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Pow Pow Films's cover photo

Tracing Paper Short Film Full Version "Official"

A sweet fairy tale. It has its shining moments for $0.00 and a bunch of rookie actors.

Two girls lost in an emotional labyrinth. The touching story about a father and his love for his daughters. The "Witch" keeps the girls from him. He is force...

EDM Films Flow Film Teaser

The film teaser for "Flow" A true period piece.

Film teaser for "Flow" Feature film to be shot by EDM Films. Fort Worth meets Chicago for a great collaborative effort! Yay! Thanks to Jim Marcus and crew fo...

What REALLY Happens To Vampires in the Sun

Any Twilight fans still out there?

This is our tribute to all the Twilight parodies out there. Bless you all. We wanted to throw our hat in the ring and give our interpretation. Thank you Kris...

Rooftop Summer

Enjoy a Friday Night short film. Cast it to the big screen!

Rooftop Summer is "a love poem to Summer." Starring Jared Covarelli as Dave Brittney Winkle as Kate Matt McMurry as Chad and Introducing Jessica Howard as Je...

Beautiful Bunch Inevitably Gone Lyric Video

This is a heck of a video made completely from stock clips. Beautiful Bunch

We had the honor of creating this lyric video for our good friends from the band Beautiful Bunch in Germany! This is track 7 "Inevitably Gone" off the latest...

Episode 8 Roundup

After this you will be up to date with number 8! #BattleScarred

Ep 8 "Roundup" – A soldier who is believed to be KIA is held in a BEMAC internment camp in NEw Boston Texas. Many questions are answered and again many are r...

Ep 7 Rendezvous

Lucky number 7! #BattleScarred

Episode 7 "Rendezvous" Royce, Marcus and Flat top take the girls to Colonel Hayes Camp. The question is, "are they welcome?" Battle Scarred features 1/6th sc...

Battle Scarred Ep 6 "All Bugged Out"

These sure are some brave young ladies! #BattleScarred ep 6

In Episode 6 we find Chelsea and Macie alone and scared on a deserted Texas back road. Battle Scarred features 1/6th scale GI Joe and collectible figures and...

Battle Scarred Ep 5 Bugout Base Part 2

Keeping things in sequence we bring you episode 5! #BattleScarred

Ep5 is part 2 of 2. Derrick is a deer in headlights. The group must get organized. TIme is precious. Cast Red - Tom Hesrkowitz Nick - Joey Edwards Colonel Ha...

Ep 4 Bug Out Base Part 1

Even MORE guest voice actors! Battle Scarred ep 4 Please share and sub the youtube channel!

Episode 4 we meet the Hayes family preparing for the arrival of the reinforcements. But they run into a snag. Battle Scarred features 1/6th scale GI Joe and ...

Battle Scarred ep 3 The Four Horsemen - 1/6th Scale GI Joes

This episode of Battle Scarred took the most time to film! Check out how many "soldiers" there are in the woods!!!

Ep3 – The Four Horsemen Battle Scarred features 1/6th scale GI Joe and collectible figures and is the story of several different factions trying to survive i...

Battle Scarred "Pilot" Ep 1 So It Begins 1/6th Scale GI Joe

Have you started watching our YouTube show Battle Scarred? Here is the pilot!

Pilot episode – Ep1 – So it Begins – Red and Nick have to gather supplies and head to the rally point. Battle Scarred is the story of several different facti...

Battle Scarred

Battle Scarred

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are looking for script writers!!! Please share!!!

Battle Scarred

Battle Scarred

EPISODE 7 IS HERE!!! Watch "Rendezvous" and share with your friends!!!

Beautiful Bunch

Take a look at this Lyric Video we produced for our friends in Germany! Beautiful Bunch

Our friend Joey Edwards made a sick lyric video to our song "Inevitably Gone". 😍 Go check it out!

Battle Scarred

#BattleScarred is beast. Probably the coolest project we have done to date.

Maybe the coolest episode yet! Ep 6 "All Bugged Out." Find out more about Macies "special gift." #BattleScarred Please share and repost.

You have to sub our newest show channel on YouTube please!
Battle Scarred

You have to sub our newest show channel on YouTube please!

5 episodes in and gaining momentum. Check out the first 5 episodes of #BattleScarred here.
Battle Scarred

5 episodes in and gaining momentum. Check out the first 5 episodes of #BattleScarred here.

5 episodes is halfway to bingable! Get caught up on the show with the #BattleScarred playlist.

Unbelievable facts
Unbelievable facts

Unbelievable facts

18 Facts About Famous Actors Who Went to Extreme Lengths for Movie Roles

Love this show. So many cool nuggets of info and trivia surrounding it.
Battle Scarred

Love this show. So many cool nuggets of info and trivia surrounding it.

Did you know that our Colonel Hayes is actually General Dwight Eisenhower? #BattleScarred

Battle Scarred

Love this show!

Wonderful shooting day today. Episode 5 is 90% shot. Plus a special collectible unboxing video coming soon too! #battlescarred


Hey everyone! If you plan on buying #Amazon gift cards or blu rays for Christmas shop our store. If you have special requests contact us and we can add what you desire and you can buy it from us and support our indie film projects! www.edmfilms.com

Battle Scarred

Love these guys. Please support on Facebook and YouTube!

The official first episode of our web series "Battle Scarred" is here. Meet Nick and Red as they trek to find safety after major catastrophes hit the USA. We give you Episode 1 "So it Begins." Please like share and subscribe on YouTube. Michael Edwards Thomas Herskowitz Anne Gifford Kim Green Edwards Samantha Renee Edwards Kassidy Edwards Charles Edwards Dawn Wright Edwards Lizette JC Wilson Roxanna Roach Berg Betty Green Betty Rudel Ryan Rudel Rachel Rudel


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