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Protesters interrupted Reynolds' speech Thursday night, voicing their opposition to the legislature's current efforts to...
Gov. Kim Reynolds pushed 'parental rights' to Moms for Liberty crowd. Protesters pushed back

Protesters interrupted Reynolds' speech Thursday night, voicing their opposition to the legislature's current efforts to pass bills limiting gender affirming care and social-emotional learning curriculum in the classroom.

The "Giving Parents a Voice" townhall featured controversial issues surrounding public education and resulted in several protesters escorted out.

In recent weeks, gas stoves have been branded by some as a danger — to both public health and the planet — that need to ...
Gas stove bans explained: Are natural gas stoves actually a 'hazard'?

In recent weeks, gas stoves have been branded by some as a danger — to both public health and the planet — that need to be phased out. To others, that notion is ridiculous.

"Gas stove bans" primarily are about the effort to stop new construction from being piped for natural gas. What to know.


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Iowa Girls State Wrestling Tournament has come to town! Come fuel up on good food between matches :)

Thanks for including us in your list of go tos Iowa City Press-Citizen!
Our thanks to Paris Barraza and Iowa City Press-Citizen for this story.
On Saturday, Anti-Choice protesters from Iowa City and beyond marched to Emma Goldman Clinic for their leg of the nationwide "March for 'Life'". EGC supporters lined the sidewalks in front of the clinic, forcing the Antis to stand across the street from the clinic.

We here at Emma Goldman Clinic are grateful to live in a community that supports us and our mission. There will always be people who don't believe in our mission to provide quality gender-affirming reproductive healthcare to the people who need it and we are so very thankful for our supporters who come out en masse.

Photos courtesy of Matt Sindt from Little Village Mag, Joseph Cress from Iowa City Press-Citizen, & EGC staff.
Congratulations to our very own Director of Rural Development, Sarah Thompson, on being named one of Iowa City Press-Citizen's People to Watch in 2023!

Read more (Please note-this article is for subscribers):
Fast forward to the timestamp of 2:43 on this YouTube video and listen carefully to what the Linn county communications director says--> 👍
I’m being watched 👀

Thank you to Iowa City Press-Citizen for naming me one of the ten people to watch next year. 2023 is going to be a good year!
Thanks to Iowa City Press-Citizen for plugging our show!

“The longstanding band originating from Iowa City Diplomats of Solid Sound will ring in the new year at Wildwood BBQ & Saloon Saturday.

The band released their first single “Bullfrog Boogaloo” in 2001 and frequented The Mill, Gabe’s and the Iowa City Yacht Club.

In 2006, the Diplomats of Solid Sound added the Diplomettes, soon becoming a permanent fixture in the band.

Diplomats of Solid Sound recently put out a live album to celebrate over 20 years as a band.

Joining them at Wildwood Saloon is songwriter and self-taught guitarist Jordan Sellergren. The Iowa City musician released “Taking the High Road” in February.

The concert starts at 9 p.m. General admission is $20.

Visit to purchase tickets.”
Team ICOR Victorious Again!

Saturday, December 17, 2022, ICOR Boxing, 391 Highland Avenue, Iowa City, Iowa: Boxers from Iowa City, Muscatine, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois competed in 13 USA Boxing sanctioned amateur bouts. The action included a developmental bout between ICOR’s Ben Moore, 157lbs, Solon High School class of ’22, who showed his experience against a green but game Kaden Henson of the Sullivan Boxing Club, coming from Sullivan, Missouri. In the 2nd bout, Iliaz Ramirez from the Muscatine County Boxing Club knocked out Nicholas Wiemers the of Muscatine Boxing Club at superheavyweight in the 13/14 year old division.

In the 3rd bout of the afternoon, Los Primos’ Lawrence Davis defeated Elimination Boxings, Caeden West, of Des Moines, via unanimous decision in the 14/15-year-old 135 pound class. Los Primos followed it up with Valjot Boyal defeating Casey Knudsen, of Omaha, Nebraska at 183 pounds in the senior division. Mateo Caudillo, from Nile Pena Boxing Club in Moline, IL, then beat Rumble Boy Gym’s C**t Homes, fighting out of Medina, Minnesota.

Khamani Jackson, representing Beasley’s of Davenport, earned a decision win over Los Primos’ Armand Woods at 130 pounds between the 15- and 16-year-olds. In the 10th bout of the evening, Carlos Manso, from Nile Pena Boxing, defeated Mike Gadberry, from the Cedar Rapids Boxing Club. Next, Darrell Johnson, representing Elimination Boxing of Des Moines, beat DaMonte Smith, hailing from Pena Davenport Boxing Club at 153lbs in the senior open division. At superheavyweight in the senior division in the penultimate bout, Jardae Anderson knocked out Milik Walker, from Chicago Illinois, in the second round. In the main event of the evening, dropping down to 165 pounds, ICOR’s State Champion Dady Mansaray advanced his record to 4-0 with a quick 1st round stoppage, overpowering Royce Bredemeier, unattached, fighting out of Illinois.

USA Boxing officials overseeing the show included ICOR’s Joni Bosch, Tom Reyes, Milt Thurmond, Samalya Thenuwara, and Emily Klinefelter. Also officiating were Rich Vorwald of Dubuque and Greg Patterson, of Cedar Valley. USA Boxing Physician Brian Crites from Des Moines was the ringside doctor presiding over the bouts. The ICOR Boxing Club is led by USA Boxing Silver Level head coach Clif Johnson, who is also Vice President of the Iowa Golden Gloves.

KCRG-TV9Little Village MagIowa City Press-CitizenCedar Rapids GazetteDaily Iowan TV SportsThink Iowa CityThe Des Moines RegisterIowa City Area Sports CommissionIowa GoldenIowa Amateur BoxingLos Primos Boxing ClubMuscatine Boxing ClubMuscatine County Boxing Club (MCBC)Muscatine JournalPatrick PenaTom Reyes 1630 KCJJ KWWL Iowa Amateur Boxing Coaches Iowa Golden Gloves
Tonight’s show presented by Advantage at Wildwood BBQ & Saloon
Is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🎸
I can’t wait to see you all soon!!!!
Iowa City Music Scene Iowa City Press-Citizen KCJJ Radio 1630 am 94.1 KRNA 98.1 KHAK
If you find out that you've been blocked or your comments have been hidden on any government social media page you can file a lawsuit against them for a civil rights violation.

Elected officials cannot delete comments or block users based on the content of the speech on their official government social media accounts!! When public officials use social media as government actors, the First Amendment prohibits them from censoring differing viewpoints. Blocking users or deleting comments because they express critical opinions offends the Constitution and principles of transparency.

We all have free speech rights when we use social media. Both the U.S. and Iowa State Constitutions guarantee your right to free speech. That right doesn’t go away when you go online. When public officials act on behalf of the government, they are subject to the limits that the First Amendment imposes on them as government actors. If a public official invites comments on a social media page concerning public matters or otherwise intentionally designates it as a space for public discussion, the social media page becomes a public forum. Where public forums are involved, public officials cannot exclude people from accessing the page just because the official disagrees with them.

If a public official uses social media as a government actor in the above ways, the official cannot exclude people for having differing viewpoints. This means they can’t block users, delete specific comments, or restrict access in other ways on the basis of the viewpoints expressed. The government cannot unjustifiably interfere with your freedom of speech when you use social media to share your thoughts or to engage in discourse with public officials. If you believe you have been wrongfully censored by a public official, you can file a complaint with the ACLU.

Check out this quick read from the Iowa City Press-Citizen featuring great progress pictures of Penn Street Place and Field Day Brewing Co. by Liberty Centre Pond.
I can't wait Get your tickets

12.15 Shotgun Bettys acoustic
12.16 The Marquee in Sioux City, IA.
12.17 Wildwood BBQ & Saloon in Iowa City, IA. Presented By Advantage
Iowa City Press-Citizen Iowa City Music Scene Sioux City · Official Music
So many superlatives: Dec. 18 is the LAST day to submit films for the FIRST Farm to Film Fest in Washington, Iowa, home of the world's OLDEST continuously operating movie theater. The inaugural festival is set for May 20-21, 2023.
KILJ Radio Iowa City Press-Citizen Little Village Mag State Theatre Travel Iowa Washington, Iowa Main Street Washington Jaron P Rosien
So many superlatives: Dec. 18 is the LAST day to submit films for the FIRST Farm to Film Fest in Washington, Iowa, home of the world's OLDEST continously operating movie theater. The inaugural festival is set for May 20-21, 2023.

KILJ Radio Iowa City Press-Citizen Little Village Mag State Theatre Travel Iowa Iowa Culture
We are excited to have received the 2022 Iowa City Press-Citizen Best of the Best award for Best Custom Home Builder!!
We can't thank you all enough for the continued support throughout the years and look forward to the years to come!

Check out all of the areas winners and finalists here:
What is the purpose of the News Media (i.e. KCRG-TV9, Iowa City Press-Citizen, CNN) if the whole story never gets finished?

You think a pathetic sob story of a local dry cleaners ends after "more than a century" is all you need? Why not "dig deeper" and research what will happen to the other "competing" dry cleaners (Bradley's Cleaners (formally known as Concord Custom Cleaners), SonShine Cleaners and Citywide Cleaners (aka Albert's Cleaners).

Three dry cleaners love the new business Varsity Cleaners Iowa City dumped on them, but the work load is getting out of hand! Especially, after surviving , there appears to be no workers willing to work at a dry cleaner for a few hours.

Unfortunately, working at a dry cleaners is not a glamorous career job, but a side job that needs to be done to keep up with demanding customers who dump their week(s) load of laundry at someone else. The way customers are demanding, makes me understand how slaves feel - slaving over their master's needs, immediately. Also, I do not listen to customers who say, "I'm a paying customer" - so are the other customers that just came by (there are, after all, eight billion humans (despite the COVID19 deaths) on this earth)!

Was Varsity's article an opportunity Varsity paid for their story? If so, what is news if the story is paying the writers for information for a natural for the to ? Why do people really need to pay for their newspaper to get this news? Sounds like style new source.

Perhaps, this is a perfect scenario of why I do not bother wasting my money on newspapers. I will get my sources elsewhere, by double checking with multiple sources (unlike Fox News customers who think news should just be "one stop shop" and no double-checking other sources).

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