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 -  by Happy Birthday, Marines! My brothers and sisters all over the globe, near and far, may your birthday be celebrate...

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Happy Birthday, Marines! My brothers and sisters all over the globe, near and far, may your birthday be celebrated with Pride and enjoyment! Remember the bonds built and keep memories of those no longer with us… for the Corps lives forever, therefore we all will live forever! Semper Fi, Devil Dogs!!


Mexico Colima Volcano. Amazing photo. 💓

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Photos from Talon Abraxas's post

Photos from Talon Abraxas's post

Photos from Chris Dyer's Positive Creations's post

Photos from Chris Dyer's Positive Creations's post



THE philosophers, especially the Arabians, say, that man's mind, when it is most intent upon any work, through its passion and effects, is joined with the mind of the stars and intelligences, and, being so joined, is the cause that some wonderful virtue be infused into our works and things; and this, as because there is in it an apprehension and power of all things, so because all things have a natural obedience to it, and of necessity an efficacy, and more to that which desired them with a strong desire. And according to this is verified the art of characters, images, enchantments, and some speeches, and many other wonderful experiments, to every thing which the mind affects. By this means, whatsoever the mind of him that is in vehement love affects, hath an efficacy to cause love; and whatsoever the mind of him that strongly hates, dictates, hath an efficacy to hurt and destroy. The like is in other things which the mind affects with a strong desire; for all those things which the mind acts, and dictates by characters, figures, words, speeches, gestures, and the like, help the appetite of the soul, and acquire certain wonderful virtues, from the soul of the operator, in that hour when such a like appetite doth invade it; so from the opportunity and celestial influence, moving the mind in this or that manner: for our mind, when it is carried upon the great excess of any passion or virtue, oftentimes takes to itself a strong, better and more convenient hour or opportunity; which Thomas Aquinas, in his third book against the Gentiles, allows. So, many wonderful virtues both cause and follow certain admirable operations by great affections, in those things which the soul doth dictate in that hour to them. But know, that such kind of things confer nothing, or very little, but to the author of them, and to him who is inclined to them, as if he were the author of them; and this is the manner by which their efficacy is found out. And it is a general rule in them, that every mind, that is more excellent in its desire and affection, makes such like things more fit for itself, as also efficacious to that which it desires. Every one, therefore, that is willing to work in magic, must know the virtue, measure, order, and degree of his own soul in the power of the universe.

~ The Magus, by Francis Barrett


The prophets spoke in parables and images, because abstract language was wanting to them, and because prophetic perception, being the sentiment of harmony, or of universal analogies, translates naturally into images.

~ Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie 1896.

Painting by - Lohmuller Gyuri



"The whole universe is contained within a single human being-you. Everything that you see around, including the things that you might not be fond of and even the people you despise or abhor, is present within you in varying degrees. Therefore, do not look for the Devil outside yourself either. The devil is not an extraordinary force that attacks from without. It is an ordinary voice within. If you set to know yourself fully, facing with honesty and hardness."


Sunsets at Pier 60 ⛱
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Photos from Tomorrowland is love's post

Photos from Tomorrowland is love's post


Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon
Art by Ashley Bobaxter


Reposted from YO PSICOPATA? Les parece?!🤷🏼‍♀️⛓👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


"That's the thing about her.
She was sensitive, loving, kindhearted, and soft.
She felt what you felt.
She felt your happiness, worry, stress, and pain.
Yet she was strong willed and she took no crap.
She voiced her opinion and thoughts, and she stood up for those she cared about.
She wasn't always that way.
She was made into that at a young age.
Trauma shaped her.
Maybe that was a good thing.
Maybe she had to go through all that to become the person she is today.
A mix of both heaven and hell. Softness and strength.
Chaos and wild.
Fragility, and steadiness.
Follows the rules, yet goes against the crowd.
She could break glass ceilings with eloquent precision."~

~Michele, Simple Elegance

art: Unknown


“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”
Claude Monet

Claude Monet - The Boat Studio, 1876.

Photos from Talon Abraxas's post

Photos from Talon Abraxas's post


August 4, 1753: George Washington receives the Third Degree at Fredericksburg Lodge in Virginia.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Theme of the Month: Sacred Geometry

Within the miraculous magnificence of Nature are living principles of proportion, design and harmony that can be studied and applied in our art and life. May we each align with the higher intelligence and spirit of the cosmic order.

Celebrate Sacred Geometry in this month’s offerings:
Full Moon Ceremony >> July 13 @ 8pm ET
Member’s Virtual Art Church >> July 28 @ 7pm ET

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Human Geometry, 2007


"Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not." ~ Deepak Chopra

Art by Bolotnica

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Eco-Atlas is a symbol that suggests upholding the living planet is humanity’s sacred task. The eyes of a conscious Earth show concern. Eco-Atlas kneels on the heavens, arms upraised in a sign of worship to Mother Nature, inviting the viewer to consider the gravity of their relationship with our precious home. As global warming disrupts and unravels what for millenia had been a stable environment for all creatures on earth, we can only look to humanity to find our way back. May the transition away from oil speed up and carbon capture become a viable means to help save life on earth.

Eco-Atlas, 2017, oil on linen, 5 x 7 ft.



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No es que quiera estar sólo. Esque aún no encuentro a alguien que quiera asumir el compromiso de ser libre a mi lado.

- Quetzal Noa.


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Esto no debería ser algo entre Los Republicanos ni los Democrats , debería ser un esfuerzo de todos !! Estamos hablando de Libertad !!!



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Hot Wheels in real life🔥
(Via )


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