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NJ rino report targeting those that say they are republicans

Gas tax Dawn Fantasia is lying again.She’s put out a mailer with aThe image of a fake document.Her campaign altered the ...

Gas tax Dawn Fantasia is lying again.

She’s put out a mailer with a

The image of a fake document.

Her campaign altered the image.

According to that document,

Josh Aikens voted in Pennsylvania

when he was 16 years old!

That’s a lie!

Everybody in Wantage knows Josh Aikens

Was a varsity soccer athlete at

High Point High School when he was 16!

Gas tax Dawn should stop lying.

And stop raising property taxes

Along with the gas tax.

Establishment name tossing rinos need to cease and desist with the racial nonsense

Establishment name tossing rinos need to cease and desist with the racial nonsense


Taxes are the beginning of the RINO. And with the gas tax up for reauthorization, we need to know the Space, Fantasia, Inganamort team won't stand with the gas tax people. However going through their elec reports for instance, Parker has taken $16,200 from local 825 pushing the gas tax. And after we have paid all those taxes, we now have the worst roads in the country. Say yes to Sarnoski and Aikens, they won't give you a gas tax!!!

The two Assembly candidates have of the Inganamort and Fantasia team, have both done LGBTQ resolutions.One has been in f...

The two Assembly candidates have of the Inganamort and Fantasia team, have both done LGBTQ resolutions.
One has been in favor of the gas tax, which is coming back on steroids.
One owns a company that does ESG compliance!!! Why are they running as Republicans??
Maybe that's why the meltdowns.
More, so much more to come.

What happens when Republicans allow a Biden-loving labor union to be the final word in candidate selection in the state’s most conservative legislative district? Well, even under the best short-term outcome you get permanent civil war.   That is the legacy being left in LD24 by outgoing Sta


Did Oroho lie on open primary?

Turn on supporters vetted to run with him??

By Sussex Watchdog

On March 18th of last year, Senator Steve Oroho and Chief of Staff Jeff Spatola had a meeting with Assemblyman Parker Space and GOP State Committeewoman Jill Space at a local Sussex County watering hole. What came from that meeting was a deal, whereby Parker Space would announce that he would not run for re-election to the Assembly and, in return, Senator Oroho would endorse Jill Space for County Commissioner, and in the process push Franklin Borough Councilman Concetto Formica off Oroho’s ticket.

An aside to this deal was that Councilman Formica had to shave off his very full beard (Formica is a union carpenter) in order to gain admittance onto Oroho’s ticket (which, in any case, Oroho wasn’t even a part of) as well as to desist in his battle against the Senator’s somewhat Woke son-in-law, the Superintendent of the Franklin School District. Formica complied and so left the race both clean shaven and with the feeling that his good nature had been thoroughly abused (which he was).

A number of people began to position themselves to succeed Parker Space in the Assembly. Most aggressive of these was Chester Township Councilman Mike Inganamort, who was pursuing a two-track strategy of running for Mayor of Chester Township while actively seeking the Assembly nomination.

Later, Assemblyman Hal Wirths would join Space in deciding not to run for re-election, which left two open seats on what would be a ticket actually headed by Senator Oroho in 2023. In the wake of Hal Wirths’ departure, many more names were added to the list of those seeking one of the now two open Assembly slots available on Steve Oroho’s ticket. Each candidate personally reached out to the Senator and each was given encouragement by the Senator.

In the case of Steve Lonegan, the encouragement ran to “double dates” – with Steve and Rita Oroho joining Steve and Lorraine Lonegan for drinks and various culinary adventures. And while Chris Carney and Dawn Fantasia (both Sussex County Commissioners) were coy about expressing an interest, ELEC 825’s Kate Gibbs was not, campaigning furiously on their behalf and against Lonegan.

In December the Senator’s office held a series of vetting meetings with all the aspiring Assembly candidates – Josh Aikens, Enrico Fioranelli, Jason Sarnoski, Rob Kovic, Chris Carney, Dawn Fantasia, Steve Lonegan, and Mike Inganamort – at locations in Sussex and Morris Counties.

It was expected that Senator Oroho would select two Assembly running mates to join him on his ticket. There was significant lobbying. Dawn Fantasia told people at the county building that she had one spot locked up. Two senior leaders from Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 825 visited the Senator in Trenton to make their case. On January 12th, Oroho reached out to his senior office staff, SRM, and his longtime political consultants to schedule a conference call at 10am the following morning to “Discuss Announcement for My Campaign”.

On Friday, January 13th, Senator Oroho sent the following draft email to his office/ team and instructed that it form the basis for an email to the eight prospective candidates for Assembly:

I wanted you to know that today I announced my campaign for re-election.

I want to thank each of you for meeting with the screening committee. I have talked with the members of the committee and it’s clear to me that each of you would serve well in the State Assembly. I consider you all friends. Each of you would bring a strong set of conservative principles to the state legislature.

As you were going through the screening process and over the past few weeks I thought a lot about my own journey.

I’ve always believed that candidates should present their credentials, platform and message to voters. You have all heard from me that I will never tell someone not to run, and I have been one of a few holdouts for having a “County Line”.

When I ran for Franklin Borough Council, I was a political unknown. But I took my message to votes and I won.

When I ran for Freeholder, I was not the party choice, but I had the opportunity to make my case to Sussex County voters. They agreed, and I was elected to serve as a County Freeholder

When I ran for State Senate, I was certainly not the choice of the Trenton Republican Establishment (not by a long shot!), but I took my case to the voters of Sussex, Morris and Hunterdon (at the time) and enough of the voters entrusted me with their vote to get me elected.

As you all know my first primary for Senate was a close election, after which I had to demonstrate to all the voters in the whole district that I would work hard to represent them well. Since then they’ve supported me with with good margins of victory.

I believe it is because I’ve worked hard to share my conservative agenda and worked hard to represent the values we all share.

I believe you all should have your chance to make your case to the voters. So you can share your conservative vision with them. And so that all of you can have a level playing field.

Representing the people of the 24th district is a serious undertaking. We work for the people. They come first. And they deserve a voice in the process. This process will ensure we continue to have the strongest Conservative Republican Team in the state!

Good luck in whatever you choose to do. Through this process I am confident that after the primary in June I will have an excellent pair of running mates to defeat our Democrat opponents and go on to serve our constituents and the rest of New Jersey well in Trenton.

In a follow-up email discussing the draft (which had by then morphed from the first to the third person), Senator Oroho added this sentence to the final statement: “And it is for that reason, in deference and with respect to all your candidacies, he will not be creating a slate with any of you.”

The final draft was approved by the Senator and the statement was sent by email to the eight Assembly candidates at noon that day. At 1pm, a press release was sent out accompanying the statement emailed to the Assembly candidates.

On the afternoon of January 13th, Senator Steve Oroho was a candidate for re-election, and he had announced an open primary in which he was stating no preference. Two weeks later, Senator Oroho became the third member of District 24’s shared legislative office to exit. A day later, Parker Space announced he would run for Oroho’s Senate seat. At the Morris County GOP convention on Saturday, LD24 Senate Chief of Staff Jeff Spatola worked the room alongside GOP political consultant Chris Russell.

Earlier today, Steve Oroho tore up his assurances to five of the seven remaining Assembly candidates who he claimed were his “friends” and who went through his vetting process and were assured by him that he would not pick sides in the Assembly race. Of course, this is not the first such reversal.

A similar incident occurred in 2013, in the aftermath of legislative elections in which Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. pushed hard to defeat Senate President Steve Sweeney and other members of the Democrat caucus. Senator Oroho signed a public statement in which he, along with others, pledged their support to Senator Kean for re-election as GOP Senate Leader. But then Sweeney intervened and asked Oroho to vote against Kean and for a different candidate. Oroho did an about face.

Kean was not focused on the next political iteration of himself but on protecting what he has right now – the job he has held for the last six years.

He was calling nearly every Republican senator in his caucus and asking for his or her support for another term as leader.

He got 11 out of 16 names on a letter that was issued Wednesday.


Don't feed the RINOs, end the insanity!!!

We at NJRino report can assert that Mr. Spadea is absolutely not a rino!!!Stood against the lockdowns.Stood for our chil...

We at NJRino report can assert that Mr. Spadea is absolutely not a rino!!!
Stood against the lockdowns.
Stood for our children!
Stood against the gas tax!!!!!
Huge right to life supporter!!
This is what NJ needs!!!!!

2021 Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli is considered the frontrunner, while Congresswoman Mikie Sherill is leading the Democratic pack in the poll

🚨Breaking🚨State Sen Sam Thompson R, to switch parties, to become a Democrat upon being primaried this year.  An NJEA rec...

State Sen Sam Thompson R, to switch parties, to become a Democrat upon being primaried this year.
An NJEA recipient, and friend of Murphys, it's no suprise!!

LD 24 race, the gas tax, and rinosAt NJRino report, we take seriously the implications of unions that act as PACs runnin...

LD 24 race, the gas tax, and rinos

At NJRino report, we take seriously the implications of unions that act as PACs running candidates, who will undoubtedly owe the union. While unions most certainly have their place protecting employees, local 825 has become to the taxpayer, what NJEA is to student indoctrination. So the fact that 825 has stepped into this race, a year before the gas tax they gave us is up for reauthorization, should be a worry to the motoring public as they were the body pushing the gas tax.
But wait, there's more, at a recent event in Warren County, the team of Space, Fantasia, and Inganamort jumped the shark, and not only do they have the gas tax union behind them, but took pictures with the man that signed the tax into law, former Governor Chris Christie. A man who polls so low, herpes might actually poll better in a head to head match up.
That said, there they are, not hiding what they are.
In fact, this race has become a race more about the fact that the Space Fantasia, and Inganamort team hate their old consultant, who had enough of their indefensible liberal record, and jumped ship, and are upset their secrets will now be dumped into the open air to fester like rotting trash.
While on the other side the Aikens, and Sarnoski team have a proven track record of standing up for taxpayers and parents rights. Sarnoski as a county commissioner, who actually cut taxes, and Aikens who was instrumental in winning over 500 school board races, are a conservative dream team.
NJRino report will go on the record as calling the Space, Fantasia, and Inganamort team, rinos in the race!!!

Don't feed them!

Looks like my own county has rinos. Hayden a Tea Party person, not being one of them

Looks like my own county has rinos. Hayden a Tea Party person, not being one of them

🚨who has a conflict of interest🚨

Seems as I have been elected, transparency with the county board of commissioners is a greater concern then I previously thought. It seems that none of the massive cuts to county expenditures have been put to use for our taxpayers. In fact, we don't even know where these savings went!

Did any of these savings go to help our struggling county workers? The righteous and overdue mission to compensate our county workers fairly is more important than ever, because our county is 30% behind the market in paying our county workers. As years went by, their raises did not keep up with inflation even in the best of times!!! The county has cut massive expenditures over time so why can't we pay our workers fairly? When the county sold off the Homestead nursing home, and cut in half the Sheriff's department, this supposedly saved us immense amounts of money, where did it go???

I stand for GOOD GOVERNMENT as a constitutionalist. The constitution being a roadmap for good government, that I believe to be one of my guiding factors in decision making. And without the government, there is anarchy. The government is to provide tangible services, yet it has become a donor repayment fund.

SO now jump forward to today. The Board of Commissioners, resenting my efforts, is cutting me out of the negotiations that are starting between the county and the workers union, CWA local 1032. A false reason, that there is a conflict of interest, is a moot point. Though I'm a member of this larg and multi faceted union, I am not in the same bargaining unit. And now, as incoming Commissioner, I am told I cannot sit in on the negotiations. The fact is that the commissioners themselves have real conflicts. Not me. So let's have a look at these so called conflicts:

--- IN 2018, while running for Commissioner against two GOP incumbents, Dawn Fantasia was given the endorsement of the CWA while they were also in negotiations (article in comments section), and in the article, it even stated: “negotiations may not be done by the election”. Doesn’t this endorsement make her conflicted??

------In October 2021, while a debate was being held between Commissioners Fantasia and Carney and their two Democrat opponents, Commissioner Carney announced, in response to a question, that they had both just received the endorsement of the CWA! That doesn’t make them conflicted????

-----But wait, there is more. On his 2023 primary NJELEC form, Commissioner Herb Yardley shows he received $600 in a donation from CWA, and again, doesn’t that look like a conflict???

As a candidate, I did not receive an endorsement nor a donation from CWA. Furthermore, I have said where units need to be merged for efficiency, that has to happen. So it would appear, I am the least conflicted in this matter. I'm my own man. I'm not owned by any donor or special interest entity. I serve only the people of the county.

------In comparison, real conflicts of interest are part and parcel for this board, making it hypocritical for the commissioners to block me out of negotiations that the taxpayers elected me to do. That conflict was in June when there was an agenda item listed as a “presentation”, and that “presentation” was about SCMUA, and presented by Ron Petillo, a commissioner at SCMUA, and the husband of then Commissioner Sylvia Petillo. Now, I thought that I would be sitting through a movie or slides on the work being done at the dumps, but that was not at all what it was. What it turned out to be was an ask for money, to the tune of $4 million dollars. Here is what happened:
1. There was no effort to put it on the agenda to be read and discussed and then being voted on at the next meeting as all are done.
2. No recusal of Commissioner Petillo on the vote.
3. And when I questioned that Commissioner Petillo got angry with me saying, “He takes no compensation, so there is no conflict” Sadly she is wrong, as Mr Petillo gets his health benefits paid for from that position and that according to the courts that is COMPENSATION!!!!

All of the commissioners present (Space was not a commissioner yet) voted on it, not following procedure and allowing Commissioner Petillo to vote. Tell me that this was not the height of conflicts!!!!!

I write this as a declaration that I will continue to fight for the taxpayers and I am no one's person.

Ahhhh, our first post.  The case of NJ rinoism is easily made in this instance.Seems a NJ lawyer running for Town Counci...

Ahhhh, our first post.
The case of NJ rinoism is easily made in this instance.
Seems a NJ lawyer running for Town Council in Madison has teamed up with a democrat operative, attacking conservatives. The lawyer wrote a "cease and desist" letter to Sussex county Republicans, who were defending a candidate, by making counter attacks on the democrat operative. In fact the democrat operative has attacked Morris GOPs own candidate, Jay Webber.
So is Morris trying to influence Sussex politics, which leans heavily red? Seems so, and they teamed up with an operative that believes in the sick sexual curriculum that left is pushing. Please read and share the link below


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