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Operating as usual


Jim Hunter: "Multiple shootings were reported overnight in Cedar Rapids..."

Captain Steve: "Part of our regular segment, 'Shots Fired!', brought to you by the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce!"


"Looks like 'Li'l Bit' is about to become somebody's 'li'l bitch'."

- Tommy on the sentencing of Ahkinea "Li'l Bit" Cox.


Tommy: "Between the weight loss, these baggy clothes and the now-oversized baseball cap I feel like I should be in a hospital bed waiting for a visit from John Cena."


Justin Roberts: "What does your bathroom look like, Karin?"

Karin: "Well, it has a toilet in it."

Pat Harty: "Wow. We're out there, now."


Glenn Hanson: "You gotta watch out in the Upper Peninsula. They got them yetis up there."


Justin Roberts: "One team people aren't talking about, and I know they went 2-10, but Iowa State is going to come to Kinnick Stadium hungry next year."

Rob Howe: "Their new offensive coordinator is going to come REALLY hungry."


Pat Harty: "So will you be staying in the Ray Gilmore suite while you're in Vegas?"

Justin Roberts: "Oh GOD no."

Pat Harty: "Take a black-light in there."


John Feeney: "The funny thing is, Ray was in there alone."


"This fourth quarter has been about as long as 'The Deer Hunter'." -Pat Harty


Dirk: "My father got shot at Iwo Jima. I think that's great."


Kurt Means: "They're going to be updating the web site menus, so expect some changes."

Kyle Hughes: "Will we be able to write 'Kurt sucks'?"


"I'm sure everybody in Ames will be super-classy all day long." -Kyle Hughes


"That hum on KXIC is their trademark. Like the teletype on 1010 WINS." -Tommy Lang


Tom Gavin: "Are you gonna bring me in or not?"

Captain Steve: "I don't have the money, Tom."

Tom Gavin: "You don't have the money because you're a fat-ass!" *click*


"I've gotta call Rent-A-Center to have them figure out why my laptop isn't connecting to the internet." -Southern Justin


John Feeney: "Some guy called in last week and said Iowa was going to go 9-3 this year."

Pat Harty: "Hey, it could happen. They play 12 games."


"Don’t believe what you read in the Press-Citizen. They are always making stuff up.” - Dr. Gill, Coralville city councilor


"You look like a 1950's homosexual." -Amy Suter on how her dad was dressed this morning


Captain Steve: "So this guy started speaking Hispanic..."


Captain Steve: "I watched NCIS last night. What did you watch?"

Tommy Lang: "Last night on Tosh.0 they had video of a guy vomiting p**p."

Captain Steve: "'re not doing this..."

Tommy Lang: "It's a real medical condition..."

Captain Steve: "No! SOMEBODY has to protect the license."


Cindy Clark Hudson: "What wrong with vi*****rs? Can I say 'vi*****rs' on the air?"

Kyle Hughes: "I know you can't USE one..."


Captain Steve: "Mace Michaels is our chief meteorologist."

Tom Gavin: "Why?"

Captain Steve: "What's ('The Master') about?"Tommy Lang: "The Master."Captain Steve: "Who's 'The Master'?"Tommy Lang: "S...

Captain Steve: "What's ('The Master') about?"
Tommy Lang: "The Master."
Captain Steve: "Who's 'The Master'?"
Tommy Lang: "SHO NUFF!!!"


Captain Steve: "Podolak said this was the toughest defense we'll face all year."
Tommy Lang: "Is he drinking again?"


Pat Harty on the public intoxication arrest of incoming freshman Kyle Meyer: "Hey, at least we know he's having fun here at Iowa."


Tommy Lang: "Mr. Van Patten, if you could hold on a moment, your character is about to get beat up by a bad guy on 'Cannon'."

Dick Van Patten: "Oh, sure."


Captain Steve: "You know we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of us airing Cannon...May 3rd."

Pat Harty: "I don't know if that's something that should be celebrated or examined."


"We will return to your calls and the KCJJ Radio Auction in a moment, but first we join Cannon as he is about to climb down a rope out of a helicopter..." -Captain Steve


Tommy Lang (to Justin Roberts): "Sadie (Hughes) kind of reminds me of my sister's Shih Tzu, Sookie: She's cute and sweet and loveable, but she's REALLY skittish around people she doesn't know."


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Gonna miss the Cheat Room. Listened yesterday from NJ on ustream.
regaurding the conversation i heard this morning around 8am- you have given out my number on the air and i never recieved any calls. :):):)
(Phone rings) Steve: Hello? Tom Gavin: Who you talking to? Toys for Tots? Steve: No, it's Mary for the Homeless Children's Trust. Tom: Hi Mary. Did you guys hear about Bruce Boudreau? The Capitals coach, he got fired. Tommy Lang: Well you should go console him!
(After a Tom Gavin interruption) Captain Steve: "It's hard to do this show sometimes." Mary Larew: "You know, you brought it upon yourself." Go buy a toy for the Homeless Children's Trust and drop it off at the KCJJ studios.
"This whole thing at Penn State is like a bad Cannon episode." Todd Brommelkamp on some other station
From Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 (Steve is reading the Press-Citizen endorsement and is wanting to correct it): Tom Gavin: Tell me what the wrong words are and I'll straighten them out for you. Steve: Our View: Vote Hayek, Payne, Dobyns, and Throgmorton for Council... Tom Gavin: No.
"Karate chop!" - Steve any time Cannon is on
a different visitor to the Mighty KCJJ
found a rare video teleplay of Tommy Lang and Steve Bridges - The Early Days. The names have been changed to protect the SHUTTUPs.
Dirk Keller : "If you hear something on the radio too much, you get sick of it!"