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To my followers . Regretfully I have to announce that after four years struggling to navigate consumers though the complex legislation maze aka the ACA , that as of 2017, I have elected to no longer market or enroll Marylanders onto the State Health Exchange.

Federal government under the direction of CMS, has made the process for brokers so difficult for an independent agent to qualify for certification to offer these plans to consumers .

When we factor in the amount of additional legistative updates and changes required each year for recertification of which we are not paid to attend or have to pay fees to continue to assist new consumers .

Simply put. It's no longer worth our time vs the small financial incentives we receive.

Brokers like me have remained silent in our industry to prevent being black listed for speaking out for trying to help our clients get the best covered at the lowest cost.

As one presidential candidate once said. "We don't need brokers. They are a smart bunch. They will find something else to do."

What she meant to say is "we don't need smart insurance people protecting the public."

That's why we need more government to protect us from the mean old fair trade polices that drove competition right out of the market place as we now know.

As we part, the solution for the present health care debocal only choice left is to repeal and replace with a fair system that rewards those with unhealthy lifestyles.

If reform can not be achieved during this term , then the alturative will be a Demacrat bail out to replace private insurance with a single payer system.

What this means is once it becomes a new law. Your taxes will be increased by 145% over five years.
You will then have a healthcare system like Canada and will wait for six months to be treated.

Yes, everyone will be covered.
Those who have none will have more. Those who work and have now will have less and pay much more.

If anything significant happens to change this trajectory, I will let you know.

Good luck to you all.


Kenneth Richter


Individuals who did not have health coverage in 2014 are required to pay a tax penalty to the IRS. The penalty is 1% of gross household income over the federal income tax filing threshold (the minimum amount of gross income an individual or family must make to be required to file a tax return) or $95 per individual—whichever is greater. For 2015, the penalty increases to $325 per individual, or 2% of gross household income over the tax filing threshold—whichever is greater.


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Ken Richter will post a calender to schedule a 1 on 1 compare your
Plan and costs to those on and off the Maryland Health Exchanges.
Starting November 19th.


Enrollment begins starting Nov 19 th.
Like us if you want to keep up with all
the changes or need to schedule an
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