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K. Braswell Productions Professional Audio Editing in Philadelphia, PA K. Braswell Productions was established with the desire to provide professional audio editing to artists of all backgrounds.

Our audio experts work with you to find the best way to improve your tracks and get them ready for primetime.

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We understand you do not have the budget of a major film studio, but that does not mean you have to settle for an inferior product. Our team will work with you on every detail to ensure a high-quality video or audio production that will meet your needs.


Maintaining a company library of staff training videos is a cost effective measure. New, or newly promoted employees, can receive necessary information without interfering with daily work processes.


If you want a multitude of people to see your message, there’s no question that the medium to use is Internet video. According to a Cisco report, videos took up about 30% of web traffic. Today, that number has grown to a staggering 90%.


Unfortunately, media production isn’t often something a business can do on their own unless they happen to be in the industry. When you need to ensure that the audio and video you’re releasing don’t betray your corporate image, it’s best to go with a pro.


If you're running a label, you already know how time consuming it can be to manage the websites of all your artists. To help you save time, you can manage everyone on our platform from your single login.


Although technological advances have made it easier for anyone to create decent audio files, you can often still hear all the distracting background noise. Working with a media production professional can help ensure your audio is crisp and clear.


High definition video is ideal for archival purposes, as it is easy to store footage on an external hard drive. It can also be formatted for easy access by a variety of editing platforms.


There are two basic ways to consider producing a video, depending on your goals and the type of emotional response you are trying to get. A video can be made using still photos with narration, or a more complex approach can be used using live footage that’s collected and edited.


Is there a member of your family who refuses to switch to a more modern video format? If so, we can help you get your photos, videos and even presentations onto a VHS tape for them.


If you’re a business owner and have old files you want backed up on CD, you can ship those to us and we’ll put them on CD or a hard drive for you, so your files are backed up and protected. This is especially important if you’re a small business owner and don’t have a staff to do this for you.


Planning to do a larger run of CDs, such as more than 1,000? In this case, replication is your best bet. This method takes longer (usually two to three weeks), but costs less for large runs, and works better with complex packaging such as for CD albums.


So what exactly is streaming video? This is a type of video production that allows computer users to view video clips over the Internet without having to download the entire file onto their hard drive.


Did you know that Cuban-American theater is most prevalent in Florida? It also maintains traditions and techniques from its island home, including the Cuban "blackface" farces. Maria Irene Fornes is the most prominent playwright in Cuban-American theater.


Using YouTube as a means for promoting your product has evolved into a highly effective tool. However, you do not want to post an amateurish product. A video production company has the skills and equipment for creating a professional look.


Video technology has made leaps and bounds in its relatively short history. It all started with the first still camera, invented in the early 19th century. French inventor Nicéphore Niépce developed the first physical camera along with the first permanent photo, View from the Window at Le Gras.


Wondering what the difference is between replication and duplication? With replication, a glass master is made, then the discs are stamped from that master. Duplication, on the other hand, burns the disc from the master. Replication is better for larger runs, while duplication is better for smaller runs.


Did you know that in the early history of motion pictures, the cinematographer was typically also the director and cameraman? As the art form and technology of video production evolved, these roles were eventually differentiated.


Chances are if you look around a restaurant or grocery store, someone is watching a video on their smartphone. It’s ridiculous not to get in on the action as it is predicted that 2/3 of all smartphone traffic will be videos as soon as the year 2014.


Looking to make some training materials for your company? Whether it’s a recorded lecture or a training video, the experts at the media production studio can help make sure that you get the high-quality training material your employees need.


A film's Art Director works for the Production Designer and is responsible for the various artists and craftspeople. This includes set designers and graphic artists. The art director gives guidance to the film's construction coordinator, overseeing the details of set building.


A media production company can be instrumental in helping you to create a corporate video with global strategy and appeal. The media company will help ensure that your end product is entertaining, which can go a long way in generating traffic for a business.


Sometimes media get damaged in floods or fires and people fear that their memories are gone, but a lot of times we are able to salvage what’s left of photos and videos. If you have negatives or film reels, send them to us and see if we can pull out enough to put on some sort of electronic media.


One of the benefits of the wider aspect ratio of high definition video is that the viewer is able to see more of the background with greater shading values, which results in a more dramatic and natural look.


Sometimes a new generation will find media from an old generation and will not have the equipment to play it or find out what’s on the media. That’s where we can come in and help by digitizing the media, so you can view the memories from the previous generation.


Having hits to your artist website can tell you how many people are visiting to check out your music, but it's the conversion to newsletter subscribers that tells you how successful your site is at convincing visitors to stay and check out more of what you have to offer.


The high-definition videos we produce today represent nearly 150 years of innovation. One early example dates from 1867, when William Lincoln patented the “zoopraxiscope,” a device that used a narrow slit to display images that appeared to move.


Guerilla marketing is quickly becoming one of the best ways to make something go viral. If you aren't already utilizing street teams to spread the word for each of the artists you manage, we can help you get started.


Did you know that high definition video technology has changed the shape of the video image, from an aspect ratio of 4:3 to a widescreen 16:9 format? This affects the overall image quality, particularly the way in which you are able to see light.


Digital videos that you watch on the Internet have evolved at incredible rates since its inception. Digital video standards set in 1984 look practically ancient next to today’s videos. To put things into perspective, digital video would first have a resolution of 176x144, archaic next to our 1080i HDTVs.


Street teams are one of the most cost effective ways to promote new and established artists at the grassroots level. Street teams are perfect for spreading the word about concerts, appearances, new releases and creating the buzz you need to draw new fans.


Fast Facts: In 1867, William Lincoln patented the “zoopraxiscope,” which displayed drawings and photographs through a narrow slit, so they appeared to move. In 1895, Louis Lumiere invented the Cinematographe, the first portable video camera, which also processed film and functioned as a projector.


It’s no secret that we love making movies, but did you know that according to some scientists, cavemen might have also been movie buffs? Of course they didn’t have rock cameras, but some believe that certain sequences of 30,000-year-old cave drawings may be an attempt at early motion pictures, with the help of a flickering torch to add motion.


The film Producer's job is to make sure a production gets funded; the key personnel are hired; and arranges for distribution. Typically, the producer is involved throughout the whole project.


Until the days of convenient digital video, editing was an arduous process that involved large machines that would fill entire rooms. The process is now streamlined in digital editing software, allowing us to deliver the highest quality videos.


When you see the speed “16X,” this refers to the speed at which a DVD can be ripped. In this case, “16X” means that a DVD can be recorded 16 times faster than it can be played.


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