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Many Educated Nigerians Have No Discipline Hence No Knowledge ⬇️⬇️

Many Educated Nigerians Have No Discipline Hence No Knowledge ⬇️⬇️


Abomination of the highest order:

Husband catches his heavily pregnant wife with another man on their matrimonial bed
The video shows the moment a man walked in on his heavily pregnant wife [email protected] down with another man (prophet) on their matrimonial bed.
He caught his wife, simply identified as Martha having s£x with the man said to be a pastor/prophet when he suddenly returned home.
The trending video shows the room was lit with many candles, calabash, pot and other f£tish materials.
Note: I cut off the [email protected] portion of it in order not to go against FB community guidelines.
People should completely avoid Nigeria's version of prophets/pastors as many of them are deadly vampires seeking who to devour.
Don't ever trust anyone, only God is to be trusted ooo!!!

“Let’s be clear: Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win,” Soludo said. “He knows the game he is playing, and we kno...

“Let’s be clear: Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win,” Soludo said. “He knows the game he is playing, and we know too; and he knows that we know~~ Charles Soludo.

Above sinister statement from Prof. Charles Soludo against the humble person of Peter Obi is a clear testament that it's the one closest to someone that maims and kills and the victim will begin to look elsewhere pointing accusing fingers.
Soludo's devilish remarks can only emanate from a demented soul and a deranged brain of a lunatic who is in urgent need of a psychiatrist.
This is the first time in history that the Arewas, the Afeniferes and other ethnic nationalities, young and old across the board are relinquishimg ethnicity and religion to rally round a man like Peter Obi based on the conviction that he's the most energetic, competent, capable and intelligent person to lead the new Nigeria come 2023.
Regrettably, a whole Professor and a governor of the home state of Peter Obi is busy castigating, victimizing, stigmatizing, impugning, denigrating, downcasting, insulting, dragging down and professing witchcraftcy on the man, Peter Obi.
What a national embarrassment😭!!??
Gov. Charles Soludo must not support Peter Obi but why drag an innocent man like Peter Obi down. What will Prof. Soludo gain in tarnishing the image of Peter Obi? Does Prof. Soludo have human conscience or is he a vampire and enemy of humanity?
Wonders they say shall never end!



Dear Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo,

I was always proud of you since I knew you as the CBN Governor. Infact, I got a job at Fidelity Bank due to your consolidation of the banks. Coincidentally, Chief Willie Obiano was my ED, Executive Banking before he became the Executive Governor of Anambra State. I followed you afterwards and I read your commentaries on national and global issues. I remember your article on how African Governments can optimise their approach to save both the economy and health of Africans during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. I watched the Anambra Governorship debate because of you and was proud of your performance and was impressed with your firm rebuttals to Chief Andy Uba. I was happy that you won and became the Governor of your state. Again, Congratulations!

I watched your interview with Channels and I still sincerely think that Seun caught you off-guard. I recall that you kept insisting that you were there to defend your budget and would not want to be dragged into Peter Obi's or any other candidate's campaign. My objective assessment was that that adjective "next to nothing" was not thoughtful and I felt it the moment you said. You were not sensitive to see Seun's trap and you may need to reflect on the interview again as a teacher. Perhaps you were tired after the day's hardwork. I don't know.

My name is Chukwuma. I share the same name with you and I can call you Ogbom (my namesake). Our name means "God knows". Shakespeare asked, "what's in a name"? I have seen many Chukwumas and God appears to have always led them to a miraculous path. The same with you. Thus, a reason to be considerate and thoughtful because we rely on divine guidance.

I am an irreversible supporter of Peter Obi but I have decided to address you in a calm tone because I perceive that you are afraid of what Obidients would say to you. Hence, you intend to write Part 2 to keep joining issues with them. Ogbom that is not necessary, to be honest. Obidients are not just youths and illiterates. I have met Professors, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Traders, Farmers, intelligent Students, etc who are Obidients. The Obidient movement is a full house and there is no type and class of human beings you cannot find in it. I even whached a clip where Kegites were singing and enjoying life with Obidient songs. Obidients are not Social media bandits in anyway. They are pure creation of the Nigerian state and the ruling class like you. They are simply blocking-off APC and PDP from using it in the manner APC used it in 2015. Obidients appear to be ready to fight for every inch in the cyberspace and on ground. So, this should not be taken for granted as there is a correlation between Social media engagements and actual physical engagements. I think you should include this in your updated model for forecasting. Social media is a tool for social mobilisation and a potent technological tool that can sway elections as shown in African Countries that conducted elections recently, particularly in Kenya where Ruto won Kenyatta and Odinga put together.

You see, Peter Obi is blessed with rare grace. As a good Christian, I am sure that you know what grace means. Grace is divine. Grace is transcendental. Grace is incomprehensible. Peter Obi was not expecting this moment in the manner it came bu I believe that he must have had the premonition. In fact, I have discovered the secret of his prudence and character in public office from the answer he provided in his Oxford University Interaction. He said that it would be shameful for him to be linked to public impropriety having passed through great institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Havard, UNN, etc. I can relate with this because as unknown as I am, I noticed that I started weighing my public engagements after my Masters from University of Warwick, United Kingdom and my PhD from University of Manchester, United Kingdom. The fear of our actions creating negative publicity to institutions that we are affiliated with often inspire integrity and character in us. So, my assessment is that Peter Obi is a real deal and he means business and can cause a positive change in Nigeria as history indeed beckons on all Nigerians to rise above ethnic, religious or elitist considerations and be patriotic for once. We cannot continue to hire the wrong people and return to church and mosques to pray for good governance. The theory of lid by John Maxwell states that a leader cannot lead beyond his/her capacity. I dare add that a Leader cannot realise a vision he/she cannot conceive. Peter Obi is a "Philosopher king" as imagined by Plato in the "Republic". Peter Obi is in the class of Awoism and Zikism. There are philosophical underpinnings to Peter Obi's ideas and that means that it can be replicated beyond him. I speak as an academic, a researcher and a university teacher.

You are well respected in Igboland but I would encourage you to seek the counsels of your friends and people like Chief Nnia Nwodo, Chief Osita Chidoka, Prof Obiozor, Lolo Bianca Ojokwu, etc on the Igbo questions. There is a clear difference between speaking as a politician from Igbo extraction and speaking to the interests of the Igbo nation. Your unwarranted attack on Peter Obi, who is trying to volunteer from the Igbo nation to participate in National politics, is why many youths believed in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu more that the politicians in South East. I am a Pro-Nigeria but I see what is happening in Igboland to my dissatisfaction. There is this false assumption in Nigeria that the best enemy of an Igboman is an Igboman; and that is what your narrative is promoting. How do you want Igbos to feel when you tell them that it is not their turn whilst the rest of Nigeria, starting from North to West to South, are saying that this is a golden moment for an Igbo presidency. I dont understand you Prof. This is arguable but there are three persons that have been able to command the followership of the Igbos. First is Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Second is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Third is Peter Obi. Their circumstances were on different scales but Igbos have deep respect for them. Igbos are often republican in nature and they have independent mindedness as part of its culture. Yet, Peter Obi, being a man of humility and wisdom have refused to come close to be owned by the Igbos. This is making a lot of Igbo leaders uncomfortable because they would want to claim a role if Peter Obi emerges the President of Nigeria. Peter Obi knows that he must be a Nigerian President and his wide acceptance is quite remarkable! Of course, Peter Obi respects the Igbos just as he respects others and indeed everyone that comes his way.

Dear Professor Soludo, when I read your article, I suspected that you responded in anger because of the length of the article. For instance, I expected your article to update us on how much is "next to nothing" since that was the key issue. That piece was not as academic as your usual masterpieces. This one was a story that did not have head nor tail, and that is understably what happens when thinkers respond with emotions instead of their rational mind. I read you and this was not you Prof? I did not believe it was you until I read it in National daily and watched its analysis on Arise and Channels. Ogbom, do not write Part 2. Even if per chance, which is becoming remote by the day, Peter Obi looses, that piece would not be the cause. You are a Professor not a fake Prophet or Prophet of doom. We know that Nigeria do not have the kind of data you based your questionable conclusions. Again, your conclusions do not tally with the current reality. Amazingly, you did not justify why APC or PDP candidates should win. Nigerians have suffered so much that telling them that their vote will not count is uncharitable. Ogbom, I know you are an elite who doesn't know the level of hunger in the land. I would encourage you to avoid headon collisions with supporters of Peter Obi. Peter Obi has gathered all the rejected, dejected, neglected, ignored, subjugated people in the Nigerian society to his side and they are not playing hide and seek with anyone that appears to be dashing their hope. The best you can do is to allow the polls to decide during election rather that engaging in an attack at their only hope: they will attack you back and that is a huge distraction to a governor of a state. Anambra people did not elect you as the chief opposer of their son, your brother and friend. You don't need that storm in a teacup.

In summary, please change your course ASAP. Change course because you are human and you can err. Peter Obi did not state false claims as he has repeated in the LBS chat. Leave Peter and campaign for APGA or PDP (if they will not see that as an antipaty activity). Please, retain your dignity and respect by not joining issues with the citizens who are legitimately disillusioned by where PDP and APC have taken them. I hope you will not merge APGA with PDP or APC? I have this concern.

I wish you well as the Governor of Anambra State. I wish the Nigerian state the best. I wish the citizens of Nigeria Peter Obi whom I am certain is the best at this time in Nigeria's history.

Warm regards,

Dr Chukwuma Destiny Ogbonnaya
Manchester, United Kingdom
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Do The Following With Your God And You'll Be Ok:

●The only prayer that's necessary is "thanksgiving prayers".
●You give thanks and sing praises to God.
●Give to the needy and show love.
●You're on your own if you're praying to succeed and you're not doing your part.

Stop being deceived by many of the Nigerian p☆lpit [email protected].

It pains me to see Soludo i onced loved become an enemy of progress and a man with no common sense.Soludo has single-han...

It pains me to see Soludo i onced loved become an enemy of progress and a man with no common sense.
Soludo has single-handedly made himself an "OLODO" PROFESSOR.

Prof. Fabian Osuji on CHARLES SOLUDO:I am thoroughly embarrassed about the level of hostility being exhibited by our bro...

Prof. Fabian Osuji on CHARLES SOLUDO:

I am thoroughly embarrassed about the level of hostility being exhibited by our brother and friend Prof. Charles Soludo towards Peter Obi.
He cannot claim to be self made. People like us participated in making him. I was Prochancellor and Chairman of Council at the University of Nigeria when his papers came for approval for Professorship. I could have found reason to withhold or deny assent .But we put him out and praised his work. That made President Obasanjo appoint him Economic Adviser without hesitation.
Three years later, three of us Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili and myself were attending a Conference in Brussels when President Obasanjo called Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was was Finance Minister to ask for the nomination of Governor of Central Bank.
We gave a unanimous vote for Prof Charles Soludo...Ministers of Finance, Education and Due Process. As Ndigbo we were proud to support our brother. He was not the sole candidate. Obasanjo gave him the position. Everyone rejoiced.That was the power of Umunna.
Years later,I cannot imagine the same person who benefitted resoundingly from the support of Umunna being the one to pull down his own brother who is enjoying overwhelming support elsewhere.
I am truly ashamed of him.Ndigbo should not allow him to get away with this. He should be made to withdraw all his damaging statements against Obi.There is still time for him to reverse himself in this matter. Ndigbo must not allow him to get away with this.

If Mr. Peter Obi had stolen that N75B he saved, he would have bought PDP's 800 delegates with $20,000 each, that's N15M ...

If Mr. Peter Obi had stolen that N75B he saved, he would have bought PDP's 800 delegates with $20,000 each, that's N15M at N750/$1. He would have just spent N12B and would have got the ticket at ease.
He would have still had N63B in surplus to campaign and buy voters with it.
His sins? He saved it for the good of Anambra people.
Why are good people not celebrated like Peter Obi?
Peter Obi is an exceptional human being and anyone standing on his way is an enemy of humanity.
I love Peter Obi ❤️



Evil has overtaken igboland:

One of these kidnappers here is known as Ikenna, nephew to this lucky woman speaking who was kidnapped by Ikenna and his friend kidnapper, Jboy.

These evil duo, Ikenna alongside Jboy pulled down the door to his aunt's house with arms and demanded his aunt (madam speaking here in the video) to give him password to her bank account for transfer but the password was somehow incorrect, they threatened the madam with gun before abducting her and kept her in the house of this one tied here on the floor for 4 days without food.

This madam begged her nephew kidnapper Ikenna to be merciful and release her but he demanded N15m ransom. Kidnapper Ikenna tied his aunt's hands and legs with metal chains and was waiting for ransom before they were rounded up by local vigilante but Jboy is still at large. The final plan of kidnapper Ikenna would have been to collect the ransom, murder his aunt and bury her in a shallow grave.

Just to tell you the wickedness of the world, this Ikenna's aunt and kids used to assist Ikenna and even assisted in burial expenses of Ikenna's father. It has been proven that it's someone closest to you that can easily plan evil against you just as ungrateful and wicked Ikenna did.

Note: This is the near translation of how I understood it in the above video.


God bless PDP says Tinubu before his handlers touched his battery...and he started mumbling God bless APC....
This Jagaban should go and take care of himself ooo!!!


Watch Till End ...And You'll Shed Tears of Joy:

Peter Obi is an exceptional human being, no one in Nigeria is like him.
Peter Obi never owned anyone when he was the governor of Anambra State ranging from workers, contractors, pensioners, gratuities. He heavily engaged in rural infrastructural development- roads, schools, hospitals and markets.
Peter Obi saved millions of dollars and billions of naira and also invested heavily for the state and never stole public funds even when he had all the opportunities to loot the treasury as other thieving politicians do.
So why can't this great, cerebral and lovely Peter Obi be celebrated by Prof. Soludo and likes????

Peter Obi Is A Genius That Has The Best Emotional Intelligence:I did my best as a trader, Do better as a professor, Obi ...

Peter Obi Is A Genius That Has The Best Emotional Intelligence:

I did my best as a trader, Do better as a professor, Obi Tells Soludo:
Peter Obi, has urged the Gov. of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo to do better than he did while he governed the state.
Peter Obi said, “He (Soludo) remains his brother. For other things (that) I did not succeed, God has given him the opportunity to succeed. For me, you don't finish governance. You stop where you stop and other people continue from there. He is the Governor of my state, he is my senior brother and he is even more intelligent than me because he is a professor and I am a trader. “So he knows more, so he should be able to do things better than I am doing it. I have done my little own as a trader, now the professor is there, he should be able to do his own as a professor. The schools I didn't roof, he will roof them, another person will do his own too.”


Imo State In Turmoil:

Houses burnt in Amakohia Ubi, Owerri West of Imo State.
There has been much destruction in Imo State in recent times in a state that was relatively calm some years back.
No single day passes without killings and destruction of properties in many parts of the state 😭


Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku seen wandering in confusion in the streets of Benin, sequel to my last post, he may not have run mad but could be a drug related challenges.
Similar situation occurred in Ghana sometime ago where he was seen lying helplessly on the ground around 3am in the morning.
His case is akin to late maestro reggae star, Majek Fashek in those of drug struggle.

In The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene asserts that whether you like it or not, you're part of a never-ending game of po...

In The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene asserts that whether you like it or not, you're part of a never-ending game of power. You're either striving for and wielding power, or you're a pawn being played by someone more powerful than you. You choose your role.

Popular Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku Reportedly "Runs Mad" (Photos) Popular Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has been spotted...

Popular Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku Reportedly "Runs Mad" (Photos)

Popular Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has been spotted roaming around the street in GRA Benin City appearing to be mentally imbalanced.

Source: IgbereTV mind is telling me something but let's see how things unfold....


15 Natural Facts About Life:

1 -No one cares about you unless you are beautiful, rich or popular.

2 -The amount of money you have determines the amount of "respect” you'll get from the people.

3 -Nobody wants to be friend with poor people.

4 -Tell a sweet lie, everyone loves you, tell them the bitter truth, they consider you so rude.

5 -Age doesn't guarantee intelligence. It comes through experiencing different kind of situations at different times.

6 -You need to learn how to stop telling people things they don't deserve to know. Speak a bit less.

7 -People will hug you in front and will stab you at your back . Be careful!

8 -Nothing lasts forever. Everything is temporary.

9 -We chase for money all our lives but we die empty handed.

10 -Only few of your so called friends want to see you succeed. Rest of them are there just to see you fall.

11 -People do get bullied for their race, caste, religion and it is the hardest truth of life.

12 -You can't remain young everytime, you have to grow old and that's the rule of life .

13 -People don't want to take anyone's opinion, they'll just hear what they want to.

14 -Jealousy comes in jokes. Just pay attention.

15 -Your friends are the people who will be the most jealous by your success. Friends with whom you are wasting all your important time will slowly turn into contacts and slowly will be forgotten.

Thanks for reading!

~~Khushboo Khan


Throwback Video of:
Dino Melaye Vs Festus Keyamo, ESQ :

APC and PDP are two sides of the same corrupt/bad coin.
Birds of feather flock together.
The common denominator here is that Dino and Festus are fighting for their pockets.



Let This Message Go Viral:

Listen to this common sense pastor saying the best truth ever.
God doesn't break his principles, only those that work will be prosperous, seed sowing and tithing can't make you rich.
You can support the ministry of God, it's ok, but be reminded that only the efforts of your hand and brain will make you successful.
After praying to God, find something to do and God will use that thing you're doing as a point of contact to bless you.
Don't be deceived by pûlpit [email protected]!


Shocking Video:

Two military planes collided and [email protected] to the ground on saturday during a Dallas Air Show.
It was unclear how many were on board or if anyone on the ground was hurt.



Abridged version of oseni Rufai's rebuttal on Charles Soludo's incredulous remarks on Peter Obi's Investments in Anambra State as Governor.
I don't know why good people aren't appreciated considering the fantastic performance of Peter Obi yet he's despised while evil politicians that steal public funds dry are revered and celebrated.
Meanwhile, Rufai is a genius 👏
This world "no balance ooooo"


Listen to what Dr Abati and Rufai said about Soludo's careless and wicked statement over the Peter Obi's investments in Anambra State as a governor.


Read This About Peter Obi:⬇️⬇️

I watched with utter dismay the interview of Professor Chukuma Soludo, the Governor of Anambra State on Channels TV, where he dismissed Peter Obi's investment of Anambra State public funds as "amounting to nothing".

For those of us who actually supported the incumbent Governor's candidature last year for the sole reason that we believed he was the best choice - this incident is underwhelming and treacherous.

What crime did Peter Obi commit to warrant such public vilification?

Peter Obi is one man who should be celebrated, extolled and emulated as far as public service is concerned in the annals of history of this country.

Under Peter Obi's leadership, Anambra State was rated the least indebted state in Nigeria by the Debt Management Office. Yet Obi among several other things asphalted over 800 kilometres of roads which led to the state being rated the state with the best road network in the country by the Federal Ministry of Works. Obi returned the missionary schools to the management of the churches and invested N6 billion in the public schools. He distributed over 30,000 computers with internet access and Microsoft academies to 500 schools. He built new classroom blocks in the 177 communities of the state. He bought 700 buses for secondary schools, and sunk boreholes in 300 schools.

With his solid investment in education Anambra State was catapulted from #27 in WAEC examination performance to #1!

He paid N35 billion in outstanding pensions and gratuities accrued since 1999.

Peter Obi completely built the massive new Amaku Teaching Hospital in Awka. He built the new Anambra Secretariat among other pertinent structures.

He attracted Fortune 500 companies such as SABMiller, Glaxo SmithKline, Neimeth, Beecham among others to invest in the state.

He precipitated the establishment of the lucrative Orient Petroleum among others.

And this same man handed over N75 billion in cash to his successor, Willie Obiano.

It beats my imagination that Obi's investment in SABMiller et al of USD 12 million is being rubbished by the incumbent Governor.

It is a big kudos to Peter Obi that he attracted the world's second largest beermaker, SABMiller of South Africa founded in 1895 to Anambra State, and SABMiller invested over N20 billion to establish their facility in the state. The roughly N2 billion Anambra state invested in the project was only part of their equity contribution for just 10% of the company -Intafact Beverages in Anambra State, while SABMiller retained 77% equity.

SABMiller was later acquired by the world's
#1 beermaker, Anheuser-Busch InBev from Germany in 2016 and all their businesses in Nigeria since then are held under their stake in International Breweries PLC.

Mind you at the time the investment was made in 2012 the exchange rate was N155 to 1 USD. Today the exchange rate is N880 to 1USD.

How do you expect shares of International Breweries PLC to fare at the stock exchange?

Is Peter Obi responsible for the incredulous catastrophic depreciation of the Naira in the past seven plus years of APC's ruinous leadership?

Is Peter Obi part of the management of the defunct Intafact Beverages or International Breweries PLC that determined the health of the company?

Is Peter Obi responsible for the recent crunch in financial markets globally after the pandemic; which has precipitated in shrinking of even advanced economies, and massive loss of market share of lots of the world's finest Fortune 500 companies, sn*******ng into massive layoffs and downsizing?

Besides, is Governor Soludo blithely unaware of the fact that International Breweries remits millions of Naira annually in personal income tax of its staff ( PAYE) to the State Government and Company Income Tax to Federal Government? How then does it amount to nothing?

Was SABMiller the only investment Peter Obi made in Anambra state throughout his 8 year term in office?

Peter Obi pioneered the first licensed private refinery in Nigeria - Orient Petroleum in Anambra State which was commissioned by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2006.

Peter Obi as Governor invested N4 billion in Orient Petroleum. Anambra State has officially become an oil producing state entitled to 13% mineral derivation fund because of that investment by Peter Obi which culminated in the success of Orient Petroleum.

On August 11, 2022 Governor Soludo received N268.2 million as a result of Anambra State's new status as an oil producing state.

I am from Anambra State and I witnessed the gargantuan transformation of the state under Peter Obi's leadership.

Why then is such an exemplar in a clime bereft of altruistic leaders being vilified rather than extolled?

Among the three frontline candidates in the forthcoming Nigerian Presidential elections, who has the track record and proven moral rectitude to bring this country out of its present quagmire?

Peter Obi is the only one!

Former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu of APC was indicted of drug trafficking and money laundering in USA back in 1993 which led to the forfeiture of a princely USD 460,000. During his regime as Governor and two decades after in which he firmly established himself as the supreme power behind the Lagos State Government House, Tinubu has been notoriously synonymous with massive looting, corruption and wanton embezzlement of public funds.

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubabar of PDP was indicted of laundering USD 40 million by the US Government. Atiku is notorious for unending corruption and massive looting allegations particularly during the privatisation of national assets when he was Vice President. President Olusegun Obasanjo in his book, My Watch said: "The money Atiku stole when he was my vice is enough to feed 300 million people for 400 years". And in an interview Obasanjo said: "God will never forgive me" if he supports Atiku for President.

Peter Obi is the only one who after doing a terrific job as Governor left a whopping N75 billion for his successor.

And Nigerian youths across the entire country from every tribe, tongue and religion, whose futures and destinies are at stake here, have massively and unanimously endorsed the only candidate who has given them hope for a New Nigeria. The only flicker of light in the dark abyss of Nigerian political history - Peter Obi!

Today, Nigeria practically checks out all the indices of a failed state and is in dire need of a Messiah - a proven visionary and prudent manager of her commonwealth to turn the table of fortunes around for the beleaguered nation.

Peter Gregory Obi is the ONLY candidate who fits the bill!

And for the incumbent Governor of Anambra State to so brazenly rubbish Obi's efforts in Anambra State as he did yesterday - is MONKEY BUSINESS!

By Barrister Ejike Nwuba
Lagos Nigeria
November 11, 2022


Kansas City, MO


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SUPPORT.Let Join our hands and help the poor girl Daniel Eneti🙏🙏


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