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The Hudson County Chronicles This blog isn't for the weak at heart - it covers the good, bad and ugly in the body politic of Huds As Jersey City native with a passion for politics in the city that Hague built, the inner workings of the political machine in Hudson County requires exposure and commentary.

Politics is full-contact sport, Follow me as I chronicle all the players, their equivalent stats and go behind the scenes throughout Hudson County. This blog isn't for the weak at heart - it covers the good, bad and ugly from inside the body of politics in Hudson County. The views expressed here are solely my own, and unless explicitly written, do not suggest an endorsement of any kind. Enjoy!

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Liberty State Park: The Master Plan Lives On "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cau...

Liberty State Park: The Master Plan Lives On

"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die".

This famous quote was delivered by the Late United States Senator Kennedy, when he ended his bid for the presidency in 1976.

This quote embodies the mission of Liberty State Park For ALL , as it continues to fight for the betterment of Liberty State Park.

Having a Park that is accessible, free of containmation, one that has year round activities, and has balance of open space, and recreational space is important, especially in an Urban setting.

Liberty State Park For ALL is not advocating for anything that was not promised to the village of communities surrounding LSP.

The 1977 Master Plan which was commissioned by then Governor Brendan Brown's administration, made key provisions which mandated recreational and opportunities for Minorities to provide services within the Park.

It's sad day while enjoying a Day in the Park with family and friends, there lies nowhere within the Park to grab lunch, or buy an Ice Cream.

Is it too much to build basketball and tennis courts, or provide transportation to LSP.

LSP For All and it's supporters have to keep the train moving non-stop as the engine bringing the neglected community voices and stakeholders together in advocating for the People's Park.

The dream will not die and the work must continue in providing a safe haven for families and children's at LSP.

The time is now for our State elected officials to recertify the 1977 Master Plan, and provide the necessary funding so it can make the Dreams of the only Urban State Park come true.

The question is an honest one ...Should A  Not For Profit be allowed to  "Lobby" & create their own Legislation Federal ...

The question is an honest one ...Should A Not For Profit be allowed to "Lobby" & create their own Legislation

Federal & IRS laws prohibit registered Not For Profits to engage in political activities. This is important if allowed it would cause many to lose its way in its core mission.

Friends of Liberty State Park has over the last 5 years, have adamantly pushed their own political agenda.

They oppose organizations like Liberty State Park For ALL , who have advocated for improvements in LSP, and was the leading advocate in securing $50 million dollars in additional funding for the Park

One would argue you their efforts are for the betterment of the Park, but it still doesn't make it legal for an advocacy group to use Not For Profit Funding and donations to engage in lobbying elected officials.

Friends of Liberty State Park is no longer a Not For Profit organization dedicated to the betterment and improvement of Liberty State Park.

Sam Pesin, The President of FLSP State Park has turned this organization into PAC, yes political action committee.

The proof lies right here in the flyer below.

On the same day of this planned "Lobbying" rally, it will be followed a Nature Art Drawing Activity for children and youth.

It's a great idea for activities for children, no one opposes that but to use it as pawn to bring children to rally is just wrong.

Will FLSP explained to children, the State of New Jersey was awarding LSP $250 Million Dollars to clean the park, and improve the Park with Acti9ve Recreational facilities, but they opposed it.

Will they explain how they have never advocated to have the chromium removed from the Park.

Maybe it's me but I do believe children and youth would enjoy an Arts Show, but also would love rec center , basketball & tennis courts, and track & field area.

Photos from North Bergen Police Department's post

Photos from North Bergen Police Department's post


World Afro Day..celebrate Afro Culture around the 🌎

Photos from Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight's post

Photos from Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight's post


Black and #brilliant

LD 31: LD 28 Change could be Warning of  Santos Road Map to the Statehouse.The recent retirement of the iconic LD 28  St...

LD 31: LD 28 Change could be Warning of Santos Road Map to the Statehouse.

The recent retirement of the iconic LD 28 State Senator Ronald Rice has created an unhealthy political climate in Essex County.

Rice along with Newark Mayor Ras Baraka were intent on longtime Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker ascending to the LD 28 State Senate seat.

One would assume after nearly 40 years in public service Rice, and Mayor Baraka would have no problem in keeping the Senator's seat in Newark, not so fast, an Ides of March episode has taken place in September.

Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss decided to go Irvington Strong and place his support & the Irvington Democratic Organization behind his ally, Irvington City Council President Renee Burgess, Vaus is credited with also garnering Bloomfield's Mayor and the Bloomfield Democratic Organization's support behind Burgess.

Those who follow Essex County will tell you this political coup doesn't happen in Essex with out the support of Essex County Executive Joe D or Leroy Jones, who is the Essex County Democratic Party Chairman as well as the State Dem Chairman.

Burgess is now the LD 28 State Senator, without any challenge.

A Potential Political Storm may be On its Way in the 31st District.

How does this affect Hudson County LD 31 ?

Kearny is now part of the 31st District, with a population of 50k residents, Bayonne has population of about 90k residents.

The African American population is now at 20% in Jersey City, its been on steady decline since 1989.

Winning with the African American Vote alone is no longer feared in the 31st District..Gentrification has now consolidated the Black Voting Bases into mythical bases.

Will HCDO Chairman Anthony Vainieri decide there needs to be diversity in LD 31, will he want to replace Senator Cunningham? Unlikely .

There's been speculation Sen.Cunningham may retire, my sources confirm she has no thoughts on retiring and after witnessing what happened in LD 28, she would wants input on her successor at that time.

Vainieri will he meet with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop & Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis ( probably not at The Coach House) and tell them he believes Kearny deserves input on One of the Assembly seats in LD 31 at least , currently occupied by Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight , who is strong campaigner and well liked in Trenton, or new Assemblyman Will Sampson, who has the support of Davis and Unions.

Fulop will run for Governor and he wants a united HCDO behind his candidacy, Sampson and McKnight could be surrogates to statewide run, but does Kearny just accept it and move on.

Are Sanpson & McKnight seats something Fulop believes he should fight for ? Considering the Gubernatorial election is not until 2025.

HCDO hierarchy could push Chairman Vanieri to place compromised candidate on the line in 2023.

Kearny Mayor Albert Santos, could seek the Assembly seat himself, how could the HCDO or Fulop/Davis deny the Assembly line to fellow Mayor.

Santos would certainly have HCDO support, he's currently the Clerk to the Hudson County Board of Commisioners, extremely popular and has been Mayor for over twenty years.

Wildcard: Bill O'Dea has great relationship with Santos , and the Southside of Jersey City, could he potentially exert his own influence and see a path to the Assembly, imagine O'Dea gets to Trenton (2) Years earlier than Fulop and puts himself in play to Become Speaker if Fulop becomes Governor.

Lock it in Santos name will be floated as an Assemblyman in 2023, unless Fulop exerts his influence.


OUR "Dream" Weekend at Liberty State Park was an Amazing "Fantasy" filled Experience,:

It was "Lit" weekend at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, as our Youth of this Generation like to label their enthusiasm.

My Family enjoyed a wonderful family reunion, PickleBall tournament, as well as the men played nice game of beach volleyball .

Our elders even relived their glory days with a relay race(walk) along the newly installed track field.

We all gathered over to the Amphitheatre to enjoy the Live Summer Concert featuring the best of Motown.

The kids were ecstatic to enjoy outdoor swimming pool at the newly built community center, and the rock climbing exhibit.

We were able to walk a nature trail, and view the 9/11 Memorial and just admired Lady Liberty.

At the end of day we enjoyed the new food concourse which was kids friendly as some of us enjoyed the food truck pavilion.

Can't wait to comeback and enjoy rhe State Championship Track & Field events, or see local high school football game.

Sadly this was a dream!!

There is opposition in allowing these activities at LSP.

The Friends of Liberty State Park, believe the park is better suited to be just a Natura Preserve, with 5 star Dining and Million Dollar Yacht Marina.

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Events  supported by Friends Of Liberty State Park at Liberty State Park, but says No to...

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Events supported by Friends Of Liberty State Park at Liberty State Park, but says No to Youth Basketball Clinics.

If you want to spend a day in June attending the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic, no problem it will cost about $500.00 dollars as you sip on Champagne and Caviar with the Country's elite. The price is only for admission. There will be no opposition in seeking Park Permit by Liberty State Park's longest tenured advocacy group Friends Of Liberty State Park.

Should we question how a billion dollar revenue generating Champagne Importer has no Opposition? Could it possibly be they have gifted Dollars to Park Advocates? Anything is Possible.

If you're local Not For Profit , that's been offering free after-school program for Inner City Youth you can expect opposition when seeking Permit to host Youth Basketball Clinics at Liberty State Park.

It's not that the Friends of Liberty State Park don't want children to have access to LSP, they believe the children would enjoy day of making bird nests and baskets instead.

Yes to Polo..No to Basketball Clinics in LSP


As the school year begins for children in New Jersey.

There's much debate centering around Bill#
A4454, signed into the law on March 21, 2021 by Governor Phil Murphy.

A4454 requires sexual orientation and gender identity instruction for K–12.

As we begin to transform the school curriculums in New Jersey. In our opinion the State Department of Education should consider requiring Diversity & Inclusion & Social Media courses be added to the curriculums in New Jersey.


250 Million Dollars reduced to 50 Million Dollars
Why ? One group wants to maintain open space for Skunks over Children's recreational facilities.

There should be a public outcry on how an Urban State Park, which is located in the most diverse city in the Country, that lacks basic amenities such as Community Athletic Center, and is in desperate need for active recreation facilities allowed one's group "vendetta" agenda led t to the reduction of state aid from quarter of billion dollars to 50 million dollars.

Liberty State Park is one of the premier state parks in the country, mostly due to its scenic views. The potential for LSP to be place for families to enjoy nature, cultural and social events are endless.

The truth is there hasn't been any major improvements to the Park in close to 30 plus years. It's biggest attraction at one time for children was its public pool. It closed over 30 years ago.

Over the last 3 years Liberty State Park For ALL, a community group has been the leading advocate in working with the State DEP in cleaning up the toxic chromium that has laid dormant for years, while also insisting on active recreation facilities be created within the parks interior.

How could any Park Advocate oppose having access to accessible public bathrooms, picnic areas, amphitheater, concession areas, tennis courts, cricket fields at LSP.

Those are questions us as citizens and unbiased media should be asking the Friends of Liberty State Park, lets not discount their collective efforts throughout the years in trying to maintain LSP.

Why would any organization would oppose 9/11 Memorial be erected in LSP, or oppose Youth Basketball clinics be allowed in the Parking lots for weekend clinic, and not ever call attention to the hazardous chromium located within LSP.

250 million dollars could have been used in variety of ways, a portion of the money could been used to implement cultural and athletic programs in LSP.

Local Not For Profits potentially could have applied for Community Service grants that could been utilized for hosting Public Events in the Park.

As the summer comes to an end, We will begin to spotlight on what's in store for the People's Park in the near future.


Jersey City, NJ


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