fort Worth ISD Professional Development Center at 3150 McCart Avenue ($9,000,000)

· 840 Cooks Lane ($750,000)

· 3 acres at 168 Northwest Corner of Wichita Street and I-20 ($1,764,180)

“This is the initial phase of the sale of outdated, inefficient facilities that no longer serve the needs of our children or educators,” said Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “Their sale can and will support a brighter future for public education in Fort Worth. Our goal is to do the right thing for both our students and our taxpayers.”

“Five years ago the District established a Long Range Facilities Master Plan,” said Board President Jacinto Ramos Jr. “The sale of these properties support our plan to both operate efficiently and support student outcomes through improved and equitable learning environments.”

The facility located at 3510 McCart Avenue now functions as the District’s Professional Development Center. Employees who work there and students who attend class there will be relocated to another facility. The other two properties approved for sale are vacant parcels of land.

A fourth property sale was also approved by the Board. The Thomas Place Community Center, a District property operated by the City of Fort Worth, will be purchased by the City. It will continue to function as a community center. The District will realize an additional $1.4 million from that transaction.

The Fort Worth ISD leadership has completed a detailed evaluation of the District’s administrative buildings and other, non-instructional properties. The evaluation comes as FWISD continues building a smarter and more efficient District to better serve our students, faculty, staff, and the taxpayers.

The Fort Worth office of JLL, a globally acclaimed real estate services company, has worked with the District over the past 18 months to prepare a strategic real estate plan to identify and monetize these under-utilized District properties.

Details regarding the sale of additional properties are still being considered.


Let's review:

• Covid-19 is HIGHLY contagious.

• The virus can float in moisture droplets caused by exhaling, coughing and sneezing.

• It takes about 30 minutes for the virus to start replicating once it has entered the host body.

• Once infected, it takes about 45 minutes for a person to become contagious: exhaling virus cells with every breath.

• SYMPTOMS of infection (fever, weakness, difficulty breathing, blood clots, etc) show up 7 to 14 days AFTER infection, when BILLIONS of virus cells have chewed thru & ruptured cells in your major organs.

• Wearing a mask keeps you from EXHALING and spreading the virus, but only when you wear the mask over both your nose and mouth. You don't know if you are contagious.

• Wearing a mask keeps you from INHALING someone else's virus cells, but only when you wear the mask over both your nose and mouth. You don't know who is contagious, when they are standing right next to you.

• Washing your hands with plain ole soap and water will destroy the virus cells on your hands, reducing the chance you touch your face, and the virus gets in your nose, mouth or eyes.

• The less you are out around other people, the less chance you have of becoming infected.

it is just this simple.
Wear a mask when out in public.
Wash your hands every chance you get!

if EVERYONE did this for a month or 2, we could eliminate the virus.


Catholic Charities, Tarrant Area Food Bank launch food-finding partnership

Posted May 12, 2020

Catholic Charities Fort Worth and Tarrant Area Food Bank are partnering to use each other’s strengths for good during this challenging time.

As food insecurity rises, confusion about how and where to get healthy food options has become a quickly growing problem. Some familiar church and other community organization food pantries have had to shut down due to safety reasons, some have experienced a lack of donations as their donor base continues to shelter in place, and some are finding their market just doesn’t know how to find them.

Tarrant Area Food Bank asked Catholic Charities Fort Worth to take on call center functions to help receive inquiries and assist callers with information that will get them the food they need the quickest. Using Catholic Charities’ Community Care Center, the organization will use the food bank’s robust software system to navigate all local food pantries and mobile events with an interactive map that can identify the nearest food sources for a caller and even deliver food with Catholic Charities’ transportation fleet.

People who need food can call Catholic Charities’ main line at 817-534-0814 Monday through Friday. Call center staffers and volunteers will assist callers with a proxy service that allows others to pick up food from pantries on their behalf.


1850 Handley Dr
Fort Worth, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 11:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 11:00 - 17:30
Thursday 11:00 - 17:30
Friday 11:00 - 17:30


(817) 451-6276


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