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Side Roads Sounds Project The Side Roads Sounds Project is a Terressentials initiative created by our small organic team with the goal of contributing to the evolving musical culture in Maryland and, ultimately, the world by hosting fun and free, outdoor musical Street Parties!

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Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Thank you to all for the overwhelming response to our new single "One Way Out of a Hole". We've all been feeling an unusual level of transformation in our lives over the past few years, both as individuals and as a society as a whole. Like this song, our forthcoming album "Metamorphosis" is all about change...the kind that is full of joy and the kind that hurts like hell. This kind of evolution comes with a lot of struggle...but it also comes with the hope for something better. Here's to wishing y'all butterflies on the other side of your cocoons.


WINTER LIGHT could arguably be classified as Linda Ronstadt's best pop album of the 1990s... there is not a single dud on this impeccably produced album, which, in fact, gets better and better with each listening." -ALLMUSIC

The album's title track, "Winter Light", was also featured in the '93 film, THE SECRET GARDEN. This winter, warm up by listening to the first album Linda produced herself:


On this date in 1981, Steve’s second solo album debuted in the UK charts. "I intended to make ‘Arc Of A Diver’ so it would sound like a band was playing. When I was a kid, I always used to mess around with tape machines; I'd overdub so I'd sound like a band. I would have done this record at some point anyway, it was just that I finally had the studio that enabled me to do it." - SW, 1981 interview


CNN Films released LINDA RONSTADT: THE SOUND OF MY VOICE on this day in 2020. The documentary follows the life of our Queen of Country Rock, beginning with her roots in Arizona. It also includes interviews, archival footage, and performances from the likes of Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks, Carrie Underwood, and more. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy:

Michael Nesmith — considerably more than a Monkee — dies at 78
Michael Nesmith — considerably more than a Monkee — dies at 78

Michael Nesmith — considerably more than a Monkee — dies at 78

Nesmith rose to fame as one of the Pre-Fab Four — but he had a long and influential career after the Monkees. He helped invent the format that became MTV, and produced the cult film Repo Man.

Very talented ladies!

Very talented ladies!

Pretty Songs for A Sunday & The Monday Night Hoedown are back (for 2 days only). This Sunday at 9:30 am ET Celia will share some pretty, pretty songs. Monday night at 8:00 pm ET Kimber and Avril will bring the hoedown straight into your home.
Right here on FB Live.

Photos from Sky Stage's post

Photos from Sky Stage's post


Sad news today as Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies at age 80, Mick Jagger pays tribute 😭


Monday mood: dad Ginger circa 1956 ish aged about 17! Have a good week all! Nettie 😊



😂 j

Do you have an old, valuable treasure in your collection?
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Does this happen to you



Do us a favor and give the album a listen.


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Dreamy...kinda reminds me of David Lynch and Julee Cruise way back in the day.
Music for painting mountaintop scenic views or sunrise at the shore...
Music for painting with oils...
Beautiful! Love this syncopation!
Such unusual technique!
Do you want to know how your creative flow compares to famous creatives? Check out this interesting chart...
Nice song!