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Nye County Commissioner, Leo Blundo and County District Attorney, Chris Arabia are facing multiple federal civil rights lawsuits.

Political.tips can reveal that ethically challenged Nye County Commissioner Leo Blundo and the county's District Attorney, Chris Arabia, have been hit with multiple s*xual harassment lawsuits. The pair of court cases stem from the same event, Leo Blundo's 2018 election campaign. In that contest, for...



Nevada politician Michelle Fiore a criminal suspect? Yes. Read it all below 👇

“Longbow Productions, yeah…I literally went into their trailer.” More than six years ago Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore offered these words to defense attorney Mike Arnold just outside the Portland, Oregon Federal Courthouse where she was scheduled to testify that same day in the trial of ...



Questions abound for Councilmember Pamela Goynes-Brown in her attempt to run for the mayor of North Las Vegas.

A Nevada Supreme Court ruling from nearly a decade ago seemed to make clear how municipalities across the state would interpret a term limit initiative which passed into law in 1996. However an attorney representing the City of North Las Vegas has taken a different stance, advocating for the right o...



Joe Lombardo and Kevin McMahill: Read about their support of the Defund the Police movement and other progressive policing programs. With video and audio.

Seemingly progressive policing practices and support of the “Defund the Police” movement isn’t just the purview of outgoing Clark County Sheriff, and Nevada Republican gubernatorial front runner, Joe Lombardo. A variety of interviews, press conferences, and writings over the course of the latt...


According to Jacobin Magazine, “Free speech is a left wing value.” In Las Vegas, however, that does not apply.


Despite facing unrelenting harassment from Las Vegas area policing agencies, and the office of Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, the direct action, restorative justice organization More than a Hashtag recently achieved a stunning victory. As covered exclusively by Political.tips, a boyco...



Data Dump!

Read more than 300 emails from Jesus Jara, the CCSD Superintendent...


Thanks to the parent led investigation team at 'Make CCSD Great Again,' Political.tips is presenting more than 300 emails for the public to view. These are the results of a public records inquiry covering April of 2020 though September of 2021. Please note the file is large and will take a few momen...



Jesus Jara's actions, including attempts at subverting union cba, overturned by Florida's Third District Court of Appeals.

CCSD decision Thursday.


Collective bargaining agreements are in place to protect an organization's labor force. School Boards are in place to oversee the actions of a District’s Superintendent. When the first is ignored and the second fails in its task, the courts may be called on to intervene. As an employee of the Monr...

Friday drama at CCSD! Competing agenda items target Linda Cavazos and Jesus Jara. Irene Cepeda holds deciding vote...htt...

Friday drama at CCSD!

Competing agenda items target Linda Cavazos and Jesus Jara.

Irene Cepeda holds deciding vote...


During a stunning afternoon of events, two factions seem to be continuing the 10 month long feud within the CCSD Board of Trustees. While much discussion focused on the sudden appearance of Agenda Item: 3.01, relating to the termination of Clark County Superintendent Jesus Jara for convenience pursu...



Michele Fiore and Donald Trump?


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Multiple sources close to both Michele Fiore, newly announced candidate for Nevada Governor, and the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, have indicated to Politico.tips that discussions are underway for the nascent Fiore campaign to receive a coveted Trump Republican primary endors...



Parents in northern Nevada have began to make plans to pull their children from school if the expected K-12 Covid Vaccine Mandate is implemented by Governor Steve Sisolak.

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Communities, scattered across the nation, differing in size, culture, and political preferences, are continuously processing what the term ‘pandemic’ means for the lives of their inhabitants. In Nevada it is no different. As government offered solutions are suggested, discarded, and, in some cas...



Governor Steve Sisolak planning to implement K-12 Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate throughout Nevada.

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Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada is seriously considering implementing a state wide Covid-19 vaccine mandate for children in grades K-12. This was discussed in detail during a meeting with senior officials from public safety and health organizations in the state.


Exclusive news: Political.tips has learned that Governor Steve Sisolak is discussing a mandatory vaccine roll out for Nevada's K-12 student population & briefed others about it this week. Attorney General Aaron Ford is believed to support him. ETA Jan.

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A Nevada official close to Governor Sisolak reached out exclusively to Political.tips today in order to let us know of a meeting that took place this week where the need for a K-12 student vaccine mandate was discussed. This senior government employee, who has longtime connections to elected Clark C...

Did campaign kickoff for Clark D.A. Steve Wolfson include conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root?

Did campaign kickoff for Clark D.A. Steve Wolfson include conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root?

Wayne Ally Root and Steve Wolfson party together in Las Vegas.

EXCLUSIVE!! Has Mack Miller, candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor, engaged in campaign finance crimes?

EXCLUSIVE!! Has Mack Miller, candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor, engaged in campaign finance crimes?

Mack Miller, a longtime fixture in Republican politics in Las Vegas and now a candidate to be Nevada's next Lt. Governor, is no stranger to publicity or controversy. Recently in the news for being forcibly and, some say, unfairly ejected from a Clark County Commission meeting as he advocated against...

Infamous Nevada GOP'ers Black & Blundo outed as q***r by conservative No Mask NV PAC founder.

Infamous Nevada GOP'ers Black & Blundo outed as q***r by conservative No Mask NV PAC founder.

Story mentioning Annie Black, Leo Blundo, and Melissa Blundo being le***an, gay, and bis*xual. It discusses Republican hypocrisy and their hurting the LGBTQ+ community in their roles of elected officials. It exposes them as hurting the q***r community with their choices on votes and actions as elect...

https://www.political.tips/about-usSarah Ashton-Cirillo on the creation of Political.tips and the need of a world free f...


Sarah Ashton-Cirillo on the creation of Political.tips and the need of a world free from censorship.

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, political analyst, author and photojournalist, accompanies readers into the abyss with a first hand journey inside the political workings of the Las Vegas and Nevada political worlds. Guided by a desire to push back against censorship and gatekeeping, the team at Political.tips...



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