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I Repent - (A. Malik & Naeem from Native Deen)

Watch new video "I Repent" by A. Malik and Naeem from Native Deen - second song in the Dhikr Series. #dhikr

In the second video of the Dhikr Series, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Naeem of Native Deen sing a power song that repeats (Astaghfirullah) or I seek forgiveness fro...

Rihla to Mexico

A. Malik from Native Deen travels with his family to Mexico City for a week to explore the capital of Mexico, study Spanish, visit the local Muslim community and learn more about the people and culture.

Helal Chowdhurry - Who's Next [S2 Ep3]

Up next in Season 2's competition of Who's Next is Helal Chowdhurry. He grew up hearing many speeches about standing up to injustice and coming together as a ummah in the Middle East to fight for our brothers and sisters in places like Palestine. However unsatisfied by how these lectures awareness of the injustice seems to diminish once the speeches are over and the care he has for his friends he has, particularly in Palestine. He turns to becoming a Nasheed Artists and use the power of his voice to convey his message. Do you think Helal has what it takes? Find out and watch Who's Next?

HaaSeeNoon - Who's Next [S2 Ep2]

Episode 2 Season 2 of Who's Next - Native Deen Reviews Hassen Khabir's Song RabbunALLAH he states that " After years of falling and continually traveling down the wrong path. Alhamdulillah, ALLAH not only brought me back to the light, but allowed me to see that I had to go through what I've been through to be where I'm at."

Native Deen

Sea of Forgiveness - new video by Native Deen

This is the first video in a new series called the Dhikr Series by Native Deen that focuses on the remembrance of God through well-known invocations or (adhkar).

Imam Zaid Shakir

How cool is this!

Imam Zaid Shakir singing M-U-S-L-I-M by Native Deen right before being interviewed by Naeem Muhammad and filmed by Abdul-Malik Ahmad for DEEN TV.

Khaled & Mohamed - Who's Next [S2 Ep1]

Khaled Kishawi & Mohamed Gehan are the first group to go up to the judges of Who's Next. Do they're rap skills and mad beat boxing skills take them to the top? The two of them are from Orange County, California and they are passionate about Islam and spreading the culture in relevant ways. They're variety of talents are from they're time spent community leadership, Quranic recitation,Public speaking and Nasheed/Singing on top of social advocacy. On top of that being raise with strong Islamic principles.

Penny Appeal USA

Visit to learn how Penny Appeal USA can bring joy to families around the world this #qurbani and #udhiyah season!

Our $45 Qurbani is baaa'aaack! 🐑
Last year, our international family provided more than 3 million meals to families across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Visit to learn how you can bring joy to families around the world this #qurbani and #udhiyah season!
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Ramadan Is Over Bro!

Check out all our latest videos on our youtube page!

very year, after Ramadan has concluded, millions of Muslims
around the world are affected by a condition which affects the psyche
in a multitude of ways. Psychologists and Imams have coined
it as PRC or "Post Ramadan Confusion". The struggle is very real...

Your prayers were answered? Tell us about it.

Have your sincere prayers been answered miraculously? DeenTV is working on a new series based on inspiring stories from you - how sincere prayers from regular people can make the extraordinary happen. Help others to strengthen their faith in Allah (SWA) through your story! Please submit your stories to the following email address [email protected]

Eid Morning by Native Deen

Eid Takbirat

Eid Mubarak to everyone from Native Deen and DeenTV. This classic song on the album "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" is based on the "Takbirat" performed at Eid p...

Think About It: The Natural Doctor | feat. Jeanette Hablullah - Ep. 26

Think About it with your host Brother Joshua Salaam! This show is about exploring and having thought provoking conversations about culture, Islam and more! In today’s last episode of the season, Joshua talks with Mother, Jeanette Hablullah and her profession as a natural doctor and how she came about to Islam.

Think About It: Muslim Chaplain! | feat. Yahya Hendi - Ep. 24

Think About it with your host Brother Joshua Salaam! In today's Episode, Joshua talks with Georgetown University's Muslim Chaplain Imam Yahya Hendi! They talk about Imam Hendi's Job at Georgetown and what he does as well as his achievements and peacemaking between multiple faiths.

Think about it - featuring Owais Balti | Episode 17

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! We hope we can see you today at 6PM EST for another episode of Think About It! Today's Episode, Joshua talks with Owais Balti, a member of the Islamic community that is doing big things at a local scale.

Think about it - featuring Oussama Mezoui | Episode 16

In today's episode of Think About It, Joshua talks with Oussama Mezoui, the founder and CEO of penny appeal usa. They talk about the program and services Penny Appeal USA offers and how there services benefit there community.

Penny Appeal Ramadan Special

Help us support Penny Appeal this ramadan and tune in to watch there special. You will get to learn what services they offer that you could do to help someone this ramadan!

Think about it - featuring Wafa Humeida | Episode 14

Join us for another episode of Think About it with your host Brother Joshua Salaam! Today's Episode, Joshua talks with Wafa Humeida, a passionate and talented high school student and her journey in acting.

Think about it - featuring Dr. Zainab Alwani | Episode 13

Tune in and watch another episode of Think About it with your host Brother Joshua Salaam! Today's Episode, Joshua talks with Dr. Zainab Alwani about her position as the Director of Islamic Studies at Howard University and and the hurdles faced by women scholars of Islam.

Watch 'Think About It' with Joshua Salaam

Catch Joshua Salaam's show "Think About It" LIVE everyday during Ramadan at 6pm EST where he discusses important topics with amazing guests and plays a fun word game with them.



Join Johsua in his first episode of Think about it!

Istikhara Song - Prayer for Guidance (Lyric Video)

This song is a translation of the Dua Istkihara or the prayer of Seeking Guidance. If you have a important decision to make, be sure to learn this dua. Pray two rakats and then say the prayer and Allah will guide you to the correct way, inshaAllah. Written by Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Joshua Salaam


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