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Inheritance World Ministries INC Training teams of Christians to construct housing, spread love and minister through puppetry, acting, illusion tricks and sketchboard art. Our goal is to help establish and/or maintain orphanages for the lost and forgotten children of the world.

Starting in the slums of Kenya.

Mission: To take the message of Jesus Christ and His saving Grace to those who so desparately need the Hope that only He can give by ministring to the physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished and forgotten around the world.

They are back!!!Have to leave for work but wanted you all to know. Have a blessed day!Gail

They are back!!!
Have to leave for work but wanted you all to know.
Have a blessed day!

Today is our last day of work in Kenya. It has been a very successful trip in many ways. After speaking Sunday at Pastor...

Today is our last day of work in Kenya. It has been a very successful trip in many ways.

After speaking Sunday at Pastor Rafael’s church in Intramuro we traveled to Nakuru to stay at the Stem Hotel before departing early the next morning to take the team on Safari and some well deserved down time. We traveled through with raised roof vans and saw a great deal of wildlife including Rhino, Cape buffalo, Baboon, Water Buck, and even had the opportunity to see lion which are often secluded and hard to find.

On the way there and back we stopped at the Chicken Inn and the team had their fill of pizza and chicken.

We arrived back at the Haven Monday night before dark and planned our work again starting the next day.

We continued building the 12 x 18 foot stage along with construction of a three tier metal scaffold that could be disassembled for storage. Scaffolding is something the Haven in very much in need of.

One of the bigger projects was draping 5 approximately 60 foot sections of 8 foot wide cloth between the rafters of the new dining hall to try and eliminate the noise and the echoing that was brutally loud. The ladies on the team along with a local Kenyan got together to sew the end loops on the fabric so that square metal tubing could be passed through to hold the fabric in place once up in the rafters.

The problem was how to get it almost 20 feet up in the air without the scaffolding which was not done yet. I woke up early Monday morning (before the Safari) with a design in my head for a tool that could lift and grip the tubing and allow us to position it all from the ground. I truly believe it was God that gave me the idea and so once back at the haven, I was able to fabricate them in just a short while and the team did the rest. The fabric almost totally eliminates any noise bounce and you can clearly hear people talking in the room now.

Wednesday we started first thing to set up the projector and speaker and test everything for the movie night we were going to show of the Jesus Film in Kikuyu. But as soon as Todd plugged the projector in though the temp light came on and it shut down. The manual said it was a temp sensor so I took it apart and tried bypassing the probe, but without success. At the end of it all we decided to cancel the movie night which was probably best as the team needed to rest.

Thursday we left at around 8:30 am and headed to the Kibera Slum just outside Nairobi. Monica and Eva our contacts there met us and escorted us in to the slum. Once the team arrived at the Miracle & Victory Children’s center over 300 children began singing a welcome song to us and embraced us with a huge welcome.

Monica shared her story and miracle about how God had called her from the slum, poverty and no hope to become the founder of the center with his help and guidance. We then left to go to the Junction Java House restaurant location and the team was able to do some souvenir shopping as well. When we arrived back at the Haven another team led by Robert & Barbara Simms from Texas was already here. We all got to know each other better and today Friday some of our team helped them prepare and sort a great many items for their ministry this coming week to the local schools in the area where they will be performing VBS and distributing shoes, uniforms and other items to the children.

The rest of the team finished up the scaffolding, and stage and began packing supply duffle bags and totes for the return trip home tomorrow.

We plan on spending tomorrow taking some time to pray and dedicate our work the Lord before heading to the Nairobi where we will have lunch and then depart for the airport where we plan on flying out late Saturday night and should be home Sunday morning after a 15 hour flight straight through.

Thank you to all that made this trip possible through your prayers, your giving and encouragement. We truly could not have succeeded without you! I am sure the team is all excited to share when we get back home about all that God did through us and you together!

Thank you again and may God receive all the glory!

God bless you all!


Today our team went to pastor Rafael’s church by Interamuro. I had a sermon prepared on prayer, but God woke me in the m...

Today our team went to pastor Rafael’s church by Interamuro. I had a sermon prepared on prayer, but God woke me in the middle of the night and gave me something else to share about communion with him. We arrived at church late morning and I presented the sermon. There were people crying and the Holy Spirit moved. People came forward for prayer and salvation.

Our whole team then made it to the Stem hotel just outside Nakuru. It took longer than expected, but we are here. We plan to go on Safari early in the morning and then head back to the Haven. Tuesday we have a good deal of work to continue with and plan to show the Jesus film to the community either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Thursday we plan to head to the slum in Kibera and see Monica and all the children at the feeding center.

I got this in an email from Dave yesterday. He has been a bit weak for a few days. This happens when he does too much. I...

I got this in an email from Dave yesterday. He has been a bit weak for a few days. This happens when he does too much. It is part of what he deals with since his cancer surgery.

We arrived safely on Monday and had lunch at Java House restaurant on the way to the Haven on the Hill. Once here we unloaded and sorted all the equipment and personal gear and some of the team began work on shelves for the tool room to move items there.

Tuesday the team work tremendously together brushing and moving over 300 solid stone block for construction of the new storage room that is in back of the kitchen. Some Fundi workers from Kenya have been laying the stone because there are so many other projects we are working on. The walls are almost done on that building.

We built four saw horses to use to cut plywood for the stage for the dining hall we are building and others started assembling the 6 sewing machines that were purchased by the Haven to train local women how to sew.

There is, also, a need for scaffolding here so I designed a stackable set we could make from welded steel. Phil and I traveled to the closest town on the backs of Pici-Picis (Motorcycles). Then we transferred to a Matatu (small taxi, very crammed) to get to Gitwe were we selected and purchased the steel for the scaffolding and acoustical fabric projects. Then we made our way back to the Haven.

Wednesday some team members began cutting steel for both the scaffolding and supports for the acoustical fabric that will be draped in each bay of the dining hall to cut down on the echoing inside the building. This fabric is 60 feet long and about 8 feet wide and will need to be supported by 1” square metal tubing that goes between the rafters. All totaled there will be 5 of these large fabrics hanging from the ceiling.

Others on the team began cutting the plywood for the stage and preparing it for assembly. The stage itself will comprise of 6 sections, 6 foot by 6 foot, with French cleats that will allow it to easily be moved or assembled. It will be 12 foot by 18 foot when assembled and be 16 inches high with two steps on each front corner. It will be used for events and teaching.Others on the team have been painting items like the acoustical tubing and the fence around the propane tank in back of the kitchen.

The power here has been hit of miss with some building in the Haven having and some not. The issue was that the Haven is powered by 3 phase electric but the middle phase was out causing the issue. KPL electric finally came out to fix it but shut the power down all day to do so. Such is Africa!

Thursday was spent working on the stage assembly and the construction of acoustical cloth supports for the dining hall. As well as preparing our skits and other segments for our time of ministry at the Harti school in a local town. We will be doing an outreach there to about 600 children.

Friday morning was spend preparing to go to the Hart I school and the team arrived there around 1PM to a packed house. There were a few glitches with equipment, but the team was well received and they loved having us there.

Today, Saturday we are hosting a VBS at the Haven with the Haven boys and another orphanage that is coming. All together there should be around 60 – 80 children we will be ministering to.
In addition we are been doing local home visits spending time at the homes of the Kenyans here and providing them with food, a bible and praying over them and their families.

The team has been working very hard and we are looking forwards to a short rest. Sunday I will be preaching at a local church and then we will all be heading to Nakuru, about 4 hours north. We will be staying at the Stem Hotel there and then going on Safari early the next morning and returning to the Haven that night.

My first glimpse of what is going on with our team in Kenya. I will let you know more as I find out. Thanks for your pra...

My first glimpse of what is going on with our team in Kenya. I will let you know more as I find out. Thanks for your prayers and support. It means so much to them all.

Much progress being made at Haven by the Inheritance World Ministries team.

2 photos I found on Dave's phone of the trip

2 photos I found on Dave's phone of the trip


The team is back safe and sound and Dave is upstairs trying to warm up. Apparently he was rather cold over there. Winter in Kenya.
Sorry about the lack of pictures but I got there at the church as the bus was leaving and they were all scattering.

Haven on the Hill Children's Orphanage - Phil and Janice Wagner

Haven on the Hill Children's Orphanage - Phil and Janice Wagner

The team of 23 people led by Dave Dowling with Inheritance World Ministries left Haven on the Hill yesterday after helping tremendously with painting, construction, repairing, loving our Haven family and other ministry to the community and in Nairobi and Nakuru. They are now flying home. Thank you Dave and team! Safe journey and we will see you soon.


I slept right through the email announcing their take off but the team is somewhere up near, I guess it is, Greenland and headed home. They will be in JFK mid afternoon. Prayers are still appreciated for the driving trip as well as the impact that this trip made for all involved.

They are headed home. Don't forget to wave when you pass them Gina Harris and Brittany Harris !

They are headed home. Don't forget to wave when you pass them Gina Harris and Brittany Harris !

The team and I had a bus take us to Pastor Rafael's church where some shared and I had the opportunity to do the sermon....

The team and I had a bus take us to Pastor Rafael's church where some shared and I had the opportunity to do the sermon. Pastor Rafael had just lost his 21 year old boy a few days before and so I spoke on "Surviving the train wrecks of life" which I think was well received by all and something that was appropriate to the day. We then shared in the customary tea for visitors after the service and got on the bus for a long ride to Nakuru. We had an awesome time in Nakuru and caught up with Sam and Alysha at the Stem Hotel for dinner. Early the next day we took the team on safari and a much needed day of rest and refreshment which they all thouroughly enjoyed. We had the opportunity to see most of the animals with the highlight being a pride of lions with two big males. Then we went to Trina's baby orphanage where the team got a tour and also had the chance to hold and play with the babies. The children there are orphanded and are raised there until around age 3 where they are then sent to another childrens' home like Haven on the Hill.

We then traveled back to the Haven on the Hill and rose early the next day to travel into Nairobi and to the Kibera Slum to have the team meet Monica and the Miracle & Victory Children's Centre. Presently they have 350 children that they feed and educate and we were able to gift them with the funds to supply new sweaters to all the children there. They made us all very welcome and even had the team dancing and rejoicing with them.
We left there around 1:00 PM and had lunch at the Java House at the Junction with Phil and Jan Morrison who are local missionaries to Kenya and other areas. Phil brought his books which were purchase by several of the team members. I also had the chance to seek their advise on ministry development and other ministry pursuits.

We have been balancing construction and ministry most days. Home visits by the team have been powerful and just to see people's faces when they are presented with a Bible makes it all worth while. Construction wise the team has been power sanding and painting, cutting and hauling firewood, doing misc. repairs, this all on top of all they have already accomplished like transporting, stacking and cleaning around 600 solid block for the Fundis (Kenyan contractors) to lay the retaining wall behind the kitchen; moving tons of dirt, pulling and laying hundreds of feet of conduit and wire for the well tank float switch and we still have to take building measurements for future building permits on this our final day of work.

Last night we presented a free outdoor movie night of the Jesus film in Kikuyu which is the local language here. Some of the team painted up a poster with all the information and took it to the local store and posted it around lunch time. News of event like this spreads quickly and that evening as the movied played we had about 200 people present to see it. The team had earlier that day took 4 tree trunks about 20 feet long and lashed them together and then bungied a movie screen we brought here to the poles and erected a true Fred Flintsone drive in movie. We used our battery operated speaker and video projector to complete the true drive in, or I should say walk in experience.

After the movie I had the opportunity to share the gospel by using the ten commandments and a sketchboard message of a beach scene that turns into the crucifixion of Christ. We used flourescent paint and a blacklight to really create a dynamic effect. After the presentation I lead them all in a prayer of salvation hoping that many would make that commitment to receive Jesus as their savior. In additon all the locals that came received some sort of gospel literature such as the 4 spiritual laws or a gospel tract in Swahili to take home with them.

With things coming to a close now this will probably be my final email contact from here. We will be headed of to Nairobi tomorrow around 9:00 AM after loading the bus and taking some time for prayer, pictures and dedication of our work to God. Please thank everyone for all they have done and for all their prayers as it has made this trip all that it was designed to be and more. To God be the glory!!!

Below is what I got today via Phil Wagner's email. It was the best way for Dave to get pictures over. I was right. The s...

Below is what I got today via Phil Wagner's email. It was the best way for Dave to get pictures over. I was right. The symbols on his texts were suppose to be photos. Thanks for taking the time to read these and pray.

"Today we hosted another VBS at the Haven. This time another orphanage joined us with about 40 of their kids.

In addition to those children we had about half the children from the Haven on the Hill as well. Some of the older boys went on a field trip with their school.

Tomorrow we will be going to Pastor Rafael's church and I will have the opportunity to do the sermon there. We will then probably have the customary tea time after church and head to Nakuru to give the team a much needed rest as they have been working very hard doing both construction and ministry. We will be passing through the Aberdere Range and crossing the equator and hopefully catch a glimpse of some of the elephants up there. We will stay over night at the Stem Hotel and then rise early in the morning on Monday to go to Nakuru park to take the team on safari.

The lake there is host to many thousands of flamingo as well as most of the other traditional wildlife of Africa like lion, rhino, cape buffalo and more.

We will then be traveling to Trina's baby's orphanage and having lunch there while the team loves on the babies. We hope to connect with Alysha (Beeper) and Sam Omundi there, but it has not been confirmed at this point if they are available. Then we will be headed back to the Haven on the Hill and rising early again to go this time into Nairobi to meet Monica at the Children's Center there, in the Kibera slum. Eva and some of her friends will be joining us to help us navigate the slum maze. Afterward we will all be going to Java House at the Junction to meet Phil and Jan Morrison for lunch. Our plan is to leave early enough to get back to the Haven before dark.

The team has been totally outstanding on this trip, doing their very best to care, not only for the children, but for each other as well. We may not be able to be in touch for the next few days because of all the travel so please pray for us for safety and opportunity to share God's love with the people we encounter. I will write again when I have opportunity and able to connect to the web or have signal which is not all the time."


172 Dowling Lane
Gilbert, PA


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