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Mirchi Shalu Radio Jockey at Mirchi 1170 AM - SF Bay Area - Evening Drive Time - Shaam Shandaar She can touch her nose with her tongue and perform other awe-inspiring feats.

Former zen-seeker and wannabe professional Chole Bhature eater/Lotto Winner, Shalini Ramachandran, is woman of many interests. In her past life, she used to be mild-mannered account manager at a benefits brokerage; then she stopped being mild and became an RJ. Currently, the host of Shaam Shaandar in SF Bay Area- a show with news, views, infotainment and everything your mother didn’t want you to h

ear! She is a Facebook addict, a singer, a joker, an acting enthusiast, a foodie, a lazy traveler, a nature lover, and a low-adrenaline thrill seeker! Nature-wise, she is fairly domesticated – the right mix of crazy, whimsical and sensitive. With an open mind and a moderate IQ, you will like her about 79%, 84% of the time. **Warning** If you feed her, she will follow you home! Especially after midnight!

Operating as usual


Guess who’s featured on Mirchi mehmaan today?!!
*THE* Keith Stevenson!!

Keith Stevenson is a Bombay Baba who moved to the North Bay in 1997. In his richly experienced life he has balanced being a husband, a father, an ad man, a consummate actor on stage, BIG screen, radio and TV and has loved every moment of it! Funny man with many stories to tell!

Tune into Shaam Shaandar today to listen to his stories. 4-7 pm on 1170am!


This was ..... informative!


It’s all about picking the right music to put you into the right mood ❤️


Would my profile be complete without this reel!?


Life: You cannot run away from your problems! You are a responsible adult!


Every time I hear a notification after posting a reel 😂


When the 3 pm sugar crash hits; you start looking at cookies very differently!


… someone explaining how Crypto Currency and NFTs work, to me …


Sannu ki!?


Winter Wonderland
With my spirit animal ❤️


It happens to me a lot!

What are you saying!?!! 😳

What are you saying!?!! 😳


Husn VS Ishq


Sharing my neck exercise routine with those of you who need help like I do, for a stiff neck caused by brutal cold and c...

Sharing my neck exercise routine with those of you who need help like I do, for a stiff neck caused by brutal cold and continuous work.
Works like a charm!


Cliché things that movie stars say at press conferences.


Why do they tell you not to mix alcohol!? I feel fine!!


Conversations with the boss 🙂


Tequila!!! ❤️


You know…

I may not remember important phone numbers, or birthdates, or my car license plate numbers, or my appointments, or my passwords, or where I kept my car keys last night, or the name of the person I just met two minutes ago, or the date of my last period …

But this …
this, will always remain in my core memory!


It’s that time of the year, so you just let the guy do his thing!


What did I do!?


My fat a*s giving myself
the pep talk every morning!


When you take casual Fridays, too casually!

Mirchi USA is hiring!Sales position in New Jersey!Send your resume to 9033 Mirchi via WhatsApp.

Mirchi USA is hiring!
Sales position in New Jersey!
Send your resume to 9033 Mirchi via WhatsApp.

🎶 Kaise ghir ke aayeangna mein humare, badrakaare kaare badra 🎶Mausam bhale hi beimaan ho… gaane imaandaari se bajenge!!...

🎶 Kaise ghir ke aaye
angna mein humare, badra
kaare kaare badra 🎶

Mausam bhale hi beimaan ho…
gaane imaandaari se bajenge!! Get your chai pakoda, download the Mirchi app, and tune in today! ❤️

Make this evening a perfect evening!
Shaam Shandaar!

Pssst : What’s your favorite rain song?


Know someone who bibbles?


Whom I feel like, every time I wear a white outfit and pearls!


The stress is real!!


Sweet dreams are made of this!



"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"


Sakht zaroorat hai!


🍁 Thanksgiving week! 🍁

If there is one thing than the pandemic phase taught us, it is that we have a lot to be grateful about!!

Here are a few listeners who sent their videos on what they are most thankful for. I am soooo thankful for them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

You too can call in on 510-494-0400 on my show ‘Shaam Shaandar’ to let me know what you are most thankful for!

Tune in and dial in! ❤️


Self awareness is key 🫡


Only good thing about cold weather ❤️


Fremont, CA



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