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Delay In Block Productions was founded in November of 2011 by Drayton Blackgrove, a rail enthusiast with a lifelong passion for trains, as a means of sharing his favorite hobby with the world. Block™ has evolved into a multi-media production company offering high-quality railroad content online and in physical formats. Today, the Delay In Block YouTube Channel is the fastest-growing railroad-relat

ed YouTube Channel and is home to some of the most viewed, high-definition railfan videos on the internet. "Delay In Block" is a Trademark of Delay In Block Productions.

Now, this is something!

Now, this is something!

Streetside Running

An Anchorage yard job has GP38-2 2001 (blt. Jan. 1977 as Butte, Anaconda and Pacific 108) is shoving a string of side dump gons with Alaska Railroad Russell snowplow number 4 on the end leading the way north up the APU spur here beside East First Avenue.

This vintage piece of equipment was built in August of 1949 and is the last of her kind on the ARR. Long since retired, it had been decades since she was used in revenue service and the left corner of her car body was completely crushed from a side swipe derailment long ago. She had sat forgotten on a disconnected piece of track alongside the Anchorage yard for many years, but finally fell victim to the ARR's clean up efforts in late 2009. She was donated by the railroad to the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry for preservation but the historic society deemed that she was too far gone to be fit for restoration given their limited funds and space. Instead, after taking photos and documentation they sold her for scrap.

After a short trip on the main where she got to cut a little snow for the last time she is seen being gingerly walked up this mile long industrial spur to the waiting cutting torches at CEI's scrap yard. In an interesting twist, she had to be lifted off the spur where she sat by forklift because the track was inaccessible. Set back on her own trucks she was afforded the dignity of a trip to the end of the line on her own wheels. This plow was also the very last piece of equipment on ARR rails still equipped with friction bearing trucks. One wonders if the motorists passing her here on the street recognized the historical significance of the fleeting moment? It's a shame she had no chance of survival, but at least these photos can preserve the memory....

And if you want to read a great story about her check out this page on John Comb's encyclopedic website and scroll down to the Russell Plow section: Snow Plow

Anchorage, Alaska
Friday March 5, 2010

This December, the Military Railroad Society and the U.S. Army hosted Operation Sergeant Santa for the first time in 4 d...
Army Railroad Christmas: Operation Sergeant Santa 2022

This December, the Military Railroad Society and the U.S. Army hosted Operation Sergeant Santa for the first time in 4 decades on Joint Base Langley-Eustis, giving train rides to military families and veterans. Learn more about the event in our latest YouTube video.

The Military Railroad Society began in 2015 as a restoration effort of a World War II era, S100 type, USATC steam locomotive number 5002. The Military Railro...

Our latest video covers Michigan’s crazy interstate highway railroad crossings. Check it out on YouTube.
Michigan's CRAZY Highway Railroad Crossings

Our latest video covers Michigan’s crazy interstate highway railroad crossings. Check it out on YouTube.

Interstate 94 is an east–west highway connecting the Great Lakes and northern Great Plains regions of the United States. Its western terminus is just east of...

This classic, although best-known for its involvement in the 75th Annual CSX Santa Train, is still earning its keep work...
72 Years Old and Still Pulling Freight: Clinchfield Railroad 800

This classic, although best-known for its involvement in the 75th Annual CSX Santa Train, is still earning its keep working for the Heritage Railroad. See Clinchfield 800 working hard on a revenue freight train in our latest video.

Spend time chasing Clinchfield Railroad 800 on the Heritage Railroad in East Tennessee.Subscribers: help support us by crowdfunding through Patreon, PayPal, ...

On November 12th and 13th, Lhoist North America ran several employee appreciation specials to honor personnel from its C...
Train Ride on Tennessee's Most-Scenic Railroad

On November 12th and 13th, Lhoist North America ran several employee appreciation specials to honor personnel from its Crab Orchard and Anderson mines for keeping the business alive throughout what was a very difficult year for the company. An unprecedented mine collapse forced the two plants to collaborate in creative ways to ensure the Crab Orchard facility remained online throughout 2021 and early 2022.

The passenger equipment used during the excursion, including the world-famous Clinchfield Railroad EMD F7A no. 800, was brought to Lhoist by the hard-working volunteers at the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum (SARM), who also staffed the train the entire weekend. SARM operated the train safely and professionally, with many of Lhoist's employees leaving fabulous reviews of the experience. Many remarked they hoped it would become an annual tradition. Time will tell.

On November 12th and 13th, Lhoist North America ran several employee appreciation specials to honor personnel from its Crab Orchard and Anderson mines for ke...

So yeah, this happened.
Holy Toledo! Train Derails on Camera

So yeah, this happened.

Skip to derailment: 16:15In August of 2021, we visited the Portland & Western Railroad of Oregon to document the Toledo District between Albany and its names...

Here’s an amazing video by Pennsy Productions on Nickel Plate Road 765’s fall trips in Michigan and Indiana. You’ll defi...
Inside the Indiana Rail Experience - NKP 765

Here’s an amazing video by Pennsy Productions on Nickel Plate Road 765’s fall trips in Michigan and Indiana. You’ll definitely want to see this!

The Indiana Rail Experience may seem to the outsider just like any other tourist rail operation — but how did this new service, in just one year, bring 6,000...

Lake State Railway's Black River Bridge

See the full video:

The former CN, now Lake State Black River Bridge, is the last operating railroad bridge over the river. It was built in 1929 by the Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Company to replace an older bridge at the same location. The bridge generally remains in the down position throughout the winter months since the river freezes, preventing boat traffic. From spring through fall, the bridge is lowered by train crews.

According to, this is a fascinating structure, because, unlike most newer highway bascule bridges, most of the gears and moving parts are visible. Known as a Scherzer-type rolling lift bascule bridge, the main moveable span is a through plate girder. The bridge includes one deck plate girder approach span at each end. Concrete piers support the bridge in the water and its abutments are also concrete. Since rail traffic is limited, a bridge tender is not necessary.

We love these tumblers!

We love these tumblers!

South Carolina Cockabooses

Watch the full video here:

On April 8th, 1990, Ed Painter was in Salisbury, NC where he caught this interesting southbound manifest from the Amtrak station platform. Powered by a rare B36-7, an even more uncommon GP40X, and a GP50, this train was quite the catch for the locomotives alone. However, what was being pulled on the rear of the train is what really made it stand out.

On the rear of the train was a string of Cockabooses. Yes, you read that right. Cockabooses. You see, these former Illinois Central cabooses were en route to the University of South Carolina where they would be set up along an unused spur track next to Williams-Brice Stadium. Saved from scrap, these cabooses would be used for tailgating at Gamecock Football games. Their nickname comes from the university’s mascot. After all, Gamecocks plus caboose equals the nickname “Cockaboose.”

The idea for these unique tailgating cabs came from Columbia businessman Ed Robinson, a real estate developer who wanted South Carolina fans to have the best game day parties. Robinson and a partner bought 22 cabooses from the IC along with the spur from CSX. After they arrived in Columbia, Robinson had them renovated with a kitchenette, bathroom, and a large rooftop deck for hosting parties. Each caboose is privately owned and can be rented ahead of gameday.

It’s getting serious.
Railroad Freight Companies Cutting Service Ahead Of Potential Nationwide Strike

It’s getting serious.

— News —Railroad Freight Companies Cutting Service Ahead Of Potential Nationwide StrikeBy Dillon Burroughs•Sep 13, 2022•FacebookTwitterMailLuke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images Four of the nation’s largest railroad companies have begun scaling back service ahead of a pote...

Some interesting insights from the world of preservation.

Some interesting insights from the world of preservation.

What a cool paint scheme!

What a cool paint scheme!

Restored Locomotive to Help Nokian Tyres’ Dayton Factory Handle Rising Volume of Raw Materials

DAYTON, Tenn. – Commercial rail helped build Southeast Tennessee’s booming manufacturing economy. Now, it’s helping Nokian Tyres build greater supply at its growing tire production facility in North America – with a nod toward rail’s rich history in the region.

The global tiremaker is partnering with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum to use a restored locomotive to deliver raw materials to the storage warehouse at its award-winning factory. The locomotive will pull train cars the one-mile distance from Norfolk Southern’s rail line to the facility’s storage bay, enabling Nokian Tyres to smoothly process the growing volume of materials necessary to accommodate rising demand for tires produced at the factory, and decreasing the reliance on trucking in favor of a more efficient, sustainable option.

“This locomotive helps us reliably handle larger quantities of materials and streamline our processes,” said Nokian Tyres Transportation Manager Daniel Dobbs. “It’s a step in the right direction to support the factory as we continue to scale up production.”

Nokian Tyres’ Dayton Factory is connected to Norfolk Southern’s train line via 5,000 feet of track that ends at its rubber mixing building. The factory is the foundation of Nokian Tyres’ growth plan in North America, and production volume is increasing there as the company responds to rising demand for its products in North America. The factory’s workforce grew from 150 team members to approximately 330 in 2021, and Nokian Tyres continues to hire workers to join its thriving team.

The locomotive has a colorful history of service to the United States: Built in 1950, it saw service in Korea with the U.S. Army before being used by the U.S. Air Force to move rockets at Cape Kennedy during the 1960s. It was again used by the U.S. Army before being donated to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Now, it bears Nokian Tyres branding.

“The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum supports our rail preservation efforts through a growing rail switching operation,” said Museum President Tim Andrews. “These operations provide, safe, timely, and economical service to companies like Nokian Tyres that are helping to grow the region’s manufacturing footprint.”

“As we grow in service to our customers and drivers, we want to expand in a way that honors our community and respects the environment,” said Nokian Tyres Dayton Factory Operations Director David Korda. “This locomotive helps us transport more raw materials to our factory in a sustainable way, while partnering with an organization that preserves rail’s rich history in this region.”

“Nokian Tyres is furthering our shared commitment to sustainability by leveraging a piece of rail history to serve their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility,” said Norfolk Southern Industrial Development Manager Jacob Weir. “Rail is the most sustainable method of shipping freight over land, and together we are lowering carbon emissions in moving materials, while connecting Nokian Tyres to markets across the U.S. and the globe.”

Nokian Tyres has received recognition for the factory’s sustainability and culture. Last October, it was the first Rhea County company to receive a Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award, the highest sustainability honor in the state. The Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association honored Nokian Tyres with its Company of the Year award last year.

The Dayton Factory will allow Nokian Tyres to strengthen relationships with North American customers by tailoring its product mix to the needs of drivers in the region.

To learn more about Nokian Tyres’ Dayton Factory or apply for jobs, visit

For more information:
Nokian Tyres plc
Wes Boling, Marketing Communications Manager
[email protected]

Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures premium tires for people who value safety and sustainability. Inspired by our Scandinavian heritage, we craft innovative products for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery that give you peace of mind in all driving conditions. Our Vianor chain provides tire and car services. In 2020, the company’s net sales were approximately $1.6 billion and it employed some 4,600 people. Nokian Tyres is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

More information:

Pizza, a lakefront view, lighthouses, and trains all in one place.

Pizza, a lakefront view, lighthouses, and trains all in one place.

*New hours alert!* Starting Monday, August 15th, our hours will be changing to 4 PM-10 PM Monday-Thursday and 11 AM-10 PM Friday-Sunday for the remainder of the summer. Thank you to everyone who has kept us busy this summer! We are always grateful for the continued support!🍕

I don't hate it on an EMD. -Drayton

I don't hate it on an EMD. -Drayton

The Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad, reporting mark CKIN, is a Class III short-line railroad that operates over 28 miles...
Trains in the Snow: The Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad

The Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad, reporting mark CKIN, is a Class III short-line railroad that operates over 28 miles of former Pere Marquette and Chesapeake & Ohio trackage in northwestern Indiana. Commonly referred to as “The Chicken” by local railfans due to its reporting mark, the shortline is based out of the small community of La Crosse, of which lines run out of the northwest to the Porter County town of Malden, southeast to the Starke County towns of English Lake and North Judson, and northeast through La Porte County from La Crosse to Wellsboro. The railroad is owned by the Town of North Judson and is now operated under lease by Midwest & Bluegrass Rail. At the time, the railroad was still operated by the Indiana Boxcar Corporation which was acquired by MB Rail in September of 2020. The Chesapeake & Indiana is primarily an ag-railroad that transports grain from rural elevators to the mainline railroad systems. The railroad interchanges with Norfolk Southern at Thomaston and CSX at Wellsboro.

Contribute via CashApp:$DelayInBlockMediaContribute via PayPal: via Patreon: https://www....

New video out tonight at 6PM Eastern. Watch it here: you like railroads, you're undoubted...

New video out tonight at 6PM Eastern. Watch it here:

If you like railroads, you're undoubtedly a student of history. How about a little lesson on one of BNSF Railway's branch lines in Montana?

The Copper City Subdivision of BNSF Railway was built between 1881 and 1883 as a narrow-gauge line by the Utah & Northern Railroad, a subsidiary of Jay Gould’s Union Pacific Railway. Aware of Butte’s rich copper deposits, Gould’s company was the first railroad to lay track in Montana, running north from Ogden, Utah through Idaho where it eventually connected with the Northern Pacific’s Transcon at Garrison, a total of 453 miles. At Silver Bow, just over 50 miles southeast of Garrison, the U&N was able to tap into the copper industry by interchanging with the mining railroads out of Butte.

Wanting to access Butte’s rich copper mines directly, Northern Pacific approached UP about forming a joint venture to operate the U&N line from Garrison to Silver Bow. Union Pacific accepted the proposal and in 1886, the Montana Union Railway was created to operate the line. Wanting to have an upper hand, Union Pacific retained ownership of the physical right of way.
Northern Pacific wanted their own line into Butte but would struggle to find a suitable pass over the Continental Divide. In 1888, civil engineer Edwin Harrison McHenry discovered Homestake Pass over the divide and construction began soon thereafter between Logan and Butte. The pass was completed one year later, giving NP direct access to America’s “Copper City” without UP’s control.

Side note: McHenry was the NP employee to suggest adopting the Yin & Yang symbol as the company’s official logo several years later.

Following the Panic of 1893, both Union Pacific Railway and Northern Pacific Railroad experienced financial turmoil that led to eventual bankruptcies. As a result, James Hill, known as “The Empire Builder” of the Great Northern Railroad, was able to control a majority interest in Northern Pacific by the turn of the century. UP’s bankruptcy in 1897 prompted the company to restructure and consolidate and as a result, they sold their ownership in the Montana Union Railway to NP in 1898. Although the Montana Union became an NP subsidiary, UP continued to retain ownership of the physical right-of-way and leased the line to NP for 999 years. The lease is set to expire in March of 2897.

Northern Pacific Railroad would become one of four companies controlled by Hill by 1905, with the others being the Great Northern; the SP&S Railway; and the Burlington Route. Hill’s ultimate dream was to consolidate his railroads into one “super railroad” but those plans were never realized during his lifetime. Leadership within the "Hill Roads" attempted to merge another two times, once in 1927 and again in 1955, but both attempts were unsuccessful due to antitrust laws and legal battles. Finally, after a challenge that went all the way to the Supreme Court, the four railroads were allowed to merge on March 2, 1970, creating the nearly 24,000-mile-long Burlington Northern Railroad.

From 1900 to 1970, the famed North Coast Limited passenger train, which operated between Chicago and Seattle, ran over Homestake Pass, through Butte, and onto Garrison where it then took the NP Transcon to Washington State. In 1971, Amtrak relieved BN from its obligation to operate the train and continued the service as the "North Coast Hiawatha" for eight years. Low ridership and major losses spelled the demise of the train in 1979. Coupled with a recession in the early 1980s and the closure of Butte’s massive Berkley Mine in 1982, BN idled its line over Homestake Pass in 1983.

In an effort to shred less-profitable lines, Burlington Northern sub-leased the 52 miles of Union Pacific-owned track between Silver Bow and Garrison to the Montana Western Railway in 1986. One year later, in the fall of 1987, BN also leased over 900 miles of track to Montana Rail Link, a subsidiary of The Washington Companies. For just shy of 17 years, Montana Western operated the former BN branch line until operations returned to BN successor BNSF Railway, after a series of lawsuits over rate hikes in July of 2003. This resulted in the Copper City Subdivision becoming a completely isolated branch line under BNSF control. However, this may not be the case for long.

On January 10th, 2022, Montana Rail Link Announced that it would terminate its lease with BNSF Railway which means the giant Class I would reacquire its property. This means that the Copper City Subdivision will no longer remain isolated from the rest of BNSF’s network and the presently abandoned Homestake Pass might have an opportunity to reopen if traffic estimates warrant an alternate route. Only time will tell if this comes to pass... Pun intended... But whatever the future holds, I hope this unique line continues to be a profitable venture for BNSF Railway for many years to come.



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If you’re a fan of the Saluda Grade, this is an absolute must watch. Our friends Delay In Block Productions in cooperation with Mr. Ed Painter have produced an absolutely stunning video! Check it out below.
To the DIB crew. If you ever wanted to film/railfan Montana Rail link. This year is probably the year to do it.
When our museum acquired a rare Shay steam locomotive, we can't help but seek out more history about our and other Shays.

Step back in time and take a 45 minute journey by rail. Delay In Block Productions has done a remarkable documentary for the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia, which is one of the top railfan and tourist destinations in the world.

Through the use of exclusive digital video, on-board, trackside, and aerial drone footage, you’ll experience the close-up sights and sounds of the original steam-driven Shay locomotives, now refurbished and working today including Shay numbers 5, 11, and the "Big 6." It’s as close to being there as possible! Plus the video includes interesting history about the founder of the Shay, Mr. Ephraim Shay.

We encourage you to watch this program:

your videos are heaven🥰
Back when Genesee and Wyoming took on a joint venture in Australia and bought Australian National....didn't have time for a new paint job....just doesn't look right 😂 (have since sold and moved on)
Hey delay in block productions why does GC 1800 have a SD70 ace horn equipped?
So what are the odds some URBEX guys will find a C-628 sitting in some back trackage that missed th cutting torch?
Please consider starting your videos with the location name and milepost stenciled on the side of the signal hut protecting the crossing you just arrived at. Thank you.
Robert J. Riley, Founder and CEO, posed with one of Rock Island Rail's GP38 locomotives at Sumner, MS. Photo Courtesy of Delay In Block Productions.
Video of the Day:

Setting what is probably still held as a new land speed record, we see CSX P918-23 running between Atlanta, Georgia and the Kentucky line in late June, 2020.

Many thanks to Delay In Block Productions grand pooba and CEO Drayton Blackgrove for assisting in the production of this video.

And no thanks to the police department in the city of Englewood, Tennessee......
Photo Courtesy of Delay In Block Productions.
great job on the videos are the best i love the train videos

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