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Bulk email Marketing With Bulk email Marketing you can acquire new customers at a lower cost than other forms of advertising. Call 562-200-3627 or email: [email protected]

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Do you want traffic to your website? Do you want to send people to your landing page? Are you too busy to implement SEO, PPC, or PPV campaigns? We can bulk email 5 million people who will see your website or landing page when they click on your link in the email.


Bulk email marketing done right can bring 1000's of new people to your offers. You can spend months trying to learn how to do it on your own. Or you can outsource it to a company who knows how to setup, design, and deliver winning campaigns. Call us for a free consultation.


We have the technology, we have fresh leads, we have the design team to create an effective email campaign for you. We receive over 200,000 fresh opt-ins a day thanks to our co-registration agreements with people like CNN, the WSJ, Amazon, Ebay, and Netflix. Call for a free consultation.


Call us for rates on our 5 million email package that's usually reserved for Groupon advertisers. We're opening this offer to any business owner who needs customers now. You'll receive a substantial discount off our normal prices.


Email Marketing Rule #1: Keep it Relevant

When people Opt-in to something, they do so with the expectation that they will receive information that has at least something to do with what they signed up for. Have you ever signed up to a list and a month later you are getting some crazy emails?

Keep your messages relevant to your targeted list. If you don't have a targeted list, we can help you.

Also, it is OK to mix in some ideas and/or samples of other things. EXAMPLE: Maybe you target women between 25-45 for shoes. It is OK to mention in every other ad "Don't forget about our awesome belt collection" or "Remember we have men's shoes and work boots at 25% off!".

Please feel free to contact us on any questions of ANY of the 10 Rules of Marketing. If you follow them-you will have a great, successful email marketing campaign.


Email Marketing Rule # 2: Less IS More!

Email marketing are best kept short and to the point. To get to your point in your email recipients should NOT have to scroll. You want the reader to get the point and click as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Remember the goal is NOT to sell, it is to entice the reader to click to go somewhere (website, landing or squeeze page, etc.....) Emails offer a limited tracking environment when compared to getting them to take action on a webpage.

Less is more-1 offer per email-NO MORE. Do not list everything you do and how great you thing is all a person can focus on at one time!


Email Marketing Rule # 3: Frequency and Timing.

The relevancy of your email is almost always more important than the number you send, but the frequency and timing or your campaigns should be optimized.

If the relevancy of each message is very high and your readers will read a weekly email, then go ahead and send weekly.

As far as when to send out your emails, basic rules apply: Business emails-during business hours; parents-later in the evening (once the kids are in bed).

If your audience is mainly international, don't forget the time differences.

You should test by sending at different times to track your open rates.

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Email Marketing Rule # 4: Subject Lines = Headlines

Your subject line is your first line of defense between you and the delete should SCREAM benefits.

Your subject line should tell the full story and entice the reader to read more. Because of this you should give as much (or more) thought about your subject line as you do the body of your email.

Your subject line has the power to influence the reader even if they haven't opened the email.

Tip-Use Google's keyword tool. Don't guess what people are interested in. Choose your topic then go to Google and use this (FREE!) tool.

Enter your different keywords and use what they suggest as the highest ranking keywords in your subject line.

Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool that helps you build Search Network campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform.


Email Marketing Rule # 5: Use Text

Making good use of text at the top of your email can get it read more often than not.

A graphic heavy email will appear blank to most users until they choose to download graphics. Real text will remain visible even in HTML emails and will entice the recipient to open the complete email.

Get to the point quickly. You have about 3 seconds. Phrases like "Buy Now," "Learn More Here," are call to actions that work. Don't try to sell people in the email, presell the next step in your sales process.

On your next email campaign try using only text (no graphics) as a test. A simple, text based email can be more compelling as it doesn't have the "commercial" look. Compare it to the results of an email with graphics with the same content. You might be surprised at what you learn.


Email Marketing Rule # 6: Automate and outsource.

Email marketing is the most cost effective marketing medium for most businesses. Some of our clients were spending hours setting up and running their campaigns instead of running their businesses.

The idea of email marketing is to let the campaign work for you so you can run your business. We will handle all the heavy lifting of your campaigns, from design, delivery, and tracking, so you can get back to what you do best.


Email Marketing Rule # 7- Get Social

You want to encourage your subscribers to socialize your email content and to share your email messages via their social networks. You can do this by including media sharing buttons in your emails and landing pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Social Media has become a great way to stay in touch with your customers and a great avenue to grow your relationship with them.


Send 5 million emails to get new customers without spamming. We have a client who sells 200 sets of fine Egyptian sheets per week at $40 each by sending out 5 mil. emails. We have a famous author who sells tons of books every time we send out 5 million emails for him.


Email Marketing Rule # 8-Test, Test, Test!

Email marketing can always be improved no matter how well they're performing. Take the time to test your subject lines, designs, body text, frequency, time of send, etc.

Split (called A-B Testing) testing does not need to be difficult. Create two different emails (with only ONE difference between them) and send out to 10% of your list. Send the other to another 10% of your list. Whichever one gets more results is the winner. Send the winner to the remaining 80%.

IMPORTANT-Only test one component at a time. When making a tweak or change to your email, you can only change one thing at a time or you wont know which change actually made the difference.

It is always a lot of fun to see a small tweak increase response by 20-30%. Don't be discouraged if your first few only get increases by a few percentage points, it all adds up.

Here are some of our larger clients. We love our small business clients too and you will get the same level of service a...

Here are some of our larger clients. We love our small business clients too and you will get the same level of service as our big customers.


Email Marketing Rule # 9- Understand your ROI. This is crucial. I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to that have no idea what their ROI is. As with any marketing, you need to calculate (and track) your ROI to see what is working and what is not.

According to the Direct Marketing Association's 2011 "The Power of Direct Marketing" Report, email marketing returned a whopping $40.56 for every $1.00 spent- and that is HUGE. We have customers who have done even better--nearly double those numbers.

Key Rule-There is no such thing as "cheap marketing." There is either marketing that works or marketing that doesn't. There are many tools available (including a basic calculator) that will help you plan, execute and dial in your campaign for max ROI.

Happy Marketing!


Rule # 10. Cleanse. Over time, it is important to remove old or dead emails from your list. When you pay to send a certain number of emails, obviously you want the most bang for your buck.

You need to figure out WHY some people aren't opening your email. Sending specifically to people who haven't opened your emails in the past can be an interesting and profitable campaign if done properly.


Over the next 10 posts we're going to feature the top 10 rules of email marketing.

Bulk email Marketing

Bulk email Marketing

With Bulk email Marketing you can acquire new customers at a lower cost than other forms of advertising. Call 562-200-3627 or email: [email protected]


Want to take your marketing to the next level? We will send 5 million emails out with links to your offer. Our customers reorder every week thanks to the solid ROI they're getting.


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