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Kulukuku Universal Art Kulukuku Universal Art (KUA) is a full service recording studio located in Irvington, NJ - 15 miles outside of New York City and convenient to public transportation.

KUA services include recording, mixing and mastering, CD duplication/printing, editing and video production. We serve students, educators, solo artists, bands, vocal groups, hobbyists and professionals in music and the recording arts. KUA do all kinds of music in all sorts of genres. We love to work with local singers, song writers and musicians from indie to hip-hop. We provide arrangement, produ

KUA services include recording, mixing and mastering, CD duplication/printing, editing and video production. We serve students, educators, solo artists, bands, vocal groups, hobbyists and professionals in music and the recording arts. KUA do all kinds of music in all sorts of genres. We love to work with local singers, song writers and musicians from indie to hip-hop. We provide arrangement, produ

Operating as usual


If you are recording a demo to send into the Library of Congress for copyright purposes, it's important to make sure the lyrics come through clearly. Other elements such as instrumentation and tone are less important.


Are you worried that using your home recording studio won't provide the best finished product? Not only is our equipment top of the line, but our professional recording staff can help advise you what areas may need work.


While adding different vocal or musical effects can enhance many songs, they can also ruin a good song when the wrong effect is chosen. Adding your effects after your song is recorded is often the best way to go.


Try to have everything in order before scheduling a recording session. Things tend to run much smoother if you've worked out all the details in advance and are not scrambling on the day of recording.


When it comes to recording voiceovers, using low-quality equipment can result in poor sound quality in the finished product. We offer top-of-the-line equipment that will result in a product that makes a great first impression.


If you have an idea for a song, but do not feel you are making progress, we can help you with writing it, refining it, or arranging it - whatever you need. If you have drawn a creative blank, talk with us for professional help.


No matter the field of music you are in, we have the expertise to help you in making your recording. We have professionals who have extensive experience in all popular genres, ready to offer assistance.


If you need a demo tape or CD, we can help you produce one. At our full-service recording studio you have access to the best equipment and professionals in the recording business. Set your appointment today.


If you need voiceover music for your ad, video, or other production, we can help. Our professional staff is skilled in writing and arranging music in any genre you need. Call today for a consultation.


We are here to facilitate your musical ideas and talent. While you are in charge, we are available to offer expert professional advice and suggestions that can help improve your sound and the final product.


There will be three stages to your session once it begins. You will first set up (the length depends on how much equipment you have), then will be the sound check, and finally the tracking session.


If you are pricing studio rates, consider everything that is offered. Many studios have layered rates, and "hidden" charges. Their initial rate may look great, but when the extras are added in, they are beyond your budget. Talk with us first.


Did you know that working in a professional studio can actually help you improve your performances? Since time is always of the essence in the studio, your group will get better at nailing setup and timing when playing live.


If you are making a Class A demo to send to a record label, be concise in what you include. Give the label enough of a sampling to be able to appreciate your range but keep in mind they have limited listening time.


Because vocal mikes are very sensitive to any sounds, including breathing, a few tips which can help to minimize extra sounds include: avoid wearing jewelry - particularly earrings, practice breathing techniques, and wear soft comfortable clothing.


The ideal length of a Class A demo (meant to be sent to record labels) is only a couple of songs. This will keep the demo from being too overwhelming to attract notice.


What is one of the main benefits of using professional recording studio equipment? The ability to correct recordings without having to start from the beginning. Audios can be spliced, and constructed to eliminate any recording mistakes.


Would you like to mimic the old time radio sounds of the early 1920s? Recording studio services can help to create old time audio sounds with voices, singing audio and entire band sounds for a unique sound flashback.


Do you need a new piece of equipment or instrument to really make a song pop? Contact us! We may already have the equipment on hand, or if not, can likely refer you to someone who does.


Did you know that professional studio equipment has the ability to add an almost endless selection of organic sounds to recordings? Whether your recording needs a lion's roar or the sound of thunder, we can help.


This may seem obvious, but make sure all the cell phones are turned off before you begin your recording session. Having one go off in the middle of a song can ruin a perfect take, forcing you to start anew.


Want a highly professional finished product for your album? We offer state-of-the art recording packages to give you a highly marketable end product.


Is one member of the band playing louder than the others during past recordings? Professional recording studios can help to minimize sounds that are overwhelming the rest of the audio including voice and instrumental sounds.


Do you have to travel to use the recording studio? If so, remember to bring all your spares, in addition to the songs you don't think you'll need. It's always better to have more than you think you'll need than feel left without.


For singers who need help singing while playing a musical instrument at the same time, professional studio recording services can help by recording the voice and instrument portions individually and then blending the two sounds together.


We have both analog and digital recording equipment available. The choice is up to you, but we can offer expert advice as to which will deliver the better sound for your needs. Please do not hesitate to talk with us about this.


If you are bringing previously recorded material to mix with your new tracks, make sure it is compatible with our software. Just give us a call and we can tell you if it will work or if it will need to be converted.


Do you have more songs than you plan to actually record? It's always good to have a few extra practiced songs you can slip in if any of your primary songs don't sound right or you have extra time.


Pre-production, or Class B, demos are rarely heard outside of the production group. Thus, these demos have different sonic requirements than those made for the purposes of selling the music/artist to a recording label.


Anyone can get tired of listening to a song for too long. A benefit of having to come into the studio instead of working at home is that you can get some separation from your songs and hear them with fresh ears.


One recording tip for drummers to keep in mind? Avoid changing drum heads just before recording. Changing the drum heads right before the recording can affect the tune and pitch of the drum - instead, it's best to change the heads about a week before recording time.


A pre-production demo provides an excellent reference when it comes to the actual recording session. It can be very helpful to have a copy of the song you're about to record to give everyone a feel for the sound you're going for.


It does not matter if you are new to recording or an experienced artist, we have the expertise to deliver the sound you are after. With our combined years in the recording industry, we have the professional skills to make your session go smoothly.


Did you know that studio rentals are available for a variety of time slots? Whether you need a professional recording studio for a day, half a day or even just an hour or two, we can help.


Remember, getting adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise can help you give your best performance. Try to establish a routine leading up to your recording session to ensure these needs are met and your recording session is a success!


Irvington, NJ


(973) 373-1800


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