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To reach a larger audience, while containing costs, it often requires compromising the "personal touch" while placing larger demands on technology. Although this appears to be cost-effective the total message can be lost.


Along with managing the inventory, keeping all of your audio-visual equipment safe and secure from theft poses a number of storage and security issues – more reasons that make renting AV equipment a financial no-brainer.


One growing trend in the audiovisual industry is the use of interactive devices. When a whiteboard, video wall, or other digital signage has touch-screen capabilities, the available interactivity can work to enhance the presentation.


LCD projectors produce color using three separate crystal panels, one each for red (R), green (G) and blue (B). Each panel creates the image in its designated color spectrum, and these images are projected simultaneously to produce a full color image onscreen.


Not sure what type of AV equipment you need to rent? The first thing to look at is how big of an audience you will be presenting to. This will determine first and foremost how big of a screen you are going to need for visuals and how loud the speakers need to be.


If your event is being held outdoors, let us know. We will make sure to provide equipment that is rated by the Underwriters Laboratories as outdoor equipment. This includes everything from wiring to mics to television screens.


Audience participation (also called presentation) software is the latest AV tool that enables you to know how your audience is reacting to your presentation in real time. This allows you to better read your audience and make adjustments as needed to ensure your presentation is as effective as possible.


There are several factors that need to be considered when determining the type of projector you need for your meeting or presentation. This includes the type of presentation to be given, the ambient light in the room, and the size of the room and the audience.


By renting AV equipment instead of buying it, you always have instant access to the latest equipment and technology and you can be sure that everything is always in top condition and working order.


Projector defined: A projector, as defined by, is "an apparatus for throwing an image on a screen, as a motion-picture projector or magic lantern."


Did you know that AV equipment is not only for commercial use? Residential AV equipment includes such things as in-ceiling speakers and projectors.


Unlike traditional lamp-based projectors, LED (light-emitting diode) versions use arrays of light-generating diodes to produce light and project an image onscreen. Many projectors combine an LED light source with DLP or LCD display technology.


No need to keep your audiences in the dark; illuminate presenters with lighting that accentuates their best qualities, lets them shine on stage, and doesn’t allow anyone to hide in the shadows.


AV equipment allows you as the presenter to use all forms of media to get your message across. From videography and web videos, to slides and interactive DVDs, there are so many tools you can rent that allow you to use multiple media platforms to communicate.


When examining the layout of a standard-sized conference room prior to setting up for video conferencing, the ideal number of seats is between six and ten; this allows the camera to focus on all present without having to make adjustments during the proceedings.


A dynamic loudspeaker is made up of four main components. These components include the diaphragm, the magnet, the suspension, and the voice coil.


When hosting a tournament or other type of athletic competition, do not forget to rent microphones and loudspeakers. It makes it easier to keep participants informed of the proceedings.


Microphone history: "In 1878, the carbon microphone was invented by David Edward Hughes," writes "Hughes's microphone was the early model for the various carbon microphones now in use."


To become an audiovisual technician, it is important to stay up to date on the latest industry technology. During the course of his or her career, an AV technician may elect to specialize in a particular area of AV equipment.


If you wish to record a lecture or presentation while transmitting to an offsite location, it is best to create an uncompressed video signal; this is accomplished by splitting the camera signal to the codec in order to simultaneously transmit the signal to the image matrix.


Among the latest trends in classroom usage of AV systems relates to projectors and displays. According to Campus Technology, "projectors and displays are becoming increasingly interactive, with more touch points to support multiple users at once,"


If video conferencing equipment is needed for use in multiple rooms, but the rooms will not be used simultaneously, we can assemble the equipment in portable consoles for easy transfer to the different sites.


Even the best-laid plans require last minute adjustments and additions; working with our rental service means adaptations and changes are seamless, eliminating any anxious moments wondering if everything will be ready and working on time.


LED projectors are quite popular in many business environments. In addition to producing more accurate colors, the LED light source uses less power, generates less heat and lasts significantly longer than the mercury lamps found in other projectors.


The AV projector technology known as LCoS is essentially a hybrid of the more widely known DLP and LCD technologies. LCoS incorporates liquid crystal chips like an LCD, but the chips feature a mirrored backing, using a reflective technology similar to DLP.


For the best view of and for those involved in a video conference, arrange the seating using a V-formation using either an elliptically-shaped table or modular tables arranged in a horseshoe formation.


If you’re leading a problem-solving meeting or brainstorming session, consider using an interactive whiteboard. You can write on it, manipulate items with your fingers, perform mouse functions and save, download and share results with participants.


Multi-image display AV equipment no longer requires multiple screens and projectors to display more than one image at a time. Instead, this new equipment can overlap and blend images by merging input from one or more devices.


Is your band playing in a venue that is larger than other places where you have played? If so, let us set you up with the right equipment for the sound boost you need.


Microphone defined: A microphone, as defined by The Free Dictionary, is "an instrument that converts sound waves into an electric current, usually fed into an amplifier, a recorder, or a broadcast transmitter."


Are you DJing an event and the tools of your trade have stopped working properly? Instead of panicking, give us a call. We can provide superior equipment for as long as needed to get you through the gig and until you find suitable replacements.


Projector history: Did you know that the first use of overhead projectors was by police departments? Police used overhead projectors in identification work.


What’s a UHP projector? The acronym stands for ultra high performance, a term used to describe any AV projector that uses a lamp-based projection system. UHP projectors generate a strong bright light that can’t yet be matched by LED projectors.


AV equipment and its supporting media provide a great tool to use to manage clients, especially if you have clients who may live in a different part of the world. The right equipment makes it possible to transmit and communicate in real-time with customers from every corner of the globe.


These days when you use a microphone for a business presentation, you no longer have to be encumbered by a cord. There are now wireless handheld microphones (complete with single channel wireless receivers) for you to rent instead, making things a whole lot more simple.


To a great degree, the success of your business depends on your ability to communicate well with your customers and partners. AV equipment rentals make it easier for you to facilitate thoughts and ideas through unique forums for the most effective communication possible.


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BJL Audio Visual (BJL-AV) has years of experience in the audiovisual and multimedia fields. Our expertise is used to channel the "personal touch" and sophisticated technologies to provide cost-effective multimedia services to businesses nationwide. This makes BJL-AV uniquely qualified to satisfy your needs. BJL Audio Visual was established in 1981 to provide staging design and equipment rental services. The company occupies its own fully equipped contracting and service/support facility. This insures our leading-edge position to provide you with cost effective products and services. BJL Audio Visual is your premiere full-service multimedia company providing Staging Meeting Planning, Video Production, Equipment Sales and Rental, System Design, and Engineering Installation and Consulting Services. We offer unified packages whether your requirements are for a multi-image presentation with computerized special effects, lasers, “custom look” modular sets, large-screen video imaging or a live stage show.


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