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Excited about AEW and the WWE really made a stupid choice on the ending of the Wyatt and Rollins match.

Have to see how the resurrection of the NWA comes about.


R.I.P. Mean Gene


R.I.P. Bobby the Brain

UNDERTAKER tribute - HURT ( must watch )
UNDERTAKER tribute - HURT ( must watch )

UNDERTAKER tribute - HURT ( must watch )

my eyes became wet while doing this, this could have been very emotional but fu***ng youtube copyrights made me to delete colour and some scenes ☹


Got to see him from the start as Mean Mark.
Hard to see him lay his gear down for an end.

Thank you Undertaker for all those years.

It's hard to see an end of an era, your legendary persona will never R.I.P.


When the Broken Hardy's have a Tailgate Party and there is an official WWE vehicle there......Magic happens, history made.




Jeff Jarrett buys back Impact...... The Hardeys go to R.O.H.

Possibly WWE bound?


Reigns Roidin.


Eric Young debuts in NXT.....hell yes


Daniel Bryan retiring.......say it so.


AJ styles in WWE. Hell yea.
Let him some promos!!!!!!


Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Well Done to Davey Boy Smith former WCW Tag team partner Sting for being the first inductee in the 2016 Hall of Fame. This isn't a downfall for this years ... There spaces left... Hope is still up high (y)



James Storm turns down WWE...... Impact out bids.
Return of Beer Money ?


Sting........2016 hall of fame!!!!!!!!!!!
Long overdue and we'll deserved.

Great post from Mick Foley about Matthardybrand! Congrats Matt Hardy on your TNA World Heavyweight Champion win!!

Great post from Mick Foley about Matthardybrand! Congrats Matt Hardy on your TNA World Heavyweight Champion win!!


With his long list of accolades, Mat Hardy could well have coasted on his name for years to come. But he didn't. He's been turning in some of the best performances of his career - and now he's the TNA Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.The will come calling on the Hardys some day, but Matt has proven emphatically that his days on top of the mountain are not over yet. Feel free to share your favorite Matt Hardy moment.
See you Thursday at & Friday in and & ON CANADA next week.


Night of Champions...........Thank God I'm only paying 9.99 a month.
Tired of the authority spin.
Rollins keeps injuring other wrestlers!

Sting scorpion death drops him and rolls Rollins up. Then Rollins reverse rolls Sting for the.....123?

Rollins has passed his 9 lives. He also gave Sting a serious neck injury.

I think they should of let Sting have the strap and retire with it. Why screw over an Icon like Sting?
Where's the attitude era?


Summer Slam was ok, but lacked the attitude era.

I remember as a child when the Undertaker debuted.
It's hard seeing the Icons getting older.

I liked the brutality of the Lesner and the Taker match.

The Rollins and Cena match was good until John Stewart came out. That to me did not make sense........to me that screwed it all up. I don't know what the WWE is thinking.

The Authority thing with Seth Rollins is getting old.

The tag teams need to have better charaters. There getting back to the stero type characters in that aspect.


RIP Rowdy Piper

R.I.P. the American Dream

R.I.P. the American Dream


R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes. Roll Punches in Heaven.


TNA.......sliding down.
WWE Characters are going back to that 80s style.
Props to Ring of Honor and NXT.
The whole Lesnar suspension is so he doesn't have to make many appearances.

Wrestle Mania.......Sting versus HHH. The whole premise to that was to sell WWE buries WCW. Sting comes out after 14 years.......uh he was in TNA. That was such crap.

Undertaker is still the man.

The Rock shows up mysteriously when he has a new movie coming out.

Where is the attitude era?

Time too bury the Authority Gimic. It's getting old.


The Authority thing is getting old. To predictable.


Finally the inducted Randy Savage.

Let's who's next. Ohhhhhh yeaaaa,

My girlfriend ran into Mommy Heart

My girlfriend ran into Mommy Heart


TNA Impact Wrestling debuts on Destination America.

Kurt Angle resigned December 31.

Ring of Honor keeps sucking up some of their talent.

To be continued.......

Ran into Jimmy Heart.Just got back from Raw and he is heading out to Summer Slam

Ran into Jimmy Heart.
Just got back from Raw and he is heading out to Summer Slam


What's TNA's future if Spike cancells them.


Alberto Del Rio.......released from WWE.


Watching TNA. Return of the six sided ring......interesting.

All they need to do is bring back half the talent they once had.

Yet they will employ do**he bags like Rock Star Spud. That I do not understand.

Bring back Kaz, Stlyes, Devon ect.


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