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Brambleton Sound Frederick, MD - Recording, Producing, Editing, Mixing,and Mastering Services for Audio and Video. Website @ Brambleton Sound is a business run by Sam Hillman that offers a wide variety of professional audio production services.

Sam Hillman spent 4 years studying Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University; a school located near Nashville, TN: Music City USA and widely regarded as having one of the best programs in the world to study Pro Audio. Available Services Include:
- Multi-Track Studio Recordings
- Multi-Track Live Performance Recordings
- Overdubbing
- Digital Editing and Tuning
- Mixing
- Mastering

Sam Hillman spent 4 years studying Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University; a school located near Nashville, TN: Music City USA and widely regarded as having one of the best programs in the world to study Pro Audio. Available Services Include:
- Multi-Track Studio Recordings
- Multi-Track Live Performance Recordings
- Overdubbing
- Digital Editing and Tuning
- Mixing
- Mastering

The Sidekick

Thanks for the shout-out!

The EP is currently being mixed by the madman behind Brambleton Sound! I'm really looking forward to getting these!

Random Holiday - Live at All Saints Episcopal Church - Full Set

A few weeks ago I recorded multi-track audio/video of all the bands that played at TAKE CARE.'s CD release show. Here is Random Holiday's full set. They were awesome! Adam Meadors from Distances takes up rhythm guitar on the last song too!

Contact me if you are interested in a similar product. I can set up anywhere!

Wi******er, VA Alternative/Punk band Random Holiday plays live at All Saints Episcopal Church in Frederick, MD on October 24th, 2014 for Take Care's debut al...


300 likes! Yay.. I suppose?

Led Zepplin is being sued for allegedly lifting the opening passages of Stairway from another vaguely similar song that ...
Game: Which Is the Real Stairway to Heaven ?

Led Zepplin is being sued for allegedly lifting the opening passages of Stairway from another vaguely similar song that was wildly less successful because it wasn't anywhere near as good of a song.

Here's a fun little game they made out of it. I found it to be extremely easy to put together the right bit. Just because they use a similar descending chromatic chord progression doesn't mean it is infringement.

Zepplin has a long history of taking credit for other people's work, but I feel they don't deserve the heat this time.

Stairway to Heaven’s stature—financially, culturally, and musically—is towering. Led Zeppelin’s legendary hit has earned more than a half-billion dollars and propelled the 1971 album on which it appears to more sales in the U.S. than any save Michael Jackson’s Thriller and a greatest hits collection

Take Care - "Fat Lip" - Sum 41 Cover (Live at All Saints Church: Frederick, MD)

TAKE CARE. did a sick Sum 41 cover to close their CD release show. I multi-tracked the audio and video. This show was a lot of fun! I'm always looking for more work so get in touch with me if you want a similar product!

Frederick, MD Pop Punk band Take Care plays a Sum 41 cover at their CD release show for their debut album "All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing" at All Saint...

All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing, by Take Care

I'm really excited for TAKE CARE. on the release of their first full length album. It is free for the next 24 hours and is well worth an uninterrupted listen front to back. It was a great pleasure to work with these guys on one of my favorite projects to date. They came prepared to work with multi-track demos of every song and lots of rehearsal!

11 track album

David Bendeth

Some real words of wisdom here from the best. I know I learned a few things from this, what do you think?

Here is my sage advice for a player on recording Guitars or Bass.
1. Use a great guitar, by this I mean a guitar with tonality, and personality.
2. Use new strings, not a cheap brand, put them on the night before and tune vigorously until they don't slip.
3. Use a pick that fits the part you are playing
4. Use a good amplifier, check the tubes are not glowing blue, some amps are great live but have no business ion the studio.
5. Make sure your cable is not too long, try and use better a high grade cable and tough hardware.
6. Sit in a comfortable position without leaning the guitar back or forward, make sure you have room to tap your foot if you need to, and you should.
7. Position yourself in the center of the speakers facing them. Do not put the guitar loud in the center, always to one side. the click is perfect, you are not supposed to be.
8. Do not record with your instrument loud in the mix, balance it just below the drums, and bass for clarity and groove. when doubling, pan far left and right and follow your first guitar.
9. never try to play the whole song perfectly, work in sections and enjoy what you are playing, not what you played and what you are going to play.
10. breathe, relax and enjoy the music, you are never going to play perfectly, you are going to fit the song perfectly.

Waves Audio

I chose delay, simply because reverb is nothing more than a complex succession of delayed sounds. If you had an awesome Delay, you could create reverb, but if you have an awesome reverb, you could never create delay with it!

What do you think?

If you had to pick one – reverb or delay?

I've been doing big things down here in Tennessee with this organization.  I have learned more in 1 year here than I hav...
Studio LIFE

I've been doing big things down here in Tennessee with this organization. I have learned more in 1 year here than I have in the last 3 years on my own at my home studio.

Real World & Student Centered Production

Made some major updates to my website!  http://www.BrambletonSound.comI'd love to do some mixing/mastering work for frie...
Brambleton Sound

Made some major updates to my website!

I'd love to do some mixing/mastering work for friends back home in Maryland and stay in touch with the local scene. If you have a song or a beat etc. that needs some extra work, message me and I'll let you know how to send it my way!

Brambleton Sound is a home studio in Frederick, MD owned and operated by Sam Hillman


I am coming home tomorrow and the studio will be up and running again for a few days while I am home!! Anybody looking to record something? Message me if you are interested.


6434 Brambleton Way
Frederick, MD

General information

My recording space made up of a combination control room/live room, and two small isolation booths made from an acoustically treated back closet. I have gear necessary to track an entire small band live, with good isolation between instruments. This is a fairly traditional way of recording. It is a cost effective option if you have your music REALLY solid, and tight as a whole band. Think "Twist And Shout" by The Beatles. Simple, energetic, classic, real. Get that perfect take with the vibes and energy of the whole band. Again, this can sound just as good as overdub recording if you are really tight, and very well rehearsed. There is no sacrifice in audio quality when tracking this way with me. I also do overdub recording, where the drums are tracked first (usually to a click track), followed by guitar, then vocals or bass. This takes longer, but allows for more control over the parts being recorded and is typically what is used for more modern, perfect, tight, "professional" sounding recordings. Think.. any kind of music 1990s-Present. GEAR LIST: Here is a List of the Gear I use, starting with Instruments that I have available for use at NO EXTRA CHARGE: My Gear: Drums/Percussion: > Mapleworks Custom Drums: 10", 12", 15" Toms (6 Ply), 22"x18" Kick (8 Ply), all Keller Maple shells. > Orange County 13"x7" Maple Snare (Die Cast Hoops) > Mapex Black Panther 14"x8" Big Cat Snare > Pearl Joey Jordison 13"x6.5" Signature Steel Snare > Pearl Sensitone 14"x5.5" Steel Snare > Audition 14"x5.5" 6 Lug Snare > Lots of auxiliary percussion, Tambourine, shakers etc. Cymbals: Zildjian > 14" New Beat Hi-Hat > 21" Sweet Ride > 16" and 18" Fast Crashes > 15" Thin Crash > 18" ZBT China > 10" ZXT Splash > 10" ZHT China-Splash > 6" Zil-Bell > Wuhan 12" China > Sabian B8 Pro 20" Ride > Sabian Alu-Bell > Paiste Alpha/Dimensions series 14" Hat > Paiste 8" Splash > 22" Vintage Neil Peart Zildjian ride and 14" crash > 10" Fast Splash > Sabian 16" AAX crash, 15" AAX Xtreme China, Pedals: > Tama Iron Cobra Power-Glide double pedal > Pearl Eliminator double pedal > Pearl P-900 single chain pedal Guitars/String Instruments: > Gibson Les Paul Studio (1990) > Fender Standard Telecaster > Epiphone Casino (Vintage 1960s) > Aria Full hollowbody electric L5 clone (Vintage 1960s) > Taylor GA-RS 1995 Limited Edition (814/GA8) > Ibanez RG Prestige Series Solid Body Electric w/ stereo piezo output > Epiphone Les Paul Special II (with Duncan JB Bridge Pickup) > Stratocaster loaded with Seymour Duncan Pickups > Fender Special Edition Precision Bass (P-Bass) > Ibanez SDGR Bass w/ Active Humbuckers > Hofner Beatles Bass HI Series > Martin DCX-1E Dreadnought acoustic with Fishman Blender pickup > Ovation CS257 Celebrity Acoustic > Fender Dreadnought Acoustic > Ibanez Classical/Nylon String acoustic-electric > Washburn Ukulele Amps/Cabs/Pedals: > Peavey 6505+ 120 watt Tube Head > Marshall JCM-900 SL-X 2100 Tube Head > Vox AC30 CCH Head > Modded Epiphone Valve Junior 5 Watt Tube Head > Avatar Vintage style 2x12 cab (Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30, and Celestion G12H30) > Seismic Audio 1x12 Open Back Cab > MXR 10 Band EQ (Vintage Blue) > Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer > Ibanez Compressor Pedal I am also able to borrow on request: Mesa Dual Rectifier Head, Mesa Rectifier 4x12 cab, Peavey 5150 Head, Avatar 412 Cab (Celestion Greenbacks/G12T-75s) Line 6 Vetta II Head+Cab Keyboards/MIDI Controllers: > M-Audio Axiom 49 > M-Audio Keystation 88es > Casio General MIDI Keyboard Brass/Woodwinds: > 2x Bach Trumpets > Selmer Alto Saxaphone > Bass Trombone Interfaces: > M-Audio ProjectMix I/O (8ch Control Surface) > Presonus Digimax D8 (16 Simultaneous Channels Digital) > Zoom H4n (for location recordings) Computers: > Custom Built and Overclocked Intel i7 3770K "Hackintosh" > Macbook Pro 15" Core i5 8GB RAM > Custom built Windows Desktop (AMD Dual Core 2007) Software: DAWs: > AVID ProTools HD10 > AVID ProTools HD11 > Reaper Guitar Amps: > Line 6 POD Farm 2 > Ik Multimedia Amplitube 3 (ENGL, Orange, and Jet City) Drums/Sampling: > Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5 Pro > Steven Slate Drums EX 3.5 > Toontrack EZ Drummer > FXpansion BFD Lite Tuning/Editing > Antares AutoTune 7 and 6 Evo > Celemony Melodyne Editor 2 Analog Emulation > Slate Digital VCC (Virtual Console Collection) > Waves Kramer MPX Master Tape > Massey Tapehead Mastering > Slate Digital FGX (Mastering Processor) > IK Multimedia T-Racks 4 CS Grand > Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter Effects > SoundToys Native Effects and Devil-Loc Deluxe > LiquidSonics Reverberate > iZotope Alloy 2 > McDSP Project Studio Bundle > Massey CT4 and CT5 Compressors > Waves Musicians 2 Bundle > Waves Native Power Pack > Waves Renaissance Bass Virtual Instruments > FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad > IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik > Native Instruments Komplete 8 Players > IK Multimedia SampleTank FREE > AVID Creative Collection Keyboards/MIDI Controllers: > M-Audio Keystation 88es > M-Audio Axiom 49 > Casio General MIDI Keyboard Monitoring: > ADAM Audio A7 > KRK Rokit 8 > Harmon Kardon 2.1 Computer Speakers > AR Audiophile speakers > Sony MDR-7506 headphones x2 > Sony MDR-V-150 headphones x3 > Sony Noise Cancelling headphones Acoustic Treatment: > GIK Acoustics (Bass Trapping,Broadband Absorption, Diffusion) > Auralex Acoustics (High Frequency absorption, Monitor Decoupling) > Primacoustic Crashguard > Owens Corning (Soundproofing/Isolation) Microphones: Condensers/Capacitor: > Neumann U87 > AKG C414 XL II (x2) > Rode NT-1A (x2) > Rode NT-4 (Stereo Mic) > CAD M179 (x3) > Superlux S241 (x2) > Audio Technica PZM/Boundary (x2) > 12 Gauge Microphones RED12 (x1) > Behringer ECM-8000 Dynamic: > Shure SM7B > Shure SM57 (x3) > Shure SM58 > Shure Beta 52 > Sennheiser e602 > Revox M3500 > Sennheiser e609 > Prodipe TT1 > AKG D 8000 S > Realistik High ball 2 Omni (x3) > Home Made Subkick > Misc Cheap Dynamics Ribbon: > Apex 205 (x2) Modded > Nady RSM-4 (x2) Modded > CAD Trion 7000 Modded Preamps: > Focusrite ISA One (x2) > Seventh Circle Audio T15 (x2) > Seventh Circle Audio A12 (API 512 clone) x1 > Presonus Studio Channel > Vintage SoundCraft Series 1S (x16) (Sowter Transformers on input) DI: > Whirlwind IMP 2 Passive DI > Rapco Passive DI > Radial ProRMP Passive Reamping Box Awesome Stuff That You Don't Have: > Guitar Amp Mic Placement Robot


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