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Black Hat Entertainment If darkness is the absence of light then we are its antithesis. We turn nebulous ideas into lights on your screen. And thereby doing we hope to bring light into this world, one screen at a time.

In 2002, two self-proclaimed nerds, with two very diffirent backgrounds, studying at Cornell University decided to open a film production company in order to shoot the first feature length film. This company was named guerilla films house (GFH for short), and the movie they shot was called LOGOS. GFH was founded on simple tenants, make films for the same reason one writes poetry: "because!". Since then, half of the company went on to pursue other, non-film related ventures, leaving the other half to run GFH. As time went on, and the remaining founder continued to evolve his art, it became apparant that the old name, as well as way of doing things, simply no longer applied. It was time for a change. Black Hat Production is that change. Join on us on our humble little adventure of changing the world.

Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby
Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby

Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby

From the mind of Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, comes a once-in-a-lifetime film adaptation of the award-winning novel, Lullaby.


Friends, some great things happening at Black Hat:
1) We acquired two new and great (and expensive) lenses - 85mm and 14mm to have coverage for pretty much any occasion
2) Several new P&S cameras bought and one ultra-light EOS
3) Looking at GH4, but holding off until Canon makes their announcement--regardless, next stop 4K!
4) American 79 well past the half-way point

Our friends at Nationlight Productions Just launched a new film/cause site,  1000's of uplifting Hollywood ...

Our friends at Nationlight Productions Just launched a new film/cause site, 1000's of uplifting Hollywood films, donation to charity every time you watch, & each film is linked to thematically related causes so you can instantly act on the inspiration from watching. eflixir is based on the belief that every moment of one's life can be purposeful - even when we're simply relaxing & being entertained. Please join and spread the word:

Movies move us! Great movies can motivate us to do great things. eflixir curates thousands of the best uplifting movies in one place, so now you can spend less time browsing and more time being inspired and making a difference!


Side project edited and done. Working on American 79. Shot test sequence for music video. Editing Knives...


New lighting equipment check. Shooting of side project check. Editing commencin. Might have another post production member on American 79...


New Canon acquired, new equipment in development, American '79 editing well past the mid-point, finalizing details on post-production partnership... all this without electirc power :)


Editing for American '79 continues; with added post-production crew...

LOGOS the film

LOGOS the film

Exactly twelve years ago thousands of innocents lost their lives in the largest terrorist attack on US soil. This tragedy left scars so deep neither time nor reaction can heal--although time does make the mourning less difficult. We at Black Hat Entertainment did everything possible to seek out the light in this darkness--not the least of which was write, produce, and direct LOGOS the film. Care to share how you tried to become worthy of your suffering (9/11 related or otherwise)?


Wow, we have some remarkable talent out here in the Philadelphia area. I've been interviewing actors, directors of photography, colorists, script directors, and crew, and I am pleased to say that not only are our folks up there with the NY crowd in terms of talent and drive, but they are more resourceful due to inherent limitations of the area. Kudos Philly, you've done it again! :) Stay beautiful so I can continue to stay here…


We are pleased to announce a joint venture with Radiant Pictures on the feature film American 79. This is our first union film and it's an honor to be a part of Matthew Bora's production.


Missing Olde Liberty Tavern shots done. Roof scouted. Time to go home and then to work...

Actors of all shapes and sizes

So much to do so little time:

Met with lawyer yesterday to discuss new contracts. Definitely a lot of lessons learned.

AirFeet production is ramping up

Oh and of course this happened:

Last but not least, negotiating a feature... (will keep you all posted on results)...

Oh and there is the Avra location scouting Sunday. But production is still on hold.

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Well, after spending half a day setting up the basement, hundreds of dollars on props, countless hours mixing a video for the shoot...wait for it... the AVRA music video is delayed again...


Illness strikes again... what to do, how not to lose a week?


Great work yesterday!


Another great shoot...


Getting things together for the upcoming shoot...


Awesome little shoot yesterday! I am thinking these power-shoots might be the way to go forward for transitional small cuts/cutaways. And as always, it wouldn't be an Avra music video shoot if the weather was pleasant. How does it know? Coldest night in a long time.


FLAKES!!! Isn't winter over already?


With the music video on hold for the weekend, taking time to work other projects... Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting...


Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day. We want to go outside and play (err... shoot "Knives" today)... so between delays, tardiness, inability to use external electricity, flat out missing actors, little wet things on the lens--what are they called? oh right, drops. actors out of character/wardrobe, draining my car's battery and needing to jump start my car, a bad and losing bout with IBS, everything was perfect ! well, the silver lining is we all got to meet Alexis Nicheporuck who might become a regular... heading to the mechanic now, after then seeing if I can salvage the two cuts captured...


Only when we get past ourselves, our little callow inhibitions, do we see the true reality of what we can do, and the beauty in what we have done. This week's production may have been short, and lacking (in ghoul turn out), but the results are more than usable--and I can't be more grateful to the folks that came out. Oh and kudos to Mother Earth for the wonderful weather she had handed us mere mortals! On another note we are still looking for people to play the ghouls so by all means contact us if you or anyone you know is interested.


Fantastic shoot with fantastic results. Thanks to the fantastic few who showed--not that I blame anyone thanks it was FREEZING!


Nothing like unpacking your car without a thing to show for it... Thanks rain! Now, onto planning this weekend... enough with the rain and the snow and the cold already!


Can't control the weather...ugh


Production continues... Saturday... oh no he didn't!


Huntingdon Valley, PA


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