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He is a leading genetic genealogist, the author of “Have the results of my genetic genealogy… Now what?” He lectures all over the country on the topic .. an intellectual property attorney by day and a top genetic genealogist by night!

Hello...guys check out our podcast on DNA Linked Lives

Hello...guys check out our podcast on DNA Linked Lives

Gloria Alkozer always reminds us! She’s not a numerologist. She’s a numeromancist. Numeromancy is:fengshui, Kabbalah, gematria, Buddhism!! It’s the universe who tells you who you were in a previous life, today and …. Future? The reason this so “COOL” is that the way she explains it feels...


Patricia Gras Saturday, January 21 9am - 5pm Learn how to create meaningful video narratives without expensive equipment or prior experience.


Robyn Jamison found out her co worker of decades was actually her cousin! The artist who just released her book on contemporary art then understood why they got song so very well.

Help us make a difference in our city. We can do something to stop the suffering of thousands in our city.

Help us make a difference in our city. We can do something to stop the suffering of thousands in our city.

Hope you were intrigued with our short promo! Patricia Gras … Gina Miller Britton needs your support for Houston's Modern Day Slavery: S*x Trafficking Doc. publicar tu libro y que tenga exito? Ven a nuestrosemina...

Quieres publicar tu libro y que tenga exito? Ven a nuestro

Como es sabido y hemos dicho tantas veces en los talleres de escritura creativa en Literal, una cosa es la producción de la obra de un autor y muy otra lo es el mundo editorial, las fuerzas que lo dominan y cómo acceder a él. En este innovador seminario abordaremos por primera vez ese [...]


We have lost Emmy the beagle you see here in bellaire.. if you live in this area and see her please let me know..and spread the word


Really? Are we here again? Another mass shooting? I feel like we are in a horror movie version of groundhog day. It is beyond my understandi...

Meet Patricia Gras | Television Producer, Host & Singer – SHOUTOUT HTX
We are working again masked and social distanced!!

Local Stories Meet Patricia Gras | Television Producer, Host & Singer September 30, 2020September 22, 2020 Leave a reply We had the good fortune of connecting with Patricia Gras and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Patricia, what led you to pursuing a creative path professionally? I pursued...

Here’s What Happened on the 8th Night of George Floyd Protests

In honor of the demonstrators.

They came out in droves. After weeks of confinement. They came out to scream, to protest, to cry. They woke up to the ongoing injustices created by its leaders. Those who gave so many permissions to be racist, hateful, armed and dangerous. They came out disgusted and angry, as if they couldn’t take it anymore. They woke up to the ongoing racism much of it created by its past and present leaders.

They came out united, of different races, religions and cultures. Some became violent, some looted but most came in peace. They woke up to the new reality. One they could not digest anymore. Getting the virus didn’t seem matter for this was a call for something greater, as if the spirits of rage were calling, as if there was no turning back. They wanted oxygen, they wanted to breathe. They wanted to scream. They wanted an end to it all, end to injustice, pain and sorrow. It was too much to take, but they fought back the best way they knew how. They would risk their lives to stand up and scream. WE can’t take it anymore. We can’t breathe. We want some peace. We want it now.


Our reporters and photographers were on the ground at protests in cities across the country. Here’s what they saw.

Fact-checking ‘Plandemic,’ a documentary full of false conspiracy theories about the coronavirus - Poynter

Please these are fact checkers to contact when you have doubts about what you are reading online.

Before platforms removed it, a 26-minute video called “Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19” was viewed tens of millions of times. It’s full of falsehoods.


Watchdogs and whistleblowers under attack during this administration....those who flagged hospital crisis demoted or for raising early warnings about Covid 19. (You won't read this in right wing media or Fox News which is fake news) but Michael Flynn who lied and admitted it an earned half a million for Turkish lobbying will be exonerated. (Source of Information THE WEEK)

President Trump moved last week to replace Christi Grimm, the acting inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services. Grimm had released a report in April flagging the shortage of Covid 19 testing kits and personal protective gear at hospitals nationwide. Grimm's office surveyed 343 hospitals and her conclusions highlighted the department's failures in providing the health care system with urgently needed equipment. Trump attacked Grimm of her"wrong" report, calling it "Another fake dossier!" He suggested she was biased before she worked under the Obama administration. Grimm, who joined the watchdog office in 1999, also served under George W. Bush and is not a political appointee. Trump nominated Jason Weida, a Boston assistant US attorney, to replace her.

Rick Bright also demoted for filing a whistleblower report for raising early warnings about Covid-19 and questioning an unproven treatment touted by Presiden Trump, he was removed on April 22 from directorship of the federal office overseeing Covid-19 vaccine development after he resisted pressure to make chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine widely available as virus treatments. He also raised alarm on January 18th for disaster planning meeting and In February about massive shortage of masks and other safety equipment, but was rebuffed by the administration.

Finally National security advisor Michael Flynn is about to be dismissed by Trump's justice department, even though he admitted his guilt.

These are real news and have serious implications for America.


Ill be teaching my video storytelling workshop online in a few weeks at a considerable discount. If interested let me know. Start by taking photos all around you..inside your house..That's right..stay inside. Save lives!



Question 1: Who is the creator?
The first question in figuring out if a something is fake news is by looking at the individual who created it, or understanding the organization behind it. When assessing news, especially that which exists on the Internet, it is important to review the following:

Do you know the person behind the presentation of the material?
Is there a byline or introduction, and are you aware of the person’s expertise?
Is the author listed on the site, or is there an “about me” section?
Does the organization have an “about us” link?
What is the name of the organization creating or hosting the content?
Look at the URL. Does it have a tilde ~ in it? This is frequently a personal site.
Check for the ending of the website’s URL: .gov, .edu, .mil, and .org are more credible than websites that end in .com, .net, and many others.
Search the Internet for more information about the author.
Search LinkedIn, a social media site for professionals.
Search an online library catalog to see what books the author has written.
Search online research databases to see what the author has written/published.
Is this a firsthand account, or is this being seen through the eyes of an editor?


I'll be spending time on undoing fake news which can cause many more deaths in America..Remember beware of those who tell you the virus is made up, or a hoax, or created by liberal extremists or the Chinese in a lab..etc etc etc. Loved this article


Won my 8th Television Emmy this year..and what's awesome about it. It was with my production company Love Smart Living Media and one of the best editors in the USA..Ron Kabele who has already won over 30 Emmys for his work and awesome graphic artist and associate producer David Alexander. I am truly proud of this because it is the first time I win an Emmy without the backing of a TV station and as a freelancer. As a storyteller I love featuring people who are making the world a better place. I will be teaching video storytelling this year and producing more stories!


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