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NextVR has partnered with the biggest leagues and broadcasters to deliver exclusive VR events such as NBA games, ICC soccer matches, the Kentucky Derby, the US Open, the Daytona 500 and concerts from the band Coldplay. Through the NextVR app you can be courtside, behind the goal or center stage. Experience your favorite events live or browse highlights from previous events at

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The best of the NBA season jam-packed with monster dunks, big blocks, deep three's, and all the action on and off the court. NBA Supercharged is the most exciting way to experience the NBA! ⚡️

Full experience available on-demand on all NextVR platforms.



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Logged into the app today on my Oculus and was greeted with an alert that NextVR is going in a different direction. All the material is removed and there is a “Thank You” note to users. I’ll miss the unique views the app gave me to live events in VR.
Trying to reach NextVR fans like myself and let you guys know about the Skyworth 8k video decode S1/v901 headsets which are the best on the market right now (at consumer price) for VR video and espec NextVR which is the main thing I showcase to anyone on these headsets. They play all video 8k or less right out of the box without any re-encoding needed. My startup is selling 5 at cost price until we're sold out, $400 (same as Oculus Quest) as a promotion at Balance Gaming Network (balancegaming dot network)
I love all of the unique ways you guys use and discuss virtual reality on this page. I think the use of VR in sports is a really cool development in the technology. I just recently watched a film that was based around VR, called Empathy Inc. This film talks about Joel, who recently lost everything and desperately invests whatever he has left into a strange virtual reality start-up, that isn’t as innocent as it seems. The film creates suspense are more and more is discovered about this mysterious advanced technology and it takes a turn towards horror as the story unfolds. I really loved how original the concept of this film was with the way it portrayed virtual reality going awry. Its available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes, let me know what you think!
Hellooooo! I can't say how happy I am to have discovered Next VR with my new Oculus Quest. I checked out Next VR for the first time yesterday, watching Sofar Sounds Live. Bloody awesome! The 3 acts were really superb. I think it was broadcast from Vancouver but am not 100% sure. Anyway, i would love to be able to watch this event again, is this possible?? If not is there any means of finding out the name of the acts. I especially loved the last group... mind blowingly brilliant. If anyone could help, I would really really appreciate this. 👍🏼
#viewconference2019 has a stellar lineup concerning vr! We are glad to announce as spekaers: -ERIC DARNELL, director of "Madagascar" and Chief Creative Director of Baobab Studios, leader studio in immersive storytelling -NFB with ELOI CHAMPAGNE presenting the last innovations of XR -beyond the scene of "Lion King" with the VFX Supervisor ROB LEGATO and more! If you're interested in it please visit our website #viewconference #vr #xr #ar #mr #vfx #ericdarnell #baobabstudios #madagascar #immersivestorytelling #nfb #eloichampagne #roblegato #lionking
When will you have an app for the Oculus Quest?
You coming out on Oculus Quest or what?
Where's the live NBA!
Congrats on being featured in our 2019 Best Tech Startups in Newport Beach!
Streaming on twitch at 8PM EST. Today we are playing online with viewers in VRChat and Dead and Buried. Hope you come check us out :)
Streaming VRChat and Beat Saber in Oculus Rift today on YouTube. If interested come check it out in 30 min!