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Dear Insanity Video Productions All around video production. From short films to full length. Comedy to Horror. We are Dear Insanity, and we are Forever in Madness. A long time ago, in the year of 2007... Dear Insanity Productions is the product of a company abandonment from then also known as Bother You Production... And I'll be frank, We were children back then.

No Experience and some pretty foolish ideas (Milk and Stuff, Ty the Cat, etc) But 8 years later comes a more grown up focus on our Film Making. With new Filmmakers, Fresh Ideas and ALOT more experience. We love what we do and we want you to love it to

Mission: Our Mission is to bring you the best Entertainment. From Small video Projects and short web series to short and full length films. We got it covered! so Stay tuned you don't wanna miss what's coming up next!

Operating as usual


I wanna thank all the new followers to the page and all the existing followers who have been with us from the start. Since I can’t seem to edit this page anymore for some odd reason I will be creating a new one. New name, New crew, New goals. So stay tuned and keep an eye out.


It's been a while. We are working on something new! More details to come. Stay Tuned.


Woodglue is coming together nicely so far


To redeem will be on channel 8! For Comcast subscribers at 11:30pm!! (Leominster/Fitchburg) area!


Shooting for the Hard Reality's "WoodGlue" is done, we'd like to thank the band and all that helped out! On to editing!!


Off to finish shooting The Hard Reality's music video for "Woodglue" can't wait!!


Marcus Honesty's "Honestly honest" is uploading as we speak!


Great news guys! To Redeem will be on LATV!! So if you live in the Leominster/Fitchburg area and get LATV, To Redeem will be shown Sunday at 11:30 pm and moday at 10:00pm!!


The video for Marcus's stand-up performance is just about ready, just have a few more things to look over and it should be out in the world in a few days


Tonight was a success!! We'd like to thank everyone who came out tonight and a very special thank you to Marcus Honesty for the hilarious comedy set!


Tonight is the big night for our good friend Marcus Honesty! His first live stand-up performance! We will be there capturing all the events of the night in our first "15 minutes of Fame" episode! If your coming down to watch the show and need a few directions message us here or message Matt.


Just curious, what's everyone's favorite genre of movie? Horror? Drama? Comedy? Dance flick?! Let us know in the comments!

The screenplay is the blueprint to what your trying to build.

The screenplay is the blueprint to what your trying to build.

"There's nothing more important in making movies than the screenplay." - Richard Attenborough


Big things coming this weekend! Can't wait to film Our first "15 Minutes of Fame" with Marcus Honesty and we also have a special something else coming to! Stay Tuned! you won't wanna miss anything!

Dear Insanity Video Productions

Dear Insanity Video Productions

Dear Insanity Video Productions

Dear Insanity Video Productions


This coming Sunday we will be doing our first "15 minutes of fame" with Marcus Honesty doing his first live stand up! Can't wait!


Hey guys, so we had a blast at Boston Comic con! This post is a few days late but anyway, we didn't manage to get any interviews but we still got to meet lots of you guys!

In other news! We have a couple projects lined up, a big one in September that we're keeping a secret for now. As always stay tuned for more!!


So for our die hard fans out there, the ones who remember the Bother You era. We have a surprise for you. Coming very soon, Dear Insanity will be doing a variety of skits! We are very excited to be working with a multitude of awesome people! Stay tuned for upcoming details on these skits and how and where you can watch them!


Just 2 days away until Dear Insanity hits Boston Comic-Con!

There's a whole lot to choose from but mine personally is Jurassic park -Matt

There's a whole lot to choose from but mine personally is Jurassic park -Matt


Big news guys! Dear Insanity is heading to Boston Comic Con! We will be walking around the venue doing interviews with people on the floor. So make sure you come say hi if you see us!

Change is coming...

Change is coming...


As we say goodbye to 2014 and make our way into 2015, we here at Dear Insanity would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year! Stay tuned for a few of our upcoming projects!


And so it begins... Again


Due to some unforeseen circumstances the casting call for Saturday is gonna be postponed for a later date.


The moment you all have been waiting for!! Here is our big surprise! To Redeem! For free!! Enjoy everyone!


Hey everyone! So we are gonna have an open casting call coming up on the 4th of October for our new short "Blood and bleach" anyone interested contact either Evan Mattison or Matt Brunck for location and the script!


For those of you up right now, I'll let you in on a secret... Later today... We're gonna have a big surprise! And I'm sure you'll love it!


So we have a finished script... Next? Pre-production! Stay tuned for more on what's coming up for Dear Insanity!


Just in case you guys were worrying... We are coming back!

"Hush little baby don't say a word, Dear insanity will return..."


We'd like to apologize for the lack of activity lately. We here at Dear Insanity have been going through some trying times. Till we get some stable ground under our feet again, all projects are on hold. But you better believe this is only temporary!! Stay tuned cause we will be right back.


Here it is guys! The synopsis for our new short "Blood and Bleach"

"When your job is to make a crime scene disappear there's not much room for error. Richard a 40 year old "cleaner" for the mob prides himself at being the best at what he does. But when one mistake turns everything upside down, Richard has to figure out the value of his life the hard way."



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