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Tomorrow is the semi-final 🙏🏿 come one and come all. Thank you for your continued support !!

Tomorrow is the semi-final 🙏🏿 come one and come all. Thank you for your continued support !!

Kenyan Diaspora in Collaboration with Mayor of Newark Ras Barak will be hosting  The Governor of Nairobi..Governor Mike ...

Kenyan Diaspora in Collaboration with Mayor of Newark Ras Barak will be hosting The Governor of Nairobi..Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on the 20th of February at 5.00pm at Newark City Hall Rotunda ...
You are all invited.


Our Youth Day only happens once a year , why will you want to be the only one that misses this day ?
18th August , 2018 .



Come one Come all 💯
Many Kenyans don't understand the benefits of winning a Green card. They think it is their key to a new prosperous life - African Warrior Magazine

In Kenya, the conventional wisdom is that life is much better abroad, especially in the developed countries in the west. Many people, especially the unemployed, the ambitious and the optimistic believe that life abroad must offer much more promising to their home country. This is the reason why some...


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As you may have noticed the Diversity Visa Lottery website ( has been down for maintenance since October 10. The DV Lottery is still happening. The website will be back up on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm Kenyan time. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the previous technical issue, any entry submitted between October 3 and October 10 is no longer valid. You have until the deadline on November 22, 2017 to submit a new entry. Good luck to all registrants!


*Breaking news*


It is with deep sorrow and shock that we announce the sudden passing on of Interior CS Retired General Joseph Nkaissery.

Gen. Nkaissery passed on at Karen Hospital in Nairobi a few hours after being admitted for a check-up.

The country to be updated as more information becomes available.

Joseph Kinyua
Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service

8 JULY 2017



Our Kenya , where did we go wrong ?

Our Kenya , where did we go wrong ?


I rarely let people into my emotions and fears. My wife can count the number of times she has seen me cry. In late November 2016, I broke down on national television, NTV’s show, The Trend. (Here is the clip The host, Larry Madowo, and I have been good friends for nearly 10 years. Although he knows some of my personal struggles, he has only seen me cry at our friend, Quest’s funeral. But there comes a time when things can no longer be contained. I have decided to bear some of it by writing this. To share the hidden war in my life.

My life has been haunted by all kinds of threats. Some close friends know about the intimidation that I receive, but I have always been reluctant to go public about them. I did not want to ever be the boy who cried wolf.

In the past five years, I have publicly been accused of many things. In 2013, for example, during the Love Protest on Feb 13, l was accused of trying to overthrow the government with the backing of the US government. I was neither investigated nor arrested for this alleged treason even after the National Security Advisory Committee made these serious and outlandish allegations. These were blatant lies and cheap attempts at discrediting my patriotism.

In 2014, l received credible death threats that led me to write to the president. Upon delivery of the letter, the threats promptly disappeared. In November 2015, I took part in a protest against insecurity and there were thugs hired to stab me during the peaceful protest in the streets of Nairobi. I reported the matter to the police with images of the goons and video footage of the confessions, but no investigation was ever carried out.

My close family and friends are in constant fear for my life. My mother-in-law has a chain of friends who pray for me daily. Whether I fear for my life is the question on everyone’s mind and it comes up at every interview or talk I give. Like most humans I am afraid of death, but often, my convictions for a better Kenya have overcome this real and palpable fear. It is a great sacrifice to die for Kenya, but an even better one to live for her.

Since l became an activist, my life has changed significantly. I can’t be out alone late at night. A veteran politician once cautioned me that evil loves the dark. I am constantly looking over my shoulder. When working late or hanging out with friends, l must ensure I am with trusted company. I cannot speak freely on my phone. I have had to adjust my life drastically as I cannot afford to take these threats lightly. Routinely, supportive friends will send me information shared by people who have been paid to spy on me. In spite of these chilling reports, I refuse to be intimidated into silence. I refuse to be paralyzed by fear.

Late last year, l was sued by the Deputy President, Ruto, and my response brought many death threats in its wake. Although it is the Deputy President who is suing me, the irony is that threats are coming my way.

I am anguished because the threats are now taking a more dangerous tone. For the first time since I began engaging in activism, my wife and children have been included as targets. The source of the threats claims that because I have refused to be bought and won’t compromise, I have put my family in danger.

I shared these threats with fellow Human Rights defenders who convinced me to have my family leave the country late last year. I remained behind all the while being followed and monitored by people who were looking for an opportunity to do me harm. I left Kenya for South Africa and when l came back l was still being followed. I was then advised by fellow human rights defenders to leave the country for awhile. I left and took the opportunity to promote my book in the US. In the past month I have managed to conduct a successful book tour with the support of good friends in the Diaspora.

While the book tour experience has been amazing, deep down I am emotionally drained. I want to come back home.

We were meant to travel back last week, but then I received a frightening warning message: “DO NOT COME HOME: THEY WILL KILL YOU.” To prove the message’s authenticity, my source shared specific details of how they intend to hurt me and my family. It has broken my heart to see my wife cry, almost everyday. In her tears she keeps saying, “You fight for Kenyans everyday, but who will fight for me and for our children?”

Sadly, Kenya will never be safe until every one of us is safe. There has been constant intimidation of activists and journalists in the past few years. Their survival tactic has been to leave the country, let things cool down and then return. After their return, they choose silence as their language. Their stories are never made public, but the very real threats are whispered in the activism community.

I was born in this beautiful country and for the last three decades I have loved her. But like many of you, she has not always loved me back. We can easily blame her but then we have to stop and ask ourselves, who is Kenya? We were entrusted with this great nation but instead of sowing love, peace and equal co-existence we have harbored tribalism, hate and fear. This is what feeds the corrupt mafia. The intention of the Kenyan mafia is to plant seeds of discord and bully us into submission.

As I write this, I am on my way back home. I intend to make a statement of the current threats to the police. They may not do much about it, but I will have done my part in reporting. My family will follow once I have shared all the information I have with the police.

It is only cowards who kill women and children. It is cowards who praise the people who illegally acquired wealth and are continuing to impoverish our nation. I chose not to be a coward. I shall also expect a response from the state. A state loses its legitimacy if it cannot protect the lives of its citizens and their property.

Some speak of my methods as wrong and disrespectful, what I ask is when were we ever shown respect? The tribal kingpins and looters keep taking. The people who want me dead are part of the looters, like the cowards they are, they can smell defeat.

Victory for ordinary Kenyans will come eventually. This 2017 elections is the last election that will be determined by tribal formations. The big tribal kingpins political careers are ending in the 2017 elections and if we are not careful the successors will be criminals – drug dealers and people who have stolen money from Kenyans. Remember Kamlesh Pattni was cleared to run in the 2013 elections. Expect NYS thieves and fellow tenderpreneurs to be on the ballot. We are witnessing the rise of candidates with unexplained wealth, whose ideology is to flash money and buy votes. As a generation, we must shun and reject them.

All the public action I have been involved in has contributed positively in making Kenya better. They may silence my voice but to all those who have heard it, read it and benefited from it –Stand up. Speak up. Time ya story imeisha. Support me now, while I am still breathing, speak for me and my family. If you disagree with me and my methods, but do agree that we need to reclaim our country, use your vote and choose Kenya’s next leadership wisely. I am not alone in the fight for a better Kenya, there are those whom we share similar aspirations for our country. In the coming days there will be men and women of integrity and with a vision for a better Kenya, who will be seeking elective office. Support them. Campaign for them. Vote for them.

To those who have supported me and my family through this hellish period, THANK YOU! This is not just my family’s fight, it is your fight too.

To those on the receiving end of death threats, abuse and attack for demanding a better Kenya, be encouraged. Roho Juu! This struggle is not in vain. Hate, abuse, and threats won’t stop this righteous fight to reclaim Kenya. Many of you will like and share this post, and whether we know each other in person or not is immaterial. What you need to understand is things are not as they should be. We must fight to reclaim Kenya for our future and for those who will come after us.

When the mafia fights back, and try to single us out, let the echoes of history remind us of the young people who fought for our freedom and defeated the colonialists. They overcame colonial firepower and liberated Kenya. We too shall overcome the corrupt and reclaim Kenya.

Vote for Change not a Tribe !

Vote for Change not a Tribe !

‪Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time to effect it... Change is coming! #MbelePamoja‬

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The ODM party Leader will be in Kisii Stadium this weekend : 15th , Saturday ! Be there or be squared 💯


Hope Kenyan's can learn from this and come out of ignorance! The leaders wine and dine together. Why are we fighting and killing each other on tribal grounds?


Young Kenyans United

Let's get United !

Young Kenyans United is an organization based in the United States that aims to unite, empower, and serve young Kenyans in the Diaspora and in Kenya.




Let's all work together


Jersey City, NJ


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Music Mogul Lionel Ridenour Contacts Project Child Support To Enter Into An Agreement To Pay His Arrears Of Over A Quarter Million Dollars To Avoid Jail Breaking News: Custodial Parent is Prepared to Launch an IRS Investigation Against Lionel Ridenour's Employer See Full Release: FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please Contact Project Child Support at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4375
Breaking News: Project Child Support Obtains Arrest Warrant for the Apprehension of Music Mogul Lionel Ridenour for Owing Over a Quarter Million in Unpaid Child Support Arrest Warrant: Failing to Pay $260,541.39 in Child Support & Insurance to Custodial Parent on Disability for Special Needs Child See Full Story: Project Child Support will give Lionel Ridenour the opportunity to pay his arrears before taken steps to have him apprehended. Project Child Support’s enforcement affiliate, Bounty Alert Inc., has entered into agreements with over 40 fugitive recovery agencies (bounty hunters) to hunt-down non-custodial parents with arrest warrants for the nonpayment of child support.
To Process The Overwhelming Demand By Parents, The Project Child Support Mobile Assistance Center Takes A Break Until Mid-October! Parents can use the 24-hour call center to receive support and workshops are being setup for November 2014 in the metro area.
Project Child Support’s Mobile Assistance Center (MAC) Heads Back to Newark, NJ The MAC Helps Children Get Their Child Support & Helps Families See Story: Our MAC’s Schedule: Services Provided Collection Program - For Parents Who Are Owed Unpaid Child Support: Filing Program - For Custodial Parents Who Need To Find Noncustodial Parents: Amnesty Program – For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Or Need Reduced Payments Parents Owed or Parents Who Owe Child Support Can Call For Appointments or Free Assessments at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357.